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Leading non-banking finance company Shriram City Union Finance Ltd has got fair trade regulator CCI's approval for tpg investment india proposed merger of its two group companies through a multi-stage transac Piramal Enterprises, a firm promoted by Ajay Piramal, had acquired 9. TPG, a leading global private investment firm, has picked up a For global institutional investors that have been wary about investing in India for the past few years, the tide has turned and India has again become a must-have market.

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Openerp mexico cfd investments

Note that the default taxes already has a tag assigned, but when you create a new tax you should choose a tag. You can generate the PDF just clicking on the Print button on the invoice or sending it by email following the normal process on odoo to send your invoice by email. To generate the payment complement you only need to follow the normal payment process in Odoo, this considerations to understand the behavior are important. According to the SAT documentation a payment is classified as PUE if the invoice was agreed to be fully payed before the 17th of the next calendar month the next month of the CFDI date , any other condition will generate a PPD invoice.

If you add an account with the coding convention NNN. ZZ where NNN. YY is a SAT coding group then your account will be automatically configured. All the normal auditory and analysis features are available here also as any regular Odoo Report. When it comes to procedures with the SAT Administration Service we know that we should not neglect what we present. So that things should not happen in Odoo. This applies both to individuals and to the moral as well, so if we have VAT for submitting to the SAT and also dealing with suppliers it is necessary to.

Every month if you have operations with third parties it is necessary to present the DIOT, just as we do with VAT, so that if in January we have deals with suppliers, by February we must present the information pertinent to said data. You can present DIOT in different ways, it is up to you which one you will choose and which will be more comfortable for you than you will present every month or every time you have dealings with suppliers.

The A format is electronic so you can present it on the SAT page, but this after having made up to records. Once these records are entered in the SAT, you must present them to the Local Taxpayer Services Administration ALSC with correspondence to your tax address, these records can be presented in a digital storage medium such as a CD or USB, which once validated you will be returned, so do not doubt that you will still have these records and of course, your CD or USB.

These files have the necessary structure for their application and importation into the system of the Informative Declaration of Operations with third parties, avoiding the direct capture and consequently, optimizing the time invested in its integration for the presentation in time and form to the SAT. You can use it to present the DIOT, since it is allowed, which will make this operation easier for you, so that it does not exist to avoid being in line with the SAT in regard to the Information Statement of Operations with Third Parties.

You can find the official information here. A report view is shown, select last month to report the immediate before month you are or left the current month if it suits to you. If some of this considerations are not taken into account a message like this will appear when generate the DIOT on TXT with all the partners you need to check on this particular report, this is the reason we recommend use this report not just to export your legal obligation but to generate it before the end of the month and use it as your auditory process to see all your partners are correctly set.

If you want to administer properly your customers, suppliers and addresses this module even if it is not a technical need, it is highly recommended to install. In Mexico almost all companies send and receive payments in different currencies if you want to manage such capability you should enable the multi currency feature and you should enable the synchronization with Banxico , such feature allow you retrieve the proper exchange rate automatically retrieved from SAT and not being worried of put such information daily in the system manually.

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The open hardware is experiencing a significant growth but the business models and legal aspects are not well known. This paper is dedicated to the economics of open hardware. We define the open hardware concept and determine intellectual property tools we can apply to open hardware, with a str Penggunaan software open source menyebar seiring dengan isu global pada Information Communication Technology ICT saat ini.

Beberapa organisasi dan perusahaan mulai menjadikan software open source sebagai pertimbangan. Banyak konsep mengenai software open source ini. Mulai dari software yang gratis sampai software tidak berlisensi. Tidak sepenuhnya isu software open source benar, untuk itu perlu dikenalkan konsep software open source mulai dari sejarah, lisensi dan bagaimana cara memilih lisensi, serta pertimbangan dalam memilih software open source yang ada. Open source clustering software.

In addition, we generated a Python and a Perl interface to the C Clustering Library, thereby combining the flexibility of a scripting language with the speed of C. The GUI code Cluster 3. Defining Open Source. Full Text Available The Open Source Initiative and the Free Software Foundation share a common goal: that everyone should be free to modify and redistribute the software they commonly use.

For the FSF, 'should' is a moral imperative. Anything else is an immoral restriction on people's activities, just as are restrictions on speech, press, movement, and religion. For the OSI, freedom is a necessary precondition for a world where "software doesn't suck", in the words of a founder of the OSI. Given the manifesto's hostility to copyright, and given the failure of the Free Software Foundation to gain any traction amongst commercial users of software even with a year head start, a group of people gathered together in to talk about a new strategy to get the corporate world to listen to hackers.

They were impressed by Eric Raymond's Cathedral and the Bazaar's take-up among business leaders. Editorial: Open Source in Government. The survey "tracks governmental policies on the use of open source software as reported in the press or other media. It also breaks down by country and by government level whether the policy on the use of open source is considered to be advisory, preferential, or mandatory.

The editorial theme for the May issue of the OSBR is " open source in government" and we are pleased that the authors have drawn upon their experiences to provide insight into public policy regarding open source for many parts of the world. Open source software and libraries. Open source software is, software that users have the ability to run, copy, distribute, study, change, share and improve for any purpose. Library professionals should be aware of the advantages of open source software and should involve in their development.

They should have basic knowledge about the selection, installation and main The present paper treats a 2D numerical simulation of a partially filled tank that is located on a LNG carrier. Experiments were done on a rectangular tank excited with different excitation periods and amplitudes and the pressure was measured at certain locations on the tank walls. The goal of this research is to compare the experimental data for the pressure with the pressure results obtained with the CFD software.

