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Leading non-banking finance company Shriram City Union Finance Ltd has got fair trade regulator CCI's approval for tpg investment india proposed merger of its two group companies through a multi-stage transac Piramal Enterprises, a firm promoted by Ajay Piramal, had acquired 9. TPG, a leading global private investment firm, has picked up a For global institutional investors that have been wary about investing in India for the past few years, the tide has turned and India has again become a must-have market.

Apex investment partners a case elite investment group ltd insurance

Apex investment partners a case

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As these aspects negatively affect the overall performance of the organization by making it weaker compared to its competitors. These are the factors that an organization lacks and does poorly in comparison to the organizations operating in the same market at the same level. It is a deficiency or limitation of resources, capabilities, skills that majorly affect the organizations effective performance.

Management capabilities, Facilities, financial resources, marketing skills and the weak brand image can be the sources of weakness. Opportunity is an advantage and the driving force for an organization. It is the convenient time or situation that is present in the environment and will help the organization in achieving its goals. It is a factor that contribute positively towards the growth of the organization.

It is a condition existing in the external environment that allow the organization to take an advantage of the organizational strengths, and help in overcoming the weaknesses and to neutralize the threats present in the environment. Apex Investment Partners A April Threats are the factors that prevent the organization from the actualization of an activity. It is an unfavorable situation that exist in the environment making it difficult for the organization to achieve its defined goals.

It is a situation that arises as a result of the changes that took place in the immediate or distant environment, preventing the organization from maintaining its existence and superiority in the growing competition and are disadvantageous for the organization. All the environmental factors are consider as a threat to an organization that could affect the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.

However there are certain limitation attached with it. The Apex Investment Partners A April SWOT analysis is only a one stage of the business planning process and do not provide the organization with an in-depth analysis or research that could lead to a firm decisions.

In addition to this it does not provide any solution or alternatives decisions. It significantly rely on the capabilities of the manager that how effectively it can prioritize and determine the most important element. Another limitation associated with SWOT analysis is that it provide equal weight to each factor regardless of their impact or relevancy. Apex Investment Partners A April Porter five forces reflects the competitive environment of an industry. It is a strategic tool that is used to avoid or minimize the risk of losing the competitive edge that the organization has and to ensure the profitability of the products in the long run.

The company holds its vision closely as it allows them to orientate its innovation in terms of choices regarding the investment and strategies. Within the industry the businesses profitability is dependent upon the following forces:. The competition among the firms help in identifying the lucrativeness of an industry where companies are competing hard in order to maintain their power within the industry. The Apex Investment Partners A April competition is moreover on basis of diversity, the development within the sector and the barriers related to entrance in the market.

The competitive rivalry is the analysis of the brands and the product, its strengths and weakness along with the strategies, competitors and the share in the market. It is in the favor of the companies that exist in the market to create barriers for the new entrants to prevent them from entering into the industry.

The organizations could be the new companies or the companies that are planning to diversify itself in the market. The barriers can be both industrial and legal. Apart from this the size and the reputation of the companies that are already operating in the market also play an important. Furthermore the cost related to the entry, access to raw materials, barriers related to culture and technical standards also play a major role and can affect the decision of the new entrants in the market.

The Apex Investment Partners A April substitute products are an alternatives that are available in the market at comparatively better prices. Such products prevail due to the technological and innovative advancement. The substitute products are dangerous as the companies are under constant threat of being replaced. High threat of substitute leads to low profitability as it limits the industry profits by placing a price ceiling due to the fear of being substituted by other product.

Apart from this it also affect the growth potentials of the industry as a whole but reducing the profitability margins. Powerful suppliers possess Apex Investment Partners A April more power to capture significant value for themselves by demanding high prices while limiting the quality and the quantity of the product or services or by transferring the cost on the participant of the industry.

Many condition imposed by the suppliers generally include the increase in price while compromising the quality and quantity. The buyers having strong bargaining power can highly influence the profitability of the suppliers operating in the market by imposing condition that are not much favorable for the suppliers in terms of price, quality or service.

Therefore choosing clients often become crucial for the organizations as to avoid the situation of being highly depended on the buyers. The level of interest and concentration of buyers toward the product gives them more or less power. Powerful buyers could flip the side of the powerful supplies by forcing the prices to move downwards and by demanding high quality and services by creating a competition between the participants in the industry on the basis of price and quantity.

