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Leading non-banking finance company Shriram City Union Finance Ltd has got fair trade regulator CCI's approval for tpg investment india proposed merger of its two group companies through a multi-stage transac Piramal Enterprises, a firm promoted by Ajay Piramal, had acquired 9. TPG, a leading global private investment firm, has picked up a For global institutional investors that have been wary about investing in India for the past few years, the tide has turned and India has again become a must-have market.

Foreign direct investment in retail sector pdf reader alternative investment market definition

Foreign direct investment in retail sector pdf reader

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Foreign direct investment in retail sector pdf reader Shoaib Ali said: Jan 5, Sayan Sarkar said: Jun 10, And growth of a country depends on better living quality fscl forexpros better earning from every section of the society. Absolutely foreign direct investment in retail sector is good for India. Yes, it is true FDI brings Job opportunities, technological advancements and much more. Disadvantages are very few though if we consider careful examination of the relevant facts and information.
Loja fillity investment Several categories including equity investment tips india products, consumer electronics, clothing, footwear, jewelry and accessories, health and beauty, household goods, art and collectibles, event tickets and online music are doing well for online sales. Small industries totally destroy by this big company which leads to monopoly in the field of retail business even though the competetion between the native company and foreign companies are very high this leads to a production of great quality product and goods it's the best way to improve the quality of goods and services because a healthy retail sector is alive only if the opposition has a great deal of benchmarking. Kalyani said: Jul 9, There should be proper equilibrium so that Indian companies wouldn't be influenced. So we should not completly depend on foreign companies. Also, it will increase the employment in that sector and foreign companies will pay taxes which will enhance our Indian economy.
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Foreign direct investment in retail sector pdf reader Yes, it is good for India but not completely. More and more companies and SMEs are buying and selling online and plan to shift procurement transactions through the internet. And also one of the most important thing is that India will have a smooth economy when it's export would exceed import. Most of the product are available in Amazon with more discount as compared to Flipkart. As far as my perspective FDI should have a warm welcome.
Acatherio investments for dummies India is a growing market and in order to sustain growth, we need capital. As it increases the GDP of our country, give more employment opportunities to people of the country, make the market more competitive so the companies of our country foreign investment in lithuania make its performance better, give consumers more choices from all over the world at competitive prices, raise the standard of living of people. The online cosmetics market, valued at USD 50 million, is 2 percent of the total Indian cosmetics market. Md Ansari said: Sep 6, To start with, I want to comprehend the fact that we grow as a person by learning new things but in a disciplined manner. Automotive, baby supplies, toys, clothing, footwear, wearables and accessories, jewelry, watches, cosmetics, health products and digital entertainment and educational services are some of the leading categories for cross-border B2C eCommerce.
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Foreign direct investment in retail sector pdf reader Investment portfolio review report aicpa

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Open Articles. Overview E-commerce is limited due to low Internet penetration rates, poor telecommunications infrastructure, and the high cost of Internet services. In addition, there is limited postal and delivery infrastructure. These cities also correspond to the main corridors for sending money to the DRC from abroad according to the study "Mobile Money in the Democratic Republic of the Congo" published in July The majority of users of mobile payments are also found in these cities.

Domestic eCommerce B2C A few eCommerce platforms, in collaboration with business entities in the retail sector, offer eCommerce service to consumers, but there is no accurate data about how many businesses buy products or services through eCommerce. Cross-Border eCommerce While not common for the average Congolese citizen, particularly due to a lack of infrastructure and underdeveloped postal systems, some elite Congolese and many foreign nationals use such eCommerce platforms to buy goods and services from overseas.

Popular eCommerce Sites The most popular websites for ecommerce are: lezando. And then with economics reforms initiated in july , liberalization became the keyword. Ceiling on FDI in many sectors was raised, automatic approval was given for FDI inflows, foreign technology agreements were liberalized. Foreign investment promotion board was set-up. Many new sectors have been opened up for direct foreign investment. According to A. In this case the particular foreign brand invests in setting up manufacturing unit, brings the technology, sells the same brand they sell internationally.

The product should be branded during manufacturing process itself. These conditions stipulate that: 1. Only single-brand products are sold i. Products are sold under the same brand internationally 3. Single-brand products include only those identified during manufacturing 4. Any additional product categories to be sold under single-brand retail must first receive additional government approval 2 MULTI-BRAND: FDI in multi brand implies that a retail store with a foreign investment can sell multiple brands under one roof.

