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Leading non-banking finance company Shriram City Union Finance Ltd has got fair trade regulator CCI's approval for tpg investment india proposed merger of its two group companies through a multi-stage transac Piramal Enterprises, a firm promoted by Ajay Piramal, had acquired 9. TPG, a leading global private investment firm, has picked up a For global institutional investors that have been wary about investing in India for the past few years, the tide has turned and India has again become a must-have market.

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Emmanuel invests 3600 and kelsey invested 2400

Nutrition Conference.. Gainesville Horse Features Livestock Exp. Bartow Shows and Sales.. Conferences Point Way! Hume, Va Limestone, Tenn. Feeder Calf Sales Scheduled Atlantic Bull Sale. Richmond, Va. Santa Fe Sale Is Held Angus Bull Sale.. Woodbury, Ga. Shorthorn Sale Is Slated Pike Road, Ala. Ocala Hereford Sale Schedule Set.

Worth Special Articles Angus Men Meet in West Palm State Fair Senatobia, Miss. Bartow The Cover for August, Feb. Hereford Sale Ocala Feb. G'ville picture on the cover Marvin Kahn of Sebring, newly-elected chairman of the Florida Beef Council, as he inspects a portion of his herd in an effort to select steer calves for his consignment to the annual feeder calf sale sponsored by the Highlands County Service Issues of Cattlemen's Association.

Lsrsen, September Aberdeen-An tion, Inc. Balasbu N. Petersbu December President, ZepTilDe h.. Brahmans Bord, Jr. Forestry Published monthly by Cody Publications, Inc. Subscription pli June Entered as second class matter March 15, , July.. Better Bulls at the postoffice at Kissimmee under t e Act of March 3, Aldus M. Cody, President Rober t. Better Bulls r. C , Vice President, Dorothy G. Cody, Secretary-Treasurer.

Cody Publications, Inc. Advertising rates covered in Rate Card No. Closing date 10th of preceding month; in circulation tt 25th of preceding month. Elly, 70 E. Clark St. He has the ability A L L to sire fast growing calves that mean extra profit for the cattleman. The He was grand champion Charolais bull in a number of the major shows during the past season.

Stop by and see the job Charolais this bull is doing-we believe you will like him. Commercial Cattleman: W ay If you would like your next calf crop to Have unsurpassed ability in converting grass to high quality beef Carry an extra pounds or more weight at weaning Have a higher dressing percentage Cut out a higher percentage of primal cuts Use one of our Charolais or Charbray bulls on your present cow herd.

You'll be pleasantly and profitably surprised at the results. For sale 65 Charolais and Charbray breeding bulls 8 months to 2 years old, Fertility tested. This is evidenced as on all foods, drugs and farm commodities Jimmy Cox and Jerry Atterson are that they purchase. Can you Florida Agriculture. Lee Thompson, Commissioner G. State Department of We have no way to "back up" Mr. LivAgriculture ingston in his dealings with the equalizaTax Increase Protested tion board. We do, however, urge every By Ornge ount ManFlorida livestock man to take an active Lundell, which developed the first suc- By Orange County Man interest in his local land tax situation cessful flail-type forage harvester has.

I plan to meet with the Equaliza- and to keep abreast of activities through now completed testing the first commer- tion Board. This ma- tion from three to five times on the folchine is recommended for pelleting hay lowing parcels of land that has been, is, Father and Son Identified wt and will be a cow pasture.

As Gov. Carltons-Doyle, Sr. M Head Lbs. May Fla. June 15, Lee Groves, Owner, Box , Ph. Because pastures differ in qualcalf crop from brood cows Here's why These supBlocks," says Mr. Hodges, trated, power-packed blend of 6 ply nutrient requirements for Hodges Hill Farm, Early County, rich proteins, urea, base and trace greatest gains or production from Georgia. Consump- mote more thorough digestion. So, bination of Blocks that fits your tion runs about Y2 pound per cow your cattle.

I es- can be self-fed to all kinds of catpecially like their convenient size tle Carlton cow pens near Wauchula, and you might be interested to know that a few years ago another picture was taken near this same location of Doyle, Sr. Merle L. Ruth C. Hodges Lakeland The man and his son pictured Carlton and his son, Doyle E. Carlton, Jr. When a pitcher loses control, he loses ball games. Keeping Howard Livingston the ball in the strike zone-with enough stuff on it to hold down Fort Pierce hits is very important.

The father and son picture on page 19 When it comes to the use of minor trace elements, control is in your July issue shows Judge Alto even more essential. You not only have to keep them in the root Adams and his son, Alto Bud , Jr. Fritted Doyle Carlton, Jr. The identity of the gentleman and Bt p slwed omubla. Pearl R. Todd stay in the root zone Odessa through several growing Oes onhs. If I am in time Of equal importance, the rate at which the minor elements with answer, please give the dollar to the are released is scientifically controlled to eliminate toxicity or Florida Beef Council.

Jay B. Starkey, Sr. Whether you are a cattleman or citrus grower, it will Fort Myers pay you to get the facts on Tracel limestone -the new, is Doyle Carlto and Doyle Carlton, Jr low-cost way to improve the quality and yield of Florida Miss Mary Ward groves and pastures. Cicia, Ohio All six minor elements-boron, iron manganese, zinc, copper and molybdenum-are combined in. Would like to identify the father F. Carlton and his son. Miss Celeste M.

Schroder We're gratified at the response received from our invitation for readers to identiP. Many southern cattlemen have done just that, and saved thousands of dollars. Nothing has proved as effective This is the program blood. This was proved in two the program followed by your neigh- special pens for observation. Note in the chart below many more thousands of cattle were the School of Veterinary Medicine. Following the day feeding What one rancher reports period, the animals were removed Fr- aWhat one rancher reports Says Mr.