It is shown that the obtained results match well with the experimental data. The fidelity of the Fluent code has been carefully validated, but the accuracy of parts of the Open FOAM code have not been so extensively tested.

Initiativen zu mehr Offenheit in der digitalen Welt. The article discusses the principles of openess, open access and open availability of information based on the examples of open access to scientific information, open government data, open geographical data and open source software.

Interzonal air and moisture transport through large horizontal openings in a full-scale two-story test-hut: Part 2 - CFD study. Vera, S. West, Montreal, Quebec Canada. The aim of this paper is to study the air and moisture transport through a large horizontal opening in a full-scale two-story test-hut with mixed ventilation by means of computational fluid dynamics CFD simulations.

CFD allows extending the experimental study presented in the companion paper and overcoming some limitations of experimental data. More than 80 cases were simulated for conditions similar to those tested experimentally and for additional ventilation rates and temperature difference between the two rooms. CFD simulations were performed in Airpak and the indoor zero-equation turbulence model was used. The CFD model was extensively validated with the distributions of air speed, temperature and humidity ratio measured across the two rooms, as well as with the measured interzonal mass airflows through the horizontal opening.

CFD simulation results show that temperature difference between the two rooms and ventilation rate strongly influence the interzonal mass airflows through the opening when the upper room is colder than the lower room, while warm convective air currents from the baseboard heater and from the moisture source placed in the lower room cause upward mass airflows when the upper room is warmer than the lower room.

Finally, empirical relationships between the upward mass airflow and the temperature difference between the two rooms are developed. Perspectives on Open Source Software. Open source software OSS is emerging as the software community's next "silver bullet" and appears to be playing a significant role in the acquisition and development plans of the Department of Defense DoD and industry Open Source Vulnerability Database Project.

Full Text Available This article introduces the Open Source Vulnerability Database OSVDB project which manages a global collection of computer security vulnerabilities, available for free use by the information security community. This collection contains information on known security weaknesses in operating systems, software products, protocols, hardware devices, and other infrastructure elements of information technology.

Full Text Available A comprehensive and detailed computational fluid dynamics CFDs modelling of air flow and heat transfer in an open refrigerated display cabinet ORDC is performed in this study. The physical-mathematical model considers the flow through the internal ducts, across fans and evaporator, and includes the thermal response of food products. The air humidity effect and thermal radiation heat transfer between surfaces are taken into account. Experimental tests were performed to characterize the phenomena near physical extremities and to validate the numerical predictions of air temperature, relative humidity, and velocity.

Numerical and experimental results comparison reveals the predictive capabilities of the computational model for the optimized conception and development of this type of equipments. Numerical predictions are used to propose geometrical and functional parametric studies that improve thermal performance of the ORDC and consequently food safety. Nuclear plants are often surrounded by tree canopy as a part of landscaping and green belt development.

The density of the tree canopy, the height and type of the trees is of importance while determining the intensity of turbulence. In order to study the mechanical effect of the canopy and the consequent modification in the ground level concentration pattern from a ground level release of radioactivity, a CFD code called Open FOAM is used.

The main task of this study is the implementation of flow and dispersion through plant canopies in Open FOAM. Laverty, David M. A need has been identified for an open-source alternative to commercial PMU devices tailored to the needs of the university researcher and for enabling the development of new synchrophasor instruments from this foundation. Open PMU achieves this through open-source hardware design specifications and software source code, allowing duplicates of the Open PMU to be fabricated under open-source licenses.

The progress of high performance computing platforms is dramatic, and most of the simulations carried out on these platforms result in improvements on one level, yet expose shortcomings of current CFD packages. Therefore, hardware-aware design and optimizations are crucial towards exploiting modern computing resources.

This thesis proposes optimizations aimed at accelerating numerical simulations, which are illus- trated in Open FOAM solvers. A hybrid MPI and GPGPU parallel conjugate gradient linear solver has been designed and implemented to solve the sparse linear algebraic kernel that derives from two CFD solver: icoFoam, which is an incompressible flow solver, and laplacianFoam, which solves the Poisson equation, for e.

A load-balancing step is applied using heterogeneous decomposition, which decomposes the computations taking into account the performance of each comput- ing device and seeking to minimize communication. In addition, we implemented the recently developed pipeline conjugate gradient as an algorithmic improvement, and parallelized it using MPI, GPGPU, and a hybrid technique.

While many questions of ultimately attainable per node performance and multi-node scaling remain, the ex- perimental results show that the hybrid implementation of both solvers significantly outperforms state-of-the-art implementations of a widely used open source package.

Open source systems security certification. Open Source Advances in Computer Applications book series provides timely technological and business information for: Enabling Open Source Systems OSS to become an integral part of systems and devices produced by technology companies; Inserting OSS in the critical path of complex network development and embedded products, including methodologies and tools for domain-specific OSS testing lab code available , plus certification of security, dependability and safety properties for complex systems; Ensuring integrated systems, including OSS, meet performance and security requirements as well as achieving the necessary certifications, according to the overall strategy of OSS usage on the part of the adopter.

Penetration Tester's Open Source Toolkit. Great commercial penetration testing tools can be very expensive and sometimes hard to use or of questionable accuracy. This book helps solve both of these problems. The open source , no-cost penetration testing tools presented do a great job and can be modified by the user for each situation. Many tools, even ones that cost thousands of dollars, do not come with any type of instruction on how and in which situations the penetration tester can best use them.

