executive summary investment banking resume

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Executive summary investment banking resume

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Tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments.

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Executive summary investment banking resume You can also slightly package it by rounding it. The first candidate not only knows exactly how to market themselves. Most resumes go through the HR department. Minimum of 5 years experience with full life cycle recruiting in a fast paced corporate environment or agency recruiting firm focused on financial services Expert candidate sourcing, networking and relationship building skills Demonstrated ability to interact with all levels of candidates and hiring managers Ability to work independently in a dynamic environment of change, multiple deadlines and priorities Demonstrates control and governance within the recruitment process Experience working with an applicant tracking system, preferably Taleo. You can put this under the Education or Additional sections.
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Meaning, you should order your most recent experience first, and then the previous experience. Recall that one of the two qualities recruiting teams look for is a demonstrated interest in investment banking. The best proof of interest is having investment banking work experience i. IBD internships. Other finance professional experiences will suffice, but investment banking internships work best.

Absent of past work experience, academic major, and student organizations, these are some other ways you can sprinkle interest in finance over your resume. Do you have other ideas? Let us know in the comments. Your academic credential is extremely important for investment banking recruiting.

This is one of the places where recruiters look to see if you have a history of excellence. Include your school name, location, expected graduation date, degree and major. This is a must. Getting a high GPA requires students to put in hard work, meet deadlines, participate in classes, persevere through mundane tasks, etc. All characteristics that are transferrable to investment banking.

Therefore, banks give a heavy weight to GPA. Back out the courses outside of your major and see if your major GPA is higher. If it is, you can try to list that number instead. A word of advice. Only calculate major GPA if you have grades from multiple courses in your major. You can also slightly package it by rounding it.

And 3. You have to follow the standard mathematical rule here though and 0. If you have 3. In any case, rounding the GPA will give you a little extra boost. It adds to your profile. Honors Program. First Year Honors. Beta Gamma Sigma. Phi Beta Kappa business. Tau Beta Pi engineering. Stock pitch competitions, investment banking case competitions, scientific research competitions, chess tournaments, etc.

Being a semi-finalist or finalist can add value here too. What the resume reviewers are looking for is success in whatever you do. You can add a quick explanation next to each award to clarify the selection criteria. In this section, you should show your most significant professional experiences that align with your personal story.

You may have 7 different internships or 10 different jobs. Instead, try to write about the 3 most recent significant experiences. For example, you might have a finance internship, a biology internship and a part-time waiter job on your resume.

In this case, the finance internship is far more important than the other two. The finance internship should take up the bulk of the section and have more bullets than the other two. If you have a highly relevant or prestigious job, you should assign it greater weight by giving it more space. You should use the space for your work experiences instead. Resume reviewers will place far greater importance on your professional work experiences than your campus involvement.

For college freshmen and sophomores, this section can take up a big part of your resume. By junior year, however, you should have internships under your belt and student organizations should take up less space. Now some of you may be overachievers with a ton of meaningful internships. Nonetheless, we still recommend you to have a section on campus involvement. Overachievers with finance internships are rare and most college students have extracurricular activities on their resume.

So the resume reviewers often become accustomed to look for it. Similar to the Work Experiences section, not all extracurricular activities are created equal. Involvement in finance-related student organizations are far more important than other clubs. You need at least one. Aside from finance clubs, three other types of organizations are also beneficial.

Being on a sports team imply teamwork and ability to endure rigorous training. And charitable activities that have an impact beyond yourself, like helping the homeless or raising cancer awareness, are always good. At some universities, there are certain clubs where alums of those organizations are particularly supportive of candidates from those organizations.

Oftentimes, the alumni and older members of those clubs go out of their way to help the younger members. This is a very powerful force in recruiting and can make a game-changing impact. Except instead of at the university level, this mindset is now at the student organizational level.

