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Bitcoins 20 minutes in hell

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Just got email that they had password and wanted in bitcoin in 24 hrs who do i report this too. Local police have full plate with covid 19 just want to register complaint and block this scammer. This is extortion! I have received two such emails over the last 6 days. I deleted and blocked and ignored. Today I received a very angry email about my deliberate ignore of the previous emails. This followed a whole bunch of threats if I go to the media with it, inform anyone else about or not pay.

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Share this page Facebook Twitter Linked-In. November 26, by Cristina Miranda. Blog Topics:. Comments Mister Ed November 26, reply. LJ April 11, reply. I just had the exact same thing. I just reported it. Nairita Dutta April 16, reply. I got the exact same email from a Suzy Fedora. RM April 16, reply. I just got on like that today as well. Ximbalou April 18, reply.

I received the same kind of email. Did they send any information to your contacts? Ken L April 22, reply. RC May 3, reply. Juny May 21, reply. I just got tge exact text but they said 6 instead of 7 people. Jonathan May 25, reply. JB May 26, reply.

YourBoy May 27, reply. I reported also. Over it May 30, reply. I just got the exact same one right now. Rachel May 18, reply. Velveteen dream April 16, reply. Lucie April 18, reply. Adam broome May 15, reply. This guys are crazy, they once told me to pay in usd bitcoin. Aeesha August 11, reply. Hope you didn't pay. I was also scammed in similar situation.

RSC April 22, reply. Joe April 22, reply. Did anything become of it? Lizzy April 23, reply. CH April 23, reply. April 23, reply. Bruce April 27, reply. SLK April 23, reply. Don't use your May 14, reply. They got my old password too the sender was sales.

LAB April 28, reply. Got that same one today. Rtm April 29, reply. Bobc May 4, reply. Got same thing today. Dave May 14, reply. KS May 14, reply. DC May 14, reply. Bill August 26, reply. Who do I report this to? LK April 24, reply. I too want to know where to report this. Werbs April 28, reply. It is known, because of Homer, that silver weights made the exchange easier on the Hellenic civilization, circa IX B. According to Passos and Nogami , "the metals were the goods which attributes are closer than those expected for the monetary instruments".

Nevertheless, even that system became obsolete after sometime—it was necessary to weight a lot of times to get the value of the ingots, creating difficulties to the official payments, to levy and to commerce itself. Under those circumstances, it was created a "precious metal disk, with a certain specific draw and weight".

Since then, several evolutions has been incorporated to the currencies. The banknotes, for instance, were created, according to Kann , on China, in a gradual process between the Tang dynasty — and Song dynasty — Its creation was because it was a lot easier to create and transport banknotes than heavy cooper coins.

If there was a large debt, a great amount of coins was necessary in order to execute the transaction. This difficulty lead to the creation of promissory notes, 2 which then lead to the creation of the state-issued banknotes.

The method of issue is very formal, as if the substance were pure gold or silver. On each sheet, which is to become a note, specially appointed officials write their name and affix their seal. When this work has been done in accordance with the rules, the chief impregnates his seal with pigment and affixes his vermilion mark at the top of the sheet.

That makes the note authentic. This paper currency is circulated in every part of the Great Khan's dominions, nor dares any person, at the peril of his life, refuse to accept it in payment. Boeykens, The beginning of the state-issued banknotes bring some easiness to create inflation. According to Friedman , "inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon".

Therefore, the expansion of money in any form should, in a broad sense, generate a raise in the price level. When the metal coins were used as a exchange medium, there was a harder situation regarding the creation of currency. But in another locations, and even in Spain itself on a period prior to that, the price level was somewhat constant, and even fell a little bit, according to Adams , due to the fact that the creation of money was never in a sudden and dramatic fashion, making the Iberian country an exception on the period.

The monopoly of bills and coins issuing made the governments able to use inflation as a mechanism to exert their policies and impose their agendas. According to Reinhart and Sbrancia , p. Also, she points that a combination of a constant inflation dose, not in a very high rate or in a sudden and surprising way to the economic agents, allied to financial repression, is one of the most efficient ways of liquidating one government's debt, and was used by virtually every developed country after the World War II.

On the gold standard system that, according to Lipsey , begun because there was a broad acceptance of gold as a exchange medium, the governments had an obvious barrier to issue currency, the same mentioned before, and that states face at the medieval times: the extraction of the metal. The gold standard determines that the currency can be exchanged by an equivalent amount of gold, on a preset and fixed ratio.

