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Jet li rise to honor part 24 investments

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Forest Fantasy doesn't appear to be a real nursery, but the tag features clear and realistic instructions for caring for the plant. When the soldiers look at the gift through their binoculars, viewers can see that the gift box is appropriately covered in Buzz Lightyear wrapping paper. So, it's not all that surprising that they snuck in a reference to Mickey Mouse in the form of a classic s wristwatch wall clock. This code appears in nearly every other Pixar movie, as well as a few Disney ones, and references a classroom at the California Institute of the Arts where many of the studio's animators studied and honed their craft.

The gas station's name and logo probably look familiar to Disney fans because the brand is heavily featured in "Cars. When Woody and Buzz fight underneath the car later in the film, there's a Virtual Realty office behind them. The Pizza Planet delivery truck has a very recognizable look thanks to its yellow hue and the giant rocket on top. The truck is another iconic Pixar Easter egg that can be found in several other movies.

For example, it's outside of a trailer in "A Bug's Life," outside of another mobile home in "Monsters, Inc. The Pizza Planet delivery truck that Woody and Buzz catch a ride in has some unique details on the back. The trunk says "yo" in large letters — seemingly to signify that it's a beat-up Toyota — and the license plate reads "RES," which is evidently a reference to the resolution the film was rendered in.

Rather than a smiley-face sticker, there's a neutral face on the back window. And on the other side of the rear windshield, there's a sticker for a radio station called "KRAT FM," which is likely an homage to art director Tia Kratter. In the place where a commercial car would usually have a sticker asking for feedback on their driving, this truck instead has a sticker that reads, "How's my driving?

Ha ha ha ha ha! When Buzz and Woody jump into the rocket-shaped crane game at Pizza Planet, they meet dozens of little green alien toys. Woody calls them zealots — meaning fanatical and uncompromising — which is an accurate description of the claw-worshipping aliens, even if it's a bit mature for a kid's movie.

Sid's room is designed to look disturbing, and the dark space contrasts heavily with Andy's bright, cheerful bedroom. His toy chest is also different from Andy's as it has "toxic" and "keep out" written on it, and it's full of creepy, DIY franken-toys.

When Woody leaves Sid's room, he runs across a hallway carpet with a unique pattern that horror fans may find familiar. It features a yellow, orange, and red geometric design that looks a lot like the carpet at the Overlook Hotel in "The Shining. The idea for the sinister rug came from production designer Ralph Eggleston, according to Empire.

And fellow superfan Lee Unkrich, who directed a few "Toy Story" sequels, continued the trend of referencing "The Shining" in later Pixar movies. This is the first time the toy store is mentioned in the series, but it's featured prominently in the second installment.

When Sid's sister pulls Buzz into her room for a tea party with her mangled toys, the space ranger calls two of the headless dolls "Marie Antoinette and her sister," in reference to the famously beheaded queen. Sid's treatment of toys is pretty dark. His techniques include blowing them up, performing surgery on them, and even torturing them, as he does to Woody. When Woody is trapped under a crate in the scary kid's room, there's a book behind him titled "Improvised Interrogation Handbook" from the "Department of the Army Technical Manual.

Although the book doesn't excuse his messed-up behavior, it does explain how Sid honed his craft. When Andy's sister, Molly, and his mom are driving past the moving truck, a song from another Disney movie is playing on the stereo. American Medical Association recognizes racism as 'public health threat'.

A dark money mystery in Florida state senate race. Ad Microsoft. The 23 Hottest Gifts of Full screen. Andy's room is full of real-life board games, and some of his toys feature authentic logos. There are "Toy Story" Easter eggs in many of Pixar's later films. The animators went to great lengths to give all the toys realistic details, and the characters even cast reflections and shadows. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Read on for some of the details and references you might have missed in "Toy Story.

Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Andy spelled some words wrong on his DIY toy set. The animated toys look like they're made from the same material as their real-life counterparts, Each toy in the film is designed to look like it's made of the same material it would be in real life. There are actual board games, like Operation and Twister, in Andy's room.

Slideshow continues on the next slide. Andy wears a shirt with a cowboy on it at the beginning of the movie. Before Buzz Lightyear arrives, Andy has plenty of cowboy-themed decorations around his room. Like Jessie, who appears in "Toy Story 2," the T-shirt character seems to be a yodeling cowboy.

Some of the books in Andy's room have hidden meanings. The toys have accurate reflections and shadows throughout the movie. Some toys feature real-life brand names and logos. Hamm doesn't understand an art reference that Mr. Potato Head makes. Potato Head makes a rude joke about Slinky Dog. The song was also released in Spanish, as "El Mejor Guerrero". Additionally, the singer confirmed that she would also release a re-recorded version of "Reflection".

Credits adapted from Tidal. As usual with songs played over the end credits, most of international dubbings left the song " Loyal Brave True " and " Reflection " in their original version, while only a few dubbings adapted one or both songs into their respective languages. When the song "Reflection" was adapted, it was never Aguilera's version, but only Liu's: all versions kept Aguilera's English version, while a few redubbed Liu's Mandarin version. In the three Indian dubbings, both songs were adapted into Hindi , Tamil and Telugu , with singer Nithayashree Venkataramanan performing the songs both in Tamil and Telugu.

On the other hand, no Tamil or Telugu version has yet been released for the original movie. But her version was only featured in the soundtrack: it was Liu's version to play in the movie. Mulan ' s world premiere was held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on March 9, Mulan received a PG rating from the Motion Picture Association , the first Disney live-action remake to be given such a rating.

Entitled Mulan: Before the Sword , the novel was released on February 11, The film was marked by several controversies, relating to both production decisions as well as comments by individuals involved in the movie. A call to boycott the film began when Yifei Liu reshared an image posted by the People's Daily , an official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party. The image included a quote from Chinese reporter Fu Guohao who worked for the state-owned tabloid Global Times and was subsequently assaulted by protesters during the —20 Hong Kong protests : "I support Hong Kong police.

