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Leading non-banking finance company Shriram City Union Finance Ltd has got fair trade regulator CCI's approval for tpg investment india proposed merger of its two group companies through a multi-stage transac Piramal Enterprises, a firm promoted by Ajay Piramal, had acquired 9. TPG, a leading global private investment firm, has picked up a For global institutional investors that have been wary about investing in India for the past few years, the tide has turned and India has again become a must-have market.

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Werrett keysborough investments 101

Price FREE. Get Started Take this Course. Course Content Expand All. Course Introduction 3 Topics Sample Lesson. Lesson Content. Step 1: What Are Shares Anyway? Bonus Material 3 Topics. Rask Education. Rask Australia. Follow Us. Important Info. Invest with confidence:. Premium subscriptions. Accessing this course requires a login. Please enter your credentials below!

They yield 3. This is the equities Nirvana everybody is trying to achieve and if you can start this process with a little bit of smarty-pants timing buying after a correction you could do a lot better in the long term. Now the question is which stocks? We keep an up to date dividend calendar for our newsletter members which can be found by logging in if you are a member or on a free trial.

We also managed an income model portfolio to help show you what we think the top income stocks are. Access our dividend calculator and income portfolios for free by signing up to our day free trial. Skip to content. Income Investing Many retirees open a bank account for dividends. For those that rely on income the formula goes like this: Assume a 4. Related Posts. On the Couch with Equity Mates November 9, Disclaimers October 7, Remember Me FAQ.

Update Details. Now is not the time to not be informed.

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I went over to the house try to assist him which was incredibly amusing! To choose an agency that actually cares about helping you and is committed to a long term relationship, rather than one that offers you cheap fees just to get the business — only to disappoint you down the track. I have been known to spend hours of down time on realestate. I would say that through my time at LongView, I have become an expert in what goes into the process of listing and selling a property, on top of the extensive marketing that goes into sales and rental listings.

I was a mobilisation intern at Greenpeace Australia-Pacific. My job was to engage with the public around banning single use plastic bags in Australia. Engaging with people day in and day out is essentially what you do in any real estate job. If you want to know more about any aspect of the process, ask! I am a Trust Accountant. Every day I manage and account for large sums of incoming and outgoing funds. I am responsible for ensuring payments and statements are produced and delivered to Landlords and Property Investors on time.

Thank goodness my attention to detail, particularly for numbers, is pretty good! Very honest and diligent! I have experience in managing and extracting value from real estate data. I am fairly early in my career. Prior to this I had worked for a Supply Chain Management company as a Customer Service Representative, which helped me fit in with professional environment in Melbourne.

This helped me with my work ethic, customer relations and set my standards in my work ethic. Who knows when you may need to move. To understand it completely you have to do it all! I just recently left a job working for a healthtech company out of San Francisco.

Participating in an entity that was expanding rapidly was incredibly interesting. So many things were changing week to week. From that experience I bring the ability to adapt. Always consider compound annual growth! Giving me the ability to see things from all perspectives and share my views with our team.

I have heard of strange situations encountered by our Property Managers. I give them credit for their abilities to deal with difficult situations in a positive way that resolves issues amicably for all parties involved. As a previous Landlord, having confidence in a Property Manager to ensure lease renewals are signed.

If only Rental Guarantee to cover vacancy was an option for me at that time! Once the relationship is built and an understanding of short and long-term goals, working together with the customers is of prime importance to help them find their dream home. I have spent my life working with people and getting to know them. Some of these people have become great friends of mine. I once sold a house for someone that I later realised was the son of a family member.

It really is such a small world! I decided to go into Real Estate after 25 years in hospitality and my love of people and helping them make life decisions has always been important to me, so making the transition was easy. I apply this same thinking for Real Estate and the customers I meet.

I pride myself on time management and task prioritisation which enables me to perform my duties to my clients and tenants with a prompt and streamlined approach. Prior to working in property management, I worked at a property valuing firm. This job equipped me with the skills needed to keep up with the sometimes challenging and fast paced role of property management.

Safe to say the inspection was rescheduled. Whilst property managers are governed by the Residential Tenancies Act, find a property manager who will work with your best interests at heart, providing you with the best possible outcome each time. Real Estate is a relatively new area for me but I am very eager to get started and learn everything there is to know. I am enjoying the involvement that I have in the process, more specifically in the digital marketing and design.