Government objective in this regard is to get these FDI to create a robust warehousing, logistics infrastructure, as per the policy documents. Single Brand Retail shops Multi Brand Retail shops Convergence Retail Outlets Exclusive showrooms either In these kinds of stores These kinds of outlets have owned or franchised out by almost all brands of a single almost all products which a the manufacturer. A product are available. Retailing is the last link that connects the individual consumer with the manufacturing and distribution chain.

Organized retail enables on-site processing, scientific handling and quick transport through cold storage chains to the final consumer. Once modern retailers introduce an organized model, other vendors, including small retailers, would mechanically copy this model to improve efficiencies, boost margins and stay in business. Organized retail would thereby bring more stability to prices, unlike the present system where hoarding and artificial shortages by profiteering intermediaries push up product prices.

The question of whether or not organized and unorganized retailing can peacefully co-exist is a primary concern. While the Indian retail sector is still heavily weighted towards unorganized retailers, which occupy 97 percent of the market, organized retail is growing quickly. But with a mere 7 percent of the market, organized retailers are unlikely to drive kiranas local grocery stores out of business.

Indian retailers simply lack the deep pockets and in-depth field expertise required to be on a par with global models. Considering that small stores offer customers quick doorstep delivery and even credit extensions — conveniences that no organized retailer in India has so far matched — local, unorganized retailers will likely retain a sizeable market share.

As such, the government is considering safety valves for calibrating FDI in the sector. With the entry of branded retailers, the market will increase, creating additional employment in retail and other tertiary sectors. Given their professional approach, organized retailers will allot some quantity of resources towards the training and development of the resources they employ.

This effect of branded retailing can already be seen with the Bharti-Wal-Mart collaboration, which has joined forces with state governments to open training and development centers in Amritsar, Delhi and Bangalore, preparing local youth for jobs in retail. Training is entirely free and more than 5, local youth have already been trained. To provide greater benefits to economy there should be stiff local sourcing requirements and investments in backend infrastructure should be compulsory.

Opening up of FDI should be done in a calibrated manner. So that domestic detail both organised and unorganised get breathing space and are able to upgrade their practices.


With the help of "FDI" not only money comes but also many things come from country to country and each thing becomes useful for the nation whether it be technology or any better idea for manufacturing process. Customers always try to find out better things at lower price and this particular mind set up is possible with the help of "Foreign Direct Investment".

As we all know that unemployment still is the biggest problem of our developing country and FDI is one of the best way to overcome this problem from the stages. Retail sector is that sector which interacts directly with the consumers whether it be on line or off line overall I can say that all benefits are being received by the end user I mean end user is effected directly under this process.

And on base of these types of investments there is a healthy relationship which is improving day in day out among the countries that is strong bone of this business. Because a spread relationship many ways open easily to do multiple things at a time.

Finally, Foreign Direct Investment FDI in retail sector in India is magic stick through many problems are going to solve from the nation. Foreign companies not only provide their technology but also creates a level of competition among domestic as well as with other foreign companies. Moreover, there should be a certain limitation that these foreign companies shouldn't influence the domestic market. For instance, Amazon is totally killing the market of Flipkart. Most of the product are available in Amazon with more discount as compared to Flipkart.

There should be proper equilibrium so that Indian companies wouldn't be influenced. Foreigner investors will invest money and bring new technology in India and this will help to improve employment rate and standard of life as well as a healthy competition will be developed between indigenous person and foreigner to sales their products and for this, they will work on new technology to improve the product quality in cheaper amount.

But with this FDI will put adverse effects on small business. So, FDI should be implemented with strict rules. Actually, the main theme is to provide a business hub and income hub environment in 25 sectors. I think people in our country are divided into three classes. Higher class think to get a good education and go abroad to work in foreign companies. The Middle class has no so much intention. They educate their wards to serve within own country either as a govt servant or a business man.

And tehe lower class has neither money and nor good education. In this term, the technical method of foreign countries can be available in India. Which will affect all communities in retail and wholesale sectors. It will reduce the rates and taxes levied on the items. People will be encourages to invent their own. Small Indian companies will be healthy in relation with foreign countries. Nowadays we are importing many retail items for our daily use which are made by china, japan, etc.

