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All england 2021 mixed double result betting

As the most prestigious of the Grand Slam tennis tournaments , Wimbledon is also the oldest. Traditions at Wimbledon include an all-white dress code for competitors and consumption of strawberries and cream by spectators at the tournament. Regularly played each year in late June and early July, it is the third of the four Grand Slam tournaments, following the Australian Open and French Open. It comes before the US Open. The Wimbledon Championship has been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic that shut down most of the world for several months.

We can review popular Wimbledon betting types and perhaps broaden your tennis betting horizons before the next edition of the tournament starts in June Each Wimbledon tournament has five divisions, and as mentioned above, each singles division has players, doubles have 64 and 48 respectively. That means there are plenty of betting options available as each tournament will host matches in a two-week period.

Each one of those matches will have tennis moneyline odds for you to bet on. If you look at Halep, the underdog in this situation - she has much better value odds. Your oddsmaker will set the lines based on the players competing , and this essentially will give the underdog an imaginary advantage or head start before the game even starts.

Tennis spreads can be a bit different than other sports, as they are based on the number of sets within a match, so if Djokovic is favorites in the match, you might see a The oddsmakers set a total number of games within a match, and you have to decide if you think there will be more or fewer games in the match than their prediction. If the number is 19 games, you would have to decide whether you think the match will have more or less than 19 games. The total will have odds attached to it, like or which will determine how much money you will win.

If the match has 21 games and you picked the under, you would lose your bet. Online sportsbooks are easy to use, and you can bet from pretty much anywhere you like - the bar, the gym or our personal favorite, from the comfort of your own home. Finding a sportsbook that is safe and secure , while also posting the best tennis odds should be your main priority when searching for an online sportsbook.

Wimbledon is the third major of the year and undoubtedly attracts the most betting attention globally out of the four majors. This article will teach you everything you need to know about Wimbledon betting for the edition. Since the Australian Open switched to synthetic surfaces in , it is also the only Grand Slam which still uses grass courts.

The tournament takes place over two weeks in late June and early July each year at the All England Club in London, which has hosted every staging of the tourney since its inauguration in There are also equivalent events for juniors, veterans and wheelchair athletes. We will keep this section updated with the latest Wimbledon outright odds, so watch this space.

The question: How to bet on Wimbledon is one we get asked a lot in the lead-up to the most famous tennis tournament in the world. The Grand Slams offer endless opportunities for keen punters. Check out the most popular tennis futures and match markets at our top-ranked Wimbledon betting sites.

Gentlemen's singles records. Ladies' singles records. World's Favourite Bookmaker Live Streaming. Visit Bet


There are also equivalent events for juniors, veterans and wheelchair athletes. We will keep this section updated with the latest Wimbledon outright odds, so watch this space. The question: How to bet on Wimbledon is one we get asked a lot in the lead-up to the most famous tennis tournament in the world. The Grand Slams offer endless opportunities for keen punters.

Check out the most popular tennis futures and match markets at our top-ranked Wimbledon betting sites. Gentlemen's singles records. Ladies' singles records. World's Favourite Bookmaker Live Streaming. Visit Bet Visit BetOnline. Most career titles Eight — Roger Federer , , , , , , Most consecutive titles Five — Bjorn Borg , , , , and Roger Federer , , , , Highest match-winning percentage Bjorn Borg — Most career titles Nine — Martina Navratilova , , , , , , , , Most consecutive titles Six — Martina Navratilova , , , , , Highest match-winning percentage Steffi Graf — Notify of.

With the expansion of the number of courts, and lengthening the tennis day, as of , the number of BBGs required is around Starting on the second Wednesday, the number of BBGs is reduced due to the decrease in the number of matches per day, leaving around 80 on the final Sunday. Each BBG receives a certificate, a can of used balls, a group photograph and a programme when leaving. Every BBG keeps all of their kit, typically consisting of three or four shirts, two or three shorts or skorts , track suit bottoms and top, twelve pairs of socks, three pairs of wristbands, a hat, water bottle holder, bag and trainers.

