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Leading non-banking finance company Shriram City Union Finance Ltd has got fair trade regulator CCI's approval for tpg investment india proposed merger of its two group companies through a multi-stage transac Piramal Enterprises, a firm promoted by Ajay Piramal, had acquired 9. TPG, a leading global private investment firm, has picked up a For global institutional investors that have been wary about investing in India for the past few years, the tide has turned and India has again become a must-have market.

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Lieutenant-colonel christophe poujol investments

The food and agriculture industry is Claribelle Poujol, Head of Resource Reuters Events has today launched Mobility: Executive Leaders October , a free to attend virtual conference, which will set the mobility agenda for the next decade of innovation and action. Over two days of live broadcast, Mobility: Executive Leaders will convene leading city, transit and governmental representatives with the C-Suite from DMWF Virtual is a dedicated two-day virtual conference for the ambitious marketer seeking t Following the recent Reuters acquisition, the Incite Group are transforming their marketing series and launching a three-day flagship event in San Diego Incite Group Marketing Summit West.

Sectors such as automobile, manufacturing, utilities, oil and gas, gaming and This event will be monumental thanks to the thousands of suppliers and entrepreneurs from all around the world that will be doing business and discussing the very latest products and services in the indust Insurance Nexus by Reuters Events is proud to announce the appointment of an expert industry advisory board which will assist us in advising, shaping and contributing to the agenda and program for the inaugural Auto Insurance USA conference in Chicago, April , The board members are all highly accomplished and well-known leaders, c Research by Reuters Events has identified the priorities for marketers in and beyond with objectives focusing overwhelmingly around cutting through the noise with compe Singapore eTail Asia, widely celebrated as the number one annual gathering for retail changemakers, is focusing on the growth and evolution of online and omni- channel experiences.

With growing attendance year on year, we are excited to move to a bigger and more luxurious venue, at the Equarius Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa from March What a time to work in Auto insurance! The stakes have never been higher, have they? Undoubtedly OEMs have changed the game. Bigelow, J. New York, Schribner and Armstrong.

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Bourguignon, P. Rockville, MD, Ariadne Press. Bourne, P. London, Hutchinson of London. Bowman, L. Boyce, W. Chicago, Rand McNally and Co. Bradley, M. A Gothic zodiac romance. This interesting but wild story has little to do with Haiti other than that the story is set there. The story centers around a movie cast filming a movie in an estate which carries an ancient curse.

Worthless in terms of learning anything of Haiti! BC June, Braff, P. Bragg, R. New York, Vintage Books. Brand, W. The Hague, Mouton and Co. Brandt, R. Brase, T. Brea, E. Breathett, G. Salisbury, North Carolina, Documentary Publications. Breda, J. This article deals with Duvalier's expulsion of Catholic hierarchy and speculates on the politics of it. A decent overview of Voodoo and the Church.

Brenner, M. Brenton, F. London, Heinemann. Breton, A. Berlin, Propylaen Verlag Berlin. Bridges, T. Brierre, J. Brinkerhoff, D. New York, Praeger. New York, E. Dutton and Col, Inc. Brodwin, P. New York, Cambridge University Press.

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Some curious Haitian geography in this adventure story. Reminds one of a bad action film that features some kick-boxed type hero and super Amerian nationalist. Set in Haiti. Not much about Haiti, but fun book. Buckley, R. Knoxville, The University of Tennessee Press.

Buddingh, H. Buell, R. Buissereth, J. Sugarcreek, Ohio, Palm Tree Press. Bulman, O. Chicago, Fairweather-Hardin Gallery. Bunch, R. Burdick, S. Burg, B. Burkett, E. Burnett, J. London, Blond and Briggs Ltd. Burns, J. Burns, K. Burns, S. New York, Rinehart and Co. Caribbean ilsand much like Haiti. Woman in 50s falls for Haitian pilot, and drinks herself into trouble. Then, in the end gets over him. Melodramatic and not well-written.

Burt, S. New York, Charles Scribner's Sons. Bush, B. Kingston, Jamaica, Heinemann Publishers. Bustin, G. Intercession City, Florida, G. Butcher, P. Butler, C. Los Angeles, Butterfield and Butterfield. Butterfield and, B. San Francisco, Butterfield and Butterfield. San Francisco. By an, A. Cadet, J. Austin, Texas, University of Texas Press. Caimite Hicksville, NY, Exposition Press.