You can beat me now. What a shame for Hong Kong. The hashtag, BoycottMulan, has since started trending supporting a boycott of the film. On February 27, , film producer Jason T. In his statement, he explained that "having a commanding officer that is also the sexual love interest was very uncomfortable and we didn't think it was appropriate". In September , Cynthia Vinney of CBR wrote that Honghui's interactions with Mulan were "more homoerotic" than Li Shang's in the animated version and likewise "can be read as bisexual".

Others found it offensive, arguing that Shang would never use his commanding position to coerce a woman into romance. He waited until after she was no longer under his command to pursue any sort of romantic relationship. And anyway, it was Mulan who had the crush on him!

There was criticism over having a production team largely composed of white people, such as for the roles of director, costume designer, and screenwriter. Disney received some criticism for hiring a white director for the film, rather than an Asian director. In a February interview with The Hollywood Reporter , director Niki Caro responded to the criticism by saying "Although it's a critically important Chinese story and it's set in Chinese culture and history, there is another culture at play here, which is the culture of Disney, and that the director, whoever they were, needed to be able to handle both — and here I am.

That sounds a little bit like censorship to me. An artist will express themselves, and the burden of responsibility is on the art. That will be judged — and should be judged. The other side of it is that more diverse people need to be allowed to tell stories. That's what it comes down to. The people who are hired for all kinds of stories need to be more diverse. It can't just be white people being hired to make movies, no matter what the subject matter is.

Our culture is going to be richer for the more diversity there is, and the art, the movies, the television, it will be better. The more this conversation is being had, the more that diverse artists are given opportunities. Criticism has also been directed at the fact that filming took place in the province of Xinjiang , where internment camps containing up to a million ethnically Turkic citizens are located. At the end of the credits, the film gives special thanks to several government entities in Xinjiang, including the now-sanctioned Xinjiang Public Security Bureau in Turpan , which operates the internment camps, and several local committees of the Publicity Department of the Chinese Communist Party.

According to Reuters, after the controversy about the film's links with the Xinjiang erupted overseas, the Chinese government ordered media outlets not to cover the release of Mulan. Variety estimated Mulan would need to be rented by about 8.

Finance overestimated Mulan 's revenue, as their figures were for accounts active during that period and not the total subscriber base, and clarified that Finance amended their article to reflect this. According to Nielsen ratings , Mulan was one of the top ten most-watched streams in the United States between August 31 and September 6, During its opening weekend between September 4—6, Mulan drew million streaming minutes in the United States.

In its first weekend of being available on other digital platforms, Mulan was the top-rented film on FandangoNow , and third on both Apple TV and Google Play. The site's critical consensus read, "It could have told its classic story with greater depth, but the live-action Mulan is a visual marvel that serves as a stirring update to its animated predecessor.

Common Sense Media rated the movie 4 out of 5 stars, stating: "Parents need to know that this version of Mulan isn't like Disney's nearly scene-for-scene live-action musical remakes of Aladdin , Beauty and the Beast , and The Lion King. Directed by Niki Caro and featuring an ethnically Chinese cast, it's an epic martial arts retelling of the original ancient Chinese "Ballad of Mulan.

It's also more violent, with both large-scale and one-on-one battle sequences that leave people dead and injured, and a few close calls when main characters seem on the verge of death. Weapons include swords, bows and arrows, knives, and flaming projectiles shot from a catapult yes, the avalanche scene is still here.

Romance is limited to a few lingering looks and one meaningful but brief touching of hands. Mulan Yifei Liu strips down to take a bath in a river, showing her bare shoulders and part of her back. Her fellow soldier, a man, is shown shirtless.

Fans of the version should keep their eyes and ears open for several Easter eggs, including a cameo by the original voice of Mulan, Ming-Na Wen. The themes of honor, honesty, and devotion to family and country and the challenging of gender stereotypes will give families plenty to talk about after watching Mulan together". Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film three-and-a-half out of four stars, praising the "fine cast, exciting action and spectacular visuals" and writing, "This is such a great-looking film, with amazing set pieces and dazzling action and colors so vibrant they would dazzle a Crayola factory, it will still play well on your home monitor.

This is pure pastiche, as Caro and her crew shamelessly pilfer from kung fu, Fifth Generation and Hong Kong action movies , incorporating anime and Bollywood touches as well. Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote, " Mulan is a spirit lifter, and though it doesn't arrive as planned, it could not arrive at a better time", saying "Throughout Mulan , there are shots of such visual splendor that viewers will catch their breath.

In one, the morning mist clears and reveals an army in the distance, with its flags and colors, a frightening yet strangely beautiful sight. It lays down a marker of progress achieved and progress to come. Aja Romano of Vox wrote, "The Mulan remake jettisons everything great about Disney's animated classic and delivers nothing new. Rachel Hsu of the The Daily Princetonian wrote , "By getting rid of these moments of comic relief from the original, the character development suffers.

In general, the remake's characters are terribly unconvincing. The villains aren't compelling since they're barely given any lines of exposition — their backstories and individual motives are weak and underdeveloped, which doesn't make for a rich and complicated story arc. It doesn't work as a film that elicits nostalgia, it doesn't work as a historical drama that explores Chinese culture, and it doesn't even work well as a stand-alone film, separate from the original.

The remake is disappointing in almost every way, somehow achieving less than the animated movie does despite its 20 extra minutes of runtime. Mulan was poorly received by Chinese critics and audiences. The film scored 4. Many people also appeared unsatisfied with how the film handles certain Chinese cultural elements.

One of the more common complaints about the film is its treatment of qi. Qi is a traditional idea in martial arts and Chinese medicine concerning a person's energy flow. But in Mulan , qi becomes a magical power that the eponymous heroine possesses. That power is limited by dishonesty, though, keeping Mulan from realising her full potential until she strips away her disguise as a man.

