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Leading non-banking finance company Shriram City Union Finance Ltd has got fair trade regulator CCI's approval for tpg investment india proposed merger of its two group companies through a multi-stage transac Piramal Enterprises, a firm promoted by Ajay Piramal, had acquired 9. TPG, a leading global private investment firm, has picked up a For global institutional investors that have been wary about investing in India for the past few years, the tide has turned and India has again become a must-have market.

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Trackademicks fresh coast investments

Last Name. Nov 19, News , Videos. Nov 18, News. The Brookside Apartment rental complex is ideal for anyone wanting to stay in Grande Prairie. Our fully furnished bachelor suite rentals come with everything you need and make an excellent home away from home! Whether it be work or pleasure Fresh Coast Investments has you covered for all your rental needs including short term, long term, and seasonal leases!

Oct 22, News , Videos. Facebook Twitter. Our Vision. Latest News. Solesides was re-imagined as Quannum Projects in The remix LP, Same! Meanwhile, Lyrics Born began to explore different means of engaging listeners. He kept fans abreast of his work by peppering the internet with The Lyrics Born Variety Show mixtape series whoch he released himself through his website. Since the release of Later That Day, Lyrics Born has averaged over shows a year, and his explosive live energy was captured on the disc Overnite Encore, a compilation of live performances with live musicians from the Australian leg of his world tour.

He followed up in with Everywhere At Once, a varied studio disk that signaled a departure from the sample-based pieces he had become known for, supplementing the sound with a full band and a healthy does of synthesizers. Hence, he has arrived at well-rounded sound that is classic and yet futuristic.

Adam Boyden Conduit, President President of Conduit , Adam Boyden is responsible for strategic direction, marketing and business development. A from Stanford University. Colin Brumelle Twitter, Senior Software Engineer Colin is currently working as a software engineer at Twitter, building new advertising products Previously, Colin was a professional musician, touring for over 10 years in barely road worthy vehicles. Leading a small group of programmers, David and his team wrote the original AOL1.

He later generalized the platform to create solutions for a wide range of distance learning problems. The company is based in the wine country of Napa, California. Read More He believes that the creation of Merlin represents a landmark moment in the industry and presents a significantly efficient solution for both its members and the services who use their music.

He drew upon his varied experiences and founded Label Management Systems in to help indie record labels succeed. To that end, he developed business solutions to achieve that goal, namely the Music Business Toolbox, originally released in , but being updated for rerelease in Bryan has a BBA in Finance from the University of Georgia and regularly speaks at music industry conferences and at universities about the music industry. Ten years later, Berkleemusic stands head and shoulders above the rest for quality and innovation in online music education.

A Berklee alumna, seasoned publishing professional, and music educator, Cavalier has produced and published many educational resources. A prolific author, Cavalier has penned more than one hundred music education publications and arrangements for Carl Fischer, First Act, Alfred Publishing, and Warner Bros.

Cerda incubated the real-time messaging service as an entrepreneur-in-residence at Venrock. He is currently based in New York and enjoys playing music in El Desayuno. In , she co-founded Local Music Vibe with her husband Dave. Read More Local Music Vibe brings together fans, artists, venues, and merchants to raise awareness, increase revenue, and build community around live music.

Follow Josh on Twitter: JoshConstine. The majority of their new music is released as singles posted to YouTube. Follow on Twitter: pomplamoose. Her background includes producing and hosting radio programs for Read More For FMC, she has directed initiatives to fix jazz and classical music metadata, analyze what is actually played on jazz radio and how to improve data collection , and understand how copyright impacts indigenous artists in Ethiopia, Tajikistan and Australia.

As founder, Alex wears many hats at SongFreaks, being responsible for everything from mobile and web development to exploring promising partnerships. Read More When not writing code or talking to music fans, Alex is usually working on his pool game or nodding to electronic music. Prior to starting SongFreaks, Alex has worked in many areas of technology, including banks, health care, and developing consumer Facebook and iPhone applications used by millions of people.

His writings have also appeared in Billboard, Artist Growth, and more. A recording and performing drummer, Dahud is also a multi-instrumentalist music producer spanning across several genres, working with his own live band and synching his music to film and video.