Calixte, C. New York, Negro University Press reprint. Calixte writes a work to defend himself from charges of corruption and an attempted coup d'etat in the s. The work, while self-serving and quite one-sided, gives an insight to the last years of the occupation and the immediate aftermath. Callcott, W. Baltimore, The Johns Hopkins Press. Cambell, D. Camusso, L. New York, Dorset Press. Candler, J. England, Thomas Ward and Co. Canham-Clyne, J. Cannon, W. Cantave, A. Cantrell, L. Carey, H. Carlton, W.

New York, Harper and Brothers. Carpenter, D. Business course, WU. Carpenter, F. New York, American Book Company. Carpentier, A. Boston, Little, Brown and Company. Superb book captures the spirit and conflicts of the French Revolution, especially as played out in the Caribbean. From Havana to Port-au-Prince briefly to Paris, then Gaudeloupe and back to Cuba, this adventure story reveals a great deal of the inner feelings of the Revolution and how it was received and played out in the Caribbean.

New York, Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Carr, J. Carr, M. New York, A Cherish Book. Carraway, R. Carreiro, J. Carruthers, J. Chicago, The Kemetic Institute. Carse, R. New York, Popular Library. Novel of the revolution. Englishman does it all, befriends Toussaint, Dessalines and Christophe, fights at Crete-a-Pirrot, converts the Poles to Haitian cause, gets Maitland to leave Haiti and plans the battle of Vertierres!!!

Weak characters. March Bob Corbett Carter, A. Carter, D. New York, Antheneum. Carter, N. New York, Award Books. Cartey, W. Cartland, B. Frenchman from England returns to Haiti in to find his dead uncle's hidden treasure. Gets the beautiful girl and all the diamonds and gold with Dumballah's help.

Rather boring romance. Mainly historically accurate setting. Focuses on Dessalines and Christophe. Not a mention of Toussaint, even in historical background. BC, Cartwright and, B. Carty, W. Casas, B. Stratford, California, Academic Reprints. Case, J. New York, Warner Books Inc. Casimir-Liautaud, J. Cassone, G. Castera, G. Castor, S. Port-au-Prince, Editions Henri Duchamp.

Catanese, A. Boulder, Co, Westview Press. Catholic Institute for International, R. London, Russell Press Limited. Catlin, S. Cave, H. An account of Cave's experiences and travels in Haiti during a 5 year period that he lived there.

Informative and exciting. London, Robert Hale Limited. London, Alvin Redman. New York, Doubleday and Co. New York, Channel Press. New York, Avon Books. New York, Charter. A Papa Doc figure is ruling the country of San Merlo. His chief bokor uses an army of mushroom induced zombies to kill his enemies and keep people in order. An Erzulie-possessed woman saves the day.

Little to offer about Haiti, but a fun book nontheless. There is a section where Cave preaches the difference between Voodoo and black magic. BC May, London, Robinson Publishing. New York, Barnes and Noble Books. Greenberg Cave, H. New York, Daw Books. New York, Daw Books, Inc. Minneapolis, Fedogan and Bremer. London, Vista. New York City, Leisure Books. Cave, S. Cavnar, N. Center for Inter-American, R.

Centers for Disease Control and, P. Cerejido, E. Cesaire, A. New York, Modern Reader Paperbacks. Cham, M. Chamber of, C. Port-au-Prince, Delroisse. Chamberlain, G. NewYork, Putnam's. The houngan is much more an Buddist guru who teaches Stocism than Haitian Voodoo. Chamberlain, T. Chambers, F. Oxford, England, Clio Press. Chancy, M. Chandos, D. Chapeau, E.

Washington, The Neale Publishing Company. Chapman, C. Charles, C. Port-au-Prince, Editions Choucoune. Charles, D. London, Viking Kestrel. Charles, J. Charteris, L. Chartrand, R. Chase, G. New York, The Free Press. Chassagne, A. Chassagne, R. Port-au-Prince, Imprimerie Des Antilles.

Chauvet, M. New York, William Sloane Associates. An interesting novel about two affranchaise mulattos who are in the theater. This novel is useful to get a picture of the interaction of whites and affranchaise, especially mulattos, on the eve of the revolution.

Situated from about Chaze, W. Chazotte, P. Philadelphia, Privately Printed. Chen, K. John F. Marshall and Steven Polgar, eds. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Chen Wann, T. Cheong-Lum, R. Singapore, Times Editions pte ltd. Chesbro, G. New York, Simon and Schuster.