American Cyanamid body wt. We realize there's a great deal of news releases sent to organizations such as yours. Maybe this sounds egotisticalI hope not- but we try not to flood the market. Sure hope you'll find the time one of these days to stop to see us. We don't have all your wonderful Florida sunshine, but we've some mighty pretty green stuff up here. Clears thickest undergrowth. Splinters 3-in. Mulches everything. Just tion of vitamins A, D and E.

These three vitamins are S get more production per cow. That's the problem. Profitable increases in pro- Another problem is the tremendous drain of minduction don't come from larger erals from the modern dairy cow's system. These herds, but from greater produc- minerals are given off in the milk. If these minerals tion from each cow in the herd. So let's look at this all-important This means a deficient cow that can only give the profit factor in your business more closely, dairyman troubles, not economical milk production.

In nature's world the cow was a ruminant ani- But having minerals present in any given formula is mal that grazed on nature's roughages-grass, herbs only part of the battle to provide complete mineral nutriand bitters. She had her calf yearly and gave about tion. If minerals are not able to be solubilized, they cannot qt. We push her around. We attach machines to her all necessary minerals and trace elements in adeudders and put 30 pounds of commercial feeds through quate amounts in a most readily solubilized form.

And then we expect her to give from 6, to Some of the more important minerals are cobalt for the 10, pounds of milk a year. Yet, when we do them, we still keep the sulfate for protein building. All other necessary mineranimal from producing all that she is capable of. She becomes undernourished. Milk pro- with proper bacteria, gives the animal a balanced mineral duction falls off. The problem: How do we relieve the animal's stress Most important of all, it helps the animal gain the maxiso that she gets all the nutrition present in her feed?

In such animals cialized. They help make possible the efficient feed- there is a high conception rate and very few cases of ing of 30 pounds of commercial feed daily. Any animal will produce better when not laboring Your International Stock Food Corporation of under stress.

Mail coupon below, right away. They digest cellulose in Second Street, S. They manufacture high quality for better production with the understanding that I am not obligated to buy. Protein from feeds as well as from urea. Improved Pasturgro builds mineral-rich pastures that rado State University, Fort Collins, since livestock go for..

He received Pasturgro is made right here in Florida especially for our soils and a bachelors science degree in animal husbandry from Texas College of Arts and weather conditions. It is formulated to take advantage of the nutrients Industries, Kingsville, in It accommodates several animals at the same time and its design Swift's trained Growers' enables an animal to oil all parts of its Advisory Representative body.

There trolled flow of insecticide directly on the is no charge for this extra animal with no waste. He also pointed service. The Vineland Crown Proportioner deS N 0 livers precisely one ounce of medication or chemicals to every gallon of water without pumps, motors or electricity, the company says. It operates on any water line with five pounds of pressure or more, and maintains exact proportions of medications even when pressure fluctuates, S Pennsalt Has New Chemical Specialties Plant in S.

The fourth modern blending, warehousing and distribution center designed. It is reported that Dibrom kills a great many different kinds of insects-from aphids on up to tough cabbage loopersas fast, and in some cases faster, than the most potent phosphate insecticides now in use but it is much less toxic than many Available through your local dealer or write of the phosphates to humans and wamblooded animals. Although the new fly killer has not as yet been approved for use directly on animals, it can now be used in the barns immediately around and above the animals as a space spray.

It can also be used in dairy barns, the company reports. Armour will, in turni become distributor for Merck Agrozyme. This announcement follows Merck's recent addition of two other products for beef cattle, Stabimix A, the stabilized dry form of vitamin A, and Agrozyme, for non-medicated supplements in fattenug cattle rations.

Dynafac premix was developed four years ago by Armour. F Stilbosol pays off at a whopping 11 to 1 return Six years ago, Stilbosol was made available Based an Currt Prices to cattle feeders fattening cattle for market. How is this promise holding up? Thousands of cattlemen have. They continue to do so.

Proof enough that Stilbosol paid off in the feedlot! Results represent 32 different colleges. Patent No. T The foremost design innovation of the fritted trace elements BU84 is a beater clutch allowing operation of the beaters independently of feed.

Other features include a higher front end panel to prevent spillage; a faster i m p operating cross conveyor permitting faster unloading; more conveniently located unloading controls; and reinforced front ]Florida mounting stakes. The five-phase operation recommended by the company has resulted m very low bacteria counts, and the machine is reported to get in all corners of the cooler much better than the average person can do by hand.

Now, see what a difference it can triton in animal science research for all six minor elements needed for healthy make on your crops, your land. Talk to Jersey, told the University of Nebraska plant growth-and, being fritted, stays your dealer. Don't delay! Feed and Nutrition Conference recently that Merck's enzyme compound "Agrozyme" can improve the production of ruminants by accelerating growth and reducing production costs.

Lawrence W. So the others, gett ng4it. The compact equipment can be maneuNutritious Bulk Feed Ingredient vered in tight spots where large equipment can't be used, the manufacturer reports. High in T. Frank R. There is no hormone residue in meat after slaughter because the natural hormones in Synovex are absorbed and utilized by the animal's body and eliminated from the body just as the hormones produced by the animal's own glands.

The natural hormones in Synovex do not result in residue in meat after slaughter any more than the hormones that normally circulate in an animal's bloodstream. Synovex does not contain stilbestrol, hexestrol, benezestrol, dienestrol, or any other synthetic "hormone-like" substance. This is an often misunderstood difference-but an allimportant one. Synovex contains only natural hormones that are completely metabolized by the animal and are used up as they produce their growth-stimulating effect.

One reason for this is: even when Synovex was tested at 10 times the normal rate, no measurable hormone tissue residue could be found in meat after slaughter. This is a proved, documented fact! You get a double-barreled profit-builder. Of course, not all animals respond to Synovex to the same degree.

