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Kumaresan mathematics of investment

Seeing the programme complete twenty five years is something that he is both proud of, and greatly cherishes. Justifiably so too, when nearly of the 4, students that the programme has touched have actually gone onto obtain PhDs in mathematics from some of the best places in India and abroad. But, the fact that places like Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and the North-East are yet to be fully integrated into the mathematical mainstream of the country is something that he is acutely aware of.

Still, the burning optimism inside him is evident when he recalls an event that left him deeply impressed. Worried as they were about the safety of the students, what actually unfolded was an eye opener. The students came in droves, and participated with an enthusiasm that was both deeply touching as well as hugely inspiring. The team has also experimented with the pedagogy over the years.

Only the best and the most effective has been retained, and the rest jettisoned. In fact there is no dogma in MTTS when it comes to pedagogy. The primary goal is to put the joy of learning in the hearts of the students. Santhanam knows that the programme lasts only for a month, but he and his team have striven to ensure that its impact lasts a lifetime. Jayanthan, Bhaba Kumar Sarma, and B.

This is so much better than supplying them fish every day. His own nephew, A. It was only then that he heard about MTTS, and was quite desperate to attend. But, when he applied to the programme, his application was rejected. However, he persisted, and went and met Kumaresan in person, and told him that he was very keen to attend. In addition, he told Kumaresan that he would personally bear the expenses of the programme. Luckily, he was selected and he attended the programme that year.

He says he now realizes that what Kumaresan wanted him to pay him back with was not in terms of money, but in terms of commitment and kinship with the very cause that MTTS stands for. Needless to say, Jayanthan is fully committed to MTTS and happy to shoulder the same responsibilities that Kumaresan has so admirably done, for so long, and for the benefit of thousands of students and teachers across the country.

It has levelled the playing field, and by taking quality education to remote parts of the country, it has attempted to negate the unfair advantage that students in metros and cities always enjoyed over their hinterland cousins.

Bhaba K. Immediately, Kumaresan sensed that the North-East was being left out of the action, and wanted to start a programme in the then still fledgling IIT Guwahati. The first programme happened in The team later started doing smaller regional programmes solely focused on the North-East.

Sarma recalls that at the end of the session in the mini MTTS held in Aizawl, the chief guest in attendance made an observation that stunned the audience. He remarked that until then it was always thought that Mizo brains were not capable of doing mathematics. Sarma admits to feeling a deep sense of relief, happiness and satisfaction to see this otherwise remote part of the country participating, learning and competing with the rest of the country with a sense of joy, eagerness, and youthful energy.

W hile focussing on the pedagogy is crucially important, Kumaresan understands that he is the general of an army of young and hungry foot soldiers. Without much ado, he says that problems related to food and catering are some of the major logistical challenges that the team faces year after year. He says that for an institution that wants to organize the full MTTS programme, it takes roughly four lakh rupees for a week, and this involves accommodation cost for nearly students, their daily food expenses, and stationery.

In addition, there are remuneration charges for the teachers in the programme. Ananthnarayan Hariharan, a young assistant professor of mathematics from IIT Bombay, has a take on MTTS that dwells on certain aspects of the programme other than the pedagogical. He says that there is an aspect of MTTS that quickly becomes obvious to the participants, which is the cultural side of the programme. The rich and diverse nature of India, already quite evident in the composition and the fabric of an MTTS student community drawn from all parts of the country, presents its own dynamics.

The northerner may wake up late, eat dinner at 12 in the night, go to bed late, and is very likely to differ from the boy from the South on many issues. Food, language, worldview and the very approach to life are all very likely to be different for these two fellow travellers, and yet the strong bond that ties the two is a common love for mathematics.

Hariharan says that this is a cultural byproduct of the MTTS exercise, and one which is as important to learn and imbibe as the principles of logic and reasoning. Especially because they are now able to pass on to the next generation of students what they themselves picked up from MTTS, albeit as student participants of yesteryears. Sweta, speaking to us in her native Hindi, says that she owes her very first participation in MTTS to one of her teachers in RIE, Bhopal where she was an undergraduate.