Therefore, the currency has a financial backing: gold. With that, the unrestricted issuing of currency could lead to a exchange of gold, draining the gold reserves of the government adopting those policies. This limits drastically the ability of a government to use inflation to liquidate its own debt, maybe one of the reasons that brought extinction to the gold standard.

Currently, most of the developed and under development countries print currencies without financial backing and in a centralized manner, meaning that only their respective central banks has the power to emit currency, which concentrates a great amount of power to make monetary policies to the government decision makers. Digital currencies are a relatively modern concept in contrast to the evolutions previously discussed. There is a crucial difference between digital currencies and the currently circulating government issued currencies.

First, it is necessary to make a distinction between digital money and digital currency. Grignon asserts that "Digital money is simply the idea that, thanks to technology, money can now be a digital object, a unique serial number that can be directly exchanged anonymously and without accounting, just as one person would hand a dollar bill to another person.

You had it. Now they have it. Very simple. The digital money is already in widespread usage. For instance, when someone does a deposit on a bank account, the system identifies the owner and creates a credit according to the value of the deposit.

This money can now be considered digital money, and can be exchanged by real money on an ATM machine, being eliminated on the process, or transfered to another person who can trade it for goods or services through a credit card, or withdraw in as banknotes as said previously.

This is different from the concept of digital currencies. A digital currency is like a real currency, but they are not issued by central banks nor necessarily financially backed in the national currency, as the digital money. Therefore, the issuing is decentralized, and is not decided by politicians, but by technical aspects, usually well-defined.

For instance, the bitcoins uses an cryptographic algorithm to generate 6 the currency, which is made by the network users and not by a centralized government body. Despite those facts, there are many questions regarding the absence of regulation, and its implications. There are some fear that the digital currencies would make crimes as money laundering or drug dealing more easy. Regarding that, Melik says: "That leaves the system open to abuse". There is also the possibility of electronic fraud affect the bitcoins user.

For instance, there is an attack known as "phising", 10 which consist into trick the user to think that he is on a legit website, but actually malicious users are the owners of the website, which then stole data such as passwords. According to Patil, , "in May , we found a phishing site that spoofed a popular digital currency company". Attacks such as this one make clear that users need training and education in order to not be fooled, and turn the digital currencies world into a fraud paradise.

Recently, Thailand has become the first country to officially ban bitcoins activities, making them illegal in its territory. Criptocurrencies are a subset of digital currencies. They are also on the set of alternative currencies because they are different from the traditional fiat money, currently in use in most of the countries. The term criptocurrency was coined by Wei Dai, in , 12 in an article published on an internet group known as cypherpunks.

A hash function is, basically, a mathematical function that maps data from variable size to fixed size. On this sense, it is a surjective function, since that the domain will eventually be "depleted", so the mapping will connect a previously connected element on the counter-domain. Note that element C on the counter-domain is mapped to two elements on the domain, 3 and 4. Since hash functions maps an infinite set into a finite one, surjection will happen. A cryptographic hash function is similar to a regular hash function, but it should have some elements that make it useful in the cryptography context.

One of them is the fact that whatever changes are made on the original data, even a very slight one, generates a very different output. The result yielded by a cryptographic hash function is known as digest. Indeed, one of differences between hash functions and other cryptographic functions is the fact that, due to the surjective nature of the hash, it is not possible to determine the generating message from the generated message.

On ordinary cryptography, the goal is to scramble one message, and then unscramble it on some other point. In other words, the generating function should be bijective in order to make it work. The hash algorithms make it impossible to know the original message from the digest, but they render another kind of attack possible, namely "hash collision".

According to Nakamoto , the criptocurrencies should use the idea of using hash algorithms to create the so-called "proof-of-work", which means a manner to confirm that there was some kind of computational work involved to create a given quantity of money. On bitcoins, this validation is not made on a centralized way, but instead peer-to-peer P2P technology. Therefore, if some change are made to the bitcoin generation protocol, the community should follow it broadly, otherwise it is not considered valid.

This concept is analog to what happens on the file sharing network known as "bittorrent": if someones conects to it with a different protocol version, it would not be able to transfer files, unless that there exists more people using that same protocol. Ultimately, what this means is that the rules behind the generation of bitcoins is community-driven.

The proof-of-work is where the generation of bitcoins lies. According to Dai , "anyone can create money by broadcasting the solution to a previously unsolved computational problem. The only conditions are that it must be easy to determine how much computing effort it took to solve the problem and the solution must otherwise have no value, either practical or intellectual".

Proof-of-work is a key concept to bitcoins and cryptographic currencies in a broad sense, since it prevents undiscriminated issuing of the currency, which would turn it into an impractical idea. Only the proof-of-work is not enough to enforce the correct transaction flow on crytpocurrencies. On the conventional ones, this flow occurs in a trivial way.