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His life often parallels that of his heroes: Dumas himself participated in three revolutions, courted countless women and could be counted on to duel when his honor was challenged Christie's New York, Christie's. Christie's New York, Christie's East. Christophe, H. Boston : 1. Church of the, N. Civan, M. Clancy, P. Clark, B. Boston, Eastburn's Press. Clark, R. New York, International Action Center. Clark, S. New York, Dodd, Mead and Co. Clark, V.

Clausner, M. Philadelphia, Temple University Press. Cleaver, C. Jacmel is an isolated, sleepy town located on Haiti's south coast, relatively untouched by the politics of the country. Yet, even here, the harsh realities of the military government and of the US-imposed embargo occasinally intrude. The small coastal town of Jacmel, Haiti, has remained much the sme from the mids to the mids, with little prospect for dramatic change in the near future.

There have been a few advances in technology and in civil liberties, but high prices have devastated the economy. Cleven, N. Clitandre, P. London, Readers International Inc. Cloutier, J. Clubb, S. Southwest City Journal. Coates, C. Bob Corbett's e-mail discussion forum.

Cobb, C. Cobb, M. Corbett scanned this work in June, Rather boring and not terribly informative. Cobbey, N. Cochran, D. Cochran, R. Cohen, J. Coicou, M. Cole, H. New York, The Viking Press. Coles, C. Colimon, M. Colon, H. Comhaire, J. Comhaire-Sylvain, S.

Commire, A. Watersford, Ct. Commission Nationale de Verite et de, J. Commonwealth of, M. Compa, L. Concept, P. Port-au-Prince, Le Semaine Diaspora. Concordia, M. Family chronicle of family from Guadeloupe. Depressing story be very well written. Many of the cultural features are similar to Haiti, including the Creole and French heritage and racial ambiguity.

Condit, E. Constable, P. Haiti is being torn by an oppressive military regime and by a weak embargo by the OAS. The crisis appears as if it will not be resolved. Democratic countries are unwilling to put Aristide back in power. However, these countries are not aware of the impact on the Haitian people.

Constant, R. Conway, M. Boston, Walker, Wise and Company. Cook, L. Cook, M. Office of Education no 1. Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Imprimerie de l'etat. Cooper, A. Cooper, D. Coplan, R. Corbett, B. Louis Post-Dispatch : 2c. Coreil, J. Cortesi, L. Philadelphia, Chilton Book Company.

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The main character prospers in the U. Crow, L. Crowder, M. Crowe, P. New York, Scribner's Son. Crowell, F. Crowninshield, M. New York, D. Appleton and Company. Cruxent, J. New York, Macmillian Publishing Co.

Cyr, M. Coconut Grove, Fl. D'Adesky, A. Daguillard, F. D'Alaux, G. Dale, G. Dalismer, S. Dalzon, W. Port-au-Prince, Haitian-American Institute. Damas, L. Port-au-Prince, Les Editins Fardin. Daniels, A. Daniels, D. New Yorks, Warner Books, Inc. Daniels, J. Danner, M. Danticat, E. New York, Soho. New York, Soho Press, Inc. A novel of the killing of Haitians in the Dominican Republic. Danticat tells the story from the perspective of Amabelle, a young Haitian woman whose loved was killed.

A well told tale, but not quite as powerful or as revealing of Haitian culture as her first two books. Bob Corbett , Dec. New York, Crown Publishers. New York, Orchard Books. New York, Scholastic. Nyack, New York, Kaliko Press. New York, Soho Press. D'Argent, J. Los Angeles, Sherbourne Press. Darling, A.

Bloomfield, Ontario, Museum Restoration Service. Dartigue, E. Dartigue, M. Dartiguenave, M. Dartiguenave, S. Dash, J. New York, St. Martin's Press. Westport, Conn. Dauphin, C. Sherbrooke, Quebec, Editions Naaman. Davenport, B. Philadelphia, Caxton Book Co. Davenport Museum of, A. David, C. Davidson, C.

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Major and trace element compositions of the phase 1 rock are identical to those of the augen gneiss. The phase 2 rock, has a distinct composition with higher SiO[sub 2] and lower incompatible trace elements than the phase 1 rock.

The enclaves display a range in major elements but higher incompatible elements than the other lithologies. Geochemical and petrologic relationships leads one to interpret: 1 the weakly-foliated rock retains many of its primary igneous features including its two phases and enclaves; 2 the two phases of the weakly-foliated rock arose as a result of injection of one magma phase 2 into a cooler, crystal mush solidifying from another magma phase 1 ; 3 the enclaves represent either autoliths of xenoliths; 4 the augen gneiss arose by isochemical deformation of the phase 1 rock.

