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Zabukowski bitcoins

Eleven candidates, ranging from anti-clerical left to the monarchist far-right, are running for president. But there is a broad consensus between the two main candidates, Komorowski and Duda: Poland must take a hard line toward Russia and keep up support for the embattled government in Kiev, acting as its advocate in the European Union.

Where there is discord is over the details. In contrast, Duda is calling for a more independent Polish foreign policy that steers its Western allies and not the other way around, Szczerbiak adds. NATO and its eastern flank need to be strengthened, he says. Earlier this year, Komorowski stated that Poland was ready to sell weapons to Ukraine. But if the incumbent sounds hawkish, his challenger, who is currently polling at around 30 percent is even more so.

The only other contender with double-digit ratings on the eve of the election is Pawel Kukiz, a rock musician, running as an independent. Meanwhile, several minor candidates are calling for a more conciliatory attitude towards Russia. But, with each carrying less than 5 percent in polls, they are not serious contenders for the presidency.

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Adam suspects foul play on the part of Chinese organized crime, and also maybe monks, and possibly some sort of curse? Look you're just gonna have to hear it for yourself. Jan 22, We're getting political this week, honey!

Comedian and podcast host Nick Turner is a true believer in a theory so controversial, it got Trump banned from Twitter and fired from being president not actually. Nick's done some history research, and he thinks notorious terrorist leader and tape enjoyer Osama Bin Laden was not actually killed in the raid on a compound in Abbottabad. No, Bin Laden actually died of natural causes and then his body was schlepped around the Middle East for a decade until the US could finally make use of it.

So is Kathryn Bigelow a liar? Were Obama and Clinton just watching someone play a video game in that notorious picture? Is Seal Team 6 just six guys? Could the government be The answers to those questions and more are all in this episode. Jan 15, Do you like music? How about drugs? Bohemian living? Getting crabs from a member of the Mamas and the Papas?

Oh boy do we have a fun ep for you this week! Comedy sweetheart Dan Lippert dropped by to discuss the so-called Laurel Canyon Scene of the late 60's and early 70's, and how it relates to the anti-war movement in America.

See, Dan's got a nasty suspicion that the CIA stuck their witchy little fingers in and encouraged the growth of a chill, drugged-out music scene as an alternative to the growing anti-Vietnam war protests that were starting to become a real problem for the government. And yes - Dan, Alexis, and Katelyn all talk about their favorite chill-ass folk musicians. PS - Patreon subscribers get access to a little bonus content music playlist this week, so if you wanna see it you gotta subscribe!

Jan 8, The unbelievably funny Allison Fields visited the Lizard Lair to discuss her theory about star quarterback and weird diet enjoyer Tom Brady, and boy is it a doozy. Allison thinks that Tommy Boy has been hiding a dark secret since his early days on the professional football circuit - a secret that will shock and disgust you. No, it's not about the level of physical intimacy he shares with his family.

It's about his robot parts! This week we'll get to the bottom of whether Brady is hiding a cyborg body under that America's sweetheart smile, whether a person can live on his weird ass diet, what Giselle's whole deal is, and yeah also the son kissing. Mostly the son kissing. Dec 18, Cast your mind back to the year Malta has finally joined the European Union. And a coalition of nations is about to invade Iraq, spearheaded by accomplished painter and war criminal George W Bush. What are they looking for?

Hollywood's sweetheart Hannah Garces stopped by to talk about the possibility that Saddam had a gateway through space and time, as well as her dad's previous jobs, what's up with ziggurats, and the spookiest grandma coincidence you ever did hear. Dec 11, He's back, and he's finished the Fincher movie! Cast your mind back many a year to when Michael Dean first appeared on Lizard People to argue that Ted Cruz killed 5 young people in California and then wrote a bunch of cryptic letters to the cops.

Remember how Michael based it on a few minutes of the movie Zodiac? Well in he finally had time to finish the movie and to reconsider his conspiracy theory, and the result is an episode with a twist you'll never see coming. Listen as these two old friends duke it out, Lizard style. And if you haven't listened to that episode yet and don't have context for this conversation, honestly, don't.

Not worth it. Nov 20, We're finally doing it! After many long years of this one going around on the internet and in your weird racist uncles email chains, we're finally covering the theory that George Soros pays people to go out and protest. And boy do we have the perfect guest for it - returning champ Jake Regal is pulling no punches.