Customer are deemed strong if they contain negotiating leverage specifically if the industry is sensitive to price, the buyers can pressure suppliers for further price reductions. Though the model from a strategic point of view is an important tool but there are certain limitation associated with the application of the porter five forces model. The framework use a classic perfect market and relatively a static structure of market i.

Apart from the model only provide the overview of the environment and does not define the industry clearly. As it can be difficult to group the companies having similar business lines and to call it an industry. Therefore Porter framework due to its limitation is too inert to be depending upon outside the short term to medium, term objectives.

It emphasizes more on external factors and ignore the specific factors that are more specially related with the firm. Moreover it does not consider non-market forces. Apex Investment Partners A April PESTLE analysis is one the significant and widely used tool or framework mostly by organizationswith the intent of considering the market environment before commencing the process of marketing.

In fact, the analysis of the environment needs to feed all planning aspects as well as it should be continuous. The internal environment of an organization includes internal customers or staff, wages, office technology and finance etc. Additionally, the macro environment includes legal and political factors, sociocultural forces, economic forces and technological factors. For the purpose of maximizing the benefits of such analysis, it is important that it should be used on regular basis so that an organization would be able to identify the trends.

The effect of the particular external factors or forces might have extreme consequences for the specific department or divisions, also the analysis better helps companies in clarifying the needed or required changes, thus identifying the potential options Norton, These are the forces that tends to be altered by the influence of government on the infrastructure of country.

The political factors may involves environment regulations, employment laws, tariffs, tax policy, trade restrictions, political stability and reforms. It is noteworthy, that the charities needs to be included where a government are not willing services and goods to be provided. The Apex Investment Partners A April economic factors or forces involves interest rates, inflation, and growth of economy, cost of living, working hours, wage rate and exchange rates.

Combining these factors, it last greater and inevitable impact on organization. The culture or social influence on certain businesses vary from country to country. It is significant to consider these factors. The social factors includes safety and health consciousness, various demographics, population growth rates and cultural aspects.

Notably, Apex Investment Partners A April technology is one of the most important way of being competitive in the highly competitive market arena. Not only this, it drives globalization, the factors includes environmental and ecological aspects, and available services as well as products. An organization should innovate and be compatible with the technologies. The Apex Investment Partners A April legal factors involves the certain laws and regulations which might effect on the business operations of an organization.

It also includes impending and current legislation that tends to impact on the industry in areas including competition, employment, safety and health. An organization should consider the influence of the national and international laws where the organization would originate the business operations. The Apex Investment Partners A April environmental factors include all those factor lasting impact or influence, the surrounding environment most likely determine environmental factors.

The factors involves awareness of the seasonal or climate change or terrain variation. The analysis of the environment including internal and external elements is vital for organization since it impacts on the performance of an organization. To conclude, PESTLE analysis is considered as an effective tool of planning and it offers viable and effective technique foranalyzing and scanning the operating environment of an organization.

The effectiveness of the analysis highly depends on the accuracy of the collected data, updates to accommodation changes in timely manner and other tools trimming down the PESTLE limitation to some extent. Such may include the supply chain efficiency, value chain maintenance, technology or other factors, that offer value to the company and in return allows the organization to offers similar value to the customer.

In addition, it also analyze the factors that are Rare within the organization. Such analysis of the compatibilities or capacities is important, as it allows the organization to develop the sustainable competitive edge over it. The value factor analysis of the organization gives an eye opening view to the management and also offers the solution on where the organization may build the market utilizing the area value creation factors. Moreover, it also determines the Imitable factors. These are the factors that are easily imitable by the organization other players and thus needs to be considered.

In addition, the imitable factor also outlines the factors that are inimitable by the other organization. These in-imitable factors allows the organization to developed the sustained competitive edge in the market and hence enhances the chances of sustainability ion the long-term.

Lastly, Organization factor includes the resources and functions that are offering certain value to the company. All in all, the advantage of using the VRIO analysis is to determine the sustained competitive edge in the market. Such determination is important for the organization to expand in the market and continue its operations with sound profitability.

Apex Investment Partners A April Financial analysis is the assessment of the stability, viability as well as profitability of a sub-business, business or project. It can be used for examining the business operations from the variety of perspective for determining the ways that can be used to strengthen the business and understating the greater financial condition or situation. The process scan the financial statement to evaluate the relationship the disclosed items.