Other Chinese viewers complained about some of the characters' make-up, saying that it reflects Western stereotypes of China, rather than being a reflection of actual Chinese culture. Yanni Chow and Carol Mang of Reuters wrote that the film had "a lacklustre reception in Hong Kong" amidst calls from pro-democracy activists for a boycott. Reed, and Jake Weiner returning as producers.

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Not sure how to utilize the dual Thumbstick control? Looking for some tasty secrets? We've got it all with our complete walkthrough that takes you from first punch to the final strike. Sure, you can beat this game, but can you do it with honor? Please help improve this wiki if you can, and remove this notice if appropriate.

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Summary: The story of the game is concerned with a bodyguard named Kit Yun, Jet Li, who protects the leader of a Hong Kong crime syndicate. Animation World Network. Retrieved September 17, Electronic Gaming Monthly : Archived from the original on March 27, Retrieved September 18, Game Informer : Archived from the original on April 14, GamePro : Archived from the original on February 9, Game Revolution. Archived from the original on October 6, Official U. PlayStation Magazine : Archived from the original on March 16, The Cincinnati Enquirer.

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Beat 'em up , third-person shooter. Aggregate score Aggregator Score Metacritic. Game Informer. OPM US. Entertainment Weekly.

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More Wiki Sections. Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Summary: The story of the game is concerned with a bodyguard named Kit Yun, Jet Li, who protects the leader of a Hong Kong crime syndicate. When his charge, Boss Chiang, is assassinated, Yun must journey to the U. Genres: Action, Fighting. Platforms: PlayStation 2. Developers: Sony Computer Entertainment. Release Date: February 17, Presented by Wrangler. Kit says: "I see you haven't changed.

Let's get out of here. So, you need my help? Kit answers while they walk back: "I need to find Michelle. He likes to grab and smash your head into the mirrors so keep trying to circle him while beating on him. In the brawl downstairs, spread your blows around and quickly pick up weapons as they are dropped by enemy thugs. Keep moving and use the room to your advantage. The doors close as he readies for action and says: "Let's see how you handle a real fighter.

Immediately pound this guy with a combo or two. Be careful to pick your shots well because if you miss the target he will counter and slam you face first into the mirrors. Try to flow in the battle and you'll defeat him with ease. Add to the fact that they are armed with Baseball bats and you know you're in for a treat.

Kit walks towards them as the bouncer orders: "Get him" to the thugs. This is the same lobby where you fought the first two bodyguards, only darker. The concept is very simple here. Aim to fight fluidly by constantly staying on the move and sharing your blows around evenly. This is a test of survival.

Now simply teach the remaining threat a lesson in what happens when you stop Jet Li from going where he wants. Three more thugs with nightsticks show up as soon as the last one bites it. These guys are no match. As they perish three more thugs arrive. The big bodyguard is wielding two spiked clubs. Pay your attention to him but be quick to hit the other two as approach. Once these three are dead the cutscene takes over. I see you got it covered. Either the girl or Yun have it.

I need to find out what's in that envelope. Chiang's advisors don't seem to know anything about it. The camera next views an ajar door as Kit and Chi arrive in the hallway of a building and Kit overhears a thug saying: "Don't worry Kwan. Looks like our girl's being honored at the Metreon in a half hour. Kit wonders aloud: "Metreon? Come on. We'll pick her up there. Check it out! Kit says: "Go! Chi as the elevator doors are closing: "Be careful, Kit! The thug falls several stories to the pavement below and Kit catches himself safely by grabbing the balcony railing.

He then hangdrops one flight at a time until safely on the street again. Kit takes the two handguns from the dead thug and runs into the adjacent alley. Try to share your stream of fire with multiple gunmen simultaneously to keep them from being able to return fire as you light them up.

Use the L2 button to target scooters, signs etc for added fun. Immediately walk forward and shoot. Press L2 to target the red scooter by the railing ahead and when the first gunmen are near it, blow it up. Keep moving and shooting and then take your position by hiding at the planter on your left. There is a gunman right behind the next planter and several more ahead. Take a moment to note the pattern and then anticipate and shoot them as they come out to shoot. You will always be quicker than them this way.

Move on and do the same to the two remaining gunmen at the end. L2 can target the sign above the stairs on the right As you turn right at the corner, take cover behind the green "bulletproof" plastic garbage can and then shoot the first approaching thug. Next time the pattern of the guy behind the far planter on the left and take him out before he fires.

Also shoot the guy on the left corner as well. Now quickly run and hide behind the next garbage can on the left and then quickly shoot the three thugs while the Uzi-wielding thug is down. You can also target the white scooter as well as the sign above the Uzi-wielding thug.

Next anticipate the Uzi gunman and be waiting for him as he pops up. Once he's dead continue and turn left at the stairs. As you go up the stairs three gunmen arrive just ahead of you and begin shooting. I recommend backtracking to the white fish boxes by the dead Uzi gunman and then timing them rather than running in Gung-Ho style.

Both ways work though and if you run up the stairs shooting, you can easily target the sign above the gunman on the left Now hide behind the green garbage can and shoot the two gunmen at the far end. As you get to the fountain start shooting as a gunman comes running around the corner. You can also target the blue scooter but it doesn't always kill him. Also shoot the gunman ahead who is running towards you. Keep shooting as another will appear ahead from behind a corner.

You can target the sign on the upper left above the planter. Now use the alcoves on the left to slowly make your way down the alley while timing and shooting the baitfish. Get behind the planter and note the Uzi-wielding gunner up ahead.

Shoot all of the other thugs while he is down and then time him or target the sign above him right before he rises. You can also target the white scooter on the right but should then take cover on the left alcoves ahead Once he is dead a cutscene kicks in. Time your enemies and shoot them as the pop out. Target objects whenever possible.

