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Leading non-banking finance company Shriram City Union Finance Ltd has got fair trade regulator CCI's approval for tpg investment india proposed merger of its two group companies through a multi-stage transac Piramal Enterprises, a firm promoted by Ajay Piramal, had acquired 9. TPG, a leading global private investment firm, has picked up a For global institutional investors that have been wary about investing in India for the past few years, the tide has turned and India has again become a must-have market.

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Centejas investments llc

We make houses beautiful again, and understand what it takes to maximize value and stay on budget. All home improvements excluding Roofing, or masonry work. Premium Member Special: Discount. Have good deals for investors. Premium Member Special: Houses to rehab. Dan Kepple Link to Website. Premium Member Special: depends on job but usually percent.

Roger Lewis Link to Website. Hardwoods Restoration. Frank Link to Website. Premium Member Special: free estimate and quote, 5 percent off list pricing. Renovation, New Construction. Premium Member Special: Discount based on Contracts will be given. Painting, Roofing and Complete Property Restoration. Premium Member Special: Discounts will be provided on an individual basis and based on the project.

Premium Member Special: Finally!!! We understand how investors think and what you want! Premium Member Special: Would offer discounts based on a job by job basis. Discounts are based on job type and job size. Florida Premium member. Kevin Green Link to Website. Complete home remodeling. Masonry Restoration. Premium Member Special: Pending service provided. James Howard Link to Website. Property Solutions- Wholesale, rehabbing.

Roofing, Remodeling, Powerwashing, Landscaping and more. Premium Member Special: Free estiamates and sidewalk cleaning. Rehab, remodeling and new construction services. Premium Member Special: 15 years experience, fast remodeling and property updating really nice package to buy and hold investors. Alex Reyes Link to Website. Construction estimating and consulting. Premium Member Special: Discounts.

Will increase with scope of work. Andrew Link to Website. Remodel ,restoration,remdiation. Carpenter contractor. Premium Member Special: Contractor service. Ivan Martin Link to Website. Premium Member Special: Free onsite estimate. Drywall, flooring, fencing, electrical, decks and pergolas. Jay Link to Website. Interior Paint. Premium Member Special: Special discount. Cabinets sales and installation. Premium Member Special: If you want a total replacement or just replacing the doors and hardware we can do at an affordable price.

General contracting. Premium Member Special: 10 percent off the repair price. H V A C Contractor. Premium Member Special: depends on what they are in need of??? Repair and replace Hvac equipment and duct cleaning. Premium Member Special: Repair and replace Hvac equipment and duct cleaning.

Anthony Thompson Link to Website. Remodeling for residential and commercial buildings. Marcus Galvan Link to Website. Total Home Rehabs. Home Staging, Design services for clients. New construction remodel. Premium Member Special: Free trade secrets and best practices.

Robert R Gorena Link to Website. Total rehabs. Premium Member Special: 10 percent discount to new customers. Premium Member Special: 5 percent discount. Al Simon Link to Website. Kitchen and Bathroom showroom and remodeling. Marian Link to Website. We do it all. Premium Member Special: Free estimates. Repairs,rehab, inspection.

Clean out, junk removal, debris removal, after construction cleaning. Premium Member Special: Free estimate depending on what state, and disconts on the job needed. Flat fee roofing. Premium Member Special: A no markup labor and materials roofing service with a flat fee.

Less than conventional contractor pricing. Adam Gill Link to Website. Custom Painting also includes: Floors and countertops. All kind construction work. Premium Member Special: Free Wind mitigation when using us for other services. Brian or Tiffany Lincoln Link to Website. Renovation Material Discounts. Penn Link to Website. Paul Maucha Link to Website. Robert Genest Link to Website. Demo, pressure washing, painting , trimming.

We will beat any bid. Premium Member Special: depends what the investment is. Handyman Services. Premium Member Special: Free Estimate. Discount on services for referrals that have work done. Premium Member Special: discount. Granite, Cabinets and General Contracting. Mark Gonzalez Link to Website. Total home renovation sheetrock installationand finish, painting, framing, kitchen and bathroom. Remodeling, tiling, everything with remodeling, electrical, plumbing, roofing.

Premium Member Special: Home construction advice or free estimate. Home renovation. Marsel Bejko Link to Website. Project Management - including planning, design and permitting; construction management; turn key services. All repairs and services electrical plumbing drywall flooring doors windows entertainment center TV cables painting networking Security cameras kitchen and bathrooms.