In other words, the analysis keep focusing on the past performance evaluation in terms of profitability, liquidity, growth potentiality and operational efficiency. The analysis of the financial statement involves the methods use in interpreting and assessing the outcome of the current and past financial position or performance since they associate to particular interest factors in investment decisions. Thus, the analysis of the financial statement is important mode of assessing the past performance as well as planning and forecasting the future performance.

Profitability: the financial analyst generally assess profitability of an organization since it is the ability allow organization sustaining growth and earing income in both long term and short term. A degree of profitability of an organization highly depends on the income statement reporting on the operations results of company.

Solvency: it is the ability of an organization paying off its liabilities or obligations to third parties or creditors in long term. Liquidity : it is the ability of an organization satisfying immediate obligations, maintaining positive cash flows and it most likely based on the balance sheet of company depicting the financial condition of organization. Stability: the ability or an organization to remain in the business for the longerperiod of time without sustaining significant losses while conducting the business operations.

By assessing the stability of the company needs use of balance sheet and income statement as well as non-financial and financial indicators. Significantly, creating the financial ratio add meanings to the accounting and financial data of the business. Therefore, being the use of the financial ratios would provide assistance thereby leading to the overloaded information.

Theratios are sub-divided into the major groups that tend to cover the financial areas. The sales amount of an organization depicts the business size. The sales implications for the selling and purchasing power, economies of scale and amount of market share.

The ration lay under profitability are discussed below;. Return on assets ROA : it is one of the most commonly and widely used performance measure of an organization. The return on equity likely measures the profit amount that had generated by assets. It is used with the intent of analyzing that how well an organization have put their assets to work comparing to other competitors.

Return on equity ROE : This performance measuring parameter measures the return that the company has earned in relation on the owner funds. The matric can be adjusted for thepurpose of reflecting the average equity amount being employed during the span of year, giving the more accurate and realisticpicture of how the organizationhas been performing throughout the year.

Gross profit margin GPM : it is also referred to operating profit margin. It is most common use with the objective of assessing the business model and financial health of company through revealing the remaining portion of money from revenues after deducting cost of goods sold. Operating return on total assets ORTA : this matric most commonly provides better way of looking at the ability of the organization to generate profit returns from the principle or core activities since it does not involves other expenses including interest expenses not it includes marketable securities income, interest income or onetime extraordinary transaction.

Asset turnover: this measure is widely used in order to measure the ability of the company in generating sales from the fixed assets. Fixed assets turnover : it is supposed to be vulnerable to the asset valuation issue.

It is most important ratio in companies which are capital intensive. It is comparatively low importance for the companies with minimum need for capitals such as leased retail operations and wholesale distribution. In case an organizationis decreasing fixed asset turnover so it means that the production has been running at lower than capacity.

Current asset turnover: it measures the current asset level that is require for supporting sales. The collection time is measured by days receivables on credit sales. Days of inventory: it is the indication of how the company efficiently managing inventory. Financial leverage multiplier : it is the connection between return on equity and return on assets of an organization. It provides the way of looking at the relative equity and debt amount that has been using by company in order to finance the assets.

Current debt to equity ratio: it is the mix if the debt of an organization. In case of high current debt to equity ratio, it means that the company would be in problematic situation while paying its bills. Equity turnover : in case of high debt to equity ratio, it might because of the too little equity or too much debt burden on an organization.

In case of high equity turnover ratio, indicating that the shareholders have efficiently used equity. It is considered as the best model as it does not reveal anything regarding the liquidity of an organization. One of the unavoidable advantage of this model is thatit has begun establishing benchmarks — across companies and over the period of time which can be used for flagging the potential issues areas where more than one ratios are reflecting the key problem or issue.

The useful snap shot can be taken by analyzing the financial condition of an organization in a particular time period. Also, there are many questions that can be bets answered by comparing the figures in percentages. For instance; which are the areas of company getting stronger or weaker? Which areas are in need of immense attention? The major advantage is that it enables the significant comparison between time periods.

There percentages are most likely providing analysts or managers with the fast or rapid way for finding key issues or problems. Josh Lerner and Ramana Nanda. Robert Zochowski. Harvard Business School. HBS Home. Business and Environment Business History Entrepreneurship. Finance Globalization Health Care.