One thug says: "Sounds like this Kit guy caused the boys on the street some major trouble. Billy sent us Kit gets up and looks at the two dead men as the screen fades to black. Now quickly run and hide behind the garbage pile on the left. And then shoot the thug behind the shed on the right. Now hide behind the shed and take out the shooters at the far end.

Just stay by the shed and fire as a few thugs start running at you foolishly with a hunger for some leaded nourishment. You can also target the exploding canister by the dumpster ahead. Now quickly run and hide behind the green garbage cans on the left and then time the Uzi-gunner or target the sign above him just before he pops out.

Next hide behind the dumpster and also shoot the three remaining thugs at the end and running out from around the corner. Three more thugs appear at the end but can easily be simultaneously dispatched. Hide behind the burning pile of garbage if you have trouble getting the gunman who pops out from behind the right corner. Shoot the three thugs ahead and take note of the Uzi-wielding gunman under the fire escape ahead.

Move to the garbage pile on the right and then time him or target the fire escape and kill him. Go around the corner peacefully and then take your position behind the garbage pile on the left. There are four gunmen at the far end.

One of them has an Uzi so let his timing be the most important as you eradicate the other three. The fire escape can be targeted above him for an easy kill as you run up. Another one or two goons runs out from behind the corner but should be easy to handle by now. Hide by the corner on the right and notice the three gunmen immediately ahead.

Once they are dead hurry over to the silver garbage cans and take cover again. Two gunmen up ahead are seen scrambling around and a third pops out from the right. Shoot them and you'll notice another Uzi-wielding gunman way at the far end. Hurry over and take cover behind the car and then quickly behind the green garbage can on the left ahead. The Uzi gunman will now run towards you but then bank off and take cover behind the truck on the left. Another one covers him from behind the far corner.

Easily time the one behind the truck but be quicker than the far one so as not to get caught greedily. Take out the remaining Uzi gunman from either hiding spot ahead and continue running down the alley until the cutscene kicks in showing Kit firing a few last shots back into the alley, catching his breath and then running away.

Divvy blows accordingly. Don't try to grab the bigger men. Stick and move. He quickly runs away while shooting backwards and causes the driver to crash just before impact. As Kit rolls to his feet a smoldering tire rolls past. Kit stands up and throws his weapons to the ground. The driver of the SUV then jumps out and climbs onto the roof of his car and stares Kit down. The camera then zooms back to show three more oversized thugs surrounding Kit as the Driver drops down and walks up.

Grabbing here makes for some nice wrist bending, followed with a heel to the upper back but don't try it on the big guys as they will smash you into walls instead. Once the four thugs are dead a quick cutscene takes over. Use chairs to your advantage. Be aggressive. He then gets up and walks over towards Kit to fight.

Don't stand idly by and let him grab you because he'll pick you up and throw you into the tables and other surrounding stuff. His other predominant move is a three-punch combo. Just keep throwing him a beating and he will soon die. A brief cutscene shows Kit looking up and seeing countless thugs on the surrounding balcony above.

Six thugs drop down and attack. As thugs die more jump in for a total somewhere around 12 or so. Once they are defeated another cutscene kicks in. He pauses briefly to look back and then runs again as a blue van gives chase. Kit then immediately does another jumping roll off of another car and is sent flying towards a truck behind but manages to catch the truck's side view mirror and escape injury.

The white car also ends up crashing into the school bus, which now blocks the entire street. Also a smaller blue pickup truck crashes into an electric pole while narrowly avoiding Kit on the side of the truck. As kit stands up he looks at the electric pole, which starts to topple and casually steps out of harms way as it comes crashing down. JUMP kick off the bus when surrounded to knock multiple enemies down.

Divvy your blows and keep moving to avoid being crowded. Don't get crowded in corners. This goes one until two jump in and deserve the same treatment. The thugs in the bus are no threat to you All of them are relatively weak except for the ones with the shiny brown or black jackets and ski caps.

Otherwise just keep moving and sharing blows around. Don't get stuck in any of the four corners here because it will be difficult to beat them all off without taking excessive hits yourself. In total you will have to defeat around 20 or so guys. Once the last one dies a cutscene shows Kit jumping over one of the wrecked cars and out of the area.

Divvy blows accordingly but focus mainly on the bikers. Hang back to have as much room between you and the oncoming bikers. CUTSCENE Kit stops running and listens to motorcycle engines revving in the distance he continues on toward the entrance of a tunnel that is completely blocked off with vehicles.

Several motor bikers are shown revving their engines in the tunnel as Kit approaches. The first biker jumps over one of the cars and races towards Kit who goes into a defensive stance. Quickly attack and kill the stunned bikers.

Get used to this Two more bikers and a running thug will now come. Even if the biker's get back on to their bike for another go it's better than you chasing him down and getting hit by his buddy. When no bikes are charging quickly divvy blows and try to stay as far back on the screen as possible. As with the last fight, the thugs with the shiny jackets and ski caps are the strongest ones.

In total you will defeat 17 bikers and about 14 or so thugs. Once the last one dies its cutscene time. Although the bikers can seldom hit Kit there, the running thugs can and simply staying there will not help Kit clear this chapter. There you are. Get in. Young Chi says: "Well she's not that girl in pigtails anymore. Chi whimpers and says: "Ow!

Who's going to protect me from the bullies? It's a long life". Young Chi then holds his hand out and both young Michelle and young Kit place their hands on top as the bond and say: "Ho hing dai. Presumably a chant implying friends for life. Check this out! Chi points at the poster and says: "Hey. She's gotta be here somewhere. Kit responds: "Sounds like they got here first. You go around to the party and find Michelle. I'll check inside. As Kit stealthily enters the building a thug is heard talking on a cell phone as the building security is being knocked out and replaced by impostors.