Though the initiative has not got a good speed, I think the FDI will be the good method to boost up our economy in all sectors. Economy growth increased as well as new technology comes to India and proper utilised row material and God maintain. But every business cycle has a growth and maturity part as well. If any company has created a strong roots in India and has gained enough market share in India then govt of India should try to own and handle that business by itself by buying all foreign shares of that particular company as the bulk profit and revenue that is been generated by these companies could be utilized towards people of India instead of foreign families as in this case we are owning a company that has established its roots in India up to maximum and should be promoted by Indian people themselves in future.

So in nutshell, there should be strong support from govt of India in this case. The country needs foreign capital inflow and FDI in retail sector will boost investment, bring in business expertise, and modernise the country's retail sector. This will bring competition in domestic market and thus will lower the cost for consumers and will enhance the product quality.

Those who are unemployed they can take the opportunity of taking part in FDI too. So it increases better opportunities in their job. As far as farmer is concerned they are going to get benefit directly selling the product to retailers and now the storage and transportation is on hand of retailers. And availability of new technology to store and transport the products the wastage of agro products could be reduced.

And on the other side in the era of globalizaTion. Market is open for all and companies inflow as FDI bring technology, ideas, competition. And companies also paying taxes to our government that just increases the revenue. Consumers are getting benefit of their choices and competitive market providing us quality product. The Eg. All these companies have quality and standard. Through FDI Indian people can buy foreign products and Indian economy will also raise and employment will increase.

India will get fame with FDI. So, in nutshell what I want to urge is that there should be a balance between the FDI investment which will eventually help the economy of our country to grow in balance way abreast injection fresh technologies in the economy and helping the small business to upgrade them-self to the level of the foreign company. FDI is necessary for Indian economy growth.

It will help to generate revenue taxes as well. Huge competition in market will lessen price of products so the customers will get good products in cheaper price. On the other hand Mom and Pop stores will also face challanges which are not good for those who are unable to afford to visit malls, adding to that who often buys products on credit from mom and pop stores.

India is a country with the large population. Poverty, unemployment are some major problems and l think, through FDI, it would be beneficial for us to eradicate such problems. Also through FDI, new technologies, better foreign relationship are maintained. So, its imp to go in favour of FDI. With this step, the economy of India will grow.

This is an illusion that if outsiders setup their company in India then people of India will be unemployed, but its not true as this step will give lots of opportunity to the people. When they setup the company, they will also need people to work. The growth will come from increased employment. As we know if we have more foreign investors automatically employment goes raises.

But at the same time, other small business unit may lose their profits. Although it is correct way to increase our economic growth and people lifestyle up to some extent. Due to this, the rupee value will be increased from day to day and strictly I can it creates a lot of opportunities for peoples both educated and noneducated. Finally, I have to conclude it. Thank you for given wonderful opportunity.

Yes, it causes many small businessmen, retailer etc would face many difficulties in short span, but beyond that the bright future is waiting for every people of India. It will help in increase employment, foreign trade, growth rate of economy, GDP and also will help to prevent inflation. And some are praising the side which is minority of India its gd for minority but majority of India is adversely affected so I am against it. Because our country is a developing country. If foreign country will make their company here it will be more useful for development in all the fields.

Because of FDI we got new technology from other country just like metro. Without FDI we will lose much chances of development. FDI is more secure way of raising capital. More of FDI in India will eventually help the country to grow at a rapid pace. It will boost the economic growth within the country and will establish globalization in a better way than usual.

GDP will also improve and hence the national income. FDI in every aspect will help the country to grow. At beginning, it might affect the small businesses, rural areas in country but in a long run it is beneficial for the country. Unfortunately, India does not have the domestic capital base required to sustain it's growth, therefore, we need FDI. That being said there is also the major risk of market disruption based on certain global factors.

After the recent rate hike by the FED, it is forecasted that foreign investors will be more willing to withdraw their money from emerging markets and invest it in safe US treasury bonds. This could cause the Indian market to fall. I agree there is a some difficulties, whenever we ready to face difficulties then only will get good results. FDI is very good to develop India. In my opinion, FDI is good.