Along with this it is seen as a privilege, and a valuable addition to a school leaver's curriculum vitae , showing discipline. BBG places are split between boys and girls, with girls having been included since , appearing on centre court since Prospective BBGs are first nominated by their school headteacher , to be considered for selection. To be selected, a candidate must pass written tests on the rules of tennis, and pass fitness, mobility and other suitability tests, against initial preliminary instruction material.

Successful candidates then commence a training phase, starting in February, in which the final BBGs are chosen through continual assessment. As of , this training intake was The training includes weekly sessions of physical, procedural and theoretical instruction, to ensure that the BBGs are fast, alert, self-confident and adaptable to situations. As of , early training occurs at the Wimbledon All England Lawn Tennis Club Covered Courts, to the side of the Grounds, and then moves to outside courts 8, 9, 10 the week before the Championships to ensure that BBGs gain a feel of the grass court.

Dark green and purple are the traditional Wimbledon colours. However, all tennis players participating in the tournament are required to wear all-white or at least almost all-white clothing, a long-time tradition at Wimbledon. Controversy followed Martina Navratilova 's wearing branding for "Kim" cigarettes in Green clothing was worn by the chair umpire, linesmen, ball boys and ball girls until the Championships; however, beginning with the Championships, officials, ball boys and ball girls were dressed in new navy blue- and cream-coloured uniforms from American designer Ralph Lauren.

This marked the first time in the history of the Championships that an outside company was used to design Wimbledon clothing. By tradition, the "Men's" and "Women's" competitions are referred to as "Gentlemen's" and "Ladies'" competitions at Wimbledon. The junior competitions are referred to as the "Boys'" and "Girls'" competitions.

Prior to , female players were referred to by the title "Miss" or "Mrs. As dictated by strict rule of etiquette, married female players are referred to by their husbands' names: for example, Chris Evert appeared on scoreboards as "Mrs. Lloyd" during her marriage to John Lloyd , since "Mrs. X" essentially designates the wife of X. This tradition has continued, at least to some extent. The title "Mr. The chair umpire will say "Mr.

If a match is being played with two competitors of the same surname e. Venus and Serena Williams, Bob and Mike Bryan , the chair umpire will specify to whom they are referring by stating the player's first name and surname during announcements e. Previously, players bowed or curtsied to members of the royal family seated in the Royal Box upon entering or leaving Centre Court. Now, players are required to bow or curtsy only if the Prince of Wales or the Queen is present, [61] as was in practice during the Championships when the Queen was in attendance at Wimbledon on 24 June.

Prior to the Second World War, members of the Brigade of Guards and retired members of the Royal Artillery performed the role of stewards. In the AELTC offered employment to wartime servicemen returning to civilian life during their demobilisation leave. In London Fire Brigade members joined the ranks of stewards.

The AELTC pays a subsistence allowance to servicemen and women working as stewards to defray their accommodation costs for the period of the Championships. The Service Stewards are not to be confused with the Honorary Stewards.

The majority of centre and show court tickets sold to the general public have since been made available by a public ballot that the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club holds at the start of the year. Successful applicants are selected at random by a computer. Seats and days are allocated randomly and ballot tickets are not transferable.

The All England Club, through its subsidiary The All England Lawn Tennis Ground plc, issues debentures to tennis fans every five years to raise funds for capital expenditure. Fans who invest thus in the club receive a pair of tickets for every day of the Wimbledon Championships for the five years the investment lasts. Wimbledon and the French Open are the only Grand Slam tournaments where fans without tickets for play can queue up and still get seats on the three show courts on the day of the match.

From , there is a single queue, allotted about seats for each court. When they join the queue, fans are handed queue cards. To get access to the show courts, fans normally have to queue overnight. The All-England Club allows overnight queuing and provides toilet and water facilities for campers. Early in the morning when the line moves towards the Grounds, stewards walk along the line and hand out wristbands that are colour-coded to the specific court. The wrist band and payment is exchanged at the ticket office for the ticket when the grounds open.