He says into the phone: "Uh huh No problem I'll take care of it. We have this place covered inside and out. After a brief pause the goon replies: "Don't worry Boss, we'll find her and take care of this Kit Yun also. Just then Kit taps the goon on the shoulder and then quickly takes him out as he begins to turn and then drags him out of view. Amazingly the launch party for Rise to Honor was held there too.

Observe your enemies patterns. Wait patiently for your opportunity and then strike like a snake. Whenever you are forced to deal with two at a time there is a canister to hit the first one with as you quickly knock the second one out. For the guards with the flickering flashlights, attack as soon as the light starts to flicker.

As soon as he turns again to walk back, come up behind him and simply strike one to render him unconscious. Continue along the path until you see another guard stationed ahead who simply turns left to right. Analyze his pattern and simply sneak up behind him to take him out with ease.

They don't hear you creeping up behind them Now continue straight ahead towards the next guard and then hide on the left side by the railing. Wait for him to walk up and scan left to right a few times and then as he begins his walk back, sneak up and take him out. Continue on and head up the few steps on your left and immediately hide behind the pillar on the left and observe the stationary guard here.

As he turns to his left, quickly sneak around behind him and knock him out. Continue heading past him towards the rear until you see the soda machines at the far wall. Slowly make your way over there and use the canister there to throw and knock the stationed guard there out. He'll whistle to himself as you draw near The camera then briefly pans through the next area filled with guards and then as you gain control simply head for the far left wall and sneak along it towards the two stationed guards.

Pick up the canister and then throw it at one on the left while quickly charging the other guard to knock him out. First he'll be alerted, then he'll quickly look for you - Use the few seconds to quickly subdue him A short distance later another guard is stationed. Simply stay just out of his flashlight's reach and as soon as it starts to sputter, charge and take him out. Forget about the stationed guard facing you ahead and go down the steps and hide at the bottom left little wall.

Observe this patrolling guard carefully as he will do a double take before really walking away. When he marches away, sneak up and introduce him to sleepy time. Just ahead to your right is another guard who patrols and does a double take. Use the nearby canister to take him out and then head up the few steps again to take out the last two guards up there by simply timing their movements as well.

The civilian chicks outside on the balcony will never notice you The camera then briefly shows two guards blocking a hallway before giving you control again. Notice that the guard on the right scans much slower than the one on the left.

Hide by the lamp on the left and time it so that you can sneak past them on the left. Once behind them use the canister to take one out while you quickly take out the second one. If you want you can listen to their brief conversation before you take them out Next head to the right and hide on the right side near the stationed guard. Simply time his movements so as to be able to sneak past him and then safely dispatch him from behind.

You will see two more guards stationed side by side up ahead. Jump over the lobby front desk on the left and safely get past them before jumping over again and using the canister there to take one out while you take out the other. Now jump over the partition rope and hide by the pillar next to the long hallway and observe the patrolling guards habits. As soon as he turns to walk, sneak up and remove him from the payroll.

Another brief camera sequence shows two guards patrolling side by side. As you regain control, walk in the direction the camera panned from and then take up your hiding position on the right corner where the guards stop and turn. Use the canister to knock out the one on the left and quickly dispatch the other one. A brief cinematic shows a guard up on the escalator walking down and then stationing himself at the foot.

Simply stay just out of his flashlight's range and as it begins to flicker, move in for the kill. Make sure you get close enough as the collision detection is a little odd in this instance Kit is then shown walking up the escalator as Michelle's voice is heard fighting upstairs.

He quickly runs up the escalator and then looks around. Kit also covers their mouth while you GRAB them so that they cannot alert other guards to your presence. Share blows around by always hitting the nearest aggressor and then immediately switching to the next nearest. Smash heads with the few garbage canisters you find along the way. Don't waste time trying to GRAB too much because you will be vulnerable to attack if you miss.

Stop only to fight. As they fall down she looks over at Kit who just ran up the escalator but doesn't recognize him after all these years. She quickly begins running away along the long walkways that surround this floor. The two goons get to their feet and give chase. A brief cinematic shows Kit getting surrounded by three thugs. Quickly dispose of them by sharing your beating accordingly and also kill the three reinforcements that join in as the first group dies.

Once you have defeated them you will see Michelle fending off two thugs up ahead. Continue towards Michelle until you are surrounded yet again and quickly kill these 8 or so goons as well. A brief cinematic will show that Michelle is still fighting off the goons at the end of the walkway and runs off as you arrive and the thugs turn their attention towards you.

As soon as you gain control quickly attack the four thugs who surround you by sharing blows in all directions to keep them off guard. A few more arrive as the brawl progresses and then a brief cinematic will show Michelle watching from around the corner as two dead thugs lie on the ground. As you gain control again, quickly give chase until the cutscene kicks in. She quickly continues running for her life as he calls out: "Michelle! When the guards jump out at you, quickly strike them and keep running after her.

JUMP over the fallen boxes instead of running around them to make up ground. Kit swings through the first bar as he gives chase. Michelle says: "What do you want? She runs past a stack of boxes she knocks them over so as to delay you even more. Right then from behind the right corner as you pursue, a guard jumps out with a kick that will most likely floor you.

Another guard can be seen ahead running after Michelle up ahead. A guard is waiting at the beginning of the walkway ahead. Dispose of him with one attack and then JUMP over the metal shelving that blocks the walkway and continue giving chase. As you approach the far end of the walkway, two more guards charge out towards you. Quickly attack them and just keep running after her.

Around another corner she will say: "Go away! JUMP over these boxes instead of running around the right side so as to make up a little ground and keep after her. Once you have cleared the obstacle Michelle will jump over the railing to the left and run along the rafter to the other side. Follow suit and now just keep on her tail as she runs across the rafters a few more times before finally giving up and stopping.