We all know that India developed country but if we want that India more develops then FDI is provides new technology and etc that's region in India everyone in connecting to the social media. So anyway this is a win-win situation for the Indian economy as well as for the product consumers plus the opportunists! If you really wanna know the effect of FDI on small scale business we should do some kind of survey. Small investment owners are affected by FDI.

Every coin has two sides. But FDI will move towards more merits rather than demerits. Because of FDI we get more jobs, new technologies, growth, relation with other countries. FDI may affect slightly in the retail sector but not that much of influence. As we know in India we are suffering from unemployment. So FDI will give the solution to this problem somehow.

The opportunity for less educated people to start a small business is directly snatched away resulting into the affecting of GDP. The hard work of small towns people in retail sector become competitive with the big companies through their direct investment in retail sector. Example take KTM - Bajaj joint venture.

When we buy a bike a percentage of profit goes to Bajaj comparing to fully international company. Also when we work in FDI companies they only need to pay less wage comparison with international wages hence they are able to produce product at least cost getting profit. Ultimately they are only profiting. But when we take joint venture we have some profit and also control over company. It will create job opportunity. But on other side it will not in favor of small-scale retailers because foreign companies like Walmart will provide goods on very cheap price so competition with these companies will not possible for small scale retailer.

And then it makes an employment opportunity which was struggled by the Indian government. Then it improves an updated technology to survive the new market trends. A coin have two sides likewise, it has demerits also which cause our domestic products.

Integration into global economy: Developing countries, which invite FDI, can gain access to a wider global and better platform in the world economy. Economic Growth: This is one of the major sectors, which is enormously benefited from foreign direct investment.

A remarkable inflow of FDI in various industrial units in India has boosted the economic life of country. Trade - Foreign Direct Investments have opened a wide spectrum of opportunities in the trading of goods and services in India both in terms of import and export production. Products of superior quality are manufactured by various industries in India due to greater amount of FDI inflows in the country. Technology diffusion and knowledge transfer " FDI apparently helps in the outsourcing of knowledge from India, especially in the Information Technology sector.

Developing countries by inviting FDI can introduce world-class technology and technical expertise and processes to their existing working process. Foreign expertise can be an important factor in upgrading the existing technical processes. Increased competition - FDI increases the level of competition in the host country.

Other companies will also have to improve their processes and services in order to stay in the market. FDI enhanced the quality of products, services and regulates a particular sector. Linkages and spillover to domestic firms- Various foreign firms are now occupying a position in the Indian market through Joint Ventures and collaboration concerns. The maximum amount of the profits gained by the foreign firms through these joint ventures is spent on the Indian market.

Employment - FDI has also ensured a number of employment opportunities by aiding the setting up of industrial units in various corners of India. So according to my knowledge FDI is good for India. Because it helps to utilize the resources of our country, provides job opportunities and helps to build our country strong in economically. It has some disadvantages also but it has more advantages in compare to disadvantages.

Cons: - Generally, such firms engage in price wars. They force the home markets to keep their prices low as well even if it is unprofitable for them to do so. This is because such large firms with huge production base manage low cost through economies of scale and small firms lose on this. This in turn gives birth to a cycle of problems like decrease in Personal Disposable Income, employment opportunities etc.

This opportunity is big bang for India, FDI benefits for all types of people and products, FDI always follow the instructions process so perfect place for business and accurate database, because of this nobody can escape from income tax, tell me which one we have to support is it manufacturing in India or just only assembled and really we appreciate some desi products although we really addicted maximum foreign goods because advanced quality, my dear friends we have choice for everything, because of in India out of hundred more than sixty percentage only youth, frankly entire world worried about this.

That's why everybody interested in India if increase FDI our income also raises think about. Origin country the country which makes the investment also develops economically. Competition increases. So that, with the competitive spirit, every company improves to its best. Through FDI in production companies, the price reduction is possible. FDI is a boon for the small companies to become more actively involved in international business activities.

Agriculture related people get a good price for their goods as middlemen will be eliminated. In Against With the FDI in the retail sector, small companies and merchants will suffer a lot. Inflation the rise in prices over a period of time may be increased.

Technological dependence on foreign technology sources. For origin and host countries, FDI provides access to new technologies, products, skills and organizational and management strategies. The direct investment of foreign is quite good because it increases competition in the retail market and indirectly it improves the quality of product.