Penetration Tester's Open Source Toolkit, Third Edition, expands upon existing instructions so that a professional can get the most accura. Open source in Experimental Psychology. Talk on using open-source software in experimental psychology. Open Source Wifi Hotspot Implementation. Refurbishment and open source software.

Digitization of information and the Internet have profoundly expanded the capacity for openness. This report details the benefits of openness in three areas-- open standards, open-source software, and open innovation--and examines the major issues in the debate over whether openness should be encouraged or not.

The report explains each of these…. Open-Source Telephony Infrastructure. An ' open source ' networked identity. This paper examines the concept of identity in relation to youth practices on social network sites SNS. The wind turbine is first designed using the BEM to determine the blade chord, twist and operating conditions.

The RPM varies from 20—75 for freestream velocities varying between 3— This agreement can be attributed to the fact that the complex three-dimensional flow around the turbine blades can be split into two radial segments. For radii less than the mid-span, the flow is three-dimensional, whereas for radii greater than the mid-span, the flow is approximately two-dimensional.

Since the majority of the power is produced from sections beyond the mid-span, the agreement between CFD and BEM is reasonable. In this case the majority of the power is produced from the inner sections in which the flow is three-dimensional and can no longer be predicted by the BEM. The results show that differences in pitch angles up to 10deg can result to regulate the power for high wind speeds in the variable-pitch operation zone. Practical open source software for libraries.

Open source refers to an application whose source code is made available for use or modification as users see fit. This means libraries gain more flexibility and freedom than with software purchased with license restrictions. Both the open source community and the library world live by the same rules and principles. Practical Open Source Software for Libraries explains the facts and dispels myths about open source.

Chapters introduce librarians to open source and what it means for libraries. The reader is provided with links to a toolbox full of freely available open source products to use in. When to make proprietary software open source. Software can be distributed closed source proprietary or open source developed collaboratively. While a firm cannot sell open source software, and so loses potential sales revenue, the open source software development process can have a substantial positive impact on the quality of a software,.

Micro hydraulic power generation which has output of less or equal to kW is attracting considerable attention. This is because of its small, simple, renewable, and large amount of energy resources. By using a small hydro power generator of which main concept is based on using differential water pressures in pipe lines, energy which was initially wasted by use of a reducing valve at an end of the pipeline, is collected by a turbine in the hydro power generator.

A propeller shaped hydroturbine has been used in order to make use of this renewable pressure energy. In this study, in order to acquire basic design data of tubular type hydroturbine, output power, head, and efficiency characteristics due to the guide vane opening angle are examined in detail.

Moreover, influences of pressure, tangential and axial velocity distributions on turbine performance are investigated by using a commercial CFD code. Full Text Available In this paper, an open-source toolbox that can be used to accurately predict the distribution of the major physical quantities that are transported within a proton exchange membrane PEM fuel cell is presented. The base case results for the distribution of velocity, pressure, chemical species, Nernst potential, current density, and temperature are as expected.

The plotted polarization curve was compared to the results from a numerical model and experimental data taken from the literature. The conducted simulations have generated a significant amount of data and information about the transport processes that are involved in the operation of a PEM fuel cell. The key role played by the concentration constant in shaping the cell polarization curve has been explored.

The development of the present toolbox is in line with the objectives outlined in the International Energy Agency IEA, Paris, France Advanced Fuel Cell Annex 37 that is devoted to developing open-source computational tools to facilitate fuel cell technologies. The work therefore serves as a basis for devising additional features that are not always feasible with a commercial code. Open source in Finnish software companies. This paper explores survey data focusing on open source software supply collected from Finnish software firms using descriptive statistical analysis.

The first half of the report contains general data about software companies and the differences between proprietary and open source firms. The second half focuses on open source firms. Future of Open Source systems. Full Text Available Software distribution strategies have many aspects and can be analysed by reviewing different incisions of a strategy. The focus of this paper is on Licensing aspect involves licensing strategy, licensing risks, licensing enforcement costs. Furthermore, by formulating licensing strategy main technical and logistical aspects are predicted also.

Currently this strategy are important issue of members of Czech Centre for Science and Society and WirelessInfo Living Lab, where the models based on dual licensing are key strategy. Evolution of open source networks in industry. The open source software movement has become a threat to corporate software development. In response, companies started to develop products and services related to open source software.

Subsequently, they also tried to come to terms with the processes that are characteristic of open source software. It uses well-known hydrological and nutrient transport concepts and can be applied for both small and large scale assessments of water resources and status. In the model, the landscape is divided into classes according to soil type, vegetation and altitude.

The soil representation is stratified and can be divided in up to three layers. Water and substances are routed through the same flow paths and storages snow, soil, groundwater, streams, rivers, lakes considering turn-over and transformation on the way towards the sea. It is used for characterization, forecasts, and scenario analyses. The hypothesis is that more brains and more testing will result in better models and better code.

The code is transparent and can be changed and learnt from. New versions of the main code will be delivered frequently. The main objective of the HYPE OSC is to provide public access to a state-of-the-art operational hydrological model and to encourage hydrologic expertise from different parts of the world to contribute to model improvement.

Postured as an open -architecture, open-source application, the OneSAF program will put this software into the hands of a vast number of developers throughout the Department of Defense with the intent Wind turbine wakes are a very challenging topic for scientific computations, but modern CFD frameworks and latest HPC centers allow setting up numerical computations on the wake induced by the wind turbine. The main issues is that the correct modeling of the wake is related to the correct modeling of the interaction between the blade and the incoming flow.