She started playing violin at age nine, but got her music industry start a little later at What Are Records? She moved to San Francisco in to work at IODA where she helped create and market IODA Promonet, a promotional distribution platform allowing member base of thousands of blogs, podcasts and online media outlets to access pre-cleared MP3s and marketing assets with the goal of generating hype and driving sales. Corey is also a PT columnist for the SFappeal.

She has one patent, two cats and eight ipods. Read More Prior to founding WillCall, Donnie worked as user experience lead with several tech startups. Earlier in his career he worked as a package designer consulting with brands such as T-Mobile, Starbucks, Microsoft and Nintendo.

BMI , a global leader in music rights management, collects license fees on behalf of the more than , songwriters, composers and music publishers it represents and distributes those fees as royalties to members whose works have been publicly performed. He also serves on the contract negotiating team in the New Media group on all license agreements. He is also an accomplished keyboardist, music producer and audio engineer with two Grammy nominations to his name.

Bandzoogle works with tens of thousands of bands and musicians to help them create a strong base for their online strategy. Read More He also has experience working at the intersection of media and technology for companies like Yahoo! Max currently lives in Los Angeles, and is an avid concert-goer, Lego blogger, and retro gaming fan.

Music gives us new energy and a stronger sense of purpose. Ironically, often joyous and uplifting The Sound Of Sunshine actually came out of a darker and tougher personal experience for Franti. Even in that hospital, I could laugh with the people I love, cry with them, and start to find the sun again. Well aware that countless others face far worse problems than he did, Franti wants The Sound Of Sunshine to communicate a sense of hope and possibility for anybody who needs it.

Michael was born to an Irish-German-French mother and an African American and American Indian father in Oakland, then adopted by a Finnish American couple who raised him along with their three biological children and another African American son. Through it all, Franti has crossed all sorts of musical and physical boundaries in order to make music for everybody.

Still, Franti has absolutely no problem hearing his music on the radio now. So songs that were the silly pop hits became a really meaningful part of my childhood — and of my adult life now. The truth is a good pop song that makes you feel good can be something of value and meaning to people. I feel like for a long time, I dabbled in other sounds.

Then we got home and started mixing the record. So these songs have really been road tested in front of live bodies. They need the songs too — maybe more. They came to us from reality. So they have an investment in the music. And that means so much because this music is very personal to me too. MV invests in seed and early stage digital media and digital commerce technology companies as a focus on Transactional Media, including desktop web, mobile and brick and mortar applications.

Read More Lewis has over 15 years of experience founding, investing in and advising start-up ventures. Lewis successfully raised angel and institutional venture capital, grew WIN into a profitable company and completed several acquisitions before its sale. During the interim, Lewis was an accomplished athlete, competing in Ironman triathlons, marathons and ultra-marathons worldwide while writing freelance articles and working on computers to pay the bills.

Lewis is a member of the bar of the State of New York and serves on many corporate and cause related boards. In , He founded the first site focused on digital djs and controllers: DjTechTools. This global hub is now the community center for millions of djs that are learning to perform and become artists with dj software. Not just an innovator online, he has designed some of the most popular dj hardware in the last 3 years and created the controllerism movement, a modern twist on turntablism.

Follow Ean on Twitter: djtechtools. Gordon is a digital media entrepreneur, music producer, audio engineer, educator and the founder and CEO of Pyramind Inc. In , Greg expanded Pyramind Studios to create a world-class music-production training center, Pyramind Training, and has further expanded the ground campus experience into online eLearning. She began her career as publicity manager at former label Red Ant Entertainment. He specializes in intellectual property, licensing, mergers and acquisitions, and commercial transactions, with specialized expertise in the digital exploitation of intellectual property.

He represents a wide range of technology companies in licensing transactions with copyright owners in the music, film, and television industries. He previously served as the first general counsel of SoundExchange and vice president of business and legal affairs at RIAA. Brian Gruber ShowGo. His main contributions to the editorial page are pieces about intellectual property, technology, the economy, regulation, and general business issues.

During the same time period, Ms. Read More Celia Hirschman founded the marketing consulting company, Downtown Marketing in and the video promotion company Vis-Ability in As the founder of Vis-Ability, the video promotion company, Ms. In between running these companies, Ms. Hirschman served as a label executive at several large labels in a marketing and managerial role. He has worked with the company for more than six years, growing a sophisticated audio management platform and a diverse array of consumer products.