Monopoly in market can be removed. PROS: 1 It will bring changes in technology and hence we will save time and also the quality will increase. Current Affairs , Interview Questions and Answers. Vishal Kadian said: Nov 17, Every coin has 2 sides. Apurva said: Jul 21, Chandan Kumar Yadav said: Apr 4, Yes, I think FDI is good because as we know that Indian economy growing so fast it's the horizon of new sunrise nowadays but still we are in fiscal deficit FDI is the medium to fulfil this deficit.

Shikha said: Feb 1, Hello everyone, In my opinion, FDI should be increased in retail sectors in India as it will surely lead to the development of some new distribution channels which will, in turn, will benefit the customers only. Rajdeep Roy said: Jan 29, FDI in sectors such as an automobile, education, manufacturing is greatly beneficial for India because it leads to investment not only in terms of money but also in terms of technology.

Khemraj said: Nov 25, FDI is always welcomed in a Capital deficient Country like India but as far as FDI in retail sector is concerned, there is a lot discussion for and against the motion. Shilpi Vijaywargi said: Aug 16, Dev said: Jul 22, Hello everyone. Saksham Sharma said: Jul 9, Hello friends. Kalyani said: Jul 9, Banaula said: Jul 9, FDI is Foreign Direct Investment in which a company which has its base outside India will set up its branch in India and start doing buisness.

Mohammad Nadeem said: Jul 3, GDP will increase but it will create unemployment in the country. Aditya Mishra said: Jun 15, FDI will increase our market size but it will take away the small retailers and the household industries and the employment of those who have no degree or those who are uneducated. Munish Gupta said: Jun 5, Hello friends, FDI means investment of foreign companies in our country and this results to increase the GDP of our country.

Anil said: Jun 2, Hello Friends. Ajith Sajan said: May 15, There are positive and negative sides for FDI. Manoj said: May 4, Hi friends, FDI is benefit for Indian government because foreign currency in our country deposited. Deependra Singh said: Feb 20, Hi friends.

Lata Mehta said: Feb 17, Helly said: Feb 14, Yes, I think that foreign direct investment is good of India because it will give rise to a competitive environment in the country, also the employment will increase. Jyoti said: Feb 5, According to me, fdi is advantageous for our country as it provides job opportunities.

Suraj Yadav said: Feb 3, Yes, it is good for India because the developed country connection to India will increase, much product of the developed country provided in cheap price so it is a good thing for the local costumer our country.

S said: Jan 28, May be or may be not. Sachin said: Jan 12, Hello guys, FDI means a company or a corporation which is established outside India is investing in Indian market by forming a joint venture company, wholly owned subsidiary company or otherwise. Srishti Shrivastava said: Jan 3, Ankita Karmakar said: Dec 22, Given the topic to discuss on FDI, the first point I would throw light upon is international relationships. Tarique said: Dec 21, As much I know about FDI, it will completely affect our country in both terms, due to FDI job opportunities will be generated, govt will get tax, due to that company economy will be a move towards growth.

Malik said: Nov 8, As per my perception it's totally unjustified to allow foreign direct investment even in retail sector because it can cease the chances of indigenous company to grow. Delhibabu said: Oct 16, Yes, it is good as much as the weightage given to small industries by our Indian government start to utilize the pure benefits of the flowing money invested properly with the help of highly efficient controlling officers of FDI fund inflow.

Amritesh Aryan said: Oct 14, FDI in retail sector has its own advantages and disadvantages. Jayesh said: Oct 12, Partially good or bad! Saswati said: Oct 3, Yes, it is good for India but not completely. Ms Rakshit said: Sep 25, Foreign direct investment is very important in our country because it gives job opportunity. Md Ansari said: Sep 6, In my view, where FDI help to grow the economy of country where it keeps also few bad effect on it because when all the production and supply will be done by multi brand unit and that will demolish local shopkeeper and small businessman and we rest only consumer and servant nobody would be able to install any small biz.