The aim of the proposed work is to estimate the aerodynamic forces acting on the blades in order to correctly generate the rotor wake applying equivalent aerodynamic force source on the flow. The definition of a blade forces is done developing a model able to correctly estimate this aerodynamic forces as a function of the local flow seen by the blade during its revolution. Open Genetic Code: on open source in the life sciences. The introduction of open source in the life sciences is increasingly being suggested as an alternative to patenting.

This is an alternative, however, that takes its shape at the intersection of the life sciences and informatics. Numerous examples can be identified wherein open source in the life sciences refers to access, sharing and collaboration as informatic practices. This includes open source as an experimental model and as a more sophisticated approach of genetic engineering. The first Close connections between open science and open-source software.

Full Text Available Open science is increasingly gaining attention in recent years. In this mini-review, we briefly discuss and summarize the reasons of introducing open science into academic publications for scientists. We argue that open-source software like R and Python software can be the universal and important platforms for doing open science because of their appealing features: open source , easy-reading document, commonly used in various scientific disciplines like statistics, chemistry and biology.

At last, the challenges and future perspectives of performing open science are discussed. Commercial open source software projects are open source software projects that are owned by a single firm that derives a direct and significant revenue stream from the software. Commercial open source at first glance represents an economic paradox: How can a firm earn money if it is making its product available for free as open source?

This paper presents the core properties of com mercial open source business models and discusses how they work. Using a commercial open source approach, firms can get to market faster with a superior product at lower cost than possible for traditional competitors. The paper shows how these benefits accrue from an engaged and self-supporting user community.

Lacking any prior comprehensive reference, this paper is based on an analysis of public statements by practitioners of commercial open source. It forges the various anecdotes into a coherent description of revenue generation strategies and relevant business functions.

Full Text Available A detailed CFD modelling of an open refrigerated display cabinet has been formulated in a previous study. Some modifications are introduced in order to perform parametric studies dealing with low-cost geometrical and functional characteristics for improvement of the global performance and energy efficiency. The parametric studies are devoted to the analysis of the thermal response and behaviour inside the food conservation space influenced by 1 air flow rate through the evaporator heat exchanger; 2 air curtain behaviour; 3 hole dimensions and distribution of the back panel; 4 discharge and return grilles angles; and 5 flow deflectors inside the internal duct.

The analysis of the numerical predictions from the parametric studies allows the development of an optimized model for the conception of an open refrigerated display cabinet with a more adequate configuration. The numerical predictions of the optimized model show lower product temperature and reduced electrical energy consumption, allowing the improvement of the food safety and the energy rationalization of the refrigeration equipment.

The increasing availability and functionality of Open-Source software and hardware along with 3D printing, low-cost electronics, and proliferation of open -access resources for learning rapid prototyping are contributing to fundamental transformations and new technologies in environmental sensing. These tools invite reevaluation of time-tested methodologies and devices toward more efficient, reusable, and inexpensive alternatives.

Building upon Open-Source design facilitates community engagement and invites a Do-It-Together DIT collaborative framework for research where solutions to complex problems may be crowd- sourced. However, barriers persist that prevent researchers from taking advantage of the capabilities afforded by open-source software, hardware, and rapid prototyping.

Some of these include: requisite technical skillsets, knowledge of equipment capabilities, identifying inexpensive sources for materials, money, space, and time. A university MAKER space staffed by engineering students to assist researchers is one proposed solution to overcome many of these obstacles. Curious exceptions? The aim of thts chapter is to explore the differences and commonalities between open source software and other cases of open technology.

The concept of open technology is used here to indicate various models of innovation based on the participation of a wide range of different actors who freely. Open Genetic Code : On open source in the life sciences. Numerous examples can be identified wherein open source in the life. Free for All: Open Source Software. Open source software has become a catchword in libraryland. Yet many remain unclear about open source 's benefits--or even what it is. So what is open source software OSS?

It's software that is free in every sense of the word: free to download, free to use, and free to view or modify. Most OSS is distributed on the Web and one doesn't need to…. Open source software has been widely used. The software world is enjoying the advantages of collaboration and cooperation in software development and use with the advent of open source movement.

However, little research is concerned about the practical guidelines of OSS selection. It is hard for an organization to make a decision whether they should use the OSS or not, and to select an appropriate one from a number of OSS candidates. This thesis studies how to select an open source software f Open source innovation phenomenon, participant behaviour, impact. Academic and management practice interest grows as more and more end-users consider and even participate in Open Source product development like Linux, Android, or Wikipedia.

Open Source Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence is an all-in-one reference for developing open source based data warehousing DW and business intelligence BI solutions that are business-centric, cross-customer viable, cross-functional, cross-technology based, and enterprise-wide. Highlighting the key differences between open source and vendor DW and BI technologies, the book identifies end-to-end solutions that are scala. Free software and open source databases. Open source software is redefining the software industry in general and database development in particular.

Open-source hardware for medical devices. Open-source hardware is hardware whose design is made publicly available so anyone can study, modify, distribute, make and sell the design or the hardware based on that design. Some open-source hardware projects can potentially be used as active medical devices. The open-source approach offers a unique combination of advantages, including reducing costs and faster innovation.

This article compares 10 of open-source healthcare projects in terms of how easy it is to obtain the required components and build the device. The first section discusses the greater flexibly in regard of patenting and the relationship to the introduction of open source in the life sciences. The main argument is that the ownership of knowledge in the life sciences should be reconsidered in the context of the centrality of DNA in informatic formats.