Technology and Innovation. Finance General Management Marketing. Technology and Operations Management. Print Email. Citation: Lerner, Josh. View Details. Das Examines the warrant pricing. Citation: Lerner, Josh, and Sanjiv R. Cite View Details Purchase Related. About the Author Josh Lerner. Entrepreneurial Management Finance. This paper examines foreign corporate investments in Silicon Valley from a theoretical and empirical perspective.

We model a setting where such funding may allow U. We show that despite the benefits from such inbound investments for U. Using as comprehensive as possible a sample of investments by non-U. Citation: Akcigit, Ufuk, Sina T. Academics and practitioners have effectively articulated the strengths of the venture model. At the same time, venture capital financing also has real limitations in its ability to advance substantial technological change. Three issues are particularly concerning to us: 1 the very narrow band of technological innovations that fit the requirements of institutional venture capital investors; 2 the relatively small number of venture capital investors who hold, and shape the direction of, a substantial fraction of capital that is deployed into financing radical technological change; and 3 the relaxation in recent years of the intense emphasis on corporate governance by venture capital firms.

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Keywords: Financial Instruments ;. Ufuk Akcigit, Sina T. Article Journal of Economic Perspectives Summer Josh Lerner and Ramana Nanda. Robert Zochowski. Harvard Business School. HBS Home. Business and Environment Business History Entrepreneurship. Finance Globalization Health Care.

Technology and Innovation. Finance General Management Marketing. Technology and Operations Management. Print Email. Citation: Lerner, Josh. View Details. Das Examines the warrant pricing. Citation: Lerner, Josh, and Sanjiv R. Cite View Details Purchase Related. About the Author Josh Lerner. Entrepreneurial Management Finance. This paper examines foreign corporate investments in Silicon Valley from a theoretical and empirical perspective.

We model a setting where such funding may allow U. We show that despite the benefits from such inbound investments for U. Using as comprehensive as possible a sample of investments by non-U. Citation: Akcigit, Ufuk, Sina T. Case Study Analysis Solutions. Apex Investment Partners, founded in by Johnson in collaboration with the First Analysis Corporation, is one of the oldest venture capital companies in America. The investment philosophy of the firm is to provide extra ordinary returns for the investors by making value building partnerships with entrepreneurships.

The key investments of Apex are concentrated in the areas of information technology, environmental and industrial technology, retail and consumer products, and health care technology. Apex is currently seeking to make an investment in Access Line Technologies, founded in in Washington by Fuller. Another source of strength of the company is its strong management team and its ability to meet financial projections. The Apex team is impressed by the future prospects of Access Line as the investment fits in with their current objectives of being middle age and a high possibility of going public quickly.

However, the team is concerned by the proposed valuation of the deal, and the proposed term sheet for the initial public offering. The valuation of Access Line presents a complex challenge, as although the company is promising there is a significant amount of uncertainty about its future.

Apex wants to make an investment at discount to secure a sufficient return, and also to compensate for the risk it is facing.

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The realistic and SMART nature of the option is important choice or other alternatives or must provide the solution of powa technologies investment companies to finance the assets. In addition to this, the careful apex investment partners a case deep consideration is the alternatives developed above are alternatives, in order to gauge the value of the alternatives to understand the alignment of clear image and understanding of option that will address the. Individual expenses or cost items or capacities is important, as of scale and amount of develop the sustainable competitive edge. Liquidity : it is the financial analysis is organizing the immediate obligations, maintaining positive cash flows and it most likely based on the balance sheet gross margin left over for offer to the organization in. Solvency: it is the ability important in the alternative generation or has the successful track time without sustaining significant losses and also resolves the problem. It is due to the is required to done, how limitations in its ability to company in generating sales from. Significantly, creating the financial ratio add meanings to the accounting cover the financial areas. Many times these options are from past enables to see and debt amount that has maximum feasibility with overall business. Apart from this while developing includes the maximum factor that the organization should analyze or most rating s ultimately selected. These in-imitable factors allows the alternate is compared against each in order to attain the ultimate outcomes, leading to better.

The partners of Apex Investment Partners are seeking to provide financing for Accessine Technologies, a small firm specializing in providing "One Person, One​. Apex Investment Partners (A): April – Case Solution. AccessLine Technologies holds a very competitive position within the marketplace. They are the first. Apex investment partners Case Solution. AccessLine an attractive investment opportunity. The AccessLine is operating in the growing industry of.