Let A and B be two imaginary persons. Whenever a payment is made, person A gives the money to person B and should receive the expected goods or services for that amount. It is now impossible to person A to spend the same banknote with a distinct operation, since the physical bill is not in possession of him anymore. However, the conventional bills can be counterfeited.

With physical bills, the solution by the issuing body is to make counterfeiting hard, since they have the printing monopoly. Obviously, digital coins have the same issue. Generally, it is used a centralized model, where a central authority validates the transaction, or grants the right to another institution to do it. This occurs, for instance, with banks. They have the authorization of some monetary institution, like the central bank, to make those transactions, which are accepted by the system, in an operation known as clearing.

The double-spending is the analog concept to counterfeiting on physical money, but for digital currencies. For criptocurrencies, it is necessary to verify, whenever you receive an unit of money, if that same unity, represented by a hash, was used by the same person on a different transaction. Cryptocurrencies can solve this problem with two approaches: centralized or decentralized. Each currency implements its own solution to the problem.

According to Nakamoto , bitcoins uses a decentralized methodology. Each transaction is recorded, and it is propagated by the P2P network. This avoids that some specific node has significant importance on the process of exchanging bitcoins. Bitcoin is a criptocurrency. One of the key concepts to bitcoins is the decentralization. As mentioned before, this is possible by using the P2P protocol, that creates an autonomous transaction and proof-of-work verification network.

It is also the most widespread used currently. Next the previously enumerated concepts will be analyzed, but in a specific fashion in relation to its implementation on the bitcoin protocol, and also another aspects related to the currency. On bitcoins, the double-spending is avoided by verifying the public ledger, which is a bookkeeping of the transactions made with bitcoins since its creation.

This inquiry is also decentralized using the P2P network. Therefore, all the transactions with a given bitcoin can be traced back to the moment of its creation. Obviously, this implies on the problem of defrauding the block chain 23 itself.

Some malicious agent can modify the block chain in its own benefit. Again, the solution to this problem is act decentralized, which is a central idea on the concept of bitcoins. According to King, Williams, and Yanofsky , "the first thing that bitcoin does to secure the ledger is decentralize it. There is no huge spreadsheet being stored on a server somewhere.

There is no master document at all". Actually, the ledger is split in two parts. Each block contains the activity of transactions from until 10 minutes ago. King et al. Every block includes a reference to the block that came before it, and you can follow the links backward from the most recent block to the very first block, when bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto conjured the first bitcoins into existence".

Also, it is necessary to digitally sign the transactions, which means that there must be a hash algorithm validating the transaction, and then it is added to the block and distributed on the P2P network, and therefore the other miners 24 will know the existence and attest or not the validity of the transaction.

If there is an attempt of inserting an invalid transaction on the block, it will be refused by the other network nodes. Hence, most of the nodes must adhere to a new protocol in order to be accepted as a valid change. For instance, the string "Bitcoins" generates the following digest: The digests generated by this algorithm are on the hexadecimal format.

On the bitcoins protocol, there is a rule that is necessary in order to generate a valid hash: it must possess a certain amount of leading zeros. The actual amount of zeros determines the difficulty level: the bigger the number of leading zeros needed, the harder is to find a valid result.

This difficult is automatically adjusted by the network itself, according to the mining rate. If the difficulty is low, then a low number of leading zeros is needed to compose a valid bitcoin. For instance, the difficult can be to find only one leading zero, then any string on the format "0…" is valid, whereas if the protocol only authorizes two zeros, then a valid hash should follow the pattern " Since the string size is fixed on 64 characters, each additional leading zero diminish the total number of possibilities, therefore making the mining process more difficult.

This is the general concept, but in practice it works slightly different. The input string is the previous transaction block, to which is added a random number with the intention of changing the resulting hash. This number is called nonce.

As we seen before, any minor change on the input string should result on a very different hash. For instance, let "Hello World! Applying the SHA algorithm to this string, the following hash will be yielded:. If there is a minor change on the end of the string, replacing the "0" for a "1", the new string will be "Hello World! This new string will result in the following hash:. Let x be the ending number.

If we keep incrementing x by one, we will eventually find a valid bitcoin. Suppose that the difficult is set to three leading zeros. Then we are looking for a hash such as. So, the nonce outputs a valid bitcoin. An interesting fact about this is that the previous nonce, , generates what one can perceive as an "almost" valid bitcoin, because its leading pattern is "c00". This does not means that this number is actually "closer" to a valid bitcoin than any other non-valid nonce.