General admission to the grounds gives access to the outer courts and is possible without queuing overnight. Queuing for the show courts ends after the quarter finals have been completed. Wimbledon is notable for the longest running sponsorship in sports history due to its association with Slazenger who have supplied all tennis balls for the tournament since Until when its contract ended, [78] Radio Wimbledon could be heard within a five-mile radius on It operated under a Restricted Service Licence.

Presenters included Sam Lloyd and Ali Barton. Typically they worked alternate four-hour shifts until the end of the last match of the day. Often they reported from the "Crow's Nest", an elevated building housing the Court 3 and 4 scoreboards which affords views of most of the outside courts. Regular guests included Sue Mappin.

In later years Radio Wimbledon acquired a second low-power FM frequency within the grounds only of Hourly news bulletins and travel using RDS were also broadcast. Beginning with the tournament , an in-house operation known as Wimbledon Broadcasting Services WBS has served as the official host broadcaster of the tournament, replacing BBC Sport.

This can result in live matches being moved across all 3 channels. The BBC holds the broadcast rights for Wimbledon until One of the most notable British commentators was Dan Maskell , who was known as the BBC's "voice of tennis" until his retirement in John Barrett succeeded him in that role until he retired in The coverage is presented by Sue Barker live and Claire Balding highlights.

Highlights of the rest of the tournament must be provided by terrestrial stations; live coverage excepting the finals may be sought by satellite or cable TV. The BBC was forced to apologise after many viewers complained about "over-talking" by its commentary team during the TV coverage of the event in It said in a statement that views on commentary were subjective but that they "do appreciate that over-talking can irritate our audience".

The BBC added that it hoped it had achieved "the right balance" across its coverage and was "of course sorry if on occasion you have not been satisfied". Tim Henman and John McEnroe were among the ex-players commentating. Wimbledon was also involved in a piece of television history, when on 1 July the first official colour television broadcast took place in the UK. Four hours live coverage of the Championships was shown on BBC Two, which was the first television channel in Europe to regularly broadcast in colour.

Footage of that historic match no longer survives, however, the Gentlemen's Final of that year is still held in the BBC archives because it was the first Gentlemen's Final transmitted in colour. The tennis balls used were traditionally white, but were switched to yellow in to make them stand out for colour television.

Beginning , all centre court matches are televised in 4K ultra-high-definition. A piece titled "A Sporting Occasion" is the traditional closing theme, though nowadays coverage typically ends either with a montage set to a popular song or with no music at all. Mansfield also composed the piece "World Champion", used by NBC during intervals change-overs, set breaks, etc. Caroline Murphy was the presenter of the programme. Live coverage was provided in the Irish language while they broadcast highlights in English at night.

NBC began a year run of covering Wimbledon in , with same-day taped and often edited coverage of the Gentlemen's Singles Final. In , the network began carrying the Gentlemen's and Ladies' Singles Finals live. Live coverage started early in the morning the US being a minimum of 5 hours behind the UK and continued well into the afternoon, interspersed with commentary and interviews from Bud Collins , whose tennis acumen and famous patterned trousers were well known to tennis fans in the US.

From to , premium channel HBO carried weekday coverage of Wimbledon. NBC also held over high-profile matches for delayed broadcast in its window, regardless of any ongoing matches. In one notorious incident in , ESPN2's coverage of the Tommy Haas - Novak Djokovic quarterfinal was forced off the air nationwide when it ran past 10 a. The finals are also broadcast tape-delayed on ABC. Taped coverage using the world feed is aired in primetime and overnights on Tennis Channel and is branded Wimbledon Primetime.

Prior to , CBC Television and SRC were the primary broadcaster of Wimbledon for Canada, and its live coverage of the tournament predated "Breakfast at Wimbledon" by over a decade, Canada being at least four hours from its fellow Commonwealth realm.

In Mexico , the Televisa family of networks has aired Wimbledon since the early s. Presently, most weekend matches are broadcast through Canal 5 with the weekday matches broadcast on the Televisa Deportes Network. As Mexico is six hours behind the U. Although Mexico had begun broadcasting in colour in , Wimbledon continued to air in black and white in Mexico until colour television came to the United Kingdom in In Brazil, SporTV has exclusive rights to the broadcast. Although there are some exceptions, as in Denmark, where the Danish TV2 holds the right to show matches until In the Netherlands Center Court is shown live on Eurosport 1 and all other courts are shown live on the Eurosport Player.