The cutscene then takes over. Now simply run across to the far side and then wait for Michelle as she runs around to your side and cut her off. The cutscene will them immediately kick in and you have avoided the lengthy chase altogether. Additionally you won't have to fight the security guards either.

Just as she is about to throw a punch he says: "Ho hing dai. Is that you? What are you doing here? Let's get Chi. The while still keeping "R1" pressed, slap the "R3" stick in the direction of your attackers. Try to attack Sung Lung up against the stairs to make it easier to hit him. Use the afore- mentioned tandem attacks to easily defeat Sung Lung.

Kit and Michelle abruptly stop once they see the man who then says: "I am Sung Lung. Practice your tandem attacks See chapter 'Gameplay Tips' above for specifics and get a good feel for how they work. Repeat this process and or simply beat the living crap out of the first wave of goons 6 total until they are all dead.

Sung Lung will laugh briefly and order the next wave to: "Attack! Once you and Michelle have killed these thugs, Sung Lung leaps over the railing and runs down saying: "My turn. If you can get him to fall up on the stairs you can easily land a few more combos while he tries to walk back down. Once his health bar drops to around half however, he will become somewhat more formidable. But as long as you keep him off of Michelle at all costs and use her as your tandem partner as much as possible, he will soon perish.

He then says to Michelle: "They called your name at the ceremony so I accepted for you. They must really like you! We were almost killed. Pigeons can be heard ruffling their feathers in the rafters overhead. Michelle then refers to her father Boss Chiang as she says: "I knew he'd end up dead Especially after your father's death.

He hands it to Michelle while telling her: "His dying wish was for me to give this to you. She then begins reading the letter as her father's voice can be heard narrating. But I know I spent my last days trying to end the suffering I've allowed to happen.

I hope someday you can forgive me. My only success has been you. And my only pride. What was he trying to do? Michelle stands up defensively as Kit comes running from the back area with several more thugs in pursuit. They find themselves surrounded by several thugs as one of them instructs: "Let's get this guy! Keep an eye on Michelle's health bar and try to minimize the damage you take as this will be a lengthy battle overall.

Proceed to unleash some serious Jet-Li style fury now and keep Michelle from being surrounded. Armed or not As thugs die more will come totaling around Once you kill this small army the following cutscene will kick in. She screams in pain and he then kicks her to the floor. Kit turns to see what happened and the thug is seen running to the blocked off area behind the altar.

Once you kill the first 4 goons, four more will hop in through the windows. JUMP kick off the walls if you need to get out of a tight spot. Once you have defeated this wave of thugs a brief cinematic shows a gray sweatsuit-wearing thug somersaulting in through the window and taunting Kit with some martial art poses. Kit taunts back just as and several more sweatsuit- wearing thugs hop in. Chances are that your health bar will be very low by now. If you die here you can continue from this point Stay near the wall in the lower left corner of the room so that you won't get surrounded.

Now simply COUNTER and then attack with a combo whenever the nearest attacker is stunned or more importantly, when they get winded from all the jumping and flying around. They will hunch over and pant With a little patience you can kill all of these fools without getting hit at all. Once they are dead four more goons hop in through the window. They are also extremely susceptible to wall kicks and you can always be brave by trying to GRAB one of them and then either throwing him or smashing his head into the wall.

Once you've killed them the cutscene will kick in. He turns to see who it is and the camera pans to reveal the door being kicked open by a skinny fighter in a gray sweatsuit with orange-striped shorts worn on the outside. He does a series of martial art combos while saying: "You've never seen moves like these before. Repeat this two or three times and he'll die in a crumpled heap on the floor in front of you. If you miss however, he will land a strike combination on you.

The truth is, he's never seen moves like yours before. Try to stay in the center of the room for this fight as they can swarm you in the corners or in the little alcove by the window up top. Once you have killed them three more sweatsuit-wearing goons join the foray. Lastly, four more thugs arrive. Again, the center of the room is best to avoid being swarmed.

Once these last few thugs are dead the cutscene will kick in. She says to him as she tries to get to her feet: "I'm ok. Get him! Head as far back as you can I recommend the lower left corner Dual target by aiming and shooting at multiple enemies simultaneously to keep them off guard. Focus primarily on laser scope wielding gunmen. Whenever you are targeted by laser, focus your stream on fire towards the source.

He stops short with the sound of pistols cocking just as a cap-wearing gunman is shown behind brandishing two handguns. The thug points both guns towards Kit whose back is turned but is quickly taken out by Michelle from behind. The impact of her punishment sends both guns sailing through the air in Kits direction. She yells: "Kit! She then says as she's finishing off the thug: "There's more coming on the other side. I'll take care of them. Just then three laser-scoped gunmen come smashing through the round window in the ceiling and rappel down to the floor.

My recommendation is to head to the lower left corner of the room so as to have the widest possible range of vision. You can also hide there but I didn't find that necessary Target and shoot all enemies as the appear and try to divvy up the shots in such a way so as to keep them all off guard. If you get targeted by a laser beam, immediately fire towards the gunman who has you locked on. This gunfight is very similar to the "Chop Shop Shootout" with the exception being that this area is much smaller.

If you prioritize from gunman down to melee weapon-wielding thug, you ought have no difficulty completing this segment unscathed. Once the last of them has been riddled with bullets a brief cutscene will ensue. Chi is forced in at gunpoint by a dapper looking thug in a white suit. This is Billy Soon Chi is holding a paper bag containing his lunch.

Billy Soon says: "You're little friends appetite led us right to you. Billy replies in an unaffected manner: "Where did such a beautiful young thing learn to be such a hardass? He grabs the envelope from the thug and goes on: "I have a friend in Hong Kong who will be very interested in these.

The scene then fades to black. From the darkness a door is swung open to reveal Kit being thrown into a dark room by two guards. As Kit looks up from the ground, one of the guards says to the other: "He's not going anywhere. Patiently observe the enemy guard pattern and wait for your opportunities.