This is illustrated by discussing a range of examples of open source models. The second part focuses on open source in synthetic biology as exemplary for the re-materialization of information into food, energy, medicine and so forth. The paper ends by raising the question whether another kind of alternative might be possible: one that looks at open source as a model for an alternative to the commodification of life that is understood as an attempt to comprehensively remove the restrictions from the usage of DNA in any of its formats.

As in previous years, the conference was preceded by a two-day collaborative coding event open to the bioinformatics community. The conference brought together nearly bioinformatics researchers, developers and users of open source software to interact and share ideas about standards, bioinformatics software development, and open and reproducible science.

Demand response DR is becoming an increasingly important part of power grid planning and operation. The advent of the Smart Grid, which mandates its use, further motivates selection and development of suitable software protocols to enable DR functionality. The Open ADR protocol has been developed and is being standardized to serve this goal.

We believe that the development of a distributable, open source implementation of Open ADR will benefit this effort and motivate critical evaluation of its capabilities, by the wider community, for providing wide-scale DR services. Open Science: Open source licenses in scientific research.

The article examines the validity of OSS open source software licenses for scientific, as opposed to creative works. It draws on examples of OSS licenses to consider their suitability for the scientific community and scientific research. Over the course of the past year, we have worked to help frame a strategy for NASA and open source software.

This includes defining information processes to understand open source licensing, attribution, commerciality, redistribution, communities, architectures, and interactions within the agency. In addition, we presented at the 1st NASA Open Source Summit OSS and helped to define an agency-level strategy, a set of recommendations and paths forward for how to identify healthy open source communities, how to deal with issues such as contributions originating from other agencies, and how to search out talent with the right skills to develop software for NASA in the modern age.

This talk will review our current recommendations for open source at NASA, and will cover the set of thirteen recommendations output from the NASA Open Source Summit and discuss some of their implications for the agency. This paper presents an open source smart grid simulator SGSim. SGSim has been tested under different smart grid scenarios that contain hundreds of thousands of households Open source software development : some historical perspectives.

In this paper we suggest that historical studies of technology can help us to account for some, perplexing at least for traditional economic reasoning features of open source software development. From a historical perspective, open source software seems to be a particular case of what Robert C.

When looked in historical perspective, open source software seems to be a particular case of what. With their budgets under increasing pressure, many campus IT directors are considering open source projects for the first time. On the face of it, the savings can be significant. Usability in open source software development.

Open Source Software OSS development has gained significant importance in the production of soft-ware products. Open Source Software developers have produced systems with a functionality that is competitive with similar proprietary software developed by commercial software organizations. Yet OSS Intrusion Detection using Open Source Tools. We have witnessed in the recent years that open source tools have gained popularity among all types of users, from individuals or small businesses to large organizations and enterprises.

Baty, Samuel R. Intelligence and Systems Analysis. These are a set of slides on the efficient utilization of open source information. Open source information consists of a vast set of information from a variety of sources. Not only does the quantity of open source information pose a problem, the quality of such information can hinder efforts.

To show this, two case studies are mentioned: Iran and North Korea, in order to see how open source information can be utilized. The huge breadth and depth of open source information can complicate an analysis, especially because open information has no guarantee of accuracy. Open source information can provide key insights either directly or indirectly: looking at supporting factors flow of scientists, products and waste from mines, government budgets, etc.

Fundamentally, it is the independent verification of information that allows for a more complete picture to be formed. Overlapping sources allow for more precise bounds on times, weights, temperatures, yields or other issues of interest in order to determine capability. Ultimately, a "good" answer almost never comes from an individual, but rather requires the utilization of a wide range of skill sets held by a team of people.

On the Ambiguity of Commercial Open Source. Full Text Available. Open source and commercial applications used to be two separate worlds. The former was the work of amateurs who had little interest in making a profit, while the latter was only profit oriented and was produced by big companies.

Nowadays open source is a threat and an opportunity to serious businesses of all kinds, generating good profits while delivering low costs products to customers. The competition between commercial and open source software has impacted the industry and the society as a whole. But in the last years, the markets for commercial and open source software are converging rapidly and it is interesting to resume and discuss the implications of this new paradigm, taking into account arguments pro and against it.

We present an approach to introducing product lines to companies that lower their initial risk by applying open source tools and a smooth learning curve into the use and creation of domain specific modeling combined with standardized variability modeling. This chapter presents research on deep learning in a digital learning environment and raises the question if digital instructional designs can catalyze deeper learning than traditional classroom teaching. On Open - source Multi-robot simulators.

Simulation environment enables control Danish is a major Scandinavian language spoken daily by around six million people. However, it lacks a unified, open set of NLP tools. This demonstration will introduce DKIE, an extensible open-source toolkit for processing Danish text. We implement an information extraction architecture for Danish Analysis of open source GIS software. GIS is one of the most perspective information technology sciences sphere.

GIS conjuncts the digital image analysis and data base systems. This makes GIS wide applicable and very high skills demanding system. There is a lot of commercial GIS software which is well advertised and which functionality is pretty well known, while open source software is forgotten.

In this diploma work is made analysis of available open source GIS software on the Internet, in the scope of different projects interr Full Text Available The Open Solutions Alliance is a consortium of leading commercial open source vendors, integrators and end users dedicated to the growth of open source based solutions in the enterprise.

We believe Linux and other infrastructure software, such as Apache, has become mainstream, and packaged solutions represent the next great growth opportunity. However some unique challenges can temper that opportunity.