A lot depends on breeding, feed and management. With Synovex, some of your animals will improve more than others both in rate of gain and feed conversion. The overall improvement depends on the ability of the Synovex-implanted steer or heifers, and the quality and quantity of the ration fed. The point is, Synovex gives you higher profits lot after lot, season after season, in fat cattle production. Write Synovex is safe! The naturally-occurring hormones in Synovex implants are comtoday for your copy to: pletely metabolized.

There is no hormone tissue residue in meat after slaughter. You implant each steer, heifer or lamb only once For best results, feeder stock should be free from parasites Avenue, New York 22, N. AT ias S. A news story had quoted Florida's Senator Claude Pepper as how saying that the Sanitary Pact "deserved careful consideration. The average price of goodl tough they are!

Due to the Korean crisis the outlook for beef prices was North Carolina agricultural leaders toured Central Florida livestock pavilI ions for ideas in planning similar installations in their own state. AW Cattlemen Go to School in wr-. A Westgate Technician will come out, survey your trouble spots, recoin i mend the proper herbicides to use, guide you on their application. He has the most complete line of herbicides in Florida at his disposal.

There's no guess-,, work, no waste-and you'll be surprised how inexpensive chemical weed conWhy fight the "weed battle" another day? Write or phone for help from Westgate All Pictures Remark Chemical Co. Gravity flow, nothing to break or wear. Unconditional 5 Year Warranty. Accomodates several animals at same time. Livestock oil all parts of body. Easy to Insall. Portable on 2 2" x 12"s, THE Permanently on concrete slabs.

Does not waste insecticide. Large capacity reservoir 90 day supply for head. Will dispense all weights of oil up to 40 wt. Floating center bar and bottom reservotrs have been Waverly Road, Tallahassee eliminated for simpler more trouble free operation. Enough roughened surface to make animal want to rub.

Campbell, Florida State Wher Yo GottheTopVeterinarian, reported that the embargo became effective on July 20 and affects shipment of all Florida "cattle, horses, jacks and mules" to Texas. A "ticky" animal has also been disIfyou are our customer He said that investigations thus far have revealed only a single tick in the Hillsborough case. The animal was traced to a herd located near the old Tampa livestock market. Gilbert Tucker, Mgr. Other winners from Richwood Ranch were champion pen of three, lightweight class; and reserve champion pen of three, heavy class.

Here he checks the data on one lot of steers in the feeding shed. Jim Roberts, right. He won the Grand Chaindrylot. On Purina Steer Fatena, his pion ribbon for the pen of ten; chaincattle average 3 pounds daffy gain dur- pionship for the pen of three, lighting to days in the lot. One group of getting," he says, "and we like the 50 steers averaged 3.

Rich Your Purina Dealer or Purina Saleshas a grinder and mixer set up in an man can help you aim for big, low-cost old dairy barn where he blends to- gains. Stop in and see the folks at the gether his corn, Purina Steer Fatena Store with the Checkerboard Sign soon and blackstrap molasses.

The complete program is listed leaf, Lake Placid, in the accompanying box on this page. Pasture fertilization studies at the Ona Panel moderators and speakers will in- date methods of improving ranch and Range Cattle Experiment Station, soil clude Florida extension service and exper- cattle operations, current trends in the in. Exper- for various phases of the industry, plus this category, will be covered among iment station speakers on the program other valuable industry information.

Blue, E. The meeting site affords recreational tlemen. Hodges, Marvin Koger, E. Burns, and diversion for the cattlemen's families durThe morning session will get under- J. Speakers from the Agricul- ing the meeting sessions. Swimming, boatway at and wind up with a question- tural Extension Service will be Clifford ing and fishing are available on the camp and-answer period prior to the noon re- Alston, Howard Giles, and Ben Plummer.

The afternoon program Forming a panel for discussion on forage the smaller youngsters. A few boats are begins at and will be concluded with production and utilization will be R. The camp is located off Hwy 27, south president. The program to be presented in the of Sebring, and is about five miles northAmong other phases of livestock oper- Cattlemen's Auditorium at the camp is west of Lake Placid.

Barrineau, Tallahassee, was reFertility Problems. Nathan of South Florida Ranches. Gammon and W. Blue, Clifford Alston, Agricultural H. Re-elected vice presidents tion, Gainesville, Florida. Ben Snyder, Palmetto; J. Huskisson, ment Station. Station, Ona, Florida.

Gainesville, Fla. Anderson of Gulfport, and H. Talton, DeLand. Re-elected as board and Utilization. Lee, Effect of Fall Fertilization, members are D. Wood, Tallahassee; K. Gainesville, Florida. Experiment Station, Gaines- Cattle.

Howard Giles, Agriville, Florida. Art wintering ration, in which up to 60 perStation, Brooksville, Florida. The cattle pictured above are a group of essential to our customers and we are our roomy brood matrons that are pro- continually striving to produce only the ducing the right kind of range bulls and very best.

We at you are assured of an endless chain of Jo-Su-Li feel that the right kind of Here- better beef producers. Selling at auction is like having an extra employee-the market manager-working for you. He's free Very few commercial stockmen can sell direct effectively. They don't sell often enough to keep up with the market prices, nor do they sell enough cattle or swine to be able to get bids from enough different potential buyers. At the auction, your stock, plus your neighbor's, attracts more buyers.

That's why The markets named below are all solid, substantial markets, who are members of the National Association of Livestock Auction Markets and the Florida Association. You'll find all of them "good folks" to do business with! ME , John Hawkins, Mgr. Mills, Mgr. Terry McDavid, Mgr. Thompson, Mgr. Wayne Henry, Mgr. The kind of market information currently available to cattlemen seems to be reasonably satisfactory-but this must not be interpreted as meaning that it will be equally as good five years from now, or even next year!