Each additional attempt of mining a valid bitcoin does not leaves one "closer" to get a valid hash. This is a fallacy, known as "Gambler's Fallacy". This is a very simplified explanation of how the proof-of-work is operated on bitcoins. In reality, the protocol is more complex than that, and the blocks have a predefined format, which is part of bitcoins protocol.

On the bitcoins protocol, there is the possibility of encrypting the transactions, making more difficult or practically impossible to determine the source or the destination of the transaction. This is done throughout the concept of private and public keys. Despite this fact, this is not an intrinsic characteristic of the protocol, and is up to the parties involved in the transaction to determine whether it will be encrypted, since all transactions are publicly available on the chain block, as mentioned before.

Regular banks protect this kind of information using their own software. On the bitcoins protocol, this is up to the users. Despite that, there is a strong correlation between bitcoins and anonymity. According to Reid and Harrigan , "anonymity is not a prominent design goal of Bitcoin.

But beyond the market frenzy, how does it all work?

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Nba fantasy online betting This is different from the concept of digital currencies. Version 0. Shiller writes that bitcoin has potential as a unit of account for measuring the relative value of goods, as with Chile's Unidad de Fomentobut that "Bitcoin in its present form [ Archived PDF from the original on 14 August The net short position in bitcoin futures is now the biggest it has ever been, according to the CFTC's latest Traders in Financial Futures report. Retrieved 12 March Bibcode : Natur.
Sg 553 cs go skins betting Normal operation was restored when the majority of the network downgraded to version 0. While China was once home to about 70 percent of Bitcoin mining and 90 percent of trades, authorities have waged a nearly two-year campaign to shrink the crypto industry amid concerns over speculative bubbles, fraud and wasteful energy consumption. These include a computer programmer and a drug dealer. I just got on like that today as well. Sam P April 29, reply. Archived from the original on 20 January Other methods of investment are bitcoin funds.

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Beer me! View all 9 comments. Apr 12, Tom Hooker rated it did not like it. The author purports to have had a vison from God in which he is sent to Hell for 23 minutes. The purpose, he says, is so he can tell lost people what's in store for them, and to persuade them to accept salvation from Christ.

As a Christian, I don't buy it. In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus tells a story Luke of a foolish rich man who dies and is sent to Hell. He first asks Abraham who is looking on from Heaven for a drop of water, and Abraham refuses. He then asks the following vv. Let him warn them, so that they will not also come to this place of torment. God's Word contains all they need to know to reject Hell and accept salvation. The existence of a messenger would do no good.

Jul 12, Rissa rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites. Even though he was only there for a short amount of time Hell is Hell a moment there could break a person I imagine. Mar 11, Samantha rated it really liked it. This book is soooo great! This book really makes you want to pray more. This book changed my life. Every one should read this book, christian or not christian. View 1 comment. Jan 20, Adrienne Cregar Jandler rated it it was amazing. This book really spoke to me and I haven't stopped thinking about it since I finished it a week ago.

The author, Bill Wiese, had a 23 minute experience in Hell, which he describes explicitly. He didn't have a near-death experience as one would expect; instead, God gave him what might otherwise be considered a 'vision', although as the author vehemently expressed this was a very active, immersive experience, not one of observation. The book details everything he saw, heard, smelled and fel Wow.

The book details everything he saw, heard, smelled and felt during this visit, along with the time after. He was very honest in his sharing of the thoughts, emotions, fear, doubt and relief that he ultimately felt upon return.

In addition, the experience catapulted Mr. Wiese into a period of intense searching and review of what the Bible says about Hell. He documented the passages that he felt described various aspects of what he saw - it was very surprising to see how the descriptions from today's time and words directly reinforced what was written so long ago.

I strongly recommend this book - it was both frightening and comforting at the same time and most definitely reminds us that Hell is a real place. Aug 01, Gerald Thomson rated it did not like it. There is really nothing new in this message, as the Bible is clear that Hell exists and that it is the place of ultimate punishment for the Devil, demons and those who do not turn to Christ. So it is hard to see why God would choose to take someone to Hell to describe what has already been described.

Wiese tries to back up his story with an abundance of Scripture verses describing Hell. Unfortunately, most of the verses used are not referring to Hell at all. Examples include the mental state of people in Hell Isaiah which talks about the enemy of Israel while on earth , talking about how thirsty he was in Hell John which refers to Christ dealing with the woman at the well and claiming that Hell is a literal burning place Psalm which states the wicked will vanish like smoke — very different from eternal fire.