This week we're talking Jews, nazis, Jewish nazis, blood libel, regular libel, California's unemployment system, different kinds of heroin, and of course, Jews - sorry I mean globalists. It's truly one of our wildest episodes yet. Also if you feel like it don't forget to check out the merch! Nov 13, We got a bonafide author in the house folks! And boy is it a doozy - Chris has a lot of evidence to support the theory that in prehistoric pre-human times, giant proto-humans roamed what is now the USA, making giant axes and creating giant babies and generally just hanging out.

Chris is a true expert and this is a deeply educational but also verrry fun ep - along the way we learn about the racist history of the Smithsonian, the roots of local journalism in the US, pre-colonization cities, bone thieves, and of course those freaky deaky Mormons. It's a treat! Nov 6, This week it might seem like the government can't even control an election.

But of course, as we've learned time and again on this podcast, there are always deeper levels to what the government is actually doing. And this ep we're joined by the truly delightful podcaster Tess Lynch to learn about one thing the US government may be playing their 5D chess with - the weather! This grand unified theory ties together chem trails, hurricanes, polymers, big canons, climate change, Gore v Bush, Kate Bush, radio waves, slime videos, and way way more.

Tess came prepared and you WILL learn something from this episode. Oct 30, Halloween Is Satanic with Alison Stevenson. Alison Stevenson is back to tackle another Halloween conspiracy! This time, we get deep into the nitty gritty nasty truth - that Halloween is just an elaborate plot of Satan's to feed off the fear of children.

Yes, Satan is real. Yes, he eats human fear via his junk. Yes, Alison and Katelyn learn a lot about Christianity from Alexis on this episode. If you're looking for a truly disgusting podcast episode about the spooky season, you've come to the right place.

Oct 23, Truly we are living in the golden age of reality tv. But there's one show that stands out from the pack for the sheer weirdness of its participants, and it's built in ticking clock drama. That's right baby, this week we're learning what's really happening with 90 Day Fiance!

Returning fave Erika Curry is here to explain the murky history behind the creation of the show, and it's possible real goal - to convince potential immigrants that Americans are garbage weirdos who will ruin your life. Katelyn and Alexis have a lot to learn about the show so expect recaps, reenactments, horrified yelping, and lots of drama.

Plus an epic takedown of the Coast Guard. Oct 16, The fat lazy cat that America can't get enough of - yep, we're talking about Pusheen! Just kidding, read the title, this episode is about Garfield. And we have none other than Garfield-meme-creator and tv writer Joey Clift on the mic to unravel a complex and shocking conspiracy theory that will change the way you see the beloved comic strip forever!

Joey's pretty sure that the lasagna-loving feline is in fact the creation of Soviet Russia, a tool designed to dismantle the American economy by undermining the productiveness of the American worker. Did Garfield cause the economy to go into a tailspin more than once? Are spiders the only ones who spin webs?

Is Nermal Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Who is the Benedict Arnold of syndicated comic strips? All these questions and more will be answered once you press play. Oct 9, Nobody tell Lin-Manuel that we know!! This week our guest is the truly hilarious Jacquis Neal, and he's bringing a theory to the table that will shock you to your core. Doesn't that seem weird to you? And how the show is obsessed with New York and banks and stuff?

Doesn't that feel off??? Plus, how about the fact that Jacquis has first hand knowledge about the theatrical world and he says there's something fishy about the whole thing! The evidence is all here that the US government had a sneaky little hand in producing Hamilton and making sure it was a success, so you better not throw away your shot Ugh sorry.

Oct 2, Or is it pronounced Van Ghraacgh. Anyhoo, have you heard the one about how famous and beloved painter Vincent Van Gogh from Starry Night and the Doctor Who episode might have actually been murdered? Podcast producer extraordinaire Gabe Danon has a theory that Vinny didn't kill himself but was actually manslaughtered by a nasty little teen cowboy cosplayer who loved guns and bullying.

While he explains that whole mess, Gabe and Katelyn also discuss yogurt, the terror of groups of teens, French dads, paint snacks, the fallibility of memory, and so much more. TW for suicide on this one babies, protect your neck! Sep 25, Celebs, they're just like us!