There are dramatic technological and institutional changes constantly taking place in the industry, and they call for equally dramatic changes in both the content and scope of the information producers need to make profit able production and marketing decisions.

For example, in recent years the volume of cattle traded by private treaty Auction Prices Are Now Reported has increased. This has sharply reduced the accuracy with which prices paid in organized markets auctions and central markets indicate the true market price. Elsewhere in the industry, similar changes have been and still are taking place. When retailers purchased most of their beef from independent whole- 6 salers in the form of carcasses, reports of the prices at which these sales were made was a useful measure of the market price of beef at that level.

As the volume of business done by chain stores increased, the number of wholesale and retail transactions decreased, thus reducing the reliability. Aids Adequate? Economics, U. Consequently, the price at which packers sell beef carcasses to chain stores and other large buyers is now the most accurate indicator of the market price of beef and, indirectly, the market And Chains Are Buying Carcasses price for beef cattle.

It f ,This body of information, and the way infected cattle cause loss of income, endanger the industry, that cattlemen have used it, has been a Worm major factor in keeping the market for beef products and beef cattle competiN ew ly Ptive-in the sense that individuals and firms remain free to make their own production and marketing decisions. C controls CThis seemingly simple shift from auction sales to direct sales has already changed the nature of competition withDrench said to be most efficient known in the industry to the extent that farmers are now generally deprived of access formula for removal of intestinal worms to information on sales in unorganized direct sale markets-information which SEVERAL MILLION dollars of livestock income fled phenothiazine, micronized for maximum the buyers have-at least on all of the are lost annually through inability of cattle efficiency is less toxic.

It does not interfere cattle purchased by their firm and sevto get proper nourishment from feed, weight with normal digestive processes, and there eral of these firms operate regionally or losses and fewer calves. Internal parasites are is no loss of appetite. Most heavily infected nationally. Tapeworms, wire worms, bank- reaches the fourth stomach. Some formula- State Marketing Bureau representarupt worms and other common stomach tions tested were found to congeal or curdle tives sit in on most of the 25 or so operworms which have been resistant to ordinary into a semi-solid mass upon contact with ating auction markets in Florida, and retreatments can now be safely and effectively the digestive juices of cattle.

Tena-Bov, the port on the competitive prices paid for controlled. Several years of intensive scienti- patented purified phenothiazine formula, grades and types, covering 75 percent or fic research and testing have produced a however, blends with digestive juices. Be- more of the animals sold through them.

The makers of this superior cient concentration to kill worms on contact. There competitive by developing new selling awarded a U. One of the products is no weight loss as compared with drugs techniques. Recently one market has inmarketed by the firm under the patented which upset digestion by requiring a fast- augurated the "board sale" methodformula is known as Dr. Rogers' Tena-Bov. Others hold special fat cattle purified phenothiazine formula is its ability the important scientific tests on which th sales, and feeder calf sales, some graded.

Rogers Tena-Bov is manufac- cattlemen need all of the information shorter time. Tests prove this action kills tured by Texas Phenothiazine Company, they can obtain-and it must be both more worms with relatively little of the whose products are distributed in this prompt and accurate. They need it even formula being absorbed. Results also indi- area by Cairo Livestock Supplies, Box , more urgently than do farmers in the cate the patented formula, made with pur- Cairo, Georgia.

Lawson, Owner, Phone TI market centers. HOWE E. All markets now ing to better their services and their make deductions for the Beef Council management through participation in upon request of the individual cattlethe Florida Association of Livestock Mar- men, and several make the automatic kets and in the National Association of deductions with refund privilege which Livestock Auction Markets.

Arcadia, Belle Glade, Chipley, DeFuniak ida markets participated and the result Springs, Gainesville both markets , was a decision two years ago that the Graceville, Kissimmee, Lakeland, Lake Florida association would pay dues for City, Live Oak, Marianna, Monticello, all its members in the national.

O U , shortly after the market "build- As members of the national, all maring boom" in the late 40's and early 50's kets pledge themselves to the national which made some cooperation and con- Code of Ethics, as follows: AOU T tact between auctions highly essential.

Through the years, however, many " 2 Maintains high standards of market managers have served as presi- honesty and integrity. Odom of Live ests of its consignors at all times. Oak, L. Thompson of Gainesville, " 5 Furnishes a high standard of selHarry McCollum of Okeechobee, and ling services and handling services to the A nsw er to Young, who served a term previously, consignor.

The auction association assisted in " 6 Guarantees full payment to the South Florida's forming the Florida Beef Council, which consignors. M arketing urging that member auctions support it Continued on page 68 Problems What is "Board Sale"? Odom of Live Oak, George C. They represented the Florida Association of P. Box Tel. WY Livestock Markets. We are proud of our growing family of stockholders.

During the past year, through June 23, , we have added over 50 new memberships, increasing our total to We will continue to specialize in providing better service for both buyers and sellers-now on a larger scale than ever before-with special effort to handle your cattle carefully. Major difference in the model over the actual Gainesville market is that loading and unloading is shown at the side, Allen.

Hooker, Robert M. Ranch Peters, Bernice actually handles this work. B Baker, J. Hudpeth, George Peters, Frederick T. Ball, Jr. Hull, W. Peters, Ferguson E. Banks, R. Hinson, P. Frederick C. Barber, Carl Ingram, W. Peters, Lewis W. Inc Johnson, George Henry Jr. Pickren, Eugene D. Beck, A. Putnam, Mark A. Beverly, Max E. Jones, J. Rawles, Mr. Blount, Bruce Jones, Vernon L.