Orogens and their associated foreland basins are considered as part of a single dynamic system evolving from an early, non equilibrated, growth stage to a late, mature, steady-state stage. Most of our understanding in foreland basins, in particular early convergence-stage deposition, comes from the subducting plate, so that the classic paradigm for foreland basins is the pro-wedge. Models that clearly depict the relationship between erosion of the orogenic wedge and sedimentation into its associated foreland basin only focus on the late post-orogenic phase.

Relatively little is known and understood about the very long phase of initiation of orogenesis. In the doubly wedged Pyrenean orogen, where we know and understand relatively little about how the early retro-wedge developed, the record of the onset of orogenic denudation from massifs is quite limited, not only in time but also in space.

It aims at constraining the exhumation history of eastern Pyrenean massifs and understanding what is their significance for early orogenic wedge growth. The Pyrenean orogeny was generated from end Santonian 84 Ma to Oligocene-Miocene due to convergence of the Iberian and European plates.

Yet, only Eocene cooling events are recorded by low-temperature thermochronometers in the central Pyrenean massifs Arize and Trois-Seigneurs. Subduction-related metasomatism in French Massif Central: evidence from secondary orthopyroxene in mantle xenoliths.

They are fresh protogranular spinel lherzolites, with no infiltration of the host basanitic magma, but with evidences of alkali and carbonate-related metasomatism discussed elsewhere []. This study focuses on secondary orthopyroxene opx2. Opx2 crystals do not form fibrous radial aggregates. Rare small Carbonates in mantle xenoliths from French Massif Central: inference for carbonatite-related metasomatism. Mantle xenoliths from the sub-continental lithospheric mantle SCLM frequently display evidence of metasomatism by melts or fluids of variable composition, e.

Carbonate-bearing mantle xenoliths are particularly interesting as highly mobile carbonate melts are likely prominent metasomatic agents of the mantle. Two representative samples are described here. MC9 shows no evidence for infiltration of the host basanitic magma. The reaction zone contains secondary subhedral to euhedral phases: Al- and Ti-rich clinopyroxene, Ca-rich olivine, Cr-rich spinel and quenched plagioclase and relict sieved-textured primary spinel.

The presence of even younger igneous rocks is possible, given the widespread magmatic-hydrothermal alteration affecting all rock units in the area. The igneous rocks from the late Triassic-early Jurassic magmatic episodes are the volumetrically most important igneous rocks in the study area and in the Colombian Eastern Cordillera. They can be divided into three groups based on their field relationships, whole rock geochemistry and geochronology.

These are early leucogranites herein termed Alaskites-I Ma , Intermediate rocks Ma , and late leucogranites, herein referred to as Alaskites-II Ma. This Mesozoic magmatism is reflecting subtle changes in the crustal stress in a setting above an oblique subduction of the Panthalassa plate beneath Pangea.

The lower Cretaceous siliciclastic Tambor Formation has detrital zircons of the same age populations as the metamorphic and igneous rocks present in the study area, suggesting that the provenance is related to the erosion of these local rocks during the late Jurassic or early Cretaceous, implying a local supply of sediments to the local depositional basins. Unravelling the effects of melt depletion and secondary infiltration on mantle Re-Os isotopes beneath the French Massif Central.

Evidence for primary melt depletion is still preserved in the co-variation of bulk-rock major elements MgO However, many individual xenoliths contain interstitial glasses and melt inclusions that are not in equilibrium with the major primary minerals. Consequently, bulk-rock isotope measurements, whether using lithophile e.

The Re-depletion model ages of individual primary sulfide grains preserve evidence for melt depletion beneath the Massif Central from at least 1. The Alleret Maar lacustrine sequence French Massif Central : a ka long early-middle Pleistocene continental paleoenvironmental record. Lacustrine maar sequences of the French Massif Central are of great interest for paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental reconstructions of mid-latitudes Quaternary continental environments. In particular, the western Velay region yields exceptional sequences spanning the last ka Reille et al.

However, older sequences remain largely unknown despite the presence of interbedded alkaline tephras allowing precise absolute radiochronological control of many lacustrine squences. The Alleret maar is a m wide phreatomagmatic crater that provides a long lacustrine sequence 41 m. The upper part of this sequence AL2 core, Acad Sci, Thanks to the AL3 core recovered in These layers are located at These new dates indicate a relatively homogeneous deposition rate of 3.