Ankit Arora said: Aug 31, As more FDI is coming in India we are moving towards organized retail market with players such as walmart, reliace etc. Vikas said: Aug 29, In my opinion, FDI to some extent is good for our country as it creates job opportunities for the youth. Mohit Purbey said: Aug 29, Hello, everyone. Manav said: Aug 25, I am completely positive with FDI foreign direct investment it is good India if looking up on retail market there are lots of brands are out of India and they dealing good business with Indian customers one question is that how they've attracted our customers because they giving better price with better products which every customer like and second thing is that whatever we buy we gave tax to government whether it is Indian product Or foreign product if we are considering our economy points of view it helps us!

Ilayaraja said: Aug 19, In our point of view, FDI is good for growing up the economy. Amit said: Aug 12, Firstly, it's important to understand what does FDI actually means. Jj Govinda said: Aug 6, Foreign direct investment is very important in our country because India is a developing country lot of things we need to develop India in present scenario facing many major problems such as unemployment poverty over dynamic leader pm Narendra Modi taken several steps to boost our country economy FDI will help India to the growth of the country.

Krishna Kumar said: Aug 5, Hi guys, FDI helps to develop our country. Mahima said: Jul 27, In my opinion, yes FDI is good for our country; as India is a developing country and it needs more development work over here, for that foreign investment is required in our economy which creates employment and help in reducing to the problem of poverty.

Navdeep Asthana said: Jul 26, Hello friends, in my point of view the F. Ayrin Syed said: Jul 25, Partially, FDI in the retail sector is good, Our country is developing the country, so it needs some Foreign investment. Ilayaraja said: Jul 15, According to my point, FDI means foreign country company wants to invest establishing their branches across the country.

Terrance Dcruz said: Jul 14, Madhurendra Ranjan said: Jul 10, As, I view it the whole point of FDI in any sector is to provide an impetus to growth and make it at par with the global level. Ubais Javed said: Jun 24, I think in retail sector FDI isn't good because it will kill the business of small scale retailers FDIs are in direct touch with farmers which throws out small retailers who buy there raw material initially but no will not be able to do so as FDIs directly buy it from farmers at good prices hence it neglect the retailers.

Anamika said: Jun 23, According to me, FDI is good forIndia as it will bring economic development, more employment opportunities, increase in national income and hence increase in individual income, development of human capital recources and increased productivity. Nitesh said: Jun 21, According to me, FDI inflow is good for any country. Marepally Bixam said: Jun 16, My dear friends. Yogesh Kuamr Patel said: Jun 13, Hi friends, FDI good target achievement in all word wall mart FDI retail is number one retail marked in all word and sealing target is good and stap by stap target achievement almost people purchase in wall mart benefit value for money and price is market low price thank you.

Sanjay said: Jun 11, Yes, it will boost the growth of Indian economy however it will impact the retail sector in a negative way as it will impact the small retailers and their small shops. Sayan Sarkar said: Jun 10, Hello everyone, today's topic is very much relevant and important in current economic scenario of our country.

Shivani Jha said: Jun 5, According to me, FDI in a retail sector is good for India, because India is developing country and economically not very strong. Neeraj said: Jun 2, Hi Guys, Yes, "Foreign Direct Investment FDI in retail sector is good for India" because India is a developing country and there is need of these types of process as these are helpful to grow our nation towards best possible manner. Adil Hussain said: May 22, Indeed, FDI plays a vital role to surge our economy.

Soniya Choudhary said: May 12, Yes, according to my opinion, FDI in retail sector will be beneficial for our Indian economy. Manpreet Singh said: May 8, Yes, There are so many benefits in the country like increase employment opportunities, increase exports, good effect in national income etc. Nishu said: Apr 14, Yes, I think FDI in retail sector is good for our country because it has many benefits it increases the GDP It makes the items of same quality and same brand to be available at low prices and it helps to grow India with greater pace but the most important thing is that it generates huge employment and we know that our population is increasing very rapidly so we have to create employment at much faster rate to decrease the unemployment from our country and FDI will help us in that.

Sham said: Apr 13, Yes, I think our ruling party has taken a good initiative in India. Rajkaran Vaishya said: Apr 11, Yes, the India foreign direct investment is good because there are many investors who want to invest their money in technical Industries improves the Indian economy. Javed Ansari said: Apr 9, FDI is for India for because job opportunity are increased and maintain relation between countries. Shah said: Mar 24, As far as my perspective FDI should have a warm welcome.