FloridasosWSRegster, 0. Brdd oc L Jum p hn B. Burke, Pat L. Keene, W. Salmon, K. Estate Kennedy, A. Sawyer Ranch Chastain R. Kirchmann, A. Schlechter Walter E. Christian, Raymond Kirchman, D. Serralles Evergiades Farms, Inc. Knight S. Ranch Daniel, D. Knight T. Simonson, R. Markets in the Appalachian Area. Knight Snyder, W. Saunders A F. Cattle Co. Lyols, H. Evans, John L. Agnes M. Tabit, Myrtle E. Commission Co. McWhorter, 0. Terry Cattle Co. Thatcher, S.

Friend, Lewis Markham, F. Thomas, C. Medlin Dairy J H Inc. Thompson, C. Tucker, G. Morris, E. Dairy Farms. Hair, G. Mery, Victor C. Watkins, Thomas D. Harris, Junius T. Ocean i Dairy Wedgeworth Farms tvematerial they use. Haves Cattle Co. Ogden, H. Peeples Donald Wilder, M. H7 Pesfe Wiliamn H. Williams, J. E ricultural Marketing Service, in coopera- erring, D.

Peepf Ward Wilian. Howard Wilson, W. Hill, Howard E. Pereyo, Manuel V. Agriculture, and the Livestock Market gencies following each sale. This is relayed via of all collected information into com- teletype to the State Marketing Bureau posite statewide daily and weekly reports, offices in Jacksonville, where copies are The Service in Florida started in made for distribution to the various news with one State Marketing Bureau re- disseminating agencies, who carry the and how to control it porter covering three to four sales a reports on their wires to radio-TV week.

Gradually expanded in the 13 stations and newspapers subscribing to "The snail is the weak point years since, prices and related market their service. Destroy the snail and auctions. These 16 handle about three- tions handle 50 percent or less of the fourths of the total numbers of cattle state's cattle sales, however, and a large you'll elimia e liver fluke handled by all 28 auctions. From three proportion of our higher grading cattle to six auctions are covered each day sell privately or "direct" to slaughterers Monday through Thursday.

Therefore the Marketing Bureau reFollowing the sale, price ranges by classes gularly obtains from slaughterers inand grades are worked up, comparisons formation on their "direct" purchases of being made with the previous week's sale. Continued on page 60 Market Reporters Do Good Job tTHOSE QUIET men with the large sheets of paper who industriously record every sale made on many Florida auctions each week are reporters for the Florida State Marketing Bureau see article above who are giving this state what is probab Y the most complete report available anywhere in the nation on grades and prices is cn ni at auction.

Actual checks against slaughter record Oon grades show that, while they make mistakes on individual animals, the overall tion. When properly -applied, average of their grades is accurate, thus making their reports highly accurate Here are the men involved: it interrupts the life cycle of Gifford Rhodes who heads the state's market news service covers the Gainesville and Ocala markets and the direct sales in the Ocala area from the Buthe liver fluke at its most vul- reau's Jacksonville headquarters.

Harold Howze of Wauchula handles the Orlando, Lakeland, Arcadia, and eliminates it as a threat to the Wauchula markets and direct sales in the Wauchula area. Tampa direct sales. George C. Ted penori Phelps of the Marketing Bureau does considerable fill in work at all markets.

USDA at Thomasville. Happy Hector says: They're here! Delivery of the new Vita-Pro bility of the. Hector's new high-protein mineral tion. Recommendations for the establishblocks Nos. Use one kind of block when 39 percent protein; No. Vita-Pro not only stimu- Write or phone Happy Hector today. He lates hunger, it supplies the necessary pro- can help get you started on this new, better tein to enable an animal to get the utmost feeding program for your ranch or dairy.

H elpsStateNew manager of the market is Bill DeLoach, who has assisted at the market for some five years. The owners are Livestock Auction, Inc. CATTLEMAN each month on page 6 is re- Policies will be similar to those at other markets: cattle will sell in the order leased by an office of the USDA in they arrive, with stockholders having no special preferences; sales will be handled Orlando which gathers this information rapidly so that buyers can make best use of their time to secure a maximum number on all Florida agricultural products.

The market is, of course, licensed and bonded, and the tariff is the In charge of this work is J. Town- same as that applying previously. Facilities of the market will be available for send, and he is assisted by Gene A. Rowe handling private shipments when not in use. Counties, says DeLoach. Acting officers are: Sam Fleischer, president; C.

H, "Our service provides agriculture and Downs, vice president; and Charles Dempsey, secretary-treasurer, all of Sara. When stock sale is completed, permanent officers will be named. The market mation on crop and livestock production, was built to accommodate approximately head weekly. The Florida office is one of 42 in the country and is located at Woodward Avenue in Orlando. This office is the source of previous month are released.

This in- obtained on request from your Florida numerous releases pertaining to infor- formation is by classes of livestock and Crop and Livestock Reporting Service mation on crops and livestock, scheduled contains both the state and national Office in Orlando. A monthly series tional 4-H Sponsors Council. The CounAnnually, in January, a publication is is, being developed dating back to cil assumes leadership for the support released giving the inventories of the for each of these marketing areas.

This of the National 4-H Club Foundation, different classes of livestock on farms information is proposed to be published a non-profit, non governmental agency January 1 of that year. This information soon and is expected to be carried curr en- working in support of the youth program includes national totals and state totals tly each month in the regular monthly of the Cooperative Extension Service.

For the first slaughter release for the state of Flortime last year, a cattle on feed January 1 ida. The following each month for the United States as well for multiple use under a new law which April of each year a complete analysis as the state level is the monthly price gives no statutory priority to one over of the previous year's production, market- report.

This release contains average another resource. Resources to be susings, and prices is published. On the cluding an average price for steers and monthly interval the number and live- heifers, cows, and calves. Price Number Pct. Number Pet. Head Sold Month Wt. Head July 21, 9. He's available at any time to assist cattlemen in their marketing problems. He has a lifetime of experience in marketing southern livestock.