Sometimes they're approached by a CIA handler who convinces them to carry out covert missions in areas of the world that diplomats can't access! Or so Drew Spears, comedian and podcast host, would have you think. Drew is pretty sure that most major stars and lots of directors and gaffers too are more or less working for the government as part-time assets, doing a little light spying wherever they go.

Does The Rock have a little side hustle infiltrating the Middle East? When Tarantino takes a break from tweaking toes, is he reporting back to the Pentagon? You're gonna have to listen to find out! Sep 18, And we're back! Ok so what if there were an explanation for why some people commit crimes. And what if the solution also explained why the US crime rates peaked in the 90's and has been falling ever since?

And also, what if it were all the government's fault? Our guest this week is returning podcast pro Winston Carter, and he's got a theory that he's real passionate about that just may explain it all. Winston thinks that the answer to most of America's problems might be in our pipes, our paint chips, and our car exhaust. And you better believe that the Lead-Crime Hypothesis also explains George Bush, racist incarceration policies, and why parents just don't get it!

Jul 25, Hey buddies! We're taking a little summer break, and we should be back some time in September. Meanwhile here are some recommendations on other podcasts to tide you over. Jul 18, Go watch The Room and then get back to us. Not the Brie Larson one, the other one. Ok now doesn't it seem like that movie was probably made by an alien with no ideas of how human beings actually behave? The hilarious podcast host and stand-up Babs Gray stopped by to discuss auteur Tommy Wiseau and his possible extraterrestrial origins.

Babs has a lot of evidence behind her, and along the way we also deal with what to call a group of eels, how aliens make money, where to buy a hyper-realistic baby doll, and why some people get horny for chocolate. Jul 10, Have you ever slowed a Nicki Minaj song way down and listened to the vocals? That's ok, why would you. But someone did, and that gave birth to a conspiracy theory so strange, so confusing, so thrilling, that we simply had to cover it.

Some people think that Nicki sounds a whole lot like a sped up Jay-Z, and the delightful Angela Gulner is back on the pod to convince us all that Mr. Carter actually IS the Harajuku Barbie. Jul 3, There's a lot of coronavirus conspiracy theories floating around. But this has to be the most Confirmed fan fave Todd McClintock is back in the Lizard Lair and he's got a theory about why we're all taking selfies in our homemade masks.

See, Todd thinks that the people behind this jury-rigged mask culture may be the last people you'd expect - casting directors! Could these mysterious Hollywood power players be subtly influencing us all to slap a bandanna on instead of a surgical mask so they can cast us in the next big-budged western? Will your fuzzy scarf that you threw on for a trip to a grocery store land you the lead in Lifetime's next feel-good Christmas movie?? Why not! Jun 26, Isn't it weird how Star Wars bad guys have become so popular?

How little kids dress up as Nazi allegories for Halloween? Well if you're like our funny and thoughtful guest Dahlya Glick, you think there's something more nefarious going on than just smart toy merchandising. See, some people suspect that what Disney is really doing by making us love and identify with stormtroopers is furthering their fascist and anti-semitic plot to take over the world. Together with Dahlya we cover it all, from her epic breakdown in line for the Peter Pan ride all the way to racist cops and replacement vape juice cartridges.

Meander with us through the web of conspiracies surrounding a galaxy far, far away. Jun 19, They're all part of one of the most delightfully bonkers conspiracy theories ever made. This week we're talking about Project Blue Beam with the delightful and unbelievably funny Betsy Sodaro! And she's got some extremely strong opinions about how the government is planning to, um, shoot holograms at the sky that look like gods that turn into the Antichrist so they can institute the New World Order?

Or something? Idk you're just gonna have to listen and do your best to figure it out. Also turns out this is the one Alexis has been waiting for all along! Jun 3, People have called conspiracy theorists crazy for thinking that sinister forces within the American government would flout the laws of the land and use violence to put down a democratic movement for change. Well, uh, sorry guys. This week has been real emotional for a lot of people, and it didn't seem like the right time to put out a regular silly episode.

So we're not! Thanks for your understanding, and we'll be back with a new episode when it feels right. May 29, Have you heard about the Donner Party? The intrepid pioneers who took a terrible shortcut in the 's and ended up snowed under in the Sierra Nevadas and then they ate each other?