This has a tangible impact where their support could spell the difference between interview vs. Fair or unfair aside, this is how business works. We usually see this tribal mindset in clubs that have a degree of exclusivity. That is, clubs that only accept a small portion of their applicants. Both churn out top talent each year and are well-respected. When you write about these clubs on your resume, avoid ridiculous titles. Writing the bullets for Work Experience and Extracurricular Activities is as much of an art is it is a science.

First of all , avoid writing short bullets. Any single-line bullet that stops in the middle of the page is too short. Second , the most important experiences should have more bullets than other experiences. These important experiences are 1 your most recent job, 2 finance internships and 3 finance clubs. Assign weight based on the relevance to investment banking.

Third , use buzz words. These are keywords that will register instantly with bankers and make your experiences seem relevant from a mere glance. Fourth , use the project-centric format for experiences where your contributions revolve around particular projects. Fifth , always talk about your actions and occasionally results.

Every bullet should explain exactly what you did. So start each bullet with a verb in past tense. You should also selectively include the results or impact of your actions i. After glancing through an entire page of your experiences, bankers arrive at the bottom of your resume: the Additional section. However, it can make a difference if interviewers are on the edge.

It can also be the tie breaker if interviewers are debating between you and another candidate. Having an eye-catchy Additional section might just win them over. Another reason the Additional section is important is that it often comes up in interviews. Interviewers often refer to the bottom of your resume towards the end of the interview. And what you write in the Additional section can steer the conversation towards these topics. In this section, you can include other qualifications that might be relevant to investment banking.

This is especially true for investment banking roles in Europe and Asia-Pacific. As your last bullet, we recommend you to write about your interests. It humanizes the resume by adding a dose of personality to it. This is a great way to end your resume. Bankers often comment on the interest section during resume review.

That said, you should be thoughtful about how you write your interests. You can include unique interests that showcase your personality. However, try to balance them out with interests that other people can relate to, such as basketball or TV series. This is on purpose. Or rejecting a candidate for the lack thereof. Such a statement is meaningless.

As for other skills, like programming languages i. Javascript, Python and design software i. In fact, the banks might not even allow you to code or install design software on your work computer. They take IT infrastructure very seriously. The bulge-bracket and elite boutique banks have in-house programming and design teams anyways. That shows a track record of excellence.

You can write these elsewhere on the resume. We designed these investment banking resume templates in this article for candidates recruiting for investment banking analyst and associate roles. It can also be used at the Vice President level.

You need to fill in the resume with substance from your own personal experiences. The resume template helps you to effectively communicate those experiences to the reviewer. Having a great resume is just the beginning. You need to back it up with strong technicals to break into investment banking.

They tend to be a lot more technical than the bulge bracket banks. If you would like to learn technicals for investment banking interviews, we highly recommend you to check out the online finance course. Shaw, Citadel, etc. Our mission is to cultivate the next generation of top talent for Wall Street and to help candidates bring their careers to new heights. Having a strong private equity resume is absolutely critical if you want a job in the industry. As we often tell candidates, you only need to do two things right to get a job in PE.

First, get the interview. What about being a member of a finance society whilst at university? That's good, but your resume will be viewed with more enthusiasm if you've held a position of responsibility in one of these societies, rather than just showing up for the free drinks. Even inconsistencies in formatting will be seen as likely mistakes, so avoid fancy tricks and keep things conservative, professional and corporate. We've listed the top schools banking like to hire from on Wall Street and in the City of London here.

If you haven't been to one of these schools, don't assume you can't get in. Similarly, if you're studying a Masters in Finance, it needs to be a top Masters in Finance. Anything else is not going to help you with the bulge bracket. This seems to get more important every year. It's no coincidence that banks like Goldman Sachs have a thing for hiring students who've spent time at universities outside their home countries. This applies as much in London as in New York and China.