This is why we have consistently good runs, and consistently good buyer Support. Come and see for yourself! Ville, Georgia, that office analyzes the life of Penta Pressure Treated Posts at individual reports and combines them 30 YEARS into one state-wide composite report which is furnished to the newspaper wire services at Jacksonville for further disWrite for Our Prices-Truck Delivery tribution. Phones: ELgin "This is a factual report based on dirt EVergreen purchases of slaughter cattle where delivered-to-the-plant costs have been dePlant Located At termined.

F Brand does does not carry the local or state-wide the Job better-yet, costs no morel Enrich and re- report, the individual stockman should vtae ou tr-e pa stures to amprofitle, nerigh request them to do so, advising them to vitalize your pastures to a profitable, new high!

Meat Conference, made up of a P IIIand the Meat Board. He has been a farmer in this area for years, is past president of the Columbia County Cattlemen's Association, and has been active in other farm groups. Fred and Terry McDavid have many years experience in livestock, are cattlemen with ranch holdings in Alachua and Bradford Counties.

We feel that our experience makes it possible for us to operate a good market, and we invite you to visit with us. New and more modem and efficient facilities are being planned to keep the Lake City market ahead of the needs of the stockmen of this area. Now under construction are pen facilities for buyers who want to gather cattle bought elsewhere in a single location for shipment to other parts of the country.

We can also provide temporary pasturage for shipments which require longer to get together. There will be no change in the sound policies which the Columbia market has maintained since its establishment. We invite you to consult with us about your marketing problems. New pens are now under construction to allow this new service for those wishing to gather cattle for shipment. Below is a brief BAG as where and how to sell-are becoming review of the extra services offered a h increasingly important to Florida's live- various markets: when stock owners.

And most Florida auction At Arcadia, Pat Kelly, manager, spends markets are doing more and more field much of his free time out in the country yOU work, and offering other services, in an talking to cattle owners, finding out AA I 4.

In In addition, special sales for special addition, Arcadia has worked with the inm minmm num', d types and groups of cattle are being DeSoto County Cattlemen's Association1 U offered more frequently, and a variety of on special feeder and stocker sales at other services are being offered by the times when supply and demand forthese markets.

One result of this trend has been the Belle Glade has made many innovaB EST employment by one Florida market of a tions designed to do a better marketing full-time man who is handling auctioneer- job, under supervision of Manager George D I YEE ing chores and spending the rest of his Young. Most recent is the "board sales" D I time on field work see box below. We believe through the broad expanse of range area energy, normal health Primarily produces milk with what's left!

Pillsbury's the cattle owners of our territory, and designed for good will, Caldwell's visits that it will prove to be a paying effort often result in questions of what to sell. Best feeds provide all this and plenty for ourselves. But McCollum and his markets are wish to "swap" bulls, or dispose of not the only markets doing extensive unneeded ones, have been successful at field work, and today nearly all auctions Kissimmee.

Two Complete Mills in Florida. On April 1, however, he gave up his Georgia M X. Clark at left in photo is 39, has been auctioneering since , and sold five different.. When he left Georgia, he was selling at the Moultrie, Cordele and Baxley markets. He may call to see you someday, if you're in the market territory. Or if yo Phone P. Box want his service, he's available on request, says McCollum.

K very Tuesday auctions. E ach lot sells in the order received. C areful handling of your stock. H ighest prices on all grades. B e one of our regular customers! I xtra effort here will pay off for you! I veryone: give us a chance to sell for you! Thompson of the Gaines- either in pens or in pastures-until ship. L EEk in this type of sale when the first Florida Practically all markets will Provide Angus Feeder Calf Sale was held at his field service upon request, allow use Of old market 13 years ago.

Following are the per. From a practical standpoint, drenching Is the only calf sale, and a crossbred sale of his own. Hexachlorethan Lovette Jackson of the Jackson Livestock Blountstown-Frank on, used at regular intervals, in the quantifies reco. Higher and Steadier Prices for Your Stock. Prompt Payment and Good Service. It is Head, Dept. In in- principal courses are as follows: less-Loosens up sod-bound pastures while struction and in research, all the prob- 1 The basic course in principles being applied-It's applied under ground-at lems that affect incomes from the in- agricultural economics, required of dustry are the field of the agricultural agricultural students, which is design root level-Does not require uncertain rain economics department.

R, profitable, marketing facilities, methods Greenman. Gre P. Box , Phone , Lake City, Florida. L mine the extent to which the present derstanding of the market in all its asTodd Auction Co. You benefit prices for different grades and classes, commodities. The course in marketing from complete specialized services of experts. It is our business to reach men willing and and to determine bow present methods of livestock is the application of princiable to buy cattle, land, timber, machinery, beples of marketing to livestock marketing, etc.

We know how to subdivide and offer may changed in order that the full your property so it will have maximum appeal potential of the industry may be realized, and, in addition, attention is given to to multiple buyers. For example, it was determined that changes needed in marketing of Florida Perhaps you have capital tied up in assets some livestock auction markets do not livestock in order for the industry to you can't look after.

Maybe you've earned reflect accurately the market price on achieve its fullest potential income. These the right to retire or have an opportunity to launch a new endeavor with a greater future the better grades of stock, yet may ac- courses are taught by Professor W. In any case, it curately reflect the market price on the McPherson, who also handles livestock will pay you to talk with a J. Todd Auction Co. Yet of principles of economics, farm manon large groups of cattle the errors will agement, price and marketing to people J.

Petersburg, Florida provide a highly accurate index, in an effort to assist them in solving their Gentlemen: Specific research now underway con- livestock problems. I am interested in the auction method of sists of: further measuring of the ac- Particular attention is given to supplyselling and want full details.