I am however looking forward to getting more involved in the practical sales, generating leads and getting to interact more with people. My most recent role running a website development business taught me invaluable lessons in customer relations. Website development requires meticulous attention to a clients needs in order to develop effective solutions. Buyers and sellers in realestate require their needs to be understood and met. Everyone has their own motivations when it comes to property.

To some it is a financial investment and to others it is an emotional investment. When entering into the property market, it is essential to consider what your motivations are and to develop a relationship with an agent who understands you and can support you.

Customer service, helping out clients with their campaigns and marketing. Making vendors and purchasers feel comfortable in their decisions and throughout the campaign. Making sure everything from an administrative and organisational perspective is met.

At a previous job — was a very interesting day at work! When I was in highschool I worked at nandos — so a completely different role in hospitality! Dispute resolution, very few of my properties go to VCAT and I can minimise most disputes between Landlord and Tenant to a manageable level. I once managed a property which had a small jungle of a garden due to a level of neglect from the previous tenants and Property Manager.

The elderly Landlord had financial constraints on what she could spend for maintenance. Not only did we find a Tenant, but we found one that loved of gardening. At the end of the lease and just over 12 months later building delays , the Tenant returned a property with a garden anyone would be proud of. It was an all-round good experience and a reaffirmation of how good people can be to each other.

I was a Production Manager in South Guildford in Perth and managed a team of backpackers from across the world manufacturing large scale farming chemicals and animal health products. I learnt a lot about working with a broad-spectrum of people from all walks of life, their differing attitudes to their work and what is important to them.

It also taught me that there is always a different way to look at things. This is something I have been able to directly apply to working with Tenants and Landlords. Think a few steps ahead of every action, a quick fix now may cost you even more later.

I have been in real estate since The feeling is great knowing the next day you have a fresh, new batch of emails to respond to and issues to resolve. Also, I love being up to date with all my rent reviews and routine inspections. I also enjoy leasing properties out fast!!! Having an arranged routine inspection at a property only to see people sleeping in their bed even after knocking numerous times.

I had to walk straight out hoping they would not wake up. Never rely on monthly rent and always have back up of at least 2-months rent in case of any emergency maintenance repairs or late rent. Property Management and Property Development. What is the most interesting non-Real Estate job you have ever had, and what about that job has helped you in your current Real Estate role?

I have been managing Owners Corporation properties for the last 6. Attending to maintenance and emergency issues in a prompt manner, lodging insurance claims when required and building a relationship with the committee and Owners is what I am most proud of being an Owners Corporation Manager. The strangest thing that I had to deal with in Owners Corporation Managing over the last 6. This has helped me in my current role lodging insurance claims and getting a positive outcome for the Owners.

A few hundred dollars spent on a Defects Report could save you thousands later rectifying the defects. My first career was in real estate albeit a long time ago and in another country. I was a licenced agent having studied for 3 years to get the degree. I had extensive experience in all facets of Property management including residential, commercial, strata, industrial and new developments. Unfortunately, my qualifications were not recognised in Australia and I moved into the IT and education fields.

Many years later, once my children became independent, I took the opportunity to move back into the property industry which I love. I have been back for several years now and have not looked back. Being a property manager means I get to meet people from all walks of life. Having lived in 6 cities over 4 continents, I have a good understanding of different cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds.

We get to see it all in property management! From live crayfish in a bath before Christmas to convincing a Landlord that it was not a mouse in a roof but a possum! The complaint about the fencing contractors putting clods of dirt in their vegie patch was hilarious! Not a vegie in sight only weeds! When I first arrived in Australia, I was the National Sales Manager for a vertical computer company specialising in the insurance industry.

I had the privilege of travelling around Australia and gained an insight into this wonderful country. I was temping for an agency and I went to do a routine inspection. I opened the front door and a huge dog came running at me barking.

I ran into the nearest bedroom and was trapped until a colleague came to rescue me! The dog turned out to be quite delightful. I got to meet and befriend a lot of TV personalities. The role taught me how to deal with very difficult people in the most productive way possible. Never skimp on repairs and always update as required. Being able to provide an exceptional experience by relying on a strong Customer Service background.

There was an immediate warrant of possession where the tenant was made homeless due to arrears. In this instance, I looked up government housing and lead the tenant through to the homeless housing commission and was able to arrange a temporary solution for the tenant to get back on his feet. The most interesting non-Real estate job I have had would be when I was a Performance Manager at Salmat, a call centre.