These challenges include getting the word out about the maturity and enterprise-readiness of those solutions, ensuring interoperability both with each other and with other proprietary and legacy solutions, and ensuring healthy collaboration between vendors and their respective customer and developer communities. Flow oscillations on the steam control valve in the middle opening condition. Clarification of the phenomena by steam flow experiment and CFD calculation.

A steam control valve might cause vibrations of piping when the valve opening is in a middle condition. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the cause of the vibrations and to develop improvements by Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD technology. In previous researches, we clarified a mechanism of the pressure fluctuations in the middle opening condition and suggested the way to prevent the pressure fluctuations by experiments and CFD calculations. But, as we used air as a working fluid in our previous research instead of steam that is used in the power plant, we couldn't consider effects of condensation and difference of change of the quantity of state between air and steam.

As a result, in the middle opening condition, we have observed rotating pressure fluctuations in the experiment and valve-attached flow and local high-pressure region in the CFD result. These results show the pressure fluctuations in steam experiments and CFD is same kind of the fluctuations found in air experiment and CFD.

Spaces of Open-source Politics. We analyze three different Curiously, it seems that physical spaces open up the political process, while digital spaces close it down by fixing meaning. Accordingly, we argue that open-source politics should not be equated with online politics but may be highly dependent on physical spaces. Furthermore, digital spaces may provide The recent proliferation of Web 2.

This article analyzes how open-source politics is organized in the case of a radical political party in Denmark called The Alternative The needs to assess robust performances for complex systems have lead to the emergence of a new industrial simulation challenge: to take into account uncertainties when dealing with complex numerical simulation frameworks.

Open TURNS includes a large variety of qualified algorithms in order to manage uncertainties in industrial studies, from the uncertainty quantification step with possibilities to model stochastic dependence thanks to the copula theory and stochastic processes , to the uncertainty propagation step with some innovative simulation algorithms as the ziggurat method for normal variables and the sensitivity analysis one with some sensitivity index based on the evaluation of means conditioned to the realization of a particular event.

It also enables to build some response surfaces that can include the stochastic modeling with the chaos polynomial method for example. Making a Business out of Open Source. Marc Fleury, a physicist by training, retired in his thirties after selling the company JBoss, which made an open-source application server, to Red Hat. He will talk about the various business models of open source software. From leveraging available open source software and casual contributions, to on-ramp models and subscription models, various business models have been explored and function.

Not all models work for all software fields and business types. He will review those business models in context and survey "state-of-the-art" economic models for open source software production. He worked in France for Sun Microsystems before moving to the United States where he has worked on various Java projects. Fleury's research interest focused on middleware, a Open source tools for fluorescent imaging. As microscopy becomes increasingly automated and imaging expands in the spatial and time dimensions, quantitative analysis tools for fluorescent imaging are becoming critical to remove both bottlenecks in throughput as well as fully extract and exploit the information contained in the imaging.

In recent years there has been a flurry of activity in the development of bio-image analysis tools and methods with the result that there are now many high-quality, well-documented, and well-supported open source bio-image analysis projects with large user bases that cover essentially every aspect from image capture to publication.

These open source solutions are now providing a viable alternative to commercial solutions. More importantly, they are forming an interoperable and interconnected network of tools that allow data and analysis methods to be shared between many of the major projects. Just as researchers build on, transmit, and verify knowledge through publication, open source analysis methods and software are creating a foundation that can be built upon, transmitted, and verified.

Here we describe many of the major projects, their capabilities, and features. We also give an overview of the current state of open source software for fluorescent microscopy analysis and the many reasons to use and develop open source methods. Open source intelligence, open social intelligence and privacy by design. Centre for Applied Social Research. How to balance freedom and security? This position paper describes a way to embed the legal and ethical issues raised by the General Data Reform Package GDRP in Europe into this kind of surveillance platforms.

The flow in the complex pipeline system in a calandria tank of CANDU reactor is transported through the distribution of heat sources , which also exerts the pressure drop to the coolant flow. So the phenomena should be considered as multi-physics both in the viewpoints of heat transfer and fluid dynamics. In this study, we have modeled the calandria tank system as two-dimensional simplified one preliminarily that is yet far from the real objects, but to see the essential physics and to test the possibility of the present CFD computational fluid dynamics methods for the thermo-hydraulic problem in the moderator system of heavy-water reactors.

Allan, Jordan, 16 May Full Text Available Managing large projects involving different groups of people and complex tasks can be challenging. The solution is to use Project management software, which allows a more efficient management of projects. However, famous project management systems can be costly and may require expensive custom servers.

Even if free software is not as complex as Microsoft Project, is noteworthy to think that not all projects need all the features, amenities and power of such systems. There are free and open source software alternatives that meet the needs of most projects, and that allow Web access based on different platforms and locations.

A starting stage in adopting an OSS in-house is finding and identifying existing open source solution. Open Source in Canada's Public Sector. Full Text Available The story of the growth of open source use in Canada has been far more a matter of evolution than revolution, so quiet in its pace that its progress has been difficult to measure. This has posed many challenges to Canadian open source advocates in their efforts to ensure that their country does not lag behind the rest of the world in understanding the social and business benefits open source provides.

Perhaps some of the leading soldiers in the trenches might be our civil servants who protect the public purse. In addition to managing and minimizing the costs of delivering necessary services, public sector projects should also advance the social good through the delicate balance of transparency and efficiency.

Open Source Information in Support of Safeguards. Open source techniques are an increasingly important tool for in safeguards. From social networking sites, such as Linkedin, to B2B portals like Alibaba, there are large open source databases that touch all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle, from goods to scientists.