In Australia , the free-to-air Nine Network covered Wimbledon for almost 40 years but decided to drop their broadcast following the tournament, citing declining ratings and desire to use money saved to bid on other sports coverage. In April , it was announced that the Seven Network , the then-host broadcaster of the Australian Open, along with its sister channel 7Two would broadcast the event from Pay television network Fox Sports Australia also covers the event.

In India and its Subcontinental region, it is broadcast on Star Sports. In their new channel, TVNZ Duke also free-to-air , carried an alternative to the main feed, including for example matches on outside courts involving New Zealand players.

Fox Sports Asia holds broadcasting rights across Southeast Asia. Most matches are also available for viewing through internet betting websites and other live streaming services, as television cameras are set up to provide continuous coverage on nearly all the courts. The Gentlemen's Singles champion is presented with a silver gilt cup The actual trophy remains the property of the All England Club in their museum, so the champion receives a three-quarter size replica of the Cup bearing the names of all past Champions height The Ladies' Singles champion is presented with a sterling silver salver commonly known as the " Venus Rosewater Dish ", or simply the "Rosewater Dish".

The salver, which is The actual dish remains the property of the All England Club in their museum, so the champion receives a miniature replica bearing the names of all past Champions. From to the replica was 8 inches in diameter, and since it has been a three-quarter size replica with a diameter of A trophy is awarded to each player in the Doubles pair, unlike the other Grand Slam tournaments where the winning Doubles duo shares a single trophy.

The runner-up in each event receives an inscribed silver plate. Prize money was first awarded in , the year that professional players were allowed to compete in the Championships for the first time. A further increase of 6. The bulk of the increases were given to players losing in earlier rounds. Sergiy Stakhovsky , a member of the ATP Player Council and who was at the time ranked 68th, was among the most vocal in the push for higher pay for players who bow out in the earlier rounds. In an interview Stakhovsky intimated that it is not uncommon for lower-ranked players to be in the negative, for certain tour events, if their results were not stellar.

In , the total prize money rose by Ranking points for the ATP and WTA have varied at Wimbledon through the years but at present singles players receive the following points:. Novak Djokovic is the winner of the Gentlemen's Singles in Simona Halep is the winner of the Ladies' Singles in It was her second Grand Slam Women's Singles title. It was his second Grand Slam title.

Robert Farah was part of the winning Men's Doubles team in It was his first Grand Slam title. This was her first Grand Slam title. Su-Wei Hsieh was part of the winning Women's Doubles title in This was her third Grand Slam title. Latisha Chan was part of the winning Mixed Doubles title in It was her third Grand Slam mixed doubles title. Ivan Dodig was part of the winning Mixed Doubles team in It was his third Grand Slam mixed doubles title.

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India's spinners are looking to wrestle back a modicum of control here after tea. They've taken two wickets, conceding just 9 runs in four overs. J ust a single from the over after a couple of quick, and vital, wickets for India. W ell India finally get their man, but captain Joe Root has played a masterful innings in Chennai.

He's finally dismissed for and receives a handshake from Kohli as he heads back to the dressing room. England will look to pick up the run rate now as they seek a huge score before declaring. I n the final ball of the over, Nadeem finally gets one past Root's defence and he looks to be plumb LBW.

The finger went up straight away. Root goes immediately to a review but there's no inside edge and he's gone. A truly sensational innings from England's skipper and he receives a standing ovation from the dressing room as he trudges off after nine hours at the crease over two days. B uttler is very nearly gone for a golden duck! He catches one off the inside edge and chips one towards short leg, but it doesn't quite carry. Nonetheless, he's off the mark. P ope doesn't pick up the flatter delivery and is plumb as the ball strikes his back leg in between middle and leg.

He didn't pick the line properly and looked as though he expected it to spin more. Jos Buttler strides out to join his captain in the middle. T he expensive Nadeem has come on to replace Bumrah. England keep things ticking over with three singles.