This week we have the pioneering professional podcast fan Lauren Passell here to 'splain all about what really happened to the Donner Party. Were they really starving when they started chomping down on each other's legs? Or were they just kind of wacked out and bored?

This ep has it all - history, true crime, extreme gross-out humor, very polite arguing, book club recommendations, everything! May 22, Prepare yourself and gird your loins, this is probably the most fun mother-son conspiracy theory podcast episode ever made. Suppressed by who, you ask?

Ok well it's complicated, but it involves dating apps, the federal government, Xi Jinping, Big Pharma, Big Farm, and a bunch of other guys. May 15, We're finally covering one of the core American conspiracy theories, and oh boy is it complicated! Some folks think that back in the 80's and 90's, the CIA took a quick pause from overthrowing democratically elected governments all over the world to pick up drug dealing. Specifically, selling crack cocaine in poor black communities in the US.

Not very cool! This week fan fave and brilliant guy Zig is back, and he's going to try to explain to us all what exactly went on. Which is a big job, honey. We're gonna cover how much cocaine is a lot, what was up with the mujahideen, whether institutional racism is bad or not, and way way more.

May 8, Hollywood's full of gross creeps. But it's also full of principled people who take a stand and push those creeps out of the business. And according to unbelievably funny comedian and writer Eliza Skinner, one of those heroes just might be Robert Downey Junior. And she thinks he may have accomplished it by posting anonymous blind items on a celebrity gossip blog.

Apr 24, Jesse and Julian are back! And they are outraged! The guys thing that reality tv star Tiffany Pollard aka New York, aka the girl who loved to throw hands on Flavor of Love is a phony. And what's more, they think her 'mom' Sister Patterson might be a dang actor too. Will they prove that the two women are just wannabe actresses who found a niche yelling on tv and have made it their entire life?

Do they even believe it? Are we all gonna kiss??? Listen and find out. Apr 17, Mini-Episode: True Government Conspiracies. Ooops sorry, Katelyn didn't book a guest for this week! Which means it's time for a good old fashioned solo mini-ep! Such as! The FBI surveilling US citizens just because they didn't like their politics, the Gulf of Tonkin incident that helped kick off the Vietnam War, the first female President slay queen and the horrifying things scientists did to study radiation in the human body.

Apr 10, Welcome to an extremely classy episode of Lizard People. Multi-hypenate super talented British friend of the show Tom Neenan is back, with a literary conspiracy theory that'll knock your socks off. Easter is nigh, and so is Passover, and some of you may be flipping through the old King James Bible. But did you know that everybody's favorite epic novel just might have been written by one William Shakespeare?

That's right honey, The Bard himself! We'll talk sonnets, animal names, UK high school drama, and so so many inside jokes about how writers rooms work. You're gonna love it! Apr 3, It's a family-only episode this week, as Katelyn and Alexis talk Covid conspiracies! There's a whole lot of dumb stuff going around on the internet about how the disease got made, what cures it, and who's behind it.

And it's all mostly wrong. Because these are weird ass times, we're messing with the format this week too! So listen up as your favorite Lizard Ladies present the weirdest and stupidest Covid 19 theories that they've seen in the past few weeks. Enjoy, and stay safe out there. Mar 14, Podcast sweetheart Jon Gabrus stopped by the Lizard Lair this week to drop a little truth on y'alls asses! Specifically some truth about Melania Trump, former model and current first lady of these great states.

Gabrus thinks Melania just might be a plant, a KGB agent working to forward Russian interests and undermine her beloved husband at every turn. Could be Putin be behind their weird-ass relationship? What will happen if they ever break up? What's the Barron of it all? And is this the nastiest episode of Lizard People ever recorded?

You better listen and find out! Lizard People is taking a quick break for the next two weeks, thanks for waiting for our return! Mar 6, You might think you know exactly what happened during the Kennedy assassination. Either because you read about it in 8th grade, or because you've heard the other Lizard People episodes about it. But trust us, Jason Van Glass has a whole new take on it that'll make your brain go mushy.