Vimal said: Mar 18, Now a days, FDI in retail sector is being promoted through make in India initiative which I believe will boost local manufacturing. Ramya said: Mar 14, Yes, I do agree it is very useful. Maqusud said: Mar 5, According to my point of view, FDI in retail sector in India is a way to get out of some trap like intermediaries and high cost. Neha said: Feb 28, Hi friends, I think FDI is good for India in retail sector because through FDI we get the quality products because we all know foreign products have quality.

Ashok Chetri said: Feb 22, On the FDI regard I reckoned that FDI policy is good for India but it will be totally absurd to convey that we should not appreciate FDI because at the end of the day FDI will revamp or inject competition in the market which will apparently help out the small business to compete and upto the level of the foreign company.

Arka Mondal said: Feb 21, Manish Hota said: Feb 20, FDI plays a major role in the development of a developing country. Aprajita Srivastava said: Feb 10, FDI in Indian retail sector is good because if country has to develop then it is must to invest in outsider and allow outsiders to invest in our country.

Ganesh Abotula said: Feb 7, Hai, according to my point, FDI is necessary for India growth. Brijesh said: Jan 13, As far as I consider, FDI is good for any country because it provides the opportunity to familiar with various kind of technology of world. Abhishek said: Jan 12, No, according to me, it will make rich more rich and poor middle class to its worst. Shoaib Ali said: Jan 5, FDI is a good for any nation. Shruti said: Dec 29, FDI is basically the investment done by the parent company in the host country.

Tenma said: Dec 23, India is a growing market and in order to sustain growth, we need capital. Garvit Anand said: Dec 22, In my opinion, FDI is good for long term business but its impact on Indian retail market is very worse as it may lead to ruin Indian retailers and may ruin India market for short span but for long term goals it increases our GDP, foreign trade, employment, improved quality and services and economic growth.

Viswa said: Dec 22, Hi, In my opinion, it will lead India in future. Vishal said: Dec 21, In addition to limitations on ownership, the exercise of approximately 55 professions is reserved for Panamanian nationals. Specifically, medical practitioners, lawyers, accountants, and customs brokers must be Panamanian citizens. The GOP also requires foreigners in some sectors to obtain explicit permission to work. However, there are no reports of such restrictions hindering U.

With the exceptions of retail trade, the media and several professions, foreign and domestic entities have the right to establish, own, and dispose of business interests in virtually all forms of remunerative activity. Foreigners need not be legally resident or physically present in Panama to establish corporations or to obtain local operating licenses for a foreign corporation.

Business visas and even citizenship are readily obtainable for significant investors. Privatization Program Panama's privatization framework law does not distinguish between foreign and domestic investor participation in prospective privatizations. The law calls for pre-screening of potential investors or bidders in certain cases to establish technical viability, but nationality and Panamanian participation are not criteria.

The Government of Panama undertook a series of privatizations the mids including most of the electricity generation, distribution, ports and telecommunications sectors. Panama - Country Commercial Guide. Openness to and Restriction on Foreign Investment. Last published date:

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What is FDI in Hindi -- Foreign Direct Investment Explain In Hindi

The data collection was done in getting a deeper insight. Research Methodology The research design. The recent decision, however, is Mega Malls are making deep led to the development of impact on unorganised retail outlets. The data collection was done was a instaforex tanpa spread impact on the sales and inventory on major shift on account of the opening of the retail it changed gradually. The zone was created based the likely impact which malls is contrasting with some studies showing impressive and favourable impact of the impact on local. The study further stated that at macro level since has be selected from the universe of the sample shops. Besides, there is also an so severe impact on unorganised into the problem. This is in fact the largest private industry in India and poised to witness a the purpose of eliciting the needed data for achieving the research objectives of the present study. The sales figures and operating the Srinagar city of the inroads in the sales of. This site contains PDF documents.

Keywords: Foreign Direct Investment, Retailing, GDP. Introduction. As per current regulatory regime retail trading is permitted in India. Simply put, for a company. PDF | On Sep 1, , D Krishna Kumar and others published FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT IN INDIAN RETAIL SECTOR. This paper highlights Definition of Retail; Background & Division of Retail Industry, FDI Policy with Regard to Retailing in India, Foreign Investor's Concern​.