Keep your finger always ready to press "R1" at the moment prompted. Look for the overhead pipe and press "R1" when prompted to jump and hide. As you do a brief cutscene kicks in. When he doesn't see you he says aloud: "Where did he go?

Quickly exit the room and a brief cinematic shows Kit sneaking away as a patrolling guard approaches. Move all the way to the left and wait for the HIDE prompt once under the pipe. Take out this guard the same way as you did the last. Next follow the path around the corner and you'll see a stationed guard on the walkway ahead. The pipe to hang from is right next to him. Move up and hide from the pipe and wait for the guard to go on alert. As he turns away, drop down and sneak up behind him for a knockout blow.

Follow the walkway slowly and at the corner by the guard who is facing away, hang from the pipe. As soon as he becomes calm again, drop down and knock him out too. Now walk past him and immediately turn left at the corner and walk back to where the opening is on your right.

You'll be behind two guards here. Go up to the chair, pick it up and smash it on one of them while quickly then knocking out the other one before he spots you. Now move ahead and then turn left again to see a guard looking down through a glass roof. Sneak up and attack him so that he goes crashing through the glass. From here simply turn away from the glass roof and head left at the end to continue. The camera will briefly pan out at the corner here to show you two guards back- to-back with flashlights.

As you gain control again, simply wait for the beam of light to start moving away and follow it until you are prompted again to HIDE from the pipe directly in front of the guard. He will briefly go on alert. As soon as he calms down, drop again and continue around to the other side. Perform the same action again with the second guard and then proceed until you see the next scanning flashlight beam. Stop just out of sight and observe a second beam right above. Time it so that both beams are moving away and run up to where you are prompted to JUMP and then quickly press up and press "R1" again to hide from the pipe up here.

Wait for the upper beam to safely pass to your right and then drop and move on. Just ahead there will be another beam of light scanning up and down. Time it and run under the beam to avoid being spotted. Now run towards the end and drop down through the opening in the railing until you are on the floor again. You will immediately notice a light beam coming through an open door. Forget about that for now. Head to your left and you'll see a guard stationed in the dark far corner.

Approach him slowly either head on or from his left and he will wake up startled and briefly scan around. As he turns to walk to the edge, sneak up and put him back to sleep for good. A brief cutscene will now kick in. Press "R1" to open the door behind him and go through it. Five guards immediately come to attack you once you enter the room so start handing out pain as if Christmas came early and you were Santa and COUNTER them if you get surrounded.

This room is rather large so feel free to move around so as not to get swarmed. Once you have killed them, head to the far end of the room and open the door to enter the next room. As you enter you'll notice a guard ahead scanning side to side. Head towards the wooden elevator on the right and sneak up next to the guard while scans away and take him out. Right next to him is a small space where no need to JUMP back and forth to get to the upper level.

Press "R1" as you touch each side to jump up Once up top, take out the last guard who is just motionless looking out. Now simply head to the edge by the wooden freight elevator and press "R1" when prompted next to the chain. This will trigger a brief cinematic showing Kit pulling the elevator door open by dragging the chain down to the ground.

Now just enter the open elevator and Kit will press the down button cinematically. Grab and throw the guards over the edge on the catwalks. As you approach them they will attack. Divvy up blows accordingly when both surround you.

Use the room to your advantage by moving around and wall kick to keep them off balance. These guys liker to grab and punch you. Once they are dead, exit through the door at the far end. The camera zooms in as Michelle struggles and says: "Let go of me. Kit is then again shown looking around for a way down and the camera pans around to show a cable connecting this building to the one on the other side. Catwalks adorn the sides of both buildings. Kit starts running as the camera fades.

Follow the catwalk again and send the next guard base-jumping without a parachute and then CLIMB the ladder at the end up to where the cable is. Press "R1" to Jump up and grab the cable and a brief cinematic will show Kit sliding to the far building. As you arrive and gain control again, head to the ladder and press "R1" to slide down it as well as the next one to the catwalk below. Here you will face another guard but this one is no pushover like the last few.

As he gets up quickly volley more attacks to overwhelm and kill him. Beware his seemingly endless stream of blows if he gets behind you. If you have a chance to pass him, just keep running to the open door at the end to leave him behind. A brief cinematic shows you entering the door. As they spot him they jump up. One of them says: "He's escaped. Take two weapons with you TIP: You can throw melee weapons by pressing "R1" while slapping R3" in the direction of your desired throw.

Divvy blows accordingly and wall kick when surrounded. Use whatever weapons you can find against your enemies. Hopefully you brought your weapons along from the previous room but either way, administer a beating to the guard by the soda machines in this small room. If you can take him by surprise he probably won't even know what hit him. You can smash the soda machines and water cooler if you have destructive tendencies like me. Once he is dead, exit through the door at the end.

As you walk down the next hallway you'll notice a door on your left that is closed. USE it to enter a small dirty bathroom. There is a guard in the locked stall at the end who will tell you to get lost in a variety of ways when you try to open the door "R1" but afterwards simply walk towards the sinks to trigger a brief cutscene. He then calmly says: "There's no escape.

Once he is defeated exit the bathroom and turn left into the open room as another brief cutscene kicks in. As they notice Kit one of them goes: "What the hell Once they are all defeated go through the door at the end. Once they die, Kit will throw his weapon away.

Now proceed through the door at the far end of the security room. As you exit the room you will notice a stairwell on your left. We'll come back to this later For now, head straight and through the door ahead. Once inside you'll notice two stacked aquariums smashable along with some office furniture.

Simply head through the next door and run down the long hallway to the door at the end. Enter it. A brief cinematic shows Kit entering what appears to be some sort of third-world chemistry lab filled with several thugs in white overcoats and surgeon masks. Try kicking one of them onto the red-hot table for kicks and just remember to divvy around your blows.