To form a trusted relationship with your property manager and know that they are acting in the best interest of your investment, in alliance with Victorian Legislation. Being a property manager, no one day is the same. I worked in the retail industry for a while. As a professional real estate agent, I am always here to help. I am brand new to the real estate industry but have been an interested amateur for a long time.

As I am so new to the industry I approach all aspects of the business with a fresh point of view. I believe in offering the highest possible level of service to landlords and tenants and am constantly looking for ways to improve their experience. Men always seem to be in the toilet when I arrive for routine inspections — is it just me?

I previously made designer cakes for special occasions. Listening to and understanding what clients want, and finding creative ways to surpass their expectations, is great training for customer service in any field. I pride myself on having expert knowledgeable in the suburbs and areas that my properties are based in. I pride myself on being on top of my work load to ensure that everything can run as smoothly as possible. I used to work for a company in Kilsyth that built truck parts for Kenworth Trucks.

The job taught me how to use a wide variety of tools, taught me patience …… as well as how truck parts worked and how they were installed. We should always try to keep an open mind and show empathy as much as we can. Negotiating with Landlords and Tenants. Hoyts taught me time management in a high pressure environment.

Peak period would have over 9, people attend in a day. Really look at the bigger picture and the long term implications of every decision. Short term thinking will only lead to another problem down the track. Your Property Manager will advise the outcomes of each decision and why we reccoment what we do. Starting out as a weekend receptionist, I have been in Real Estate for almost 3 years and counting!

I passionately believe that a large part of being a great Property Manager is keeping yourself informed of changes in the industry and consistently communicating this to clients to provide the best investment advice suitable to their asset. I previously tutored mathematics to children between the ages of 5 — 16 years old.

Many of the challenges I faced in this role revolved around adapting to different levels of understanding and being able to gauge behaviour. From this, I have been able to refine my adaptability skills and apply this to tasks in my role as Property Manager which comes in handy when unforeseen situations arise. Whilst I was finishing up an open inspection, a couple of prospective Tenants came back and told me that the neighbouring Tenant had just backed into my car and drove off.

Landlord — I cannot stress enough how important Landlord Insurance is. To counter the uncertainty that often comes with leasing, you cannot put a price on peace of mind as a Property Investor. Tenant — always maintain clear and open communication with your Agent; we are here to make the Landlord-Tenant relationship easier and smoother for everyone. I have dealt with all kinds of people.

Engaging with everyone in a fair, friendly and professional manner is key to success in this profession. In is fulfilling, tiring, joyful, stressful, rewarding, frustrating, energising, demanding, enjoyable, challenging and remarkable! As a Property Manager I try to apply the same experience, patience and understanding to the needs of Investors and Tenants alike, to resolve issues that arise, care for the properties and manage expectations as I do as a parent.

Hopefully I can play a part in ensuring that your property investment provides a solid return and that your Longview experience is outstanding. I feel proud knowing that I am a perfectionist in what I do. One time I left the home open sign on the road for 3 days, and when I came back, it was still in the same place that I left it! To tell owners to wait for the right tenants to apply, rather than trying to rent their property as quickly as possible.

I loved the international vibe, the history, the architecture and the amazing team of people I worked with. This required a lot of hard work and long hours often looking after guests from across the globe from breakfast to bedtime. The ability to relate to a variety of people and understand their needs at any one time including film crews, grey nomads, backpackers and the local community and do it with a sense of humour is a skill I have transferred into my real estate career.

Our clients, being our vendors, landlords and tenants all have different motivations and needs around property and it is my goal to understand and service these needs over and above their expectations. Choose a professional agent who brings their A game, every time. Tenant — Take 15 minutes out to read and understand your Tenancy Agreement.

If you have any questions, consult your property manager. Communication is key. I consider myself blessed with the ability to help Landlords lease their property to the right Tenant quickly, usually within a couple of weeks, saving them tonnes in vacancy and unnecessary stress. A Mother wanted to give their son a taste of independence when we he finished school and sent him to live alone in their old home.

The son, being friendly and kind natured invited a homeless couple he did not know, to stay in his house for free thinking it would be a temporary thing. The couple were very grateful and content with occupying the spare room with minimal furniture. But two months later, the couple ended up taking over the master bedroom and the rest of the house. The son slept on the couch in the living room for a month before his Mum kindly helped the couple find accomodation elsewhere.