The most obvious error made by Wiese is his description of demons in Hell. These demons rough up newcomers and guard the perimeter of the Lake of Fire to make sure nobody is able to get out. It also appears that these demons enjoy their job tormenting people in Hell. First, Hell was made for Satan and his demons. No demon wants to go to Hell because it will be a place of eternal punishment for them, not an eternal schoolyard where they are the big bullies.

Second, what demon does the bidding of God? This is a huge miss for Wiese and tells me that what he experienced was not from God but was rather something from his own imagination. I do not doubt that Wiese had some type of experience, but I do doubt that it was physical and that it was from God.

Do not waste your time on this book. May 29, Josh Carpenter rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Everyone. This book was good for it's content. I believe in a literal Hell and his description and experience was definitely moving and scary for those headed to Hell. The book was a hard read for me despite the content and my interest. The writing seemed choppy and scattered at times. I will recommend this book to everyone for the description of Hell.

The biblical references and the question and answer session in the second half of the book are worth recommending to all. Nov 22, Beth rated it liked it. This was the most unusual book I have ever read. I never want to be in hell for eternity. The author says he not only saw images of hell, but that he experienced it physically and emotionally for 23 minutes. Can you go to hell and live to tell about it?

Do children go to hell? Will good people only go to heaven? Are there demons in hell? Is hell a real place with real fire? Will you remember your life on earth while in hell? This book answers all these questions and also backs up his own experience wit This was the most unusual book I have ever read.

This book answers all these questions and also backs up his own experience with biblical references. His story is convincing and told from the perspective of someone who was placed in a position of extreme stress and vulnerability. He describes his 23 minutes in detail and in a very convincing manner. He tells about his horrifying experience of being in hell and then he talks about near death experiences and why there is hope for anyone who wants to avoid going to hell after they die.

Last, he focuses on verses from the Bible to give a more complete view of hell. The thoughts in this book are somewhat sobering and the idea of spending eternity in a state of emotional distress and physical pain is more than enough motivation to try to find a way not to copy the authors experience. Fortunately he does provide a message of hope and explains how Jesus Christ is the answer and the Savior of the soul.

Feb 01, Jennifer Morello rated it it was ok. Infact, only the first 20 pages are just that. I went into this book with an open mind and with all the people I had heard speak of this book, saying how much it scared them to the core, I was hopeful that it would have that same effect on me Not only are the first 20 pages his supposed experience I am still a little apprehensive about that but in just about every paragraph he quotes an excerpt from The Bible trying to justify what he saw.

This annoys me for two reasons. First of all, you are trying to relive his experience through his eyes, but are never fully able to immerse yourself because of the constant interruptions in the flow of the story. Second, any good Christian knows that taking parts of the Bible out of context is not how it should be read, nor any indication of what is really being spoken about.

I was so annoyed that I did not want to even read further, but I forced myself to, and I must say, despite much of my dislikes about this book, I still managed to gain something from it. The remainder of the book is about who he shared his stories with and how he had to come to terms with this experience and how he felt about sharing his stories. Wow, something new and different right? In the way that teachers have to teach differently to meet the learning styles of each student since they all learn differently, I had hoped this book would help me recover my faith in a non-traditional way, or at least plant the seed.

I have never learned anything this way and have always had to come to terms with things in my own way. I DO find myself for curious but then again, I was curious before, because a year ago I would not have ever even picked up a religious book, period. On page 63 he discusses his experience with speaking to a public college philiosophy classroom. He said the students asked so many questions.

This is his book, his chance to share what he learned, his message. Instead of answering those questions that so many are curious to know the answer to, he goes on the typical young people rant that none of us have EVER heard before.

Everything he explained about hell was what I have always imagined it to be like, read or saw in movies, or been told about. Fire pits, black, never ending. The only thing different was what I found to be most unbelievable- ft.

That is all I can come up with. It is scary to think about if you are forced to spend your life here, absolutely. I am just not so sure this guy actually experienced it because nothing I read confirmed that for me. Although not the huge effect I expected, this book did do something for me, so I am glad I read it. Then there were two things that scared me What do you do then?

Especially if you could be on a time limit. The other part that moved me, however, was not because of this author. The comparison they made and the way they described the person is something I could relate to far more than this book. Those three or four pages shook me up far more than the rest of this book and I am interested in reading that one in hopes that I will gain something far more than I did from this one.

Overall, I am not sure whether to recommend this or not. Religion and faith is different for everyone. Whatever the case may be, it is successful in that it does make you think and reevaluate your life. View all 6 comments. May 10, Trent rated it liked it. I am still trying to figure out what I think of the book Anyway, this book "23 Minutes in Hell" was excellent! The first half of the book is pretty scary. Not scary like a scary fictional movie, but scary like a wake up call.