Acres Location efficiency of movement, beef steer-corn ratio, and its implications Brief Description Taxation of real estate, land values on management and prices of livestock and many other land economics pro- The people in the extension marketin blems may have a retarding or accelerat- and outlook work are Dr. Giles, Dr. Evaluate: Homework and Practice 1.

Both investments earn 3. Find when the value of Marcus s investment equals the value of Jocelyn s investment and find the common value of the investments at that time. So, the value of Marcus s investment equals the value of Jocelyn s investment after approximately Because of this, students may mistake e, in the formula for investments that earn interest that is compounded continuously, as a variable, and look to make a substitution when applying this formula to a problem.

To avoid this, suggest that students underline e when using this formula, to remind them that e is a number, not a variable, and that no number is substituted for e Recall of Information MP. Find when the value of Hector s investment equals the value of Rebecca s investment and find the common value of the investments at that time.

So, the value of Hector s investment equals the value of Rebecca s investment after approximately Find when the value of Lucy s investment equals the value of Juan s investment and find the common value of the investments at that time. So, the value of Lucy s investment equals the value of Juan s investment after approximately Students will learn the derivation of this relationship in more advanced courses.

Tanika plans to make a deposit to one of two accounts. She chooses the account with the greater effective rate. How much money will she have in her account after 10 years? Match each description of a difference in interest earned on the left with the actual difference listed on the right. Focus on Higher Order Thinking Multi-Step Ingrid and Harry are saving to buy a house. Find a model for each investment.

Then have them apply the formulas from this lesson to check their conjectures. JOURNAL Have students describe the concept of compound interest, citing the different types of compound interest, and explaining why the functions that model investments that earn compound interest are exponential growth functions.

Find and correct the student s error. The interest is compounded quarterly. This means that the interest is compounded every 3 months, or 4 times per year. How can the present value the amount you pay for the bond be determined from the future value the amount you get when the bond matures? Write a model for the value of the investment over time and find the value of the investment when the child enters college at 18 years old.

Use these figures to write a model to project the amount of money needed to pay for one year s college tuition 18 years into the future. What amount must be invested in the child s college fund to generate enough money in 18 years to pay for the first year s college tuition? For example, the growth during years could also be considered, which would require a larger investment.

Encourage students to pursue additional possibilities based on different constraints. Note that the growth rate will certainly change over time, so projections are unlikely to be very accurate. Have them consider different investment amounts and interest rates that would meet those costs, and present their findings to the class. Question 2: What is compound interest? Question 3: What is an effective interest rate? Question 4: What is continuous compound interest? Compound Interest Interest is the amount you receive for lending money making an investment or the fee you pay for borrowing money.

Compound interest is interest that is calculated using both the principle. What You ll Learn To solve problems involving compound interest and to research and compare various savings and investment options And Why Knowing how to save and invest the money you earn will help you. Algebra 1, Quarter 2, Unit 2. Algebra I Overview View unit yearlong overview here Many of the concepts presented in Algebra I are progressions of concepts that were introduced in grades 6 through 8. The content presented in this course.

We call it an ordinary annuity if the payments are made at the. Indicator 1 Identify and describe problem situations. Performance Assessment Task Number Towers Grade 9 The task challenges a student to demonstrate understanding of the concepts of algebraic properties and representations.

A student must make sense of the. Students study exponential functions of the. Solve a logarithmic equation 2. Solve an exponential equation 3. Solve an application involving an exponential equation Much of the importance. Simple Interest, Compound Interest, and Effective Yield Simple Interest The formula that gives the amount of simple interest also known as add-on interest owed on a Principal P also known as present. Finding Rates and the Geometric Mean So far, most of the situations we ve covered have assumed a known interest rate.

If you save a certain amount of money and it earns a fixed interest rate for a period. Use exponent notation 2. Evaluate expressions containing powers of whole numbers 3. Know the order of operations 4. Evaluate expressions. Graph functions expressed. And, unless you ve won the lottery, you will need. Time value of money We will review some tools for discounting cash flows.

Week 2: Exponential Functions Goals: Introduce exponential functions Study the compounded interest and introduce the number e Suggested Textbook Readings: Chapter 4: 4. Practice Problems:. Students set up a hypothetical. Problems on onds Exercise. Finance Finance We have to work with money every day. While balancing your checkbook or calculating your monthly expenditures on espresso requires only arithmetic, when we start saving, planning for.

Present value is a concept that is intuitively appealing, simple to compute, and has a wide range of applications. Lecture 8: Asset Markets c Je rey A. Miron Outline:. Present and Future Value 2. Bonds 3. Taxes 4. Applications Present and Future Value In the discussion of the two-period model with borrowing and. Slope a. Calculate the slope of a line given two points b. Calculate the slope of a line parallel to a given line.

Calculate the slope of a line. A rupee today is more valuable than a year hence. It is on this concept the time value of money is based. The recognition. Finding polynomial functions. An Introduction: As is usually the case when learning a new concept in mathematics, the new concept is the reverse of the previous one.

Remember how you first learned. Formative Assessment Lesson Materials Alpha Version Beads Under the Cloud Mathematical goals This lesson unit is intended to help you assess how well students are able to identify patterns both linear. Summation Notation 66 9. Summation Notation In the previous section, we introduced sequences and now we shall present notation and theorems concerning the sum of terms of a sequence. We begin with a.

What if it is in pieces? All rights reserved. The information in this document is the property of Morningstar, Inc. Module gtf1 Simple Versus Compound Interest What is the difference between simple and compound interest and does it really matter?

There are various methods for computing interest. Do you know what the. Sum and Product This problem gives you the chance to: use arithmetic and algebra to represent and analyze a mathematical situation solve a quadratic equation by trial and improvement Tom wants to find.