She credits his mentorship and encouragement as the primary reason why she joined the MTTS programme. Not so surprisingly, the very first camp she attended spurred her on to pursue mathematics, and has been a hugely positive influence in her life. Tiwari shares that she is aware that there are many young people whom the programme has not been able to identify and nurture so far—-and thus may have forever been lost to the world of mathematics.

She wants to ensure that no one eager to learn mathematics is ever left out either for lack of opportunities or mentoring, while pledging to be a part of the MTTS family for the next twenty five years. It is also a matter of pride to the legacy of MTTS that a large percentage of its participants are women. MTTS alumnae have distinguished themselves in both research and teaching, and many of them even owe their very careers as practicing mathematicians to MTTS.

Priya Asthana, another alumna, had a stint in investment banking before founding a company that seeks to make the learning of mathematics fun and enjoyable. Asthana seeks to ignite minds, convinced that once the mental fire is lit, it seeks and finds its own fuel. Sweta, Kaneenika and Priya typify the influence, the promise and the achievements of the programme.

MTTS and its hugely successful pedagogical approach is expectedly the subject of many conversations in the camp. Present on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee is an alumnus, Arindam Bose. Bose had always had a deep interest in mathematical education and pedagogy, and the MTTS programme helped him find his real calling.

The real charm for him in MTTS, expectedly, was its very unusual pedagogy. In addition, what struck him was that there was no evaluation at the end of the whole programme. He adds that participants quickly realize that the premium is on critical thinking and learning, as against scoring marks and topping the class. This stress on critical thinking and logical reasoning has helped MTTS alumni immensely. And just for the record, not all alumni have gone on to pursue mathematics in their careers.

Abhinav Verma is one such example of a person who benefitted from MTTS, and is now a researcher in an area that uses and applies mathematics. He is a researcher in Shell India, and deals with hydrocarbon fuels, exploring their physical and chemical properties.

Having attended just one MTTS programme, Level O in , he says that the impact that the programme created in his mind has been a major and pervasive influence in his career. His career itself progressed from one unexpected post to another; and each time he found himself at a crossroads, contemplating whether he would be able to manage the changes and the challenges ahead, he admits that he only had to dig into his MTTS experience.

He proudly declares that he has always found reserves of strength and mental conviction, all thanks to just one Level O camp he was a participant of. For his PhD in Karlsruhe, Germany, he took up molecular biophysics and did a lot of computational modelling too.

He has over the years studied protein folding, molecular dynamics, stochastic optimization and evolutionary algorithms during his PhD and postdoc days. Talking about his rather twisted yet successful career path, he credits the intense one-month MTTS programme that he attended for instilling in him the logical and analytical thinking ability that has since held him in good stead.

If ever anyone was in doubt whether MTTS would be useful to people who are interested in subjects other than mathematics, he says that his own case should settle all such doubts forever. T he MTTS programme has an unusual charm in that it naturally draws in people who are fearless experimenters. One such person is C. He has taught mathematics to students of all age groups, starting from schools to university level. It is precisely the likes of Pradeep—-who have seen the best of academic cultures and research practices while working in places like IIT Bombay, TIFR and IISc—-who now have the best chance to identify and nurture raw mathematical talent hidden away in hinterland India.

Talent which otherwise risks being lost forever. Pradeep speaks passionately and with a fervour that is unmistakable. After all, it is not every day that one finds a tenured math professor from a top research institute like the IISc, giving it all up and moving into a semi-rural small town, just to do what he loves doing.

When he speaks at length on the need to separate linguistic competency and flair from mathematical ability, one instantly empathizes with all those eager young minds, their heads buzzing with creativity and enthusiasm, but sadly held back by a system that places an unjustifiable premium on the English language. He is in fact a rebel in more ways than one. He insists on getting into a classroom and fearlessly making mistakes on the board, in full view of disbelieving student audiences, across age groups.

For an audience of young students, the idea of a mathematics professor from a hallowed university tripping, faltering, but eventually finding his way out of a knotty mathematical argument would have been plain heresy. Almost unbelievable, if they were not themselves witness to his struggles at the board.