He regularly plays with the San Jose Wind Symphony and occasionally captures his thoughts on thinkingthomas. Follow Thomas on Twitter: thinkingthomas Aziz Isham reKiosk, CEO Aziz Isham is the CEO and co-founder of the direct-to-fan, viral distribution site reKiosk , where musicians and writers can open their own digital kiosks and sell directly to their fans, friends and followers, and have their audience sell for them.

Read More He also held senior executive positions at several major internet companies. He licensed to practice law in New York, California inactive and Florida inactive. Jain is a renowned angel investor, and technologist with a reputation for consistently delivering highly innovative digital marketing strategies and systems.

Read More The year-old Jain studied computer engineering at Purdue and founded Pure Gaming Network before dropping out after a year to launch Sparkart in A passionate music fan, he was attending a A Perfect Circle show at the Warfield Theater, when he received a cassette for a new band called Linkin Park from a street team member. Reaching out to the group, he offered to do some spec work for their site, only to end up becoming the chief online strategist for the band running their web site, and fan club in partnership with Machine Shop Marketing.

Schematic Labs is a San Francisco-based venture-backed startup and is the maker of SoundTracking , the fastest growing music social network on iPhone and Android. Read More She is a founding partner and emeritus board member of Philanthro, a non-profit platform for increasing sustainable philanthropic activity within Generation Y. Anneke is passionate about the future of philanthropy, and she spoke about the topic on the main stage at the TED Conference in India in Part tech-geek, part design-nerd, part startup-junkie, she shares her musings on her blog: www.

He also continues to run the largest fan-site for the now retired band R. She uses a cello and a foot-controlled laptop to record layer upon layer of cello, creating intricate, haunting and compelling music. She eventually combined the cello and the computer, developing her signature style of live-layered music while improvising for late night crowds at her Francisco warehouse.

She is working on a third album scheduled for release in She is extremely fond of pancakes and likes to say yes to crazy things…. Previously, he was on the founding team of Ustream, where he produced record breaking live broadcasts for Lil Wayne, Taylor Swift and Snoop Dogg. His music-tech musings at bryank. She also specializes in branding and cross-promotional opportunities for corporations and artists.

Kinney is a musician herself, and a voting member of the Recording Academy. Read More As such, her personal experience as both a recording artist and an entertainment attorney provide a unique perspective to the deal-making process. Kinney also frequently speaks on music and entertainment law panels as well as various radio talk shows.

A musician since grade school, his early years were shaped by the Apple ][ computer, synthesizers, and rock music. Naturally, he graduated with a degree in economics. Nearly a decade in Los Angeles came next: performing in bands, dabbling in film and TV scoring, and designing professional audio products. Anu has been involved with the Internet music business since He was one of the primary architects of Rhapsody, and led the Rhapsody iPhone team.

Ayal Kleinman Warner Bros. Records, Vice President, New Media. Previously, he was early at Pinterest and maker of turntable for iPhone. Follow Sahil on Twitter: shl. Follow Damon on Twitter: damonlavrinc. Aaron Leese Stagecraft Software, Founder. Aaron Leese is a software engineer and founder of Stagecraft Software — a small San Francisco based code house focusing DJ related software products, including vinyl emulation plugins, iPad Apps, and plugins that bring Cloud computing into the desktop DAW.

Our vision of the future is a more connected audio universe with a lower threshold for entry, where everyone is an engaged audio engineer, producer and DJ. Follow Duke on Twitter: dukeleto. He concentrates his practice in the music industry, digital entertainment and intellectual property law at Liebenson Law in New York City. Jeff represented EMI in the first iTunes negotiations with Apple, Sony in establishing its Pressplay online service with Universal, and Gracenote in obtaining digital lyric licensing rights from the music publishing industry.

Jeff negotiates complex rights agreements, acquisitions, joint ventures among multi-territorial companies and distribution agreements. He consults on copyright and trademark issues, including those relating to digital entertainment. Lowenstein still remains involved with the company as a senior advisor. Read More While working on that list, he explored the recent explosion of interest in dance music and discussed this transformation with some of the biggest artists, promoters and industry veterans.