Premium Member Special: Sure discuss at time of job. Premium Member Special: I offer 27 yrs of hands on experience a competitive price with insight on redesign and vision to finish product that will make good financial sense on any flip project that can omit a problem or challenge.

Mike Armstrong Link to Website. Lock Service. Lawn,contracting,cleaning and debris removal. Heating Ventilation and Air install,service, repair. We not only do the entire renovation on every project but we help investors to manage their budget on a project by project basis. By helping to determine where money is best spent to get the most out of the budget and providing options and. John Sapp Link to Website. Hvac electrical plumbing from start to finish.

Premium Member Special: house cleaning. Ash Link to Website. Sherry Patterson Link to Website. Tony Link to Website. Asphalt paving. Marketing,Demolition, Renovation, New Construction partner. Susan Davidson Link to Website. Home improvement. Premium Member Special: I want to buy and help flip house. I am also a Realtor. Realty, development, lending. Premium Member Special: Free consultation, discounts vary per product.

Lyn Wong Link to Website. General Construction. Premium Member Special: Free estimates and Pro formas. Mark Scarlatelli Link to Website. General Contracting - all phases of construction. Premium Member Special: tbd. Any new construction to rehabs and any remdeling you have in mind.

Property clean up and small repairs, paint, brick laying etc. Premium Member Special: We will clean up the first property that they hire us for absolutely free but only in the local Ridgecrest CA area. Brad Link to Website. General Contracting. Painting,carpentry,cement finishing.

Full house remodeling from foundation to the roof. Premium Member Special: Free remodeling jobs bids estimates. Premium Member Special: All phases of construction, plumbing hvac electrical framing demo remodels. Property management - Collection, repairs and maintenance. Premium Member Special: We been in bissnuss for 12 years now.

Contracting at all sources. Premium Member Special: We would love to provide wonderful quality service at a magnificent price with gratitude to making your investment matter. Premium Member Special: 10 percent off. Handman services. Premium Member Special: Extra bonus. Remodeling and renovations. Luke Zmolik Link to Website. Renovation and remodeling. Premium Member Special: Senior Discount. Benjamin Butler Link to Website.

Leo Link to Website. Premium Member Special: depending on the size of the job i could do 5 to 10 percent. Phill Little Link to Website. General Residential Construction. Premium Member Special: Free Estimate!

Alice Sanchez Link to Website. Betterway plc. Farmer's market expo. Premium Member Special: Farmer's market expo. Kin Link to Website. Roofing and remodeling. Jason Cross Link to Website. Gerald A. Biddy, Jr. Mike Link to Website.

All service professional contractor. From top to bottom we can do it. Premium Member Special: We offer discounts based on review of property and scope of work. Cody Abner Link to Website. Rehab, Repair, Fix and Flip. Premium Member Special: To be Determined. Premium Member Special: Just simple expert labor, thus I remodel home interior rooms with drywall for residential, see this on my website, also on a Google search just enter: drywall contractor photos or painter contractor photos , I'm No.

William Avies Link to Website. Thomas Polcyn Link to Website. Premium Member Special: early retirement. Complete renovation. Oliver Blakely Link to Website. Construction Management, Risk Mgt. Premium Member Special: 0. Charles Clements Link to Website. Renovation and Construction. Powerful investor. Premium Member Special: I will offer unlimited service ever to all my clients.

Find deals for investors or help sellers liquidate. Andrew DiAlberto Link to Website. Complete remodel. Premium Member Special: Will talk about special when contacted. Roofing for foreclosures and rehabbers. Construction company. Premium Member Special: Depends how big is the job. Premium Member Special: Referral Program available. Pete Rose Link to Website. Home repairs roof to finish basements.

Premium Member Special: Not at this time. Professional Rehab Construction Company. Kamil Link to Website. Premium Member Special: The best workmanship, money can buymay trade labor and or material for participation in the property.

Main interest are big properties, but will look at all. Email address--clcbrickman gmail. Charles Cummins Link to Website. We have been doing electrical wiring more than 31 years. Dallas, FT Worth, and surrounding area. Michael Link to Website. Home Remodel. Demo, interior remodel, windows and doors, painting. Premium Member Special: Yes. Matthew Brown Link to Website.

Flooring and Shower systems, Kitchen and Bath renovations. Wholesale cabinets. Building Data Labs. Erin Horanzy Link to Website. Remodeling, renovations, repairs, and new builds. Premium Member Special: Remodeling, renovations, repairs, and new builds.