According to these current radiochronological data the complete lacustrine sequence last more than ka. Ongoing sedimentary and pollen studies will allow to extend the paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic records of the French Massif Central towards the beginning of the early middle Pleistocene. Kondyor Massif , Russia. It is a rare form of igneous intrusion called alkaline-ultrabasic massif and it is full of rare minerals.

Characterization of the paleo-hydrothermal fluids flow in the geothermal province of Limagne. French Massif Central. Exploitation of the geothermal energy is a prime target to future energy supply. Understanding the nature and the flow of geothermal fluids is a key objective for describe the functioning of current hydrothermal systems.

Located in the French Massif Central, the Limagne basin is a tertiary hemi-graben characterized by a high thermal gradient with numerous occurrences of CO2-rich thermo-mineral waters. In order to better localize this potential, the geological evolution has to be deciphered. In this aim we study the flow processes of the paleo-fluids and estimate the direction and the velocity of the hydrothermal flow from the studies of the growth bands of comb quartz grain localized in vein.

In a second time, the studies fluids inclusions within the quartz grain are used to characterize the nature of the fluids involved. Preliminary results show that the flow is discontinuous over the time with changes in velocities and directions during the growth of a single quartz grain.

Two main flows were identified, i a relatively fast upward flow at ,-5 m. The results allow: i to discuss the processes controlling the fluids flow in the Limagne basin; and ii to suggest to delimitate the areas with high geothermal potential which integrate the flow variation in time. Alpine glacier variations are known to be reliable proxies of Holocene climate. Here, we present a terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide TCN -based glacier chronology relying on 24 new 10Be exposure ages, which constrain maximum Neoglacial positions of four small to mid-sized glaciers Rateau, Lautaret, Bonnepierre and Etages in the Ecrins-Pelvoux massif , southern French Alps.

Glacier advances, marked by mainly lateral moraine ridges that are located slightly outboard of the Little Ice Age LIA, c. The '4. It is considered as one of the first major Neoglacial advance in the western Alps, in agreement with other regional paleoclimatological proxies.

We further review Alpine and Northern Hemisphere mid-to-high latitude evidence for climate change and glacier activity concomitant with the '4. The '2. Other Neoglacial advances dated here match the timing of previously described Alpine Neoglacial events. Our results also suggest that a Neoglacial maximum occurred at Etages Glacier 0. At Rateau Glacier, discordant results are thought to reflect exhumation and snow cover of the shortest moraine boulders.

Overall, this study highlights the need to combine several sites to develop robust Neoglacial glacier chronologies in order to take into account the variability in moraine deposition pattern and landform obliteration and conservation. Recent, climate-driven river incision rate fluctuations in the Mercantour crystalline massif , southern French Alps. We model their relative uplift history with respect to the main channel, hence the incision rate history of this channel.

Inverse models show that all tributaries have consistent incision rate histories with alternating high and low values. A comparison with global temperature curves shows that these variations correlate with quaternary climate changes. We also show that the post ka history of this landscape evolution is dominated by fluvial incision. With a background of a few mm. This result is compatible with published cosmogenic nuclide based dating, which evidenced incision rates from 0.

Spectral analysis of seismic noise allowed several resonance frequencies to be determined, ranging from 6 to 21 Hz. The frequency domain decomposition FDD technique was applied to the ambient vibrations recorded on the top of the rock column. Three vibration modes were identified at 6, 7. Finite element numerical modelling of the column dynamic response confirmed that the first two modes are bending modes perpendicular and parallel to the fracture, respectively, while the third one corresponds to torsion.

Seismic noise monitoring also pointed out that resonance frequencies fluctuate with time, under thermomechanical control. For seasonal cycles, changes in frequency are due to the variations of the bulk elastic properties with temperature. At daily scale, increase in fundamental frequency with temperature has been interpreted as resulting from the rock expansion inducing a closure of the rear fracture rock bridges, hence stiffening the contact between the column and the rock mass.

Conversely, the rock contraction induces a fracture opening and a decrease in resonance frequency. During spring, the resonance frequency gradually diminishes with ice melting to reach the value measured before winter. Long-term simulations of thermal and hydraulic characteristics in a mountain massif : The Mont Blanc case study, French and Italian Alps. The use of hydrothermal simulation models to improve the prediction of water inflows in underground works during drilling is tested in the Mont Blanc tunnel, French and Italian Alps.

