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Poker player vs sports betting

Each player looks at the others assembled around the table, watching closely for any sign on their face, any telltale twitch that might give away the hand they have. You might be wondering which of these two pastimes is more potentially profitable for you. The short answer is that both of them come with their own set of risks and rewards, each of which is different. In the end, which one is more profitable for you depends entirely on your skill set. In addition, being a successful poker player relies on consistently demonstrating the ability to read facial expressions and understand the flow of play, whereas sports betting merely demands pattern recognition, a bit of strategy and a little luck.

Services like Sports Betting Expert provide consistent and demonstrable ways to succeed at sports betting, covering a range of sporting events and strategies. If you have strong people skills, you might be better off on the poker table than with sports betting. Speaking of which…. What are your thoughts? Be sure to let us know. Enjoyed this read? Head over to the main page and read more interesting articles. Similar Posts: Can you guarantee sports betting success by using a progressive betting system?

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Poker vs. No Ratings Yet. The same goes for knowing exactly what you are getting into. We are referring to, of course, reading the fine print before agreeing to anything. Whether you are singing up at an online casino, sportsbook, or online poker room, the same basic rule applies. There are a number of cautionary tales out there so do yourself a favour and always go in with your eyes wide open just as any experienced gambler would.

What this means is that you are not completely at the mercy of Lady Luck when it comes to sportsbook and poker. The advantage that both types of bettors can achieve involves finding strategies and systems that work for you and allow you to cultivate and exploit this edge. There is a certain level of chance, however, successful players know not to just sit back, as you have probably gathered at this point in the guide.

A certain level of calculations and mathematical predictions are used in sportsbook and poker. Sports betting can prove profitable for mathematical wizards. Since sports betting involves predicting trends, understanding stats, and betting according to probability.

This is what makes this a potentially profitable hobby or profession for anyone with a head for numbers. Psychology may play a role in live poker; however, math is the key element. While playing a game of poker you will need to be able to calculate probabilities in order to know when it is time to adjust your strategies and tactics during gameplay. For both sportsbook and poker, reaching reasonable expectations of potential outcomes is a way to keep taking part in intelligent and successful bets.

Anyone that dabbles in either gamble will be tell you that besides looking before you leap researching , money management is the most important part of being successful. Understanding how to play within your means is crucial as it will not serve either bettor well to make reckless or expensive bets that earn nothing in return.

Your wallet would be empty before you saw any profits, and this is how sports bettors and poker players think alike. Keeping a level head and remaining calm while money is on the line is what any successful gambler needs to be able to master.

The same way that you would wait for a good hand in poker, it might be a better choice to hold off until a profitable sports betting opportunity shows itself. This is the difference between placing reckless bets due to impatience and a need for fast results.

Sports bettors know that sportsbooks are an investment and that long-term profits are the goal. This amount of patience is expressed in poker when waiting for your moves to pan out, especially if you are playing with other players and trying to not give anything away. These are the basic skills that are needed in both poker and sports betting. Key elements like knowledge and patience can get you into profitable situations, while money management keeps you in these profitable situations for as long as possible.

Nothing says that both types of bettors cannot be successful, a certain amount of risk tolerance is something that is needed. There are too many factors in each of these activities that make losing a potential outcome. You are gambling after all which means that you cannot win them all and being able to roll with the punches and handle the presence of inevitable risks. There may be a lot of similarities between these two types of gambling, however, it may not be that easy to switch from one to the other.

This is due to missing pieces of knowledge when it comes to the intricacies of either activity. Even so, this challenge would not be as difficult for successful bettors on either side. This is because there are certain skills learned from the one activity that can be transferred over to the other. The one requirement would be that the bettor apply the same level of dedication to the new venture that they did to the other.

This is how you could garner the same or similar success while trying something new. Not only are the concepts similar, but you could additionally use similar winning strategies and apply similar checklists to your overall strategy.

For instance: compare offers, claim bonuses, read terms and conditions, research, strategies, think long-term, etc. These skilled gambling pastimes share more than a few similarities as we have learned, the biggest being the thrill that players get while partaking in either. Our betting guide book for beginner and intermediate sports bettors, is the perfect place to start. We show you how to get started with sports betting at the right betting provider and run through great tips on how you can get the most out of your sports betting sessions, make a profit and enjoy con When it comes to choosing the best online bookmaker for optimal results, knowing what features to lo For many newcomers to the world of online sports betting, the so-called welcome bonus can be a very Play Here.

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Deposit bonuses and reload bonuses are usually much larger and more frequent at online poker sites, rather than online sportsbooks. The site may also offer regular reload bonuses and some sort of VIP program or rakeback.

Depending on the site, these programs can potentially be worth hundreds or thousands of extra dollars per month. For sports bettors, the best rewards usually come from reduced juice markets or competitive pricing. Reduced juice trumps a freeplay or deposit bonus by a large margin. Bettors can save thousands or hundreds of thousands of betting fees over the life of their account by betting with pricing better than Poker and sports betting differ considerably when it comes to moving up in levels or increasing your bet size and stakes.