Harold McNeal Link to Website. Construction all fields. Premium Member Special: Deals. Full home restoration and landscaping. Commercial or residential. Multi family or single family dwellings. Coy Burns Link to Website. Most every thing you need repair the houses. Premium Member Special: Extra bonuses. Premium Member Special: Home repairs, remodels, flip. Premium Member Special: granite at cost with every full kitchen.

Renovation, New construction. Premium Member Special: Would love a opportunity too discuss. Brittney Erwin Link to Website. Certified General Contractor. Premium Member Special: Percentage based upon actual cost vs investment vs profits. Premium Member Special: Each situation is different , case by case will decided upon at that time.

Premium Member Special: i would like to find good deals and good parthner. Charlz Link to Website. Juan Santiago Link to Website. Floor tile, wood, laminate, cabinet, granite countertops, stone. Nabil Link to Website. Premium Member Special: Depends what needs to be done at the time. Go Daddy. Premium Member Special: Incentives based on deals. Jayvier Lewis Link to Website.

Construction, Development, Consulting. Premium Member Special: I level of service above and beyond expectations. We all make money when we all make money. Home automation, sound systems video systems. For all membe.

Roofing,siding ,windows and all interior remodeling. Shawn townsend Link to Website. Premium Member Special: Free Gate Installations when getting more than ft replaced with new fencing. Yuriko Link to Website. Premium Member Special: New construction and complete rehab. Full Remodels. Premium Member Special: I am flexible on any deal.

I am also interested in providing the labor on my end and then splitting the equity on the back end. Chip Jones Link to Website. Rehab Contractor. Premium Member Special: We do complete clean outs of trash ,mold and asbestos exposure removals.

Electrical and plumbing Roofing ,window and doors replacement 25 years in business fully insured. Home makeover. Carie Grout Link to Website. Air duct dryer vent cleaning. Premium Member Special: Dryer vent cleaning. Ebon Harris Link to Website. Premium Member Special: Discounted, professional, customized, availability! Also includes discounts outside of the workplace, could apply formfamily and friends!

Depending on the entire project! Jolene Link to Website. Residential Rehab Contractor. Premium Member Special: Free ridge vent system. Replacement Windows, Siding. Dave Hilyard Link to Website. Tax filing- accounting -payroll - Notary.

Premium Member Special: Tax filing service discount certificate of Joshua Molina Link to Website. Premium Member Special: Free upgrade to architectural shingles. Property Restoration and ReDevelopment. We are a turnkey operation. We can repair and remodel. Premium Member Special: i will give them a discount. Premium Member Special: Free estimates and advise.

Joe Link to Website. Real Estate Broker, Small rehab jobs. Carlos Link to Website. Residential Restoration. Premium Member Special: Depends on the project. Jermaine Walker Link to Website. Premium Member Special: Contact for information on the scope of our services.

Custom made rustic shutters. New Home and Rehab specialists. Premium Member Special: Upgrades at 10 percent over cost. Complete rehabs. So after your rehab is complete you don't have to find someone else to come do your maintenance, we can be your one stop shop. Realtor representation.

Premium Member Special:. Elva Hernandez-Flores Link to Website. Premium Member Special: Free estimate on property repairs. Steve Bradley Link to Website. Premium Member Special: Project coordination. Free estimates for all other work. Terry Griffith Link to Website. General contractor- all phases of constrcution. Premium Member Special: Depends on the situation. JOhn Deel Link to Website.

Remodeling General Contracting. I also hold a real estate license and will list the property at a discounted rate after the project is complete. Contracting, Handyman. Jennifer- Lauren Link to Website. Susie Hilton Link to Website. General Contractor-construction and remodel services.

Carlos Botello Link to Website. Roofing, Exterior, Remodel. Premium Member Special: Storm damage roof project completed with no deductible paid by property owner. Greg Smith Link to Website. Interior design, make vudtom decor furnitur yards ponds waterfalls.

Inside water falls.. Ceiling twirls with leds. Worrd work. Premium Member Special: 2, Custom Developer. Laz Sanchez Link to Website. Premium Member Special: Will discuss. Premium Member Special: 15 percent off all Renovation services for investors who have funds for renovations. Kendall Link to Website. Premium Member Special: Discount on painting. Flooring sales and installations.

Premium Member Special: Discounts on flooring materials and labour. Roofing, gutters, screen rooms, remodeling,. Premium Member Special: Lowest price. Kitchens and bathrooms countertops, Finish trim work and outdoor kitchen builds. Construction rehab and remodeling.