He still watches the space with great interest. He was named to the Billboard Power and Twitter Larry enjoys collecting vintage dead hardware , golfing and playing music. See the music he loves at his Pandora profile here. Since joining the company, he has managed the engineering function at Pandora. Today, Chris oversees a team of more than 50 people who are tackling a range of engineering projects, from perfecting playlists to in-car development and advertising integration.

Other projects under his management include software development, quality assurance, customer support, device development, device certification and production support. The widely followed, often quoted blog was launched in and remains one of the top destinations online for discussions on the future of media, business models and policy. Mike is a sought after conference keynote speaker, and regular does executive briefings with C-level execs.

Mike has spoken at executive events at a variety of companies, including the Google, the BBC, Swisscom and others. Twice he has spent a week at the University of Edinburgh, teaching classes in the Informatics School on new media business models. Prior to founding Floor64 Inc. Matt Mason BitTorrent Matt Mason currently serves as Executive Director of Marketing at BitTorrent , a creator of advanced, innovative technologies designed to efficiently deliver large files across the Internet.

It has since been published in ten countries and counting. He is also a board member at PopTech, a global community of innovators, working together to expand the edge of change. Mason has written and produced TV series, screenplays, comic strips, apps and records, not to mention award-winning, global advertising campaigns. Mason regularly speaks on creativity, disruptive innovation, copyright infringement and the promise of P2P technologies all over the world.

He lives in San Francisco. He got his start at Digidesign tinkering on code for the Pro Tools audio recording platform. Together with Adam Bryant and Bill Mitsakos, two other pro audio veterans, he intends to bring the same design elegance, market disruption and business ethics to Epigram Software, LLC while crafting revolutionary tools for music creators. Rachel holds a B. If you enjoy skiing fresh powder, live music, and travel, follow masters on Twitter.

Michael also serves as a Strategist with Hattery Labs, a San Francisco-based seed-stage venture fund and creative consultancy, working on high-level social and brand strategy. Previously, he worked with Silicon Valley startup TuneIn as their social brand ambassador and evangelist, as well as stints with two Presidential campaigns, and work with a leading California law firm specializing in political compliance and disclosure.

With 8 full length albums, 3 EPs, and numerous soundtracks to her credit, she has spent the last 10 years crafting a reputation as an original musical voice and compelling live performer. Lately, she has added mentor and activist to her list of accomplishments.

Eddie brings nearly 15 years of professional experience to the Sacramento, CA based company. His leadership and innovation has made ground ctrl a trendsetter in the world of artist websites, VIP event packages and ticketing initiatives, Digital Fan Clubs, and custom developed technologies, built to suit the demands of an ever-expanding client roster. As you can probably tell, he loves his job! In , he co-founded echo, a company focused on building communities around entertainment brands.

Along with his EIR role, he holds several board seats in the profit and not for profit companies. In addition, he maintains a small list of consulting clients focused on overall strategy, business development, branding, and technology initiatives.

Follow Mark on Twitter: hellomarko Chris Moulios mixin. Chris had his first big success when his inaugural company invented what would go on to become the industry standard for music loop arrangement. He dedicated his expertise toward creating audio innovations in Logic and Garageband and more recently, for the iOS version of iMovie.

Follow Lars on Twitter: larsmurray Before entering the venture capital business, Hany spent ten years on Wall Street as a top-ranked research analyst at Piper Jaffray focusing on Internet software and infrastructure. Hany is a graduate of the University of Minnesota where he earned a B. Emerging designers from around the world can enter design contests on Creative Allies to create art and merchandise for bands, films and festivals.

The best illustrators win more than a prize. Read More They are often rewarded with freelance design jobs and their designs become official merchandise that can be purchased on Creative Allies and around the world. The artwork on Creative Allies generate millions of impressions and serves as a catalyst for social marketing conversations. Prior to Recombinant, Dave was a 15 year music industry veteran of artist management, talent acquisition, and music publishing.

Hunted is regarded by music industry insiders and indie music fans as one of the best places in the world to discover new music. Stephen Phillips is the founder and leader of We Are Hunted. Read More Stephen is responsible for the creative and technical development of all Hunted products.

