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Alea lovely investments invest in land or gold

Alea lovely investments

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They took the time to find the right person to serve their needs. That care nothing about the photographer, but only about the price. They just want to know your price. They want cheap and they want it NOW. While we have usually a set price list there are definitely clients I make exceptions for.

Oh man…those clients…. Those are the people that make my work worthy of being seen. They are the people that write love on my images, that put heart on my website and tears in my eyes. Those are the people that I want to be MY boss. That who everyone ideally would like to work for.

The clients I shot yesterday, they cared about me too. They valued what I did and it showed at every turn. Even their guests valued me! You know what that does? When people feel appreciated there are no limits to what they can do. Pricing is a fragile topic. A lot goes into to choosing a price structure. That is why is so hard to do. Ask any photographer about pricing or how to price and they will make the same curled up face.

So when we finally, after MANY hours decide on pricing and a structure, we are taking into account many things. A cheap price for inexperienced work. You get what you pay for is an expression for a reason. Those mistakes all cost something but for those who put the years in — you never make those mistakes again.

So as my experience goes up, my mistakes are less, the smoother things run, the better they go, the better photos I get, the happier my clients are…the price goes up, because I can confidently say I can give you what you want and more. So that makes pricing a little like sex. Pricing is kind of personal, like sex. When you care about someone you not just interested in sex right? You want to know if they would be someone you like to hang out with, someone that is caring, makes you laugh, is emotionally sensitive, pays attention to detail.

Price is not the most important thing when considering a wedding photographer. Price is an element of consideration, but when price is your only priority or element for consideration, you have to admit you are looking for cheap — not inexpensive. The problem with this in our industry is that cheap is on the rise. Great wedding photographers are quitting their jobs because the value of what we do is becoming increasingly devalued.

Money is a tangible thing. Value is something in our minds. Does our job deserve importance within this industry? Does what we do matter very much or are we just taking pictures? Some of us are do that…just take pictures…but not all of us. The value has gone down because there is no quality control. Some expensive photographers have cheap quality and some inexpensive photographers are stellar, so it actually has very little to do with the amount of money but the quality. It just so happens that a lot of the time not always you get what you pay for.

Unfortunately they are not just ruining the industry but ruining your weddings. Their experimentation end up being your cost. And that is where the cost comes in. Price and cost are very different in this case if the price you paid cost you your wedding memories, which are worth a GREAT deal more. I hate to be morbid but some of us are trying really hard to lead our businesses with such an integrity that when your grandma passes away, you will be thankful that we were there. There is a reason you hire seasoned professionals for many things.

Do you ever wonder why most people are SO loyal to a hairstylists once they find one they like? You will never forget a bad haircut, but at least your hair will grow out and you can laugh at those old pictures about that effed up haircut you got because you had a chance to make new memories in a new one. In , I felt my work was lacking something. While business was booming so to speak from shooting 40 weddings that year, I realized that I was grossly underpaid like anyone who is crazy enough to shoot that many weddings.

I starting looking for ways to improve my work, hone in my style, finally realize my brand that was so scattered the last few years. I took to wedding blogs to start my journey of finding someone that I wanted to emulate. Someone that was doing it way better than me, that I could look to for inspiration. Mind you I started photography in , and while i took a film class in high school way back when, I really learned on digital.

I had to know more. In the process I discovered Elizabeth Messina, another Californian photographer that shot film. How was I the last to know people were still shooting film!? I was starkly intrigued. I then found out that Jose was having a workshop.

This was my chance! I somehow knew that this was meant to happen. So the money came and boom — i booked my spot. The workshop was amazing. I felt largely intimidated by everyone carrying around their medium format contax cameras, while I had my little 35mm. They made it known that the workshop was for digital and film but i was after the film. So that is where it started.

I found validation in film. It was all very romantic. I took the plunge ordering my large contax medium format and started shooting weddings in film. Suddenly my shoot submissions were being published and I was starting to feel like i was making a name for myself. Never mind the cost, the overhead, never mind the sheer labor it takes to load film at a wedding I always had to have someone else there for that role specifically The photos were gorgeous and fueled my already growing head.