My first job after University was working as a Debt Collector. The truth hurts. The Agent who paints you the absolute true picture of the market and who may not be telling you what you want to hear, or even may annoy you at times could be the best friend you ever make. Tim has an accounting and finance background, starting his career with ASX listed Financial Services company, Perpetual.

Tim also lead philanthropic fundraising for the group in Melbourne over the last 12 months and remains a non-executive director and advisor to the group. I come from outside the Real Estate Sector, with a background in finance CA and early stage businesses.

The Real Estate Sector does not have a great reputation. My four years in the role gave me invaluable life and career lessons — from starting businesses in difficult circumstances to learning and appreciating our Indigenous culture and heritage. That role taught me a lot, including that starting and running businesses is hard. Really hard, when you are swimming against the tide. Separate the important and non-important numbers.

The biggest is the timing and location of purchase and sale. Timing the market in the right location is extremely difficult and the high transaction costs in property, makes switching assets highly prohibitive. Despite this, the vast majority of Property Investors do not seek professional advice in their decision-making process. Whilst this will always be an important part of the job, LongView offers a much more holistic professional service — helping you maximise your returns and manage your risk.

Antony was instrumental in leading energy market reforms for Governments in a number of countries. Today in addition to being our CFO, he is a non-executive director or advisor to several companies. Bought first property in Have worked in the industry now for four years. Thank you very much!!! For more than 25 years, Anne has been involved in building large, high profile property management companies in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney and developing high performance teams to run them.

Anne has worked alongside government departments in the development of course material for the Real Estate Licence modules and been employed as an assessor. Getting locked inside a one-bedroom apartment during a home open inspection — with another 11 prospective Tenants. The door was deadlocked and the keys in the lock at the other side. It was quite a sight to see 12 people huddled on a tiny balcony calling for assistance. Thank goodness for mobile phones!

I owned and ran a restaurant, and this definitely taught me patience and the realisation that being a Property Manager is a much easier role than working in hospitality. It returned venture capital investors times their original investment. Evan conceptualised and co-founded the GoodStart Consortium — the social venture owned by four charities that took over a failing ABC Learning and now meets the early childhood education needs of over 70, children. He is also an investor, board member or mentor to a range of technology start-ups in the Property and Education sectors.

Evan was a member of the Board of the Brotherhood of St Laurence for 8 years which is one of the partners in GoodStart. Evan was personally recruited by Premier Steve Bracks to be his Parliamentary Secretary, where he held the Innovation portfolio. He was also the Australian CEO of Better Place — an ambitious global start-up company building charge networks for electric cars.

After returning to Australia from his successful career in the Silicon Valley, Evan invested significantly in property and became frustrated with a lack of client focus for property investors in the real estate industry, and the idea of a firm focused on the full range of investors needs was born. He lives in Melbourne with his 3 daughters. Silicon Valley entrepreneur — taught me to look afresh at customer needs and how technology and data can help solve problems in new ways. Throughout his career, he has led large teams across Human Resources, Technology and Commercial operations.

Over the last two years Aaron has been investing and developing a number of technology platforms primarily in the recruitment industry which he continues to advise for. Property Investment has been in my family for 50 years and I started working on the family portfolio of properties based in Geelong in I was initially responsible for gardening and maintenance and also assisting with tenant management whilst I was finishing VCE and university studies.

Relationships whether that be with clients, tenants, trades and most importantly our people. I pride myself on understanding people and ultimately helping them achieve their goals. There have been many. If I reflect early in my time working on the family portfolio it would be cleaning up after some interesting vacates. I once had to unblock a toilet that had a wallet stuck in it! Property management is a people business and people is where I have spent the last 15 years of my career.

Your home is a reflection on you. I use this same mantra for our team at LongView. Your Partner in Property Investment. Trusted property investor partnerships. Rent Guaranteed. Years of Melbourne property experience. Employee : Client Ratio. Click here to join. Services Tailored For Your Property. Property Management Senior property managers delivering trustworthy tenants, market rent, required maintenance and a no-fuss experience. Guaranteed Rent Guaranteed rent on your current property — on the same day each month whether your property is tenanted or vacant.