He says that this is what he picked up from MTTS: the fearlessness to make a mistake in public, admit it, pick oneself up from there and go on to eventually understand that idea. In just one such classroom session, Pradeep achieves a rare feat: he humanizes both mathematics and more importantly, its deified, otherworldly practitioners with mythical powers, the research mathematicians.

It is an impression that strikes young minds like only the stab of cold realization can. To them, it instantly makes mathematics a plaything, a game where their own imagination and curiosity are the key players, with logic as an unfailing ally. If the professor can fail, I can fail too. If he can find his way out of this game, I too will. The dogma of failure as a taboo best avoided, is slayed right there in the class, in full public glare. Unfortunately, the struggles and the failures of the masters is the truth that university students, fed on a canon of polished lectures, are totally insulated from.

He believes that when it is playtime, failure is an inevitable, yet only a temporary, way station on the route to understanding. Moreover, by teaching in both English and his mother tongue Kannada, he ensures that students do not let the English language get in the way of their learning.

N obody understands the limiting shackles of the English language better than R. Venkatesh does. His is the fable that MTTS alumni get familiar with very quickly. A story so unusual, that but for his actual physical presence in the camp, it could easily be dismissed as fictional. Born in a small town called Rasipuram in interior Tamil Nadu, Venkatesh studied in institutions where the medium of instruction was Tamil, right up to his BSc days.

It was to be a major inflection point in his life. He recalls that English was a huge barrier, but the encouragement that he received from the mentors there made a lasting impact in his life. It was also the launchpad that inspired him to take up mathematics at the research level. He qualified for the PhD programme at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, and went on to write up an award-winning thesis supervised by Sankaran Viswanath, himself a student of the Fields Medal—winning mathematician Richard Borcherds.

More was to come. Working closely with leading mathematicians like Vyjayanthi Chari at the University of California at Riverside, and Maria Gorelik at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, he already has impressive contributions to the body of mathematical knowledge called Lie Theory. In May , IISc offered him a faculty position in its mathematics department, acknowledging his talent and work.

From a young man who had not seen much outside his home state, and who was not fluent in anything other than Tamil, Venkatesh has gone on to do work of an exceptional quality. His teacher P. This is a sentiment that strongly resonates with a young student, Pournima Sisode, from Dhule, Maharashtra.

Coming from an interior town, the only language she understood was Marathi. Landing up in Mysuru for the MTTS programme, having left the comforting environs of a loving joint family, she came in as a bundle of nervous energy and excitement. Her teacher in college had encouraged her to apply, and there she was. On the day of the registration, she was excited and determined to do well. She knew that there would be an early evaluation which measured her level of preparedness and prior learning, and she hoped to do well.

But weighing heavily on her mind was the spectre of the English language. When the actual sessions started, her initial fears sadly only got accentuated. The novelty of an unfamiliar place was not the only challenge. The entire pedagogy was so different. No conventional teaching, no evaluation at the end, but a strong emphasis on questioning and inquiry. She, though, was definitely prepared to adapt and coast along with the rest of the class, if only she could latch on to one comforting idea or thought that she could comprehend.

By the time the first day ended, she knew she was in trouble. Her roommates in the hostel were also trying to cope, but were at least not fazed by the English language. Over the next few days, she slipped into a state of further panic and despair.

The classes were quickly getting beyond her pale. She could barely participate, and by the end of the first week, the combined novelty of an unfamiliar place, an unknown language, with the added pressure to perform well in class, finally broke her will. Teary-eyed and choking with emotion she wanted to quit. Her fond dreams of doing mathematics ending right there, all barely within a week of starting, was just too traumatic for the twenty-year-old.

Stories of such despair and disappointment are not new though to the MTTS legacy. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyses reviews to verify trustworthiness. Review this product Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

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Online shopping for Kindle Store from a great selection of Biological Sciences, Astronomy & Space Science, Mathematics, Physics, Earth Sciences, Technology​. This complete reference guide is as indispensable to the investor as a calculator​--contains every important formula and ratio used in investing and money. As a student, Kumaresan's love for mathematics took him to the Tata Institute of Priya Asthana, another alumna, had a stint in investment banking before.