I got included in some forum groups on facebook that some of the rockstars were in, and life as a photographer was good. After things were going so well for a while, I went to my processing lab in california to see how it was all done and meet the people that were going through my photos for some time. So I sat down and kind of went through it with a few of their staff and some of the romance had taken a halt.

I pried with more questions about their process of how they get my photos to look so good. While I may have been decent on most of my exposures and i could take all the credit on the composition, the beautiful color i had grown to love had little to do with me or my film but who was processing it. I got home and quickly shot off a the same film stock roll with my Contax and quickly went to my local film processor not a Walgreens but a legit one and the photos were almost devastating.

I called my lab in california and asked them a bunch of questions, trying not to come off wrong but truly trying to find out — are they just glorified outsourced editors? The whole impression I had with film was that its beautiful because it is, the craft that it was created with, captures light in these VERY significantly better ways than digital.

Which might still be true because its got a lot more dynamic range than digital but even still that was the only argument the processor could give me. Film has more dynamic range than digital. I felt robbed. But i always felt like I was striving. Striving for better light, striving for better color, striving for more consistency, striving to become the next big name. I liked that I thought i had something that differentiated myself from other photographers until a couple of months later.

Everything on the blogs and publications started to look exactly the same. There was a sea of film, while beautiful — I was struggling to see that my photos were any different. If we were all shooting with the same camera and all shooting our film the same way, then how was I going to be anything unique?

How was I going to stand out from the crowd when I started to realize that I was very much apart of one. After seeing many of the other photographers with their gorgeous pastel palettes and white calligraphic fine art websites , I started to question if I threw all my photos in the bucket with theirs pending we were all shooting the same subject could i tell my own photos apart? Stunning workshop, extremely talented woman, wonderful business advice , amazing experience.

We were all shooting the same things and yet my photos looked nothing different. What made me any better at photography than them? More talented? I felt resentful of this illusion I had created for myself. That I was a better photographer because of my equipment, because of the craft, that there was more quality involved somehow because it was on film.

The arrogance and the falsehood of all these perfect posed prints sat in my hands and I looked them over critically. They were beautiful…stunning in fact…but that was it. The style — copied. I thought this was what I was supposed to do — this is how I was going to become successful right?

Elizabeth said something very crucial at the workshop that stuck with me. It rung in my ears as if I was standing next to a gong that has just been beat. I was running after these film photographers believing this was the way to make it and I walked away with more questions about my goals with my work. Big mistake. Somehow I had rolled this idea of success in with a business model that was only really working for a very saturated niche. I loved film and the process of shooting without looking at the back of my camera.

There is something sexy and almost dangerous knowing you only have 15 exposure per roll. Like walking on the wild side. But then a friend of mine, a talented film photographer himself was getting married and gave me the honor of shooting his wedding I was suddenly frightened. I knew this couple and knew there would be more than just details and sunset portraits. But as I was shooting I noticed something. My mind was free from worrying about how many rolls I had left and those awkward moments that I was film loading as much as I tried to convince myself it was more time to connect with my client, they just wanted to get to their cocktail hour.

I was free to be able to focus on them and the moments as they happened. I struggled morally with it the next day thinking maybe their wedding would have been more beautiful had I shot all film. I felt like somehow I was cheating. I still shot some portraits on my contax and sent those off that day.

I sat down to my computer and went through the photos, unlike I had done in almost two years. Instead they were just that — raw. But as i went through them I started to find a lot more beautiful moments rather than beautiful pictures in the sea of my photos. Everything was perfectly posed and steadily framed, and a shit ton of details but not as much of the amazing stuff that happens in between all that.

I started editing that wedding the Monday or Tuesday after and within 4 hours I was done. Instead of waiting for a month on my digital files, I was done a couple days after the wedding. I sent the gallery over to the bride and groom while they were still on their honeymoon and the reaction I got was unlike any reaction I had gotten before.

Tears and exclamation marks and many thanks and joy. This unwarranted praise about my talent and the moments capture. I was shocked …floored and that cheating feeling started to fade just a little bit. I did a few more weddings like that.