Edgar Hoover, and all the way around to beloved news anchor Dan Rather. Who's to blame for killing Kennedy? Turns out it's literally everyone. Feb 28, The Rock! The Fortress! Titanic Island! Alcatraz has a spooky mystique all its own, and for many years it had a reputation for being an inescapable prison. But then some guys escaped. Or did they?!? Anthropologist Micah Light stopped by the Lizard Lair to school us all in the real story behind the famous Escape from Alcatraz, and what happened to the cons after they made it off the rock.

Study up on your Portugese and check on your blue Buick, we got a vintage mystery over here! Feb 21, Well if you're a fan of any of those things you probably owe them all to bees. The humble honeybee is the source of most of our pollinated food, but over the past few decades the dang things have been disappearing!

Our guests Lindsey Gentile and Kelly Wallace-Barnhill believe that the Deep State may be behind Colony Collapse Disorder, and they're here to blow the whole hive of corruption wide open. Feb 14, It's Chinatown, Jake. BUT the basic premise is the same - a group of powerful people decided that they wanted to take over a public commodity for their own greedy purposes, leaving the city high and dry and stuck in shitty traffic. This week we're talking about the alleged conspiracy that inspired Who Framed Roger Rabbit, that a cabal of car companies purposely destroyed the thriving LA streetcar network, and BOY are we having a fun and intellectual time.

Feb 7, There are many contenders for fifth Beatle. But there's another Loveable Lad from Liverpool, a shadowy figure whose contributions to the band are unclear. But who is this mysterious German? And could he be behind the Beatles' greatest hits? And what's the deal with 'googoogajoob' like what the eff is that about, seriously why is that part of the song, was it a placeholder for a real lyric, why did they do that?

Join us as Zach Olsen, gentle comedian and big Beatles fan, explains who might have really written the Beatles songs. Jan 31, Who - or what - is Andrew WK? Well there's the easy answer - he's a party rockin' multi-instrumentalist and singer and inspirational speaker known for his wild antics and bizarrely dirty suits. But is he also Is he really that big in Japan? You're gonna have to listen to find out. Jan 24, What do you think of when you see the words 'The Wall'.

Oh wait, you don't? This week our HIGHLY successful guest Gilli Nissim is here to talk about the secret agenda behind the sort-of-popular game show and it's unsettlingly topical name. Is it just a weird coincidence? Or is it part of a nefarious plot to normalize Trump's border wall? Whatever's going on, we can all agree that game is complicated as hell. Jan 17, Todd's back! Friend of the show and very funny guy Todd McClintock stopped by with another original conspiracy theory, and boy is it a humdinger.

See, he thinks there might be something going on behind the scenes at haunted houses and other spooky attractions. Something more than just teenagers dressed as Jason making out behind the flats. Todd suspects that haunted houses were invented during WW1 to trick Canadians into - well, you should probably just listen. Jan 10, Happy New Year, Jimi Hendrix was murdered! Rumors that his death wasn't due to accidental asphyxiation of barf at all yuck. Rumors that he was murdered by the very person he trusted the most.

Let the truly hilarious Ronnie Adrian show you the light about what really happened to Jimi. And along the way he'll explain psychedelic rock, how to mix uppers and downers, why Jimi was the greatest, and of course Pinkberry. Dec 13, She's the leggy blonde who captured our hearts with her tuneful caterwauling and wacky romantic misadventures. But could Taylor Swift also be a clone of the High Priestess of the Church of Satan bent on creating the Antichrist and bringing about the end of the world??

Idk, maybe! And we make some discoveries along the way, including the fact that Katelyn is incredibly pretentious and nobody knows Taylor Swift's music as well as they think they do. This episode is the last one of the year, so enjoy and see you in a few weeks! Dec 6, Welp, we're doing it. You might have though Lizard People wasn't this type of show, but it turns out is.

We're covering the Epstein thing. Extremely fearless comedian and writer Connie Shin is on this week to teach us all about the incongruities, mysteries, and just plain weirdnesses of the 'suicide' of America's most famous human trafficking monster. While we may all be glad Jeffrey Epstein is dead, it's a bummer he didn't get to take a bunch of other wealthy demons down with him.