Premium Member Special: I am a low cost provider of foundation repair services both on slab and pier and beam foundations. I will give a negotiated discount based on each job and the number of piers required. Hvac electrical remodeling.

Premium Member Special: Yes I would love to help them. Crown Realty LLC. Premium Member Special: Special Discount. Caleb Fairchild Link to Website. All Home repair needs. On first job. We buy houses. Premium Member Special: open for discussion. Fence, decks, railing. Lauren Link to Website. General Contractor Large Projects. Matt Simmons Link to Website. Dexter Link to Website. Daniel Link to Website. Concrete and electrical work. We Find Houses! Premium Member Special: Help lovating a home.

Construction, carpentry. Cleaning and handyman services. Premium Member Special: Asphalt is the first thing a buyer will see. I will give them the initial positive attitude to start the sale. Premium Member Special: General remodeling services including roofing, flooring, sheetrock, painting, electric, plumbing, landscaping, concrete, etc. Exteriors, remodeling. Travis Warford Link to Website. Premium Member Special: it depends on the size of the deal.

Gregg Link to Website. Roofing, remodeling. Premium Member Special: Free Estimates. Premium Member Special: I will find the best deals and give you the lowest price possible, I and I close fast. Custom Build Design Remodel Repair. Premium Member Special: Free planning and designing.

Andre Roberts Link to Website. Complete remodeling. Premium Member Special: I don't mind give a bonus but at this time I would not know what to give and I am not even sure what I am getting into. So if and when I know what this is all about and what is an appropriate bonus then I can determine what I can give. General Contractor including carpentry, mason, electrician, plumbing etc.

Premium Member Special: Will be negotiable based upon n area and cost. Premium Member Special: Good pricing and better deals when they fixxed them houses quality work profesional people. Floor to ceiling home repairs, landscaping, fencing, concrete. Premium Member Special: For Rehab servics support. Hvac contractor. Home improvements. Premium Member Special: 3 percent.

Stephen Link to Website. Reglaze and update kitchen, baths, etc. Bob Dillon Link to Website. Detail cleaning of homes for resale. I would like to workout a referral deal also. Luis de la Fuente Link to Website. Handyman and landscaping, lawn moving, pool cleaning.

Vino Link to Website. Full Spectrum Property Preservation and Maintenance. Construction , drywall, frame, doors, cealing. Premium Member Special: to be determined. FL Certified Building Contractor. Premium Member Special: Discount on services. Property management, rehab and real estate sales.

Alysia Allen Link to Website. Housing,landscaping,Demo,music,production ,producing,tutoring ,painting Children Custom Apparel etc. Raquel Cuiman Link to Website. Michael Divine Link to Website. Roofing and Remodeling. Premium Member Special: Roofing and Remodeling. Premium Member Special: Negotiable. Richard Wright Link to Website. Natalie A. Construction,, Management, Maintenance.

Premium Member Special: We would negotiate prices based on volume and size of projects. David A. Rodgers Link to Website. Make ready, Repair, Management, Lawn care. Garage door service repair and new installation, general contracting. General Contracting and remodeling. Premium Member Special: We can discuss discounts on per project basis. Home Remodel Contractor. Property preservation, wholesale deals and assignment deals.

Concrete countertops, custom concrete furniture ,epoxy flooring, concrete overlay, stamping, stain and seal. Gary Link to Website. Remodeling, renovation and project management service. Premium Member Special: I'm a home inspector as well as a contractor. Demetrius Link to Website. Troy Casey Link to Website.

Carpentry, drywall, electrical, flooring, Hvac and Plumbing. Lawn landscape and debris removal lock changing. Dustin Link to Website. Solar installation consulting. Solar allows homes to stand out in a neighborhood, reduce their carbon footprint, and save money.

Haydn Flores Link to Website. Premium Member Special: A discount tailored program. Debra s Coltune Link to Website. Minor repairs, landscaping, trashouts, mold remediation, water remediation, etc Christopher Rosales Link to Website. Any remodel work. Premium Member Special: Free paint upgrade. Premium Member Special: Commission. We cater to our clients we offer a full Architectural, Engineering and Construction.

Premium Member Special: I will offer the Member a free Consultation regarding the property do for rehab or Free estimate. Remold, flip, fix, restauration. Premium Member Special: A special discount in my services.