Maybe the photos had less to do with the tools and more about how I used them? A hard lesson to learn but when I came to that point it hit me like a ton of bricks. And that was it. I sold my Contax straight away and since then have shot only digital. The reason I get to work in my pajamas monday -thursday. Their family, their friends, that crazy dancer at the reception or whatever. Going back to digital also helped me figure out what kind of shooter I was.

I had been absent from the digital world for a while so I had no one to look to to aspire to be like. Instead I forced myself to quit looking at blogs and magazines for inspiration and just shoot from my heart. No medium can really create who you are as an artist and no software or camera can make you better or worse than the other if you know how to use it. I can see people getting in a heated debate about this vs that but there should be no sides in art.

This is just my personal opinion and account of my own experience and I believed people hiring me should know why. I love this shoot. I wanted it to look like we were in Europe somewhere rather than middle America. Thank you for all the vendors who participated. For the past two years this little guy has been apart of our life. My parents started fostering him when he was 1 day old. So this wedding requires a write up. The moment I met Allison I knew that I was going to enjoy this wedding.

She seemed so passionate about finding the love of her life in Brad, this teddy bear of a man that had the stature of a football player but is this sensitive, thoughtful type. Approaching the wedding they had faced quite a few challenges. The church had a fire and for a while was pending that they would even be able to get married there. But all the people in the small town she had grown up in, pulled together as a community and fixed up the church to get it looking almost better than new over the months just in time for the wedding.

Talal Al Ajou. Leah Zveglich. Hisham M. El Seddik. Abdulsalam Alkuwaity. Khaled Al Qurashi. Mohamed Ashraf Elshiaty. Essam Albakr. Mohamed Badr. Salman Gasim. Nadeem Al Duaij. Mishal Kanoo. Azza Fahmy. Fatma Ghaly. Amina Ghali. Mounia Khelifi Touhami. Medhat El-Araby. Filipe Pacheco. Noora Sultan S Al Suwaidi. Aldana Bene Hashim. Celeste Lo Turco. Dina Al Jiran. Dr Sami Alom. Ali Fouad Al Dahan. Hassan Al Fardan. Adel Merhab.

Vasco Patricio. Adil Ismail Al Zarooni. Ersoy Erkazanci. Saoud A M Al-Furaih. Huda Al Lawatai. Hanine Younes. Khaled Al Fahim. Amer Khansaheb. Tariq Nabulsi. Edmund Yong. Diana Hamade. Zahraa Al Fardan. Cyba Audi. Abdulla Al Moayed. Mohamed Nagaty Aboulnaga. Hossam El Sallab.

Talal M. Al Kaissi.


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What is Energy? (featuring Alea Lovely)

She began her career as a Hollywood agent and was indigenous Swedish tradition,later she spent after her alea lovely investments very-well-planned life. She brings a wealth of speeches help humans integrate body known free loan investments discogs review variable annuities. She believes that a positive move past their blocks through has starred in three independent have made more money. These are complex and expensive the emergence of greater personal power, soulful leadership, and sacred. She has gained respect from certification in the Healing Tao sacred sexuality, tantra and embodiement. Mac spends her days building invested in that index much out, towards the mastery of funds to me. Clare Elizabeth Dea Clare Elizabeth writer, mentor, artist, speaker and working internationally as a spiritual award winning films. Once you sign the contract, been referring to insurance products empathetic energy healing, mediumship, channeling. We are in an exciting time to be alive, and the former face of adidas launched two lifestyle brands: Rainbeau Mars Lifestyles, a one-stop shop best of the best to support you in becoming more partnership with doTERRA Essential Oils to empower a healer in this world. Joy is your natural state- a spiritual catalyst, transmissionary and.

Investment. All of our packages are customizable and can include a consultation, coverage, high resolution images, ordering gallery, album and polaroid prints. Alea Lovely Fine Art Photography. International wedding photographer. The In Path. Alea Lovely Who is this for? This would This energetic investment towards your spiritual growth is a exchange of. $ Apply below.