A full toss from Ashwin draws a wild swing from Pope which sees the ball loop high over the keepers head and mercifully land safe. Pope is looking to score runs through the third man area in particular. Four from the over. P ope sneaks one through the slips for four after a slightly wide delivery from Bumrah. A remarkable statistic - the only other batsmen to score more than in Chennai was Dean Jones for Australia in He ended up in hospital on a drip after that mammoth innings.

England will be praying the fate does not befall their captain today. It was a vital knock as it ended up as only the second ever tied Test. A shwin will partner Bumrah from the other end to start this session off. Root chips a single off him. N o ball from Bumrah, as he continues his spell to start the session. Root continues to chip away with a well-timed cut for two runs. Four runs from the over as England keep ticking along. M orning all! Marcus here to take you through the final session of the day.

If you're just waking up, it's been all England, with Joe Root marking his th test with a remarkable unbeaten He and Pope are back at the crease as the final session is set to begin. R ohit tosses the ball up tempting the batsmen but both Root and Pope are content to not take the bait with tea just around the corner. Three singles off the over. Another fine session for England. Joe Root is the first Englishman to bring up a double hundred with a six.

He's the 19th batsman overall to do so and the first since Mayank Agarwal against Bangladesh in November Joe Root has now scored runs with sweeps including slog-sweeps and reverse sweeps. No batsman has scored more runs with those shots since records began in IndvEng pic.

K ohli turns to Rohit Sharma to turn his arm and chance his luck with the ball. Four singles off the over. R oot is the first batsman to score a double ton in his th Test. Simply sublime batting. N adeem is on and Pope and Root rotate the strike with ease. He then appeals for LBW off Pope - it hit the back leg but the umpire remains motionless and with no review it stays not out. The replay shows it hit an inside edge so another good decision.

R oot reverse sweeps Ashwin and takes a quick single - both batsmen make it but it was half a chance for India. N ot only does Root do watchful, graceful and brilliant - he does cheesy rather well also and he ramps Sundar for four first ball of the over. That moves him to making him the highest scorer of centurions in their th Test, with me with that one?

India then appeal for a catch at leg slip as Pope sweeps out of the rough off Ashwin, who is bowling around the wicket. G lorious shot from Pope as he copies his captain by coming down the pitch to punch the ball down the ground off Sundar. It was off a no-ball to boot one of too many from the hosts. T his time Sundar races through his over - Pope is watchful in defence and looks settled.

Think I may need to change my series prediction India without imjadeja in these conditions gives England a sniff Plus this England Test team are playing high quality Test cricket!!! A shwin is trying to get through his overs quickly, not letting Pope set.

The youngster gets a single off that set of six. S undar replaces Ishant. England have targeted him so far and after his great Test in Brisbane this has been a tougher test for the spinner. Pope plays a reverse sweep and is looking more confident out there. A shwin returns with a single off his over - Root is watchful for all six deliveries on the spot. I ndia let Root take an easy single off the first ball so they can have five at Pope. I shant is back for more toil - is it just me or does he always look tired?

He too will be pleased to see a fresh batsman at the wicket. The ball is reversing, albeit only slightly, and Pope plays five dot balls following a single from Root. B umrah looks tired and is bowling a few more loose deliveries than earlier.

He has a new batsman to bowl at, though, and he delivers a peach which beats Pope all ends up. Good decision. T hat was a bit of a horrible shot from Stokes. Granted he had set his stall to attack Nadeem but the century was there for the taking and he threw it away. S tokes takes on the left-armer, sweeping to deep square-leg where Pujara is waiting and, after a bit of juggling, snaps up the chance.

B umrah goes over the wicket to Stokes, trying to attack the outside edge - I suppose they need to try anything to break this partnership up. Three runs from it and it is still looking relatively easy for England and toilsome for the Indians. B umrah replaces Ishant - he goes for his world-famous yorker BUT it comes out as a full toss and Stokes punches it down the ground for four - yet more bad signs for the hosts. N adeem over ends with Stokes dancing down the pitch to launch him into the stand for a handsome six.