We're slapping every trigger warning that exists on this one, probably not an episode for the younger or more sensitive listeners! Nov 29, It was the ship of dreams But some out there think the Titanic never sank at all. Some people think it was another ship that was intentionally iceberged to the depths for the insurance payout. People like Siena East! The stand-up comic popped in to discuss the theory that the White Star Line made a last minute swap that made them a whole bunch of money - at least until things went extremely wrong.

Nov 22, Aaaand twins! You know, stuff like having their own secret language, extending their mothers lives, murdering people in cold blood, killing themselves with the power of their own mind, that kind of thing. This ep combines true crime, magic, and some kind-hearted English guys who didn't deserve what they got.

Nov 15, You like Friends? Who doesn't! It's on every 'greatest tv shows' list, it was watched by millions, it was nominated for a jillion Emmys. But our guests this week, comedians Alexa Loftus and Jess Seay-Klatt, think there's something dark lurking beneath the coffee and haircuts and mild-yet-offensive pranks that the show delivered for 10 wonderful years.

Jess and Alexa think there was a seventh friend, who died while shooting the intro. And they're on the show this week for justice. Justice for Tammy. Nov 8, Listen, if that word salad of a title didn't hook you, nothing will! Friend of the show Michael Dean is back on his bullshit, and he's here to reveal his own personal conspiracy theory that two famous urban legends are the mommies of another set of urban legends.

This theory is convoluted, it's wild, and it's a freakin delight. If you'd like to support Michael's Kickstarter and get your hands on a copy of his graphic novel, it's at marinercomic. Nov 1, This episode is extra spooky because Halloween's technically over but the ghost of the spooking season lives on here at Lizard People! This week our guest is the soothing-voiced comedian Andrew Young, and he's here to argue that the royal family of England is descended from vampires and Prince Charlie is a blood-sippin ghoulie.

And also red pee. Oct 27, Hold on to your cryptids because this episode is an absolute roller coaster ride! Did Zemeckis do it on purpose? Was Crispin Glover in on the conspiracy? Prepare to have your brain smooshed by this absolute treat of an ep. Oct 25, What if we told you that the federal government has a database with your face, address, identifying information, and fingerprints.

Would you be like 'meh'? Or would you be like 'yikes'? Our guest this week is Tamra Brown and she's definitely in the 'yikes' camp. She's here to educate us about the RealID program, a government initiative from the Patriot Act era that has somehow managed to hang in there and change the way we're all identified.

And a whole bunch of smart people are a leeeeetle worried about the potential abuses of the supposedly totally benign ID program. Oct 11, Yee haw little doggies, we're keeping Austin weird this episode with a conspiracy theory that ties together the Illuminati, the Bohemian Grove, the great state of Texas, and a bunch of high-altitude ritual murder. Our guest this week is the wildly funny Ever Mainard, and boy did we have a BIG giggle recording this.

Ever's theory is that the folks behind the Frost Bank building in Austin TX are secred Mason murder nerds who love taking drifters up to the penthouse and killing them for satan and stuff. And her evidence is compelling, y'all! Oct 4, All over the world, the name 'Disney' means warmth and light and cuteness.

Families save all year to visit Disney theme parks and eat 8 dollar churros while screaming at each other. But some people say there's a dark underbelly to Disney. That the company has a history of choosing profits over people.

People like Julia knows a whole lot of Disney lore, and this week she's sharing the spine tingling stories about Disney ghosts and the bureaucratic policies that keep people from officially 'dying' in the parks. Sep 27, Her talent and hard work have brought her to The Edge Of Glory and beyond. But could she also have made a deal with the Illuminati to murder Lou Reed and rising star Lina Morgana???

Writer and comedian Joan Ford thinks Lady Gaga's nice girl act is a Perfect Illusion, and that she's a Shallow, Satan-worshipping, cult-loving murderer. Call the Paparazzi and slap on your Poker Face, because this episode is a Monster. Sep 20, Time Cube! What is it, what does it mean, and why are we talking about it? All these questions and more will be sort of answered in this brain-bending episode.

America's sweetheart Xavier Rotnofsky stopped by to explain the controversial theories of one Gene Ray, discoverer of cubic time. Along the way we discuss Marshmallow Time, Mama Buttons, burritos vs tacos vs linear perceptions of time, and Xavier's problems with caffeine.