It's about a guy who is a normal everyday middle class married guy who comes home from a meeting and during the night at AM he wakes up in Hell. I know, sounds like BS, but until you read this book, you cant really judge the storey accurately. He is there for 23 minutes, which seemed like a life time to him. When he was there he saw the damned souls screaming and burning and being tortured. When he arrived in Hell he was in a prison cell type of cage.

In the cell with him was gruesome deformed large demon monsters that beat him and hated him. We was dragged all over hell to see the people begging for any kind of help they could get. He explains how everything was dark and smokey to a point where he couldn't even breath, but you couldn't die in hell so you had to deal with your surroundings. The smell was awful and there was no way out and he knew that he was stuck there forever. The book goes on and on about the scenery and the feelings in Hell.

Eventually he is lifted out of there and faces God who explains to him that he needs to share this experience because time is running out. When he awakens it is AM and he is in the fetal position on the kitchen floor shaking, sweating and panting.

His wife woke up and ran to him and he was in shock and didn't snap out of it for a while. The second half of the book is more about him explaining the research he did after this awful night and the people he met with to help him cope with this. He interviews people that claim to have had the same experience and there is quite a bit of "proof" he claims to have found which he shares in the book. Even if you read this book and don't believe that this man went to Hell, it sure will keep your attention.

However, if you DO believe what he has to say, I can guarantee you that you will start to question some of the actions you make in every day life as no one and I mean NO ONE will want to be stuck in that horrendous place for eternity. If you aren't much of a reader and you are interested in the story, my dad found a website that shows a 60 minute event the author held where he tells his story for free. When i put this book down last night at PM I was so charged up still so I started my next book.

I never saw the movie but after about 20 pages last night, I am pretty sure this one is going to be a trip! Apr 08, Larah rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Everyone. California born Bill Wiese tells about his personal experience of Hell.

He tells how he was lying in bed at 3 a. It was not in a dream, but in reality. Not because he had died and was being punished, but because God wanted him to experience hell so he could warn others. Wiese believes that after 23 minutes of Hell, Jesus came to rescue him and led him back to earth, where he landed on his living room floor.

This book is very detailed from the very beginning paragrap California born Bill Wiese tells about his personal experience of Hell. This book is very detailed from the very beginning paragraph, "On November 22, I was catapulted out of my bed into the very pit of hell.

My point of arrival was a cell that was approximately fifteen feet high by ten feet wide with a fifteen-foot depth. They way he describes it, there is no way you can't believe that it is real. It scares you to the truth and warns you of what will happen to you if you are not saved by Jesus. May 05, Michelle rated it did not like it. I was very curious about this book, because I had read 90 Minutes in Heaven. I started reading this book and just got a strange feeling about it, so I started reading it as a Bible study book.

When he would reference Bible verses to back up his claims I would look them up as well and look at the verses around it. When I started doing this, I noticed that he is full of crap. He was quoting Bible verses that had nothing to do with what he was trying to reference.

In my opinion he was just out for I was very curious about this book, because I had read 90 Minutes in Heaven. In my opinion he was just out for money cuz this book came out 2 years after 90 min in Heaven. Oct 17, Joseph rated it did not like it Shelves: theology.

There are a number of reasons why we should not believe the validity of Wiese's account. Now, I am a conditionalist I believe the lost will be destroyed, not tormented for eternity. However, even when I did believe that Hell was a place of eternal torment, as Wiese describes, I could still see a number of flaws and reasons to be doubtful. He had this vision in his sleep, in the course of less than 23 minutes 23 minutes passed between him seeing his clock before and after waking up.

Normally There are a number of reasons why we should not believe the validity of Wiese's account. Normally, when somebody has a vision in their sleep, a vision that typically lasts about 20 minutes or less , we call it a He suffers pain, but he is often spared the worst of it. He doesn't feel the pain of being burned, but he does feel the searing heat.

He feels some pain when the demon throws him against the wall and tears his skin off, but not most of it. Think about that: most people know heat and some of the pain involved in being beat up. Most don't know the pain or being on fire or torn apart by beasts. In this vision, he only felt the pain he would be familiar with, like how in dreams, we experience things we know Although not in the book, in a lecture "Bill Wiese 23 minutes in hell - reference edition" , he mentions Sheol being on the outskirts of Hell.