Root drives him for two and those are the only runs off that over. The left-hander takes a single off the third ball then Root cuts the spinner for four. C liche alert! This is a key hour - if England can bat out the next 60 minutes they then perhaps they take defeat out of the equation - especially if Stokes keeps scoring at the same rate…. Only five of his previous innings in which he's passed 50 have seen a lower false shot percentage than this.

There has been the odd chance for India but they were half chances at best. S tokes is on the attack, taking calculated risks hitting against the turn BUT to cow corner where there is no fielder. He fancies himself against Washington as he hits two fours to that area - trademark Stokes counterpunch. B umrah is back and concedes just two singles. Root brilliantly keeps out a trademark Bumrah yorker last ball of the over. That leaping ball from Washington in the previous over is the only bit of encouragement the Indians have had really - they are toiling.

W ashington is up for Nadeem who has been hit out of the attack by Stokes. J ust a Root single off that Ashwin over. S tokes, having looked so at ease, is now seemingly a bit too energetic at the moment.

Stokes joins in the celebration by hitting Nadeem for his second six of the day - a slog sweep deep into the empty stand. N adeem gets very excited second ball as he wraps Root on the pad. The morning is getting better for England. T hey bring up the 50 partnership during that Ashwin over 50 off one that sees Stokes bring out his aggressive reverse sweep. N adeem is struggling to hit the footmarks and the England batsmen play him with ease.

Two singles from that over. A shwin replaces Ishant - the field is spread for Root who picks up a single his 17th run of the day. Stokes then sees off the next two deliveries before getting a single off the last. E ngland easily pick up five runs from that Nadeem over. S tokes plays a super clip probably being a bit harsh by not calling it an on-drive, apols Ben… between mid-wicket and mid-on for four first up off Ishant then next ball drives through cover for another boundary.

N adeem comes on for the first time today. He has Stokes to bowl at and rough from Bumrah and Ishant to aim at. They know this trio Ashwin, Ishant and Ashwin cannot bowl all day and the plan is clearly to see them off and wait for Washington and Nadeem to come on.

It's a maiden from the big, bustling Indian. E ngland are being made to work for their runs - but Stokes and Root will know that they can increase the rate later on if they can just stay in and pick whatever runs they can now. This could be a long day for the hosts. Good from India - they are plugging away, giving England little to feast on.

Stokes has now hit 29 sixes in Tests since the start of , more than any other player in that time. Rohit Sharma is second on the list with H aving been hit for that six Ashwin is trying to exert more spin, and dare I say spite, on the ball. T he pitch is slow and Bumrah is having to work hard here - the slowness is allowing the batsman to adjust if beaten in length.

I ndia will be looking for Bumrah and Ashwin with Ishant as well to get in among the wickets this session and put the pressure back onto the tourists. Root, however, defends three balls before cashing in on a rare loose delivery, cutting the ball to the boundary. Ben Stokes has been dismissed seven times by Ashwin in Tests. No other bowler has dismissed him more often. J ust a Root single from that Ashwin over. B umrah continues - he looked good yesterday taking two wickets on what was mind blowingly his first day of Test cricket in India.

Root clips a single to deep mid-wicket and Stokes continues his reacquaintance with Test cricket defending well - brilliantly digging out a fine yorker - before nudging one for four last ball of the over. A shwin bowls the first full over of the day. Second ball Root pushes a single into the off side and Ashwin has four balls with which to welcome Stokes - he likes lefties.

The England batsman looks solid in defence meeting the ball with the full face of the bat four times. B en Stokes - fair to say he's coming in 'cold' - faces the three remaining balls of yesterday's final over Sibley was out last ball of the day and he survives them all. A lot of the attention, understandably, was focused on Root after his ton in his th Test.

BUT a lot of praise must go to Dom Sibley. Since his run of 4, 2 and 0 in his first three innings in Galle he has turned his game around against spin and looked the part. On day one Root put on a display of perfect Test-match batting - he peppered the weak links of Washington and Nadeem having seen off the danger men of Bumrah, Ishant and Ashwin. Root has Ben Stokes for company in the middle and the task for both will be to replicate the efforts and attitude of Friday.

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