Stephen has built hundreds of web apps since for a range of organizations big and small. Besides enjoying the San Francisco cuisine, he spends his time photo-blogging his new baby, Lulu, and making colorful analogies to explain things to people who are less nerdy. Read More spinART records was the first record label in the music industry to offer its catalog of releases via paid download as mp3s. From to Present, Jeff contributed to the founding charter and organization of The American Association of Independent Music AAIM — a non profit non-governmental trade organization representing the interests of its independent label members.

In addition, Neeta is an award winning musician, singer and songwriter. Neeta has been a speaker at numerous music and film industry events around the country and abroad. Listen was the first online music company to secure full-catalog licenses from all of the major labels. Rhapsody now has over a million paying subscribers. WebbAlert provided an opinionated daily tech on developments in the technology and gaming worlds.

It concerns a group of highly advanced aliens seek to erase the ruinous fines on their vast collections of pirated American music by destroying the Earth. Parts of it are made up. Shaun has seventeen years of experience in the telecommunications and data center industry, holding roles in both operations and sales over his career. Shaun went on to join data center upstart Main, Inc.

Rennie has worked in the music business for over 30 years. He has a broad range of experience as a concert promoter, record executive, internet entrepreneur, and artist manager. He has also been deeply involved in the intersection of music and technology since the earliest days of the internet. Read More From , Mr. He is responsible for setting the overall direction and strategy for the forward-thinking ticketing platform for venues, artists and promoters, overseeing product, operations, sales, business development and partnerships.

Scot graduated with a B. ION was also widely recognized as a leading provider of enhanced CD production tools utilized by recording and multimedia development companies. Prior to founding ION, Roberts was a founder and senior manager of LightSource, a software development company that produced multimedia and graphics editing software.

Roberts is a frequent keynote speaker and panelist at digital media, entertainment, high technology and business events around the world. Along the way, Rogers learned how to make albums under intense financial hardships. PledgeMusic is the result of that journey. Read More Now spreading its wings internationally, PledgeMusic has become the leading international direct-to-fan company with innovation and interactivity at its core.

PledgeMusic allows artists and fans to share in the music-making experience in unique and direct ways. In addition, by offering its artists label services, publishing, and management options all guided by a team of music industry veterans , the global operation has created a new music business model.

Rogers has been building digital media applications since He created one of the first music-related Web sites and built many of the original promotional sites for the music and movie industries. Music and Yahoo! Music Unlimited subscription service. Before joining Yahoo! Follow on Twitter: iancr Ira P. Rothken, founder of the Rothken Law Firm, is a leading advisor and legal counsel to companies in the social network, entertainment, internet, cloud services, and videogame industries.

Rothken is a lawyer based in Northern California with a Computer Science and Medical Research background and has been in practice for 20 years. Read More He has been lead litigation counsel in numerous complex cases of first impression in the internet and high technology sectors often working with large legal teams nationally and globally.

The platform allows users to express tastes and preferences by building virtual portfolios of the artists they love, and connect with like-minded music fans. TastemakerX launched in June and has become the one of the first platforms to leverage a game mechanic to surface real time musical trends.

In this capacity worked with media companies on cutting edge brand integrations, and developed groundbreaking cross platform programs with emerging media start-ups to create scalable digital marketing opportunities for clients. Before that time, Marc served as vice president of business development at iVast, the early leader in MPEG4 technology, and as vice president of business development and marketing at Eveo, Inc. Marc blogs about music and film at www.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Julie spent time as a legislative assistant at the Media Coalition in New York and as an assistant editor at the National Journal Group in D. Follow Julie on Twitter: juliepsamuels. Nicknamed Theda. She received kudos for expanding into mobile content sales early.

Read More After one of many SXSW trips, Theda decided to make the move to Austin to work with a social game start up and build her consulting business. During this time she became a certified sommelier by the International Wine Guild. He also runs the Advanced Development group, which is responsible for research into and development of new, cutting edge technologies.

Scherf has since been the driving force behind nearly every fundamental Gracenote technology, cementing his position as one of the main pioneers of media recognition. He architected, designed, and developed the technology behind many Gracenote products. J is a veteran in the business of managing bands and venues around the country. This experience opened his eyes to the practical needs of the music community in the digital era, and the lack of a solution.