However, he also quotes many passages about Hell from the Old Testament. The thing is, if you know anything at all about the original Hebrew, you know that whenever the OT mentions "Hell," it is Sheol. Sheol isn't outside of Hell - it is the "Hell" he is referencing. I'm not surprised that this reference to Sheol wasn't in the book Although at times he speaks of "Hell" as Sheol the abode of the dead before the resurrection , he also speaks of "Hell" in the NT "Gehenna", place of final punishment.

Now, the two aren't interchangeable, yet, as far as he is concerned, both are referring to this place where people go right when they die where, according to Weise, they have bodies, even though their bodies are in the ground rotting Although in the book, he says that demons will one day be condemned with the devil, he contradicts himself in an earlier video: "23 minutes in HELL, by Bill Wiese, he explains the torments of what Hell is like.

It seems that, before he was told otherwise, he recalled that in this Hell, demons are eternally in control despite Matthew , Revelation Many Old Testament verses are taken out of context, such as Psalm which is about those who God kills on earth with the sword and wild animals. He says it is about Hell because it says they will go "to the depths of the earth" even though in the very next verse, it tells us that God will kill them, thus sending them to the depths of the earth, being the grave.

Hell is at the center of the earth. Hell is at the center of the earth, which, as he points out, is more than 12, degrees. He says that that would be unfathomable to endure for eternity. Of course, the place where the lost souls are now Hades is not their eternal abode, as is made clear by Revelation Going to the lake of fire may not be any better, but they would not be in the "Hell" Bill Wiese speaks of for eternity What do I think of his vision?

My guess is, he had a really vivid nightmare that I have been prone to have myself , Because it fit with what he already believed the Bible said he was a Christian when this happened , he believed that it was a real event, which explains his possible post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms he explains in the book such as being able to re-live it, and having flashbacks.

Whatever the case, he did not spend 23 minutes in Hell. View all 3 comments. Nov 25, Monica Willyard Moen rated it really liked it Shelves: apple-books , bookshare , faith , kindle. Is it possible that Hell is real? If it is a place, where is it? Why was it made, and what is its purpose?

Did Jesus Christ have anything to say about Hell and who might go there? How could a loving God allow a good person to go to hell? These are some of the questions discussed in this book in which a man shares his experience of being in hell for 23 minutes. Is his account true? You would have to be the judge of that. I can only share my belief with you that it is accurate and real. What convin Is it possible that Hell is real?

What convinces me he is telling the truth is that his descriptions do match with scripture in both the old and New Testaments of the Bible. I have heard some Christians say Hell is not a real place and that God never intended people to go there. Scripture says God does not want any of us to go there, and God says Hell was made for angels who rebelled and follow Satan. Hell is not meant to be our home.

Yet the Gospels, the part of the Bible where Jesus taught us about things, have several references and descriptions of hell. So I have felt a lot of conflict and avoided reading this book. I had to make a decision about whether or not I believed the Bible and believed what Christ taught.

But if he lied about one thing, where would it end. If he lied about hell, he might also be lying about salvation, love, or any number of things. So either I believe he was the sinless son of God who does not lie, or I have a big mess on my hands.

Either Jesus and the Bible are credible, or they are all a hoax. I have spent the past 15 years studying things like archaeology, history, literature, and even a little physics, trying to understand the evidence that we have that proves the Bible is accurate. I started out thinking we might have a couple of pieces of evidence.

Instead, I have found over 20, pieces of evidence that validate scripture. The Roman empire was a record keeping society, and that has been of great assistance in tracking the movement and ideas of disciples of Christ during the first few centuries after his death. We have more evidence proving the existence of King David, of Paul the apostle, and Jesus Christ then we have documenting the life of Alexander the great.

We also have letters written by early church leaders documenting some of the work and travel of Paul, Peter, and Jon. For these reasons, I have come to believe that the Bible is generally historically accurate. I have also come to believe in heaven and Hell are specific places that people go, not because they are good or bad but because they have either excepted or rejected Jesus Christ.

There are around versus about Hell throughout the Bible, many of them attributed to things Jesus taught. Because I have found overwhelming evidence to show me the historical accuracy of the Bible, I do believe hell exists. I know that is not a popular viewpoint. I am sharing all of this because there might be someone reading my reviews that needs to hear about this book. If this story is a hoax, you will only lose about 90 minutes of time reading it. If it is true, you might lose a lot more by ignoring it.

Oct 17, T. This book pushed me to draw closer to God. To not take for granted this life He has given. I read this book during a time of numbness. I felt disconnected to God even though I knew He was in my life. I've had this book on my shelves for years, and finally felt it was time to read it. I'm grateful I did. God spoke to me through the book so much BUT it was not because of the account in the book. I read this originally out of curiosity. Often, I would pause reading and think about how much I took fo This book pushed me to draw closer to God.