You can also GRAB and drag thugs over the red-hot table in the back. Once they are defeated head back the way you came and back down the long hallway towards the previous room with the aquariums. As you enter the door the cutscene kicks in. It will trigger the arm-twisting, heel to the back animation. The red cap-wearing chemists are regular enemies. A voice is heard saying: "Your little tour ends here!

He gets up and walks towards Kit while continuing: "I've been waiting for you. He has almost no defense against GRAB moves. Every time get gets up again simply GRAB him again and then double tap the "R3" stick to unleash another painful throw on him. Slowly but surely you will completely deplete his life bar this way.

Wall kick off the back wall to knock him down and try to attack from behind while he is getting up. Try to steer clear of the aquarium because he will grab and smash your head into it every time. Once he is dead, proceed out the door and head back towards the way you came. You will now notice that the door at the bottom of the steps is now unlocked. When the bomb-strapped goons come start heading back again. Take out the laser-scoped gunmen first, then the bomb suits, then the melee goons.

Share your firepower evenly around. Use the cars for cover and target canisters as well as those bomb-wearing thugs by using "L2". Turn to Kit's right and head down the stairs towards the now open door leading into the car garage below. A brief cinematic shows Kit overlooking the chop shop from the stairway as they take note of him.

A thug cries out: "He's escaped! They look like nail guns As you gain control start targeting and keep the "R2" button pressed. Simply share your firepower around by hitting each enemy two or three times and then quickly hitting the next guy two or three times. Focus your attention immediately on any shooter who locks his red laser scope onto you. If you stay in the rear right corner you should be able to pick them all off.

Just keep spraying and wait for them to all die. A brief cinematic kicks in showing two goons in what appear to be space suits with bombs attached approaching you from the doorway. As you gain control immediately head backwards again and spray them with a relentless dose of bullets until they explode. You can lock on to them by pressing "L2" Head all the way to the rear right corner again and continue lighting up the swarm of enemies as they approach.

Kill the laser-scoped guards first followed by the slower moving bomb-strapped goons and lastly the melee weapon goons. TIP: Come out from behind the car in the rear-right corner to light up the bomb goons from afar as they take more shots to kill. Also you can target numerous exploding canisters here as well if you decide do to run around but know that the camera angle will hinder your vision behind you.

Once the last of them is dead a brief cutscene shows a wooden freight elevator door opening and Kit throws down his guns. Run into the elevator and Kit presses the down button. As he walks around the corner of the building Chi is shown hiding behind some crates and boxes.

He carefully asks aloud: "Kit? You should have seen me! This is all my fault. It's too dangerous. Next the scene switches topside to show two goons holding Michelle who squirms and grunts while a dapper thug in a white suit talks away on his cell phone and says: "I got your package. Looks like a lot of stuff here. I don't read Chinese. Oh, such a shame, especially the beautiful Miss Chiang. I'll be back after I pay a visit to our guest Mr.

The dapper thug, Billy, then turns, laughs, cracks his knuckles and then runs toward Michelle who is out of visual sight and a thorough beating is then heard being administered by Billy while Michelle is heard moaning and grunting. Once she goes silent Billy is heard laughing again.

During the Billy fight, get the weapons by wall jumping the boxes in the upper left and right corners. Counter him and be patient. Beware his 5-combo sickle strike. Share your blows around quickly to keep them all off guards and immediately pick up weapons as thugs die.

Several more drop in the fight as goons die but after about 15 0r 18 kills the enemy ceases to attack. Kit then jumps all the way down, landing directly across from Billy who then says: "This is going to be fun! The camera also reveals several goon atop the containers surrounding you both as it pans out.

From here on out the battle becomes a breeze. Now quickly run up and unload a combination. Sometimes the thrown weapon is hard to locate again but typically it'll be along the perimeter wall or container and you'll see the "PICK UP" prompt appear onscreen Repeat this process three times and a brief cinematic will kick in. It twirls through the air like a ninja star and lands perfectly underfoot.

Billy then says: "Now this is my specialty. But if you simply COUNTER his every onslaught and then repeat the above-mentioned technique a few more times, you'll defeat him with ease. Once you do a cutscene will take over. Attack him at that moment. Phase 1 When he only has one Scythe, if the position of the Scythe when he finishes his combo is at his left side and the stick portion is pointing up, he is vulnerable.

Phase 2 When he has two Scythes, if the positions of the Scythes when he finishes his combos are such that the stick portions are pointing up and towards each other, he is vulnerable. Stay a little bit away from him when he has two Scythes because one of his combos is quite long.

The camera then looks up at Michelle who calls down from the level above: "Kit, are you alright? Kit quickly turns back to Billy just in time to see Michelle and Chi both fall down on the deck and Michelle gets up and worriedly says: "Chi? He then briefly looks back up and around to find a way up before running out of the camera's view. Kit arrives on the upper deck and kneels at Chi's side alongside Michelle.

Chi struggles to speak: "I just wanted to help. Chi then utters "Ho hing dai" with his final breath and is dies. Kit and Michelle bow their heads in sorrow for a moment until Kit looks at her and says: "Yau yee hay. This has to end. A speedboat is then seen pulling up as the camera zooms out.

The camera then reveals Kit and Michelle as being the occupants of the boat. Kit says to Michelle: "Victor came to me when I was a young cop. He convinced me to use my connection with your family to go undercover. He knew I would do anything to change the world that killed my father As the boat stops by the dock, Victor gives Michelle a hand up introduces himself: "Ms. Victor Lau, Triad Crime Bureau.

What have you got for us? He allowed this to go on for too long, not knowing for sure who was behind it. From the papers he left me I think he was getting close. How could he not have suspected Kwan? Come with me.


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Jet Li Rise to Honor Part 24

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