The negative thermal anomaly that was observed during the drilling of this tunnel in is reproduced by long-term, transient hydrothermal simulations. Sensitivity analysis shows the great inertia of thermal phenomena at the massif scale. At the time of tunnel drilling, the massif had not reached thermal equilibrium. Therefore, a set of simulation scenarios, beginning at the end of the last glacial period, was designed to explain the anomaly encountered in the tunnel in The continuous cooling of alpine massifs due to infiltration of waters from the surface has occurred for 12, years and is expected to continue for about , years.

Comparisons of water-discharge rates simulated in the tunnel with those observed indicate that this hydrothermal method is a useful tool for predicting water inflows in underground works. Its type lithology is a proto-mylonitic gneiss composed of K-spar augen, up to 5 cm in diameter, in a finer matrix of biotite, microcline, and quartz. Granulite-facies mineral assemblages in the Whatley Mill Gneiss have been completely retrograded to amphibolite- and greenschist-facies assemblages in response to deformation that produced shear zones paralleling the foliation of the gneiss.

The augen gneiss and its associated mylonites are well-exposed in a creek bed in Chewacla State Park. A detailed geochemical study of these rocks shows that the augen gneiss displays relatively little variation in its major and trace element compositions while the quartz-rich mylonites display wider ranges, are enriched in SiO[sub 2] and depleted in the REE and other incompatible trace elements relative to the augen gneiss.

Though these volume changes seem excessive, they apply to meter-thick shear zones which may actually represent only a small fraction of the total volume of the augen gneiss. Consistent with previous interpretations of these shear zones, the calculated volume gains imply shearing during extension. Using airborne LiDAR in geoarchaeological contexts: Assessment of an automatic tool for the detection and the morphometric analysis of grazing archaeological structures French Massif Central.

Airborne laser scanning ALS of archaeological regions of interest is nowadays a widely used and established method for accurate topographic and microtopographic survey. The penetration of the vegetation cover by the laser beam allows the reconstruction of reliable digital terrain models DTM of forested areas where traditional prospection methods are inefficient, time-consuming and non-exhaustive. The ALS technology provides the opportunity to discover new archaeological features hidden by vegetation and provides a comprehensive survey of cultural heritage sites within their environmental context.

However, the post-processing of LiDAR points clouds produces a huge quantity of data in which relevant archaeological features are not easily detectable with common visualizing and analysing tools. Undoubtedly, there is an urgent need for automation of structures detection and morphometric extraction techniques, especially for the "archaeological desert" in densely forested areas. These unknown archaeological sites were discovered by the March ALS mission and display a high density of subcircular depressions with a corridor access.

The spatial organization of these depressions vary from isolated to aggregated or aligned features. Functionally, they appear to be former grazing constructions built from the medieval to the modern period. In order to develop a reliable process of automatic detection and mapping of these archaeological structures, a learning zone has been delineated within the ALS surveyed area. The grazing features were mapped and typical morphometric attributes. Underground electromagnetic activity in two regions with contrasting seismicity: a case study from the Eastern Alps and Bohemian Massif.

Electromagnetic emissions EME occur during the fracturing of solid materials under laboratory conditions and may represent potential earthquake precursors. We recorded EME from May to October in two caves situated in contrasting seismotectonic settings. The specific monitoring points are located at depths of tens of metres below the ground surface as such places are assumed to represent favourably shielded environments. To be able to observe EME related rock deformation and microfracturing we recorded signals between 10 and kHz with a sampling frequency of kHz.

An ultralow noise preamplifier placed close to the antenna increases the signal-to-noise ratio. Further signal processing consisted of filtering, such as antialiasing and interference rejection, and additional amplification to fit the signal to the full scale range of the AD convertor. During our EME monitoring all the raw data were stored. This has allowed us to perform advanced data processing and detailed analysis.

This artificial noise may have overprinted any natural signals and is most likely to relate to the pumping of CO2. In contrast, markedly different signals were. Geochemical processes leading to the precipitation of subglacial carbonate crusts at Bossons glacier, Mont Blanc Massif French Alps. Cold climate carbonates can be used as paleoclimatic proxies. The mineralogy and isotopic composition of subglacially precipitated carbonate crusts provide insights into the subglacial conditions and processes occurring at the meltwater-basement rock interface of glaciers.

The geological context and mineralogical investigations suggest that the Ca used for the precipitation of large crystals of radial fibrous sparite observed in these crusts originated from subglacial chemical weathering of Ca-bearing minerals of the local bedrock plagