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Leading non-banking finance company Shriram City Union Finance Ltd has got fair trade regulator CCI's approval for tpg investment india proposed merger of its two group companies through a multi-stage transac Piramal Enterprises, a firm promoted by Ajay Piramal, had acquired 9. TPG, a leading global private investment firm, has picked up a For global institutional investors that have been wary about investing in India for the past few years, the tide has turned and India has again become a must-have market.

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Alex tajirian investments

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On the other hand, start-up successes have been consequences of prudent initial niche strategies. The document asks for financial projections, the applicant's goals for its TLD, and the benefits the applicant expects to derive. All that information is meaningless. The number of possible new generic top-level domains gTLDs to apply for is daunting. Where do you start?

This essay warns against some common pitfalls and outlines three logical steps that you need to follow in making your selection. Remember that there is money to be made in owning the right gTLD. Skeptics focus on the success, or lack of it, of previous expansions such as.

They're using the wrong lens. You must understand the sources of risk, gauge your risk tolerance, and you must obtain an estimate of the value of your proposed TLD's future revenues with the effects of potential competitors factored in, a step too many applicants ignore. Now what? This essay focuses on how to differentiate by being socially responsible. The king of extensions is. But one day soon.

First, the newcomer will have been sold as an underdog. Second, it will have attracted businesses that are passionate about being content-quality leaders. The time is now to make sure your brand makes it onto the list of new top-level domain names. Brand owners should immediately start re-enforcing your brands by promoting ". Your Brand" as a top-level domain TLD extension. You must implement the strategy through a two-stage process: free ride on pre-launch discussions and submit your application request with ICANN during the application period.

Failures will continue if not recognized and immediately addressed. Leadership is about the future, a journey into uncharted territory, and it requires vision supported by technical, operational, and mind-changing competencies. The ICANN study driving this number must be made public so that our industry's risk management experts can size up the finding. Why am I skeptical?

La Casa Gelato in Vancouver, Canada, is doing just fine by selling a grand total of more than ice cream flavors wild asparagus, balsamic vinegar, dandelion -- you get the idea. On the other hand, Apple Inc. My advice: Go the Apple route. Empirical studies on cyber- and typosquatting for example, Moore and Edelman's "Measuring the Perpetrators and Funds of Typosquatting" may inadvertently encourage bad behavior. People tend to do what most other people are doing, even when the given act is presented to them as something wrong.

The first report that the group commissioned on the subject was greeted by a loud and unhappy uproar. Now we have the preliminary draft of a new report, this one by professors Katz, Rosston, and Sullivan. It is insightful and analytic, but the final version needs to consider the theoretical and empirical issues Dialogue is the only way to end cybersquatting. Distrust between brand owners and domain owners with an assist from some cockeyed business incentives has turned a problem into a very expensive vicious cycle.

Here's how the problem plays out now. There has been an ongoing debate on domain name blogs about the relationship between investment and speculation, but there has been no attempt to clarify and reconcile different views. In this essay, I shed some light on the relationship and analyze the implied value creation of transactions in the secondary markets. When deciding to register a given domain name under any of the new ICANN-proposed top-level domains TLDs , remember that a relatively high initial registration volume does not necessarily imply that the domain names will command high market value or that demand for them will grow.

Below are some of the reasons Having eBay has worked out pretty well for the world at large; now it's time for the world of domain names to start using it. We need to throw away the jumble of different auctions and dealer sites. Speculators may not like having their haunts cleaned out, but corporate end-user buyers and investors will welcome the chance to deal with one centralized auction mechanism with one set of rules.

Two sides can oppose each other strenuously and still be wrong in exactly the same way. Here I spotlight the key mistakes by concentrating on ". This post outlines the correct use of an outlet strategy, points out the value of such a strategy, and the advantages of executing the strategy through a new ICANN top-level domain TLD instead of a second-level domain name.

A successful strategy has to explicitly include lower price and quality. Otherwise, with only a lower price, a brand owner would cannibalize the main brand and cause damage to brand equity. A secret weapon is falling into dangerous hands. Organized cybercriminals are building up portfolios of cybersquatting domain names. A smart operator with such a portfolio can go beyond simple stealing and competing full out for traffic and revenues.

Rightful brand owners, feeling the squeeze, will find out too late that the bandits have the money to fight legal action. The time to act is now, before pieces of the playing field have been bought up by the enemy. Solutions to cybersquatting and phishing must target brand customers instead of the trademark infringers, who are in effect liars. This post outlines why online-based traditional solutions fail, and it offers solutions to two types of lying cybersquatting and phishing.

Offensive domain-name registrations require strategic corporate decisions. Second, they require different strategic and tactical remedies when third parties register desired names. Thus, different organizational approaches are necessary to manage domain name risks and rewards. The essay identifies the strategic differences and remedies for the two types of domain names, and outlines the implications for internal work-flow organizational structures.

I outline two possible drawbacks with the idea of first revealing rules for the new proposed Top-Level Domains TLDs and then for second-level registrations. I propose a lottery process to initially allocate second-level domain names. A number of people have voiced concerns about the idea of automatically granting the winner of the TLD a monopoly power over second-level domain registrations.

We should also be worried about the financial interest ICANN has in not providing the rules for the two-level registrations simultaneously. For the new tools to be value adding they should facilitate navigation, reduce search cost, or provide actionable branding information through marketing.

Unfortunately, the new TLDs bring in a mixed bag of value-adding and -destroying tools. Your corporate domain names send implicit messages signals through their Top-Level Domains TLDs and their second-level words. Shape your domain names so to send the right messages and to avoid sending unintentionally confusing messages.

The post focuses on a framework to help bidders determine which TLDs send messages that are potentially profit generating Soon TLDs such as ". The system being discussed is a combination of beauty contests and auctions. After he did so, Dr. This essay outlines some of the errors in Professor Carlton's rebuttal and Dr. Kende's comments. A number of experts believe that the question is simply how much the United States should give up and how soon.

This essay argues that "giving up" can be a win-win solution; i. Using court cases, the essay points out that there is no one right way to value intangible assets but there are wrong ways. Using the purchase by Toys "R" Us of Toys. Nevertheless, as domain owners, we need to begin giving ourselves a share of blame too.

The reports cite seminal papers in economics, but the papers' applicability here is dubious. For example, for economists a "good" is a product intended for consumption, which is a different sort of animal than a financial investment. Drawing on standard-setting approaches and the regulatory options at the disposal of the Federal Communications Commission FCC , I outline three alternative venues to decide on launching new top-level domain names TLDs.

ICANN needs to analyze all these venues before making a final procedural decision. The best mechanism for valuing this decision, a mechanism that outperforms crowdsourcing , blogs, and committee decisions, is the legal and easy-to-implement solution known as prediction markets.

Irrespective of which solution to the current domain name brand-sharing impasse ends up being adopted by brand owners option 1 , option 2 , or a combination , the owners must first understand and embrace current trends in online communications, information gathering, and entertainment. Thus, for a solution to succeed the corporate mindset toward new technologies needs to change; after that brand owners can work cooperatively with the domain name industry owners and institutions to increase the aggregate pie.

The essay outlines a market-driven and value-adding solution to brand use in domain names. The solution relies heavily on the Electronic Frontier Foundation's remedy to music file sharing. I propose its adoption for new registrations and renewals.

Brand sharing in domain names is here to stay; desperate attempts to stop it through legal action are ineffective and will do nothing but destroy value. Thus, domain name and trademark owners must start putting pressure on ICANN to assume its trademark responsibility. Legal trademark issues related to domain names will take a long time to resolve. Meanwhile, using a statistical model to determine infringement benefits all parties. The legal system has not yet established comprehensive and easy to understand rules under which a domain name is considered to infringe on a third party's trademark.

The vacuum allows trademark owners and their agents, such as the Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse CADNA , to sue domain name owners pretty much at will, but doing so is not always in the best interest of trademark holders. A registrar who also engages in domain tasting can inadvertently create ripple effects throughout the domain name industry. We are now experiencing ripple effects from the subprime market and its repercussions on related markets. Unmonitored coupling of seemingly unrelated markets can be devastating to our industry.

A triumph by the Internet Commerce Association ICA over tactics and legislation detrimental to domain name owners might end up being a case of winner's curse, a triumph bought at the expense of the industry. In picking this one battle to win, the association ignores a broader war, the range of issues our industry needs to address.

We'll only be able to tell whether domain names are recession proof by waiting for the performance of e-commerce sites during the holiday shopping season. Domain name owners and buyers have to remain in suspense a while longer. Some domainers are experiencing drops in sales and prices. However, it is not clear whether those drops are because of changes in valuations by buyers, sellers, or both.

Domain owners are bearing tremendous risk that someone else is better equipped to absorb. In this post, I outline the motivation of risk ownership, the sources of risk associated with owning a domain name, and the ways by which some of these risks have been transferred to institutions that are better equipped to handle them.

I close by pointing out that we would be better served by having a trademark risk-management entity. I first outline a brief history of free file-sharing technology, then draw some general and domain name lessons, then outline the what, how, and why that make your activism effective and necessary The domain name industry is decentralized and atomic in that anyone from anywhere in the world can register a domain name, keep the ownershp name and address private, and host it from a country where the U.

Thus, legal action will only drive domain owners further underground. Below I outline some of the issues related to stakeholder interests and mechanism design Successfully managing the design of an allocation mechanism for new TLDs will entail coordinating functions across various competencies.

To rely on a standard auction mechanism for the allocations would be a historic setback for the domain name industry, as successful allocation design is all in the details. They are market solutions to illegal activity: free downloading of music and free use of brands in domain names, respectively.

The music industry tried to fight the free downloading of copyright-protected music by taking legal action against free downloaders under the pretext that their activity siphons industry revenue Professional domain name appraisals have acquired a dubious reputation, and I understand the rational skepticism regarding their usefulness.

It will also underscore some of the sources of skepticism toward various appraisal methodologies, and point out the advantages and limitations of statistical models. The paper concludes with a list of the conditions that can make a professional appraisal value adding, and with a plea for transparency. David Kesmodel's to be released book The Domain Game , irrespective of how it is received, will undoubtedly catapult the industry into a new era: that of the neodomainers, the super crunchers.

To analyze the impact of the book on the industry, let's look at stylized exchange scenarios featuring a domainer as intermediary an intermediary in that he or she acquires from the seller and then hopes to resell to the buyer Some domainers, having forgone parking revenue to avoid any claims of trademark violation, have then found themselves thrown into legal trouble with trademark claimants because of actions taken by a third party ISPs and PC manufacturers.

In addition to the resulting direct legal cost, the possibility of action by a third party heightens uncertainty and steals management's attention away from its real job. The troubles for the domain name owner start when a surfer who enters in the browser an inactive domain name is redirected to a Web page with advertising instead of getting a page that says there is an input error The essay expands a cooperative solution to third-party use of brands in domain names.

Like any approach that depends on cooperation, the solution will require both sides to change behavior but also allow both sides to take credit for the resulting benefits, i. If not immediately addressed, the problem of third-party use can become a major threat to the industry.

But we already know one thing: when it comes to this issue, legal action and bullying don't work. Typosquatting's negative effect on the surfing experience can be easily eliminated, and in a way that allows all parties to make money. What's called for is an affiliate program.

You would not be happy if you typed a domain name into your browser and wound up in nowhere land because of a simple misspelling. That's the negative surfing effect of typosquatting There are two types of domain name appraisers, designated here as type "1" and type "0," with the former being appraisers who rely on a scientific approach. A large number of domain owners use the services of type "0" -- the nonscientific -- or do the appraisal themselves.

Approaches used by scientific appraisers include regression-type statistical modeling, discounted cash-flow analysis, and reliance on the Law of Large Numbers. This post looks at some of the typical erroneous arguments against taking a statistical approach and provides an example from law One issue that a large number of domainers agree on is that domain tasting under the current ICANN-approved policy is bad for the industry. For one thing, a healthy portion of the practice involves trademark use that not only is illegal but also destroys value.

Of course, particular segments of the domain name ecosystem can suffer value destruction because of tasting that doesn't infringe trademarks. But most criticism is directed, and rightly so, at tasting that raises trademark issues. Litigation over the trademark issues has done little to stop the practice and destroys value for trademark holders and domainers alike A new type of domain-name hijacking is being carried out unnoticed.

It involves third-level domain-names associated with affiliate programs. If you had been an online affiliate of, say, company xyz. Serving Since You may encounter problems using various features on CircleID. Send Message RSS. Website Company. Featured Blogs 91 Comments Featured Blogs Cars. Facebook vs. Oct 23, Comments: 6 Views: 24, Dec 08, Comments: 3 Views: 21, Apr 26, Comments: 0 Views: 20, Nov 21, Comments: 8 Views: 19, Argument for splits: To make stock "more attractive" to investors?!

Value of firm is not expected to change. Reasoning: There is nothing the firm can do that investors cannot duplicate. Firm and investors have identical opportunities. Bird in the hand fallacy. What about return? Grand Ma's argument: "I need the regular cash dividend to live on!

But tax on dividends must be paid now, while on capital gains would be in the future. Stock held for 20 years. Assume that all earnings are paid as dividends. In practice, it is too expensive to signal with dividends. Legal Requirements: Companies cannot keep "excess" cash as retained earnings if no investment opportunities exist.

They have to distribute them as dividends. Institutional Restrictions: Many trust portfolios are required to protect the investment principle and can only spend investment income. Thus, they tend to invest in companies with high dividends.

Investors interpret it as a negative signal, in that the firm's future opportunities are not good. If a company has excess cash, then it should acquire another. Given U. Stock repurchase is a form of dividend. Stock splits should have no effect on the value of a company. If XYZ Inc. If splitting a stock increases its liquidity, then the firm necessarily benefits. A 3-to-1 stock split means that for every 3 shares you currently own you end up with one.

Moreover, the new price, after the split, would be 3 times the original price. If the company does not have any positive NPV projects to invest in, then it should pay shareholders dividend either extra dividends or repurchase stock. Note, acquiring another company in the same line of business is also considered a project.

See notes for explanation 3. Since dividends are defined as a distribution of wealth. Stocks have to be re- purchased at a price higher than then market price. Thus, additional value has to be distributed to shareholders. A possible explanation for the price increase might be than investors interpret the increase as a strength in the company's future earnings prospects.

Thus, they buy the stock, this increases the demand for the stock, and thus its price goes up. Actually the opposite is true. The new lax laws make high paying dividend stocks even less attractive to the average investor. One disadvantage of SPDRs is that dividends, from the underlying stocks, are distributed to shareholders. An index fund, on the other hand, can devise a dividend re- investment plan to reduce the dividend tax effect.

Liquidity in the secondary market benefits the investors not the company.

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Do you know how to assess that value? Just as in financial markets, there are primary and secondary markets for web domains. You think up a word, go to your favourite ISP and check if the name is taken. If not, you buy the domain name for a nominal annual fee. A large number of domain names are owned but not used. More importantly, several sites with generic or general-purpose names like AssetManagement.

Those are links that are paid for by firms that want the site traffic. This process is referred to as the monetization of a domain name. This is where the analytics of the Internet get interesting. Moreover, online advertising as a percentage of sales is way too low given current online trade and should pick up markedly in this decade. That gives a sense of how valuable leads can be think of them as cash flow generators , even on the Internet, and how valuable portfolios of domain names can become.

But Tajirian uses the tools of information economics to show that there are some issues with the PPC model. First, the owner of the site may want to generate revenues off her own site, as she receives a percentage of ad revenue every time a click occurs this is a moral hazard. These developments actually characterize the secondary market of domain names as an emerging locus of alternative investment.

Some recent events actually demonstrate this. First, single-letter names such as A. Recently, Fish. Second, domain names seem to be the ultimate income trust. Third, private capital and wealthy investors are building domain name portfolios to tap into this market. Fourth, firms such as DomainMart now manage private investment domain name funds. What does the Account Invest in?

The Account may invest in the following instruments:. Who is an Account Designed for? The Account is designed for investors who wish to take advantage of investment opportunities in domain names and domain-name based assets while receiving periodic income. The fee is compensation for analyses of investment opportunities, negotiations, transfer, and escrow services on a successfully acquired domain name. Domain name registrations, renewals, and other registrar and registry services deemed valuable by the Investment Manager are expensed at cost.

The Auto Distribution Plan enables you, as the owner of an Account, to make regular monthly redemptions of monthly monetization income MMI. About DomainMart DomainMart is an industry leader in providing domain-name secondary-market products and consulting services, including appraisal, leasing management, escrow, parking, protection, valuation, and traffic monetization management since

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A company can choose forex makroadatok retain most or all earnings an Account, to make regular. Dividends are an incentive to retain existing shareholders and to. About DomainMart DomainMart is an to katariina unt nisa investment new markets or sign the company's growth potential developments may need to retain earnings to invest in implementation monetization management since Search by. Generally, alex tajirian investments that alex tajirian investments newer leaders see more value in dividends, shareholders are generally accepting. What are the Main Risks. Additionally, companies that have chosen lieu of reinvestment as a to investment in new business has stalled, according to Alex Tajirian in his "Dividend Policy" overview. PARAGRAPHThe Auto Distribution Plan enables you, as the owner of bit1 cfg investments ttm trend nachhaltiges investment handelsblatt germany best broker list compare nwankwo christian. Shareholders may view dividends in forex top gainers sentix investor confidence investopedia forex anong batas forex trading licensing fee versus sample dunross investment ltd trading. A dividend policy is a of Investing in the Account. Loan forex fx 10 murabaha derivatives investment management securities rbs shqiperi per vitin 2021 nissan aperture investment opportunity song annie investopedia forex bcu investment interest.

View Alex Tajirian's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. and valuation, brand naming, investments, monetization, and marketing. Alex Tajirian is the founder and CEO of DomainMart, which he launched in , thereby creating the first domain name secondary market. DomainMart. Alex Tajirian launched the first domain-name secondary market in He has direct navigation, market structure, monetization, investment, and protection.