There's a reason for banks' enthusiasm for these students: their business is global and they want to hire people with a global mindset. If you're applying for an entry-level job in a bank, you'll need to prove that you really, really want it. During your first year at university, this means you need to apply for every banking-related event going: think insight days and spring internships in Europe, or sophomore internships on Wall Street.

Students who successfully apply for banking jobs typically have multiple internships think six, or maybe seven under their belts. If you haven't studied finance and even if you have , this helps display a level of proficiency and interest. At JP Morgan , the graduate program has compulsory Python programming lessons, and cloud computing, data science and machine learning are potentially going to be added to the requirements in the near future.

White is acceptable. Have boxes around key sections. Do not say: "Analytical thinker, demonstrated leadership ability, team-playing skills, an ability to learn fast on the job. List previous jobs and responsibilities without saying what your contribution was. Be printed in a strange font. Recruiters are simple beasts, keep it easy.

Include every single educational qualification you've since you were 16 even though you are now aged You only need to add A Level results if you graduated within the past five years, say recruiters. Contact: sbutcher efinancialcareers. Bear with us if you leave a comment at the bottom of this article: all our comments are moderated by human beings. Sometimes these humans might be asleep, or away from their desks, so it may take a while for your comment to appear.

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This shows me that you learned a lot about solar cells and ethanol, but how is this related to investment banking? You should also focus more on the broader applications of your work rather than the technical details.

Sometimes changing your title like this is dangerous see below , but otherwise the entry above is fine. If you did not do something then you should not list it on your resume — end of story. Making something sound like it was more important or took more time than it actually did is fine, but fabricating experience is not fine. So now you know how to plan your recruiting strategy, tell your story, ninja your way into the industry, and write a resume that will get you interviews.

This lesson is part of The Banker Blueprint newsletter — which gives you all the tips and insider information you need to break into investment banking. Home How to Bankify Your Resume. You need to make it sound like you researched markets rather than technologies.

For example, beyond your talent as an accountant, you may have a knowledge of tax law, previous managerial abilities and a sharper-than-average understanding of human nature. For example, you might say that you are highly-motivated, energetic, enthusiastic, detail-oriented and so on. Many of these things will be implied in your investment banking skill set — that is, accounting skills generally suggests a detail-oriented personality — so you can probably exclude any overlap for the sake of brevity.

Potential employers in the field of investment banking will look for candidates with the following qualifications in education and work experience:. Basically, employers want to see that you can bring something valuable to their team. Another specialized area in which investment banks may be hiring is in government compliance. As banking and financial regulatory laws have gotten increasingly complex over recent years, there is steady demand for compliance personnel.

Another critical aspect of investment banking involves raising capital to fund investments. This job requires the talents of a salesperson as well as knowledge in finance. For junior-level positions , trainee positions or internships in investment banking, qualifications may not be confined to the areas cited above.

Education and experience that is less focused on finance may be acceptable to potential employers with a view toward training new hires in investment banking specialties. The personal qualifications that employers find attractive in a job candidate may include the following:.

You should try to list all your relevant experience and achievements in succinct, bullet-point format. Use active verbs and phrases such as: managed, supervised, developed, created, invented, organized, assisted, analyzed, raised funds, sold products, wrote, designed or any similar words that reflect your specific achievements. For example:. For example, if a job advertisement states that candidates should have marketing and management skills, be sure to include these key phrases somewhere near the top of your cover letter and in your resume.

Positive letters of reference from previous employers are a plus. However, if you don't secure letters of reference and still cite previous employers as references, be sure to obtain their permission in advance. Again, if you have a large pool to pull from, you'll want the references from the posts you've held that are most relevant to investment banking qualifications.

For job seekers currently employed, asking your employer for a reference may not be a good idea. In a competitive job market , a persuasive resume will give the applicant a definite edge among the many who may apply for the position. Relevance should always be your guide in deciding what to include and expand upon in your investment banking resume. Following the suggestions above in drafting your resume may not guarantee that you'll be hired, but if you're qualified, you'll be in the running.

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