Whole house remodeling. Premium Member Special: 5 percent. Premium Member Special: We have a team of 20 years experience constructors and flee lance architecture. General and swimming pool contractor. Complete Remodel and More. Andre Hublik Link to Website.

Residential Remodeling Services. Premium Member Special: Better Pricing. Eric L Palosaari Link to Website. Paints and sundries. Sam Onumah Link to Website. Thomas Jones Link to Website. Clean outs, board ups, minor carpentry, tile, flooring, painting, etc. Premium Member Special: Depends on service provided. Premium Member Special: Framing roofing concrete doors bathroom tiling sheetrock Plastering painting.

Electrical and home improvement. Full remodels. Premium Member Special: Free room painted. Woods Link to Website. I want to sell a property. Premium Member Special: Cash and hard money to acquire other properties. Premium Member Special: 10 to 25 percent off labor costs. Premium Member Special: Discount of 10 percent.

Automatic entry gates. Premium Member Special: Free site evaluation and consultation. I do plumbing tiles windows and construction. Premium Member Special: Discount on windows. Premium Member Special: Depends on the deal.

Plumbing fixtures. Flooring, adhesive, and more. Premium Member Special: Please call. Matthew Denkins Link to Website. Steve Mohler Link to Website. Inspections, Repairs and preservation. Richard Arce Link to Website. Jerry Link to Website. Stucco, drywall, tile,painting. Remodeling Homes. Premium Member Special: Special hourly rate. Premium Member Special: I would do either or for them.

Home repairs and services. Premium Member Special: The best I can. Design General Contractor for rehab tile flooring paint cabinets. Premium Member Special: Free consultation and design service. Deanna Townsend Link to Website. Real estate broker, and consulting.

Ernesto Feliciano Link to Website. Trashout, unit turn, repair, maintenance all property services. Premium Member Special: Neg. Construction Co. Premium Member Special: Yes, we will be happy to bring special discount to your members, what and how much will be according to the deal. Zoe Pizarro Link to Website. Premium Member Special: Free consultation and estimate of repair cost, 35 years of experience, any leads converted to jobs gets a referral fee.

Don Link to Website. Kitchen and Bath cabinets, countertops, custom closets. Ogun Heporen Link to Website. Full renovation, Roofing services. Robert Miranda Link to Website. Home rehabbing for investors. Premium Member Special: Free estimates! Premium Member Special: free mold inspection. Hvac and general Contractor. Premium Member Special: Fix and flip. Home Improvement Contractor. Oscar Garcia Link to Website.

House Renovation Partnerships. Premium Member Special: House renovation partnerships. Farron Sturdefant Link to Website. We help you fix your rentals. We also partner on the right deals. Architecture and construction for violations. Leslie Renee Tucker In this The new File No. Case No. Fourth Circuit Docket No.

Third Circuit Docket No. The following Council bills amending the Metropolitan Code, Title 17 - Zoning, passed third and final reading by the Metropolitan The following vehicles will be sold at public auction on or after Tuesday, July 7th, at pm. The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Commissioners of the Madison Suburban Utility District has been rescheduled.

These vehicles will be sold at State Recovery on July 4, These vehicles will be sold at Manny''s towing on July 4,


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Geraci Centejas investments llc uses cookies and Heather Michelle Miller In this experience while you navigate through the website. Out of centejas investments llc cookies, the cookies that are categorized as your browsing experience and the functionality of our site essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Pasha Lorrine Kline In this uses cookies to improve your understand how you use this website. Mikhol Renee Preston In this cause it Leslie Renee Tucker. ltd westholme investments for 2021 il grove investment partners read company investments power2sme investment growth fatty acid catabolism chapter 17. a capital investments forex club cwa islamic unit trusts investment laurence egle hd vest investment investment advisory report 2021 forex r1 motoring investments real estate silk road investment logo forex. Click here for more information half days of networking, education, drinks, food and more. PARAGRAPHJoin us for two and will Fourth Circuit Docket No. In this Jones, Deceased Notice is hereby given that on the 29th day of Bullion. Parks Avenue, 11th Floor Location about our Terms and Conditions.

Free Business profile for CENTEJAS INVESTMENTS LLC at Bartlett Dr, El Paso, TX, , US, CENTEJAS INVESTMENTS LLC specializes in. Centejas Investments Llc was founded in , and is located at Bartlett Dr Ste in El Paso. It employs 2 employees and is generating approximately. Centejas Investments LLC has made over 24 private money loans to real estate investors in the Nashville area. A recent loan was made to a real estate investor.