This is in addition to the wealth of more traditional open source tools such as search engines. In this paper we focus on the potential of B2B sites to provide dual use goods for use in the nuclear fuel cycle. We will discuss the availability of these items as well as the frequency and content of tenders. As many of the largest sites—by traffic and content—are in Asia we will examine the potential of these sites to provide goods used in the nuclear fuel cycle.

The aim of this IP is to exchange knowledge of and experience in local methods and techniques in the field of open source software knowledge in ICT by engaging a group of international students and lecturers in a joint, explorative investigation of contemporary methods of open The event forms a unique opportunity in promoting active learning in an international environment In addition the program focuses on the students learning interpersonal skills, such as personal and professional skills, multidisciplinary teamwork, communication, communication in a foreign language and leadership.

The target group consists of European engineering students who Full Text Available The cost of information technology IT as a percentage of overall operating and capital expenditures is growing as companies modernize their operations and as IT becomes an increasingly indispensable part of company resources.

The price tag associated with IT infrastructure is a heavy one, and, in today's economy, companies need to look for ways to reduce overhead while maintaining quality operations and staying current with technology. This article is the outgrowth of our internal analysis of using open source software instead of commercial software in all aspects of company operations.

Full Text Available Training programs for open source software provide a tangible, and sellable, product. A successful training program not only builds revenue, it also adds to the overall body of knowledge available for the open source project. By gathering best practices and taking advantage of the collective expertise within a community, it may be possible for a business to partner with an open source project to build a curriculum that promotes the project and supports the needs of the company's training customers.

This article describes the initial approach used by Canonical, the commercial sponsor of the Ubuntu Linux operating system, to engage the community in the creation of its training offerings. We then discuss alternate curriculum creation models and some of the conditions that are necessary for successful collaboration between creators of existing documentation and commercial training providers.

Web accessibility and open source software. A Web browser provides a uniform user interface to different types of information. Making this interface universally accessible and more interactive is a long-term goal still far from being achieved. Universally accessible browsers require novel interaction modalities and additional functionalities, for which existing browsers tend to provide only partial solutions.

Although functionality for Web accessibility can be found as open source and free software components, their reuse and integration is complex because they were developed in diverse implementation environments, following standards and conventions incompatible with the Web. To address these problems, we have started several activities that aim at exploiting the potential of open-source software for Web accessibility. The main contribution of AMICO:WEB is in enabling the syntactic and semantic interoperability between Web extension mechanisms and a variety of integration mechanisms used by open source and free software components.

Its design is based on our experiences in solving practical problems where we have used open source components to improve accessibility of rich media Web applications. The second of our activities involves improving education, where we have used our platform to teach students how to build advanced accessibility solutions from diverse open-source software. We are also partially involved in the recently started Eclipse projects called Accessibility Tools Framework ACTF , the aim of which is development of extensible infrastructure, upon which developers can build a variety of utilities that help to evaluate and enhance the accessibility of applications and content for people with disabilities.

In this article we briefly report on these activities. NASA Worldview is an interactive interface for browsing full-resolution, global satellite imagery. Worldview supports an open data policy so that academia, private industries and the general public can use NASA's satellite data to address Earth science related issues.

Worldview was open sourced in By shifting to an open source approach, the Worldview application has evolved to better serve end-users. Project developers are able to have discussions with end-users and community developers to understand issues and develop new features. Community developers are able to track upcoming features, collaborate on them and make their own contributions. Developers who discover issues are able to address those issues and submit a fix.

This reduces the time it takes for a project developer to reproduce an issue or develop a new feature. Getting new developers to contribute to the project has been one of the most important and difficult aspects of open sourcing Worldview. After witnessing potential outside contributors struggle, a focus has been made on making the installation of Worldview simple to reduce the initial learning curve and make contributing code easy. One way we have addressed this is through a simplified setup process.

Our setup documentation includes a set of prerequisites and a set of straightforward commands to clone, configure, install and run. This presentation will emphasize our focus to simplify and standardize Worldview's open source code so that more people are able to contribute. The more people who contribute, the better the application will become over time. Full Text Available Low developed companies do not use ERP solutions for resource management, they don't have CRM systems for tracking customers, online presence is low and consequently they are selling low volumes.

Their work does not generate enough capital to buy specialized software and the local community is too small to create open-source software for them. When adapting an open-source enterprise solution, from a certain level of integration, it is necessary to align to the Romanian legislation. For this you need more than a simple translation. For example, in accounting, the Romanian chart of accounts should be used, the local fiscal calendar, the rules of the Romanian legislation and the specific identifiers for Romanian companies.

The solution: Open source applications can be localized. A small community cannot create complex system starting from nothing, but they can adapt existing ones already created and used all over the world. This will not generate license costs for the companies, only the expenses for hardware and implementation consultancy. If we can create a common infrastructure, hardware cost will be waived for cloud SaaS offering, in opposition with the on-premise option.

The main advantage of DEIMOS is its orientation to various application fields — multimedia, television, security, assistive technology, biomedicine, astronomy etc. The Spaces of Open-Source Politics. This article analyzes how open-source politics is organized in the case of a young radical political party called The Alternative. In conclusion, we propose that such a disconnection might be a precondition for success when institutionalizing radical politics, as it allows parties like The Alternative to maintain The goal of our project is to develop a completely new software platform that will allow users to efficiently and conveniently navigate through large sets of multidimensional data without the need of high-end expensive hardware or software.

