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Leading non-banking finance company Shriram City Union Finance Ltd has got fair trade regulator CCI's approval for tpg investment india proposed merger of its two group companies through a multi-stage transac Piramal Enterprises, a firm promoted by Ajay Piramal, had acquired 9. TPG, a leading global private investment firm, has picked up a For global institutional investors that have been wary about investing in India for the past few years, the tide has turned and India has again become a must-have market.

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Activist investment newsletter

The more collaborative approach U. Activist campaigns including a mergers and acquisitions component also had a positive impact on the share price of their targets, outperforming the market by 2. However, this slumped significantly to In September, U. Activist campaigns focused on governance demands were comparatively disappointing, with an average underperformance of This improved significantly during the second year, with an average outperformance of 4.

The Dow dipped and the Nasdaq rose Wednesday ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. Economic Calendar. Retirement Planner. Sign Up Log In. Home Investing Stocks. How activist investors in U. ET First Published: Oct. As institutional investors embrace activism at companies in their portfolios, activist campaigns begin to focus on:.

This trend marks a major expansion of both the types of investors who intervene as activists, and the target of such interventions. Activist investors seek to unlock value. An activist entity will buy a material stake within a company, mobilize other influential investors for their campaign, and then seek to enforce their own goals for the company.

The mechanisms through which they seek to achieve their goals often include:. Activist shareholder campaigns first started in the U. There has been growth in the number of campaigns launched by investors engaging in activist activities from to today. Amicable agreements became more common in , perhaps as a result of boards becoming accustomed to activism and reacting to it more effectively. Nonetheless, the number of successful activist investor campaigns remained largely the same in from the previous year, with successful campaigns compared with in Campaigns carried out so far in shows an overall increase in the number of campaigns , as we are only part way through the year.

Activist investors have not been successful this year. Whether activist campaigns are successful or not, it is important to note that any activist campaign brings negative publicity, takes time to arrange, and in many ways disrupts the activity of a business and its management. Hedge funds and private equity firms are the traditional activist investors, but there are new types of companies involved, with new targets.

Shareholders also supported a proposal from CalSTRS to allow investors to make change through a simple majority vote. We are seeing traditional investors change their position rapidly from passive to active engagement. The surge in activist activities in may be ascribed to these new actions, and it is widely expected that this trend will continue.

Instead of seeking a direct release of value to shareholders, activists are campaigning to improve corporate performance—obviously, a different route to the same goal. Governance issues such as shareholder rights, board tenure, independence, diversity, and expertise are all issues to improve performance, and so are attracting activist attention.

One of the reoccurring issues that is being discussed within the investment community is whether board members have the requisite skill set to effectively carry out their oversight function over the management team. Activist investors have often questioned the experience of board members of the companies they have targeted overtime.

This may be related to the fact that the individuals are not the right fit for the company, or the board lacks the expertise needed to formulate strategy for the company. Investors seek to know if board members have experience as Executive or Non-Executive membership on other boards, experience as leaders, in international finance, governance, technology and in the sector in which the company operates. Companies should operate with a board matrix that lays out the ideal skill set for the board.

This is not the case, as CGLytics data shows that board composition is lacking at many organizations. But many lack members with experience in Finance, Governance and Technology. Finance, governance and technology are the skills needed in the current business climate. The one area in which a large number of the companies in our sample have experience is finance: All but 9 companies have at least one board member with financial expertise, and of the companies in our sample have between one and five board members with financial expertise.

A full of the companies in our sample do not have board members with technology experience, of the companies only have between one and three board members with such experience. Two companies, however, Alphabet and Leaf Group have seven and eight board members with requisite technology experience respectively. Following the Enron Crisis and the financial crisis, corporate governance demands that at least one board member should have financial expertise. The definition of what qualifies someone as a financial expert has, however, evolved since then.

French and UK corporate governance accepts an individual who has been a member of the audit committee as having sufficient financial experience, with competence in finance or accounting. The audit committee members should have the skills required to assess the performance of companies and external auditors as well as the ability to evaluate financial statements. To be categorized as a corporate governance expert, the board member is expected to have worked as a company secretary in legal and regulatory compliance, or to have served extensively as a member of the governance committee within a company.

The board member should be able to recognize non-compliance or governance risks. In last decade, technology has been an integral part of how companies across all sectors conduct business, and the need to have board members who understand it is mandatory. A board member with this expertise is expected to have extensive experience in information technology, software development, digital, cyber security, and other IT related departments.

A look at the distribution per sector shows that Consumer Staples, Energy, Materials and Utility are lagging in the number of directors with technology expertise. This is the same for governance expertise, where Energy and Consumer Staples have the smallest number of directors with the requisite skills. Energy, Consumer Staples, Materials and Utilities also have the smallest number of directors with financial skills. The age of board members is also a factor in corporate performance.

When directors have long tenure, they tend to become cohesive with management, and this erodes their ability to oversee performance. Boards dominated by older members tend to be out of touch with current trends. Younger board members bring new ideas to the table.

It found that U.

Activist investment newsletter A board member with this expertise is expected to have extensive activist investment newsletter in information technology, software development, digital, cyber security, and other IT related departments. Clayton generated controversy last year when he pointed to public comment letters that indicated retail investors backed the overhaul. Thursday, 29 October, Activist shareholder campaigns first started in the U. Boards dominated by older members tend to be out of touch with current trends. Majority of the target companies being considered in this report have independent boards as it is defined in corporate governance.
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Speaking of features, it seems many years ago that we covered the increasing prevalence and opportunism of activist books and records demands. In fact, it was only March and the trend appears to have resumed, as I noted on July Our profiles have focused on the hottest names in activism, with a bias toward those doing something new or different from their usual.

In addition to all of the above, Activist Insight Monthly also highlights important new investments, upcoming events, and helpful summaries of what has transpired in activist investing and activist short selling globally. Aside from Activist Insight Monthly and this newsletter, our editorial team has stepped up its game by providing thematic and in-depth coverage of key moments in activism through a number of other regular series.

Each Friday, subscribers to Activist Insight Online receive an exclusive newsletter, The weekly wrap , which contains a deep dive into a recent development and a curated list of our coverage during the past week since this newsletter skews North America, Iuri has spent valuable hours chasing new developments in Europe and Japan.

Unsurprisingly, the tag is still very much in use. If you would like to experience the benefits these features offer for yourself, simply sign up for a free trial of the platform here. Quote of the week comes from an announcement by U. A specially convened general meeting will take place to obtain such approval, details of which will be announced in due course. The appointment of Andy as chief executive is conditional upon that approval.

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On Friday, we distribute 'Activism this week,' which dives a little deeper into topical issues in the activist investing industry. Our newsletter readers will also be the. Activist Insight | Newsletters & Reports sign up is sent on Tuesday and provides a digestible summary of the latest developments in activist investing, together. Weekly newsletter on activist investing developments. Millstein Center for Corporate Governance. Governance center at Yale University School of Management.