May Jesus, Einstein, Socrates, and the Clintons bless your week. Sep 13, A very special ep with two very special friends! This week our guests are Greg Gallant and Devin Field of the podcast Firsthand, and they had two theories so spicy we had to cover both in one episode. And they definitely don't regret either of these theories or anything they said in the episode!!! Let Hollywood's funniest buddies explain it all Sep 6, Alex Jones is a conservative commentator with a scary red face and a chaotic evil energy.

Bill Hicks was a stand-up comic in the 90's beloved for his take-no-prisoners attitude and collection of leather jackets. But could they be Kai Choyce thinks so, and they ought to know. The stand-up comic joins us this week to discuss the possibility that the Powers That Be recruited Bill to become Alex in order to destabilize the conservative agenda.

And honestly? Aug 30, If the title didn't get you excited, honey, what will? Comedian and semi-professional bar mitzvah tutor Yaki Margulies is here to present a wholly original, you heard it here first type of theory about the Bible.

Namely, that all those gorgeous angels telling people they're pregnant or that they get a new name are actually just sexy, sexy, homeless strangers. Please don't tell the parents of his bar mitzvah kids. Aug 23, History is full of mysteries. But there may be no mystery as mysterious as the Sea People. These anonymous nautical raiders hit the Egyptian empire hard and terrorized the ancient Mediterranean for decades, destroying entire civilizations in the process.

Then they just up and disappeared. But don't worry, comedian and streamer AJ Salas has it all figured out. He has a theory about who the Sea People really were that will blow all those snooty historians right out of the water. Aug 16, Adam Sandler Scam with Jessica Svendsgaard. Eh, we'll workshop that. Anyway this week we talk with improviser and true delight Jessica Svendsgaard about the great Adam Sandler caper.

See, there's a theory floating around Hollywood that Sandler's production company Happy Madison is a front for an embezzlement scheme so devious it could only come from Tinsel Town. Is the Sandman the lovable goofball we all think he is? Or a cold-hearted hustler who only cares about money and friends? You're about to find out!

Aug 8, Ever heard of the New York Marathon? You know, the world's largest marathon that covers all five boroughs of the city and attracts K applicants every year? Well guess what chump, you've been had! Our guest this time around is returning fave Will Hines, and he's got a shocking theory about how and why the New York Marathon has been faked every year since It's a tangled web of corporate greed, bs health trends, out-of-work actors, staged photo ops, police corruption, and other New York-ness.

Aug 2, We're back! Well, almost. Next week will be our first full episode back in the swing of things after a quick summer break, but this week we're doing a mini-episode to get back into the groove. Ever heard of a little something called the 27 Club? What about the Woolwich Foot Tunnel?

Just playing, no one's heard of Otto. Anyway, these theories and more will be very briefly addressed in this little mini-ep. Please enjoy, and HAGS! Jun 14, The gang's all here! What could be behind the disappearance of hundreds of ships and planes and thousands of people? Atlantean wizardry? Random misfortune? Or something even more unexpected?

Whatever direction you think this episode is going in, that ain't it. Also this is the last episode before we take a summer break, see you all in August and stay skeptical! Jun 7, Ed Edwards was a real weiner who killed at least 5 people in the Midwest. But could he also be responsible for pretty much every other murder that happened in America between and ?? Matt Newell thinks he just might be. Is this a dark ep? Sure, but Matt is also extremely funny and fun!!

May 31, Well happy birthday Mr. President to us all. This week the delightful old-Hollywood expert Chase McCown stopped by to talk about a golden age conspiracy theory. Marilyn Monroe died of an overdose of various pills at the age of 36, right when her career seemed to be getting back on track. Was it accidental? A suicide? Because another key fact about every college gal's favorite sexy lady is that she was most definitely boinking at least one Kennedy, and was very possibly planning to go public about it.

Let Chase's incredibly soothing voice wrap you up in the greatest noir mystery of all. May 24, Basketball conspiracies abound, and this week we're talking to comedian Zander Frost about how the league may have rigged the draft. See in the then-Hornets were in a precarious position what with their owner being a sex pest and getting forced out of the league. The NBA was desperate to find a new owner for the team, and lo and behold the Hornets got first pick in the draft that year.