We also elected to develop our system on new open source software libraries allowing other institutions and developers to contribute to this project. The model is based on a solver, available in the open-source CFD toolkit Open FOAM, which combines the Eulerian multi-fluid approach for dispersed flows with a numerical interface sharpening method. The solver, enhanced with additional formulations It aims to make it easier to carry out chemistry research by promoting interoperability between chemistry software, encouraging cooperation between Open Source developers, and developing community resources and Open Standards.

Results This contribution looks back on the work carried out by the Blue Obelisk in the past 5 years and surveys progress and remaining challenges in the areas of Open Data, Open Standards, and Open Source in chemistry. Find natural gas, emissions, and crude oil price changes. The current price of WTI crude. Beginners Investment course is the perfect way to learn stock market investing for beginners.

Our investing investment courses help you start investing. Forex Glossary is a unique guide for the study of foreign currency trading and investing, with an extensive range of definitions, cross-references between related terms, informative sidelights, hyperlinked keywords and numerous examples.

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Mexico recovered and since has shown positive growth. However, the modest growth of the last two years at 1. Chief among these is the end of the so-called commodity super-cycle--the period from the late s until the financial crisis of According to data by the World Bank , agriculture accounted for 3.

Agriculture, which includes forestry, fishing, hunting, livestock production and cultivation of crops, contributes a mere 3. Nevertheless, agriculture, or the primary sector, plays a crucial role in indirect ways for the Mexican economy. However, in rural areas, more than half of the population might be involved in agricultural activities.

While agricultural exports farms have helped to lift the earnings and standard of living of some employees, they have also intensified the income inequality among agricultural workers. Mexico has a diverse topography with varying climates and geographical features. This helps produce of a wide variety of agricultural products. Agricultural exports may have risen significantly over the years, but imports have risen even more.

Over the years, the export of beverages, fruits and vegetables has increased while the import of corn, wheat, meat and oil has also risen. According to the U. This has substantially increased the volume of agricultural trade between the two nations. Mexico is the third largest destination for U. The numbers have hovered around the same percentage for the past 35 years. The most well-known and developed industries in Mexico are the automotive, electronics and oil industries.

Although it serves mainly as an assembly manufacturer, in recent years the automotive industry has advanced to conducting independent research and development. Mexico also has the oil to power these cars. Mexico may also have the eighth largest tight oil resources globally, about another 13 billion barrels. With these reserves, Mexico has the potential to halt its decade-long decline in oil production.

However, inefficient infrastructure, corruption and bureaucracy have been cited as reasons for the under performance of PEMEX in the last few years. This has led Mexico to open up the sector for foreign players for the first time in 80 years through an auction to encourage private investment and revive its oil and gas production. Cheaper energy will help general industry and manufacturing in Mexico by lowering input costs.

The goal is to make Mexico a top exporter of electronic goods. Mexico has the largest reserves of silver in the world and is rich in other natural resources like gold, zinc and copper. In manufacturing, Mexico has the advantage of high labor productivity and free trade agreements with multiple nations. Rising wages in China also makes Mexico a more attractive destination for manufacturing. And natural gas prices tied to the U. Related reading, see The Reasons for the Mexican-U.

Oil Swap. Through the twentieth century, Mexico transformed from an agrarian to an industrial economy. By the s, manufacturing was at the center stage and had become the engine of growth. Stock Market. Industries to Invest In. Getting Started. Planning for Retirement. Retired: What Now? Personal Finance. The Ascent. About Us. Who Is the Motley Fool? Fool Podcasts. New Ventures. Search Search:. Aug 2, at AM. As the Fool's Director of Investment Planning, Dan oversees much of the personal-finance and investment-planning content published daily on Fool.

With a background as an estate-planning attorney and independent financial consultant, Dan's articles are based on more than 20 years of experience from all angles of the financial world. Follow DanCaplinger. Image source: Getty Images. Stock Advisor launched in February of Join Stock Advisor. EWW iShares, Inc. Prev 1 Next.

Mexico cfd investments openerp outcome of 2002 nurse reinvestment act @ 8th Cloud Expo - Fabrice Henrion, Business Development Director Americas at OpenERP

For low-cost exposure to the around for a long time, resources industry, either, but long-term the same exposure as the industrials, financials, and basic materials. Financials, materials, and telecom stocks make up nearly half of substitute for the single-country iShares discretionary, and real estate companies openerp mexico cfd investments year. The fund's portfolio closely resembles that of its peers, although the top five holdings adding less important role here than of the fund's total positions. Bilateral investment conventions signed by place to invest and an comparison with other countries in. Latest Update: November Up to economic and political stability in Mexico Fund gets a slight the region. Fears of trade tensions helped coverage of the Mexican stock mutual protection of investments have 30 countries. Companies setting up in these send the Mexican peso down different approaches toward the stock the U. To invest in Mexico, relatively few standard exchange-traded funds are Bank's Doing Business ranking, losing market in Mexico. The country now enjoys enviable date economic information worldwide, live of the shares and their net asset value. Next Investment framework and opportunities.

With the Mexican localization in Odoo you will be able not just to comply with the All products must have for CFDI the “SAT code” and the field “Reference” avoiding the direct capture and consequently, optimizing the time invested in its. software vendors based in the Brussels-Capital region as well as the computational fluid dynamics (CFd) software and ment of a leading open source erP package: OpenerP. developed products europe, usA, Mexico, Brazil, europe. Additional info -- click here Odoo CRM:n käyttö on aika helppoa. to your business and that will result in tremendous returns on investment. CRM, ICAO code for Commander Mexicana, a Mexican airline This is the largest CFD site on the net with services like discussion forums, jobs, links and a wiki.