Once you increase your bet amount, getting more money on a market is going to be a matter of finding ways to get the most money down on the best line. While this certainly gets harder as your bet amount increases, the skill or handicapping ability needed to beat the sportsbooks does not. This is not the case with poker. When players move up in stakes, they face a large selection of new opponents and tougher opposition. While scaling up for sports betting is just a matter of getting larger amounts on the best odds, poker players may have to make changes to their style of play or revamp it altogether.

The jump can be especially hard when moving from the middle limits up to higher stakes. There are some fast poker tips out there to support your poker education. However, one aspect that poker players rarely have to deal with is being limited or banned. Some online poker rooms have taken measures in recent years to segregate their most successful players from their fish or limit the amount of tables they can play.

These instances used to be rather rare, but are becoming more common for big winners. Many online sportsbooks, especially US-facing outfits, are solely recreational outfits, meaning that they will limit or outright ban players who show even the slightest ability to handicap sports profitability. However, once you have become a successful sports bettor who is wagering in four or five figures on contests, it may become a challenge to get large amounts of money down on the best line.

Contrast to this to poker, where in most cases, players can win as much as possible and suffer no interference from management. While the poker ecosystem is affected by players who win a lot and knock the fish out of action, the damage is marginal compared to a sports bettor who is recognizing inefficiencies in betting markets. Most online bookmakers have a short leash for continuing to take sharp action that is costing them money.

This can be done via poker with a lot less in reserve. With that said, my best advice to players who are interested in beating both sports and poker is to learn both simultaneously. Line shopping will be essential, but players should be able to get some excellent betting odds and will be able to game select brilliantly across several sites for poker. Any punter needs to understand that with sports betting there is learning curve, which requires you to start off with low amounts and slowly work your way up.

Think of this as training. The end goal for any sports bettor is to find inefficiencies in the market and working on your handicapping. Tip; build up your bankroll from day 1 to give you the flexibility to improve your methods and work on your skills. Depositing bonuses when it comes to online poker are more consistent than online sports books. Reduced juice betting markets is a specific market that offers you the same amount of winnings but you risk less stake.

Poker and sports betting fail to see eye to eye when it comes to moving up in levels or adding value to your bet size and stakes. As you begin to increase your bet amount, the challenge then lies in saving money on the best line. This does not get easier as your budget increases and but the good news is that your handicapping skills remain at the same level. When dealing with poker, this is not the case.

When a player moves up a stake, they welcome tougher stakes and opponents, although the rules still apply the outcome of the game relies solely on the player's skills. Moving up in sports betting is concerned with getting the best odds, in poker one would have to change their tactics and improve their skills. This will make all the difference when it comes up to increasing your stakes within a game. Firstly, playing poker is astonishingly competitive.

You will be competing against people who might have more experience than you under their belt and will use tactics, which they learnt over time to help them generate out a profit. They will most probably use tools such as PokerTracker to help them keep tabs on a number of statistics, on their opponents and also to analyse their own moves during the game.

Sports Betting online can be compared to a game of chance. Some factors such as how a horse runs a race or the outcome of team in football affects your bet. Variables, which are out of your control. Whilst poker depends highly on the player, they are in more control and an active participant.

In sports betting once you place your bet all you have to do is wait. Neither of these paths is a quick money making scheme and rather take time to cultivate the skills required. To answer the question; is sports betting more profitable than poker? No it is not, poker is more profitable but there is also the added risk and skills as mentioned earlier.


Fortunately, coming from a poker background, you should be able to do this without too much effort. If you have ever played poker, you have surely seen recreational poker players get really mad after losing a poker hand or busting a tournament. Pros, on the other hand, take it all in stride. The reason is not that poker pros like losing, but rather that they understand variance. The long term outlook that poker players have to develop if they are to succeed is another great prerequisite for a successful sports betting career.

Remember, even the best bettors only win just over half of their bets, so you should be prepared for some serious variance and losing stretches that will make you think you will never bounce back. Understanding that these things happen and that money lost is only an investment is one of the key elements that make up any successful bettor.

Poker players know this all too well, but the same applies to betting. Finding good bets and only betting when there is an edge to be had is crucial to any kind of success in sports betting. Many of us like making an occasional bet for fun, but to be making a profit, one must do so much more. Instead, those who really know how to bet will wait it out patiently and wait for the bookies to miss something.

While this is not too common, it does happen, and great punters know exactly how to take advantage of it. I have listed only a few of the main skills and abilities that poker players tend to have that make them ideal candidates for successful sports bettors. The analytical mindset and good bankroll management that great poker players have are enough to beat the bookies. Simply understanding how the odds work and what you are looking for is a skill that most bettors don't really have.

If you are a poker player and doing well, looking into sports betting could be something worth pursuing. Just remember to treat betting just as you do poker: like a job. If you take a gambler's approach, you can expect gambler's results as well.

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