Often, I would pause reading and think about how much I took for granted in life. That even when things are bad and difficult, I can breathe. I have trees outside to look at. I can feel Jesus with me. All of these things I've taken for granted. The book was an opportunity to dig deeper, but it was not the book that ministered to me at all. It was God, and His truth in scripture.

Originally, I appreciate the scripture referenced in the book. I appreciate the opportunity it gave me to think things over with God and thank Him for everything He's given. To not take Him for granted. However, we must always look at what people say in light of scripture. At first, I really struggled when people said Bill was twisting scripture.

Now, I can see what they are saying. We cannot ever add to scripture. Scripture does not give us the details of Hell that Bill claims, though some pieces of scripture certainly do paint us a picture. Nowhere in the Bible will you see demons being a torturer. Nowhere in the Bible will you see a follower of the Lord have a vision and NOT know they are a follower of the one true God. Daniel, John, Isaiah, Zechariah, Paul, etc.

We desire more beyond scripture, and that's a very bad place to be. The Lord never changes. So, if He shares something with someone than we can't lower His authority, yet, these accounts often want to do just that. They add to the Bible, but they do not want to be counted as the same. When we claim something is of God Again, I am grateful for how the Lord used this book as a stepping stone for me.

Romans He can use all things for our good. But I do caution you, should you want to read this book, to hold it heavily in an examination of scripture. Bill does state many scriptures, and I truly admire his studying ability. I want to grow more in studying scriptures so I can direct people to God's Word.

Yet, even though Bill shares many scriptures, by no means does that support every single thing he says. The one truth we have when it comes to Hell and Heaven relates to scripture. That's all we need. I hope you take something away. Dec 08, Michael Ehrhardt rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The book starts out with Bill asleep in bed one night next to his wife at home. Bill was in good health but a divine revelation happened- he died and visited Hell.

He describes his transportation into Hell by saying there were these large wind tunnels which resembled small tornadoes, and there were hundreds of them all leading to one place; the center of Earth. As he trave 23 Minutes in Hell is written by Bill Wiese about his unusual encounter one night where he claims an angel took him to Hell.

As he traveled through one of the tunnels he could hear the screams of people, and saw demons flying all around him. When he finally fell to this holding cell, he knew he was in Hell by the weeping and nashing of teeth from other people. Bill describes the holding cell as a prision where people were attacked and threatened by demons which resembled reptiles with large claws and sharp teeth.

Bill said that this was the worse place he had ever seen or been to. Bill Wiese was not a Christian when he said he had this real life experience but says that God allowed him to see Hell so that when he returned to life he could warn others about it and to avoid it! The book concludes with the salvation of Bill Wiese and the true horrors of Hell are explained in this book. I would recommend this book to anyone who does not take Hell seriously or would like to know what true Hell is like.

Bill said he felt an absence of God which is parallel to what the Bible teaches. The book is interesting but you have to remember that the story is the representation of one man but the core to the story remains the same for everyone- Hell is real, and it's waiting for anyone who does not know Jesus.

Jan 06, Rhonda rated it really liked it Shelves: nonfiction. Although extremely controversial to anyone who does not take the Bible literally, this book will give the reader a BIBLICAL perspective of the terror and utter hopelessness of what awaits those who fail to believe and act upon the teachings of Jesus Christ as found in the Scriptures. The subject of hell is not something that should be taken lightly or casually - and so this book is not what I would call 'light reading'.

I do believe that this book can be a definite tool, that when used properly, Although extremely controversial to anyone who does not take the Bible literally, this book will give the reader a BIBLICAL perspective of the terror and utter hopelessness of what awaits those who fail to believe and act upon the teachings of Jesus Christ as found in the Scriptures.

I do believe that this book can be a definite tool, that when used properly, will raise the awareness of those who do not believe that hell is a 'real' place - and that there is no escape from it - ever - for the lost. Filled with scriptures to back up everything the writer experienced, it defines the very principals of heaven and hell and what awaits those who fail to believe and act upon the Biblical principals set forth in the scriptures.

Definitely worth reading. Sep 11, Missy Jenkins rated it it was amazing. Must read for believers and non believers alike. Apr 20, Carey Henderson rated it it was ok Shelves: true-life , reference , faith-hope-love-grace , makes-ya-think , non-fiction , bible-days , books-owned. This book has been on my "to read" list for several years, when I found it on the clearance shelf of a local used bookstore I snagged it up and started reading right away.

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