Name Class Date 2. Knowledge of Time Value. Current Yield Calculation Current yield is the annual rate of return that an investor purchasing a security at its market price would realize. Generally speaking, it is the annual income from a security. Prerequisite knowledge: Students should. Big Ideas in Mathematics which are important to all mathematics learning. This involves reviewing discounting guaranteed future cash flows at annual, semiannual and continuously.

The students learn how compound interest makes savings grow. Compounding provides an incentive. Chapter 4: Eponential and Logarithmic Functions Section 4. Graphs of Eponential Functions Math - Section 8. Composition of Functions A. Continuous Compounding and Discounting Philip A. Students simplify and write equivalent expressions that contain. Performance Assessment Task Pizza Crusts Grade 7 This task challenges a student to calculate area and perimeters of squares and rectangles and find circumference and area of a circle.

Students must find. An application of exponential functions is compound interest. Basic principles in calculation of interest accumulation 2. Simple and compound interest. Name Class Date 6. Week Trigonometric Form of Complex Numbers Overview In this week of the course, which is the last week if you are not going to take calculus, we will look at how Trigonometry can sometimes help in working.

Expectations hypothesis. The yields on long-term bonds are geometric averages of present and expected future short rates. An upward sloping curve is. Shape, Space, and Measurement- Primary A student shall apply concepts of shape, space, and measurement to solve problems involving two- and three-dimensional shapes by demonstrating an understanding of:.

Section 7 Algebraic Manipulations and Solving Part 1 Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities: Simplifying and Solving Before launching into the mathematics, let s take a moment to talk about the words. Time Value of Money 1 This topic introduces you to the analysis of trade-offs over time. Financial decisions involve costs and benefits that are spread over time.

Financial decision makers in households. Ziegler, and Karl E. The Point-Slope Form 7. Given a point and a slope, find the graph of a line. Given a point and the slope, find the equation of a line. Given two points, find the equation of a line y Slope. Introduction to Risk, Return and the Historical Record Rates of return Investors pay attention to the rate at which their fund have grown during the period The holding period returns HDR measure the.

The minimum rate of return that an investor must receive in order to invest in a project is most likely. If his students follow this suggestion, then how many pages will they read during. Tennessee Department of Education Task: Pool Patio Problem Algebra I A hotel is remodeling their grounds and plans to improve the area around a 20 foot by 40 foot rectangular pool. The owner wants to use. Chapter 6 Key Concepts and Skills Be able to compute: the future value of multiple cash flows the present value of multiple cash flows the future and present value of annuities Discounted Cash Flow Valuation.

Order of Operations More Essential Practice We will be simplifying expressions using the order of operations in this section. Automatic Skill: Order of operations needs to become an automatic skill. Interest Rates: Interpretation Warm Up Simplify each expression. Progress Check 6 Objective To assess students progress on mathematical content through the end of Unit 6. Performance Assessment Task Bikes and Trikes Grade 4 The task challenges a student to demonstrate understanding of concepts involved in multiplication.

A student must make sense of equal sized groups of. Use scientific notation to express large numbers and small. Log in Registration. Search for. Size: px. Start display at page:. Download " Chad Matthews 4 years ago Views:. Similar documents.

More information. Compound interest is interest that is calculated using both the principle More information. What You ll Learn. And Why. Key Words. Essential Questions. Precalculus, Quarter 4, Unit 4. This unit will lay the groundwork for later units where the students will extend this knowledge to quadratic and exponential functions. The content presented in this course More information.

Future Value of an Annuity Sinking Fund. We call it an ordinary annuity if the payments are made at the More information. Indicator 1 Identify and describe problem situations More information. A student must make sense of the More information.

Students study exponential functions of the More information.

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There may be times when you know the amount of interest earned on a given principal over a certain length of time, but you don't know the rate. For instance, this might happen when family members lend or borrow money among themselves instead of dealing with a bank. In the next example, we'll show how to solve for the rate. What was the rate of interest?

There may be times when you take a loan for a large purchase and the amount of the principal is not clear. This might happen, for instance, in making a car purchase when the dealer adds the cost of a warranty to the price of the car. In the next example, we will solve a simple interest application for the principal. Eduardo noticed that his new car loan papers stated that with an interest rate of 7. How much did he borrow to pay for his car? How much did he borrow to buy his new car?

How much had she deposited in the account? In the simple interest formula, the rate of interest is given as an annual rate, the rate for one year. So the units of time must be in years. If the time is given in months, we convert it to years. How much interest did this investment earn?

How much interest did she earn? How can you improve this? Skills to Develop Use the simple interest formula Solve simple interest applications. Be prepared! Before you get started, take this readiness quiz. Solve 0. If you missed this problem, review Example 5.

Use the Simple Interest Formula Do you know that banks pay you to let them keep your money? Solution Organize the given information in a list. Write the formula. Remember to write the percent in decimal form. Write a complete sentence that answers the question. Solution Organize the given information. Is The rate was Answer 4. Answer 6. Solve Simple Interest Applications Applications with simple interest usually involve either investing money or borrowing money.

We will start by solving a simple interest application to find the interest. Solution We are asked to find the Interest, I. Organize the given information in a list. Solution We are asked to find the rate of interest, r. Organize the given information. Input known variables:. Factoring Polynomials. Rationalize Denominator.

Quadratic Equations. Solving with steps. Equilateral Triangle. Unary Operations. System 2x2. Limit Calculator. Arithmetic Sequences. Distance and Midpoint. Degrees to Radians. Evaluate Expressions. Descriptive Statistics. Simple Interest. Work Problems. Find the interest earned and the amount. How much the deposit principal was? How much the principal was? What had been the interest rate?

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