Multi-property Portfolios A full portfolio assessment and business plan to ensure your portfolio is meeting your needs — cash flow v. Ideal for a large range of operators, join a diverse community and grow your business in one of the South East? Extremely high internal clearance up to 10 meters Two roller doors that allows drive through access Three 3 phase power Lots of on-site parking. This building will be great for your growing business and well worth for an inspection. Modern air-conditioned office Ample onsite car parking Motorised roller door Industrial 1 Zoned Kitchen and amenities both upstairs and downstairs.

High internal clearance Side yard with access Multiple roller doors 2 Functional office space Controlled intersection to Abbotts Road. This property not only suits the investors but also possible for re-development down the track STCA. With numerous features rarely seen, this property will impress upon inspection. With an allotment size of almost 30,m2 , prime position on Princes Highway, and the availability to sub-divide and develop into a number of different uses, a rare parcel of this magnitude and quality doesn't become available very often.

This development offers a variety of sizes and will be available to occupy 01 Total Land Size - 8,m2 Building Area - m2 approx. Unbeatable location Full amenities including shower and kitchenette 3 Phase power ready Motorised security gates. Concepts are available for this rare opportunity to pre-lease or purchase a new office warehouse of 1,sqm with potential for amendments to suit your needs.

High clearance warehouse of1,m2 Three 3 motorised container access roller doors Office showroom of m2 Bonus storage mezzanine of 58m2 27 car spaces. A Truly Rare Find This property is divided into two separate areas that caters to a wide range of users. Lower level is approximately m2 with toiler shower and clean warehouse. The upper level is approximately m2 with two roller doors, toilets, and kitchen Features: 3 phase power Concreted and fully-fenced yard Own title of sqm approximately Plenty of parking No body corporate.

Excellent corner retails showroom with high traffic exposure on Greens Road Large rear roller door with easy access off Kitchen Road Retail parking at the front Very flexible floor plan, will suite a variety of users Inspect now. Get in early to get the best pick of the bunch.

Clyde North, recently completed to the highest quality by renowned Elite Property Group. Building m2 approx. The newest Industrial Business park-Alto Pare. Cranbourne West is conveniently located on the fringe of Melbourne's South East and is one ofAustralia's fastest growing catchments in terms of population growth.

Only moments walkfrom Swinburne University Hawthorn and even closer to Glenferrie Station this is an unmissable opportunity to secure one of two remaining shops in this outstanding development. Located on the front door of Dandenong's CBD, sits this first floor office. The Easy Move to Cranbourne West Why go to the trouble of planning and designing your own build, when there are products like this coming on the market.

With 5 warehouses to choose from, this is the easy way to make your move into Cranbourne West. This little showroom is great for starters or owners looking to expand their business. This property offers great exposure to the Princess Highway and is not far from the Eastern Freeway. This dual level corporate facility boasts fantastic exposure and presence in Summit Business Park. These high-end warehouses are stand out opportunity for occupiers and investors alike. Offered to purchase off the plan so you get the desired choice of size and location.

Brand New Self Storage Warehouses! Incentives Offered For A Limited Time 24 mini warehouses or storage units are about to be built in Cranbourne West's major industrial estate by a reputable builder. Brand New Warehouse! Located within a short distance to the Peninsula Link, Eastlink and Frankston-Dandenong Road, these storage units are available for sale, with completion expected early An outstanding agency will add value to your sales experience on levels above and beyond the dollar value of your property.


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The Mayfair Group is a family-owned investment conglomerate that identifies, initiates and nurtures compelling business opportunities at scale. Our mission is to activate remarkable opportunities that have a strong social component, leverage the Group's resources in order to create win-win outcomes for investors.

Latest updates. Update to Investors. The Mayfair Group of companies reminds investors prior to investing in the products offered by the Mayfair Group that:. Mayfair is not a bank, and nor are any of the companies in the Mayfair Group. Investing in the products offered by the Mayfair Group is not the same as depositing money in a term deposit offered by a bank.

Investing in Mayfair Group products has a higher level of risk compared to investing in a bank term deposit. In certain circumstances, the Mayfair Group can exercise the right to suspend some or all redemptions at the end of the fixed term. The Mayfair Group exercised this right on 11 March Remember Me.

Site menu. Customer Reviews Contact us Log in Menu. Search finance answers:. More results…. Generic filters Hidden label. Hidden label. Current Status Not Enrolled. Price FREE. Get Started Take this Course. Course Content Expand All. Course Introduction 3 Topics Sample Lesson. Lesson Content. Step 1: What Are Shares Anyway? Bonus Material 3 Topics.

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