Or something sportsy like that. Listen as Katelyn struggles through the fundamentals of b-ball! Marvel as Zander explains the entire history of the NBA from memory! Groan as we joke about the name Del Demps! May 17, Hey everybody! No new ep this week due to various goofs, spoofs, and Katelyn being a doof. But for your aural pleasure, here's an old episode that is an absolute delight from top to bottom.

Matt Gourley stopped by to talk about Giger's connection with the Illumaniti, but things kind of spun out from there and got May 10, Ever hear the one about Natalie Wood? You know, how she was a brilliant actor and beloved mother and died under mysterious circumstances??? Jimmy Fay is back on the 'cast and she's got a theory about how Natalie Wood really died. But along the way we have some classic goofs about Christopher Walken impressions, mouth blood, the patriarchy, finding meaning in chaos, and wordplay.

May 3, Time to pull out the ol What If machine, because the fellas of improv group Dopetown have a theory that will potentiall change how you think about your entire life. The theory? What if Kanye West's conservative pivot and erratic behavior are part of an elaborate piece of performance art?

What if Kanye has been planning this every step of the way? What if we're all just locked in a room with a coyote, metaphorically? Greg and Zora know a whole lot about the history of performance art, about Kanye lyrics, and about how to freakin RAP.

And you'll get all that and more in this surprisingly sweet episode. Apr 26, In , a group of American diplomats at the US embassy in Cuba got sick. Weird sick. Many reported dizziness, memory loss, headaches, hearing problems, and more. But what happened to these intrepid civil servants? And could their sickness be tied to something nefarious?

Mel Cowan thinks so, and Mel Cowan is very very smart. Mel has a theory that is so devious, so terrifying, so confusing, that it will change how you think about microwaves forever. Prepare to learn about political intrigue, audio engineering, the navy, Tanganyika, bugs, and puppies. Oh my god this puppy. Apr 19, Look, the title of this episode kind of says it all. Cait Raft is a brilliant writer and comedian and she has a personal theory that Bradley Cooper's version of the film A Star Is Born doesn't actually take place in our universe.

Her theory is a real sci-fi mind-freak, you're gonna love it. Along the way we discuss Saturday Night Live, the definition of country music, terrorism, Dolly Parton. Drag Race, Nicholas Sparks, and cocaine. You will never watch a film the same way again. Apr 12, Well, Dave Child is back. And this time he's bringing with him some theories on what might really be going on with the Men In Black. If you think you know MIB from the films starring the entertainment industry's most charming man Will Smith, think again!

Stories about the mysterious dudes in black suits get way stranger than anything Hollyweird could come up with. This week we're talking flying saucers, mystical weirdos, the American government, and the nature of belief. It's a doozy of an ep, let's just say that. Apr 5, The last days of our buddy Jesus Christ are truly shocking when you get down to the nitty gritty.

But the theories about what might have happened to his body when it disappeared from his tomb get even more shocking. The biblically literate and hysterically funny Holly Laurent and Greg Hess stopped by to talk JC and religion in general this week, and it was an absolute delight. Get ready to parse the gospels and roast the disciples with us! Mar 29, Michael Jordan's Dad with James Mastraieni.

You might have heard somewhere about Michael Jordan's gambling habit. Boy oh boy, did it get habitual for a while there. But there's someone we don't talk about when we talk about MJ's golf wagers, and that's his papa James Jordan. Because some people out there in the dark corners of the sports internet believe that James Jordan's tragic death was the result of some jerk mob guys collecting on a debt that MJ owed.

And one of those people is hilarious comedian and writer James Mastraieni! Yes, JM has some thoughts about MJ's betting problem, and also some thoughts on cannabis, South Carolina, and the mob. And he also has some personal perspective on how gambling addiction can really mess your stuff up. It's fun, it's thoughtful, it's Michael Jordan's dad. Mar 22, Have you seen the sign? Do you know all that she wants?

Do you live in a happy nation? That's right, this week we're taking a deep dive into the reggae-euro-pop band Ace of Base. Specifically, Ace of Base's secret neo-Nazi agenda. Adam Tod Brown joins us from the Unpops network to lay out his own personal theory that the chipper Swedes are in fact nazi nasties whose dark past reveals their ties to white nationalism. But whether they're nazis or not, we can all agree that Ace of Base was deeply, unsettlingly weird.

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