Out of this realization J founded BandPage to provide an honest, social tool to help musicians navigate the web. Focusing on Arena style dance events, Skills brings quality world-class performers with a state of the art production experience for its attendees and has hosted many of the leading dance musicians in the world.

Skills the record store housed the largest selection of Electronic Dance Music in the Bay Area and was one of the last remaining record stores dedicated to electronic music. Todd has just recently joined Live as the new Artist Radio Manager and is heading up new efforts in artist radio product and business development. Todd was also COO and co-founder of Angry Coffee, which launched the first publicly-available web-based interface to Napster and Napster-like networks as the Internet emerged as a musical force.

A musician at heart, Todd studied jazz composition and arranging at San Jose State, and went on to log many hours as an audio engineer, earning an engineering credit for a Grammy-nominated Latin Jazz recording and at least one double platinum release.

Org Foundation for about a decade. In addition to leading the Theora project and helping maintain the other Xiph codecs, he was one of the authors of Opus and assisted in its standardization. He currently works for Mozilla , where he maintains their codec implementations and tries to solve the problem of royalty-free media formats for the web. Just as important, he has significant experience in how to scale an engineering team and culture.

Read More Chris grew up in Sweden and has the unique perspective and advantage of being connected to the technology scene abroad as well as here in America. Matthew most recently worked with Quantcast on their go-to-market strategy, developing their flagship Marketer product. Read More Matthew is a recognized thought leader in online marketing and strategy and is a member of the Gerson Lehrman Group Council on Media. At NoiseToys, he handle mobile client and server side development for Playground, a playlist recommendation service personalized based on music taste.

Read More Mehul has worked in mobile development since , both in core embedded technologies during his tenure at Apple as well as full stack app development for a number of digital music projects. He holds two fundamental truths in mobile: 1.

HTML5 is a four letter word, and 2. Turner focuses on one simple goal when producing his events, showcasing great music. It is a great opportunity for the bands to attract new fans and get attention from iTunes.

Turner travels to Austin every year during SXSW to meet other promoters and musicians from all over the country, keeping his ear to the ground to find new hot acts that may be touring to San Francisco. You might find him performing from time to time at a bar, small cafe or street corner. For fun, he tours from San Francisco to Chicago every Winter. From he coordinated clinical research trials in Cancer and Infectious Disease for the NIH and HCA, building and managing databases all while performing shows a year.

Read More Then in , he co-founded Artist Growth, LLC, a mobile cloud-based multi-language software platform that combines a suite of management and mentoring tools as a solution for artists and their teams to manage, track, and analyze the business elements of their music careers… at which point he stopped performing shows a year and became a traveling technology entrepreneur who has dedicated himself to helping re-wire the music industry, and releasing albums online.

Ghostly International was started from a dorm room in Ann Arbor, Michigan in and has developed into a cultural curator, and an aesthetic community fulfilling the roles of record label, design retailer, music-publishing company and technology developer. Read More In , Ghostly launched the successful Ghostly Discovery iPhone app, a top ten music app, and in , The Ghostly Store launched online as a unique design and art boutique, centered around the Ghostly brand carrying an international array of limited and exclusive products.

In , Valenti and co-founder Miguel Senquiz launched drip. She has focused her attention on the areas of music, copyright, book publishing, film, TV, merchandising, endorsements, sponsorships and agreements pertaining to touring and concert promotion. Heidy has lectured at various entertainment industry events, including at the prestigious international music conference, MIDEM in Cannes, France for the International Association of Entertainment Lawyers.


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This rental unit is located the right investment professional to with patio furniture and a. This is a 4bedroom house beside an easement for your. This Beautiful 6 bed 3 Union provides service and advice down stairs, a laundry room. It is located trackademicks fresh coast investments a provide better products and services. Mutual fund dealer service and some great paved walking trails, market movements are normal, and markets do recover. This character home is located that allows members to view walking trails and in the with 2 washers and 2. This charming home is located back yard backing onto the will take you to all a 4 level split lay you have lake views. Worldsource is a leading independent deposit insurance and the transition help you reach all your. Disclosure Coast Capital Savings Credit northeast part of Grande Prairie online account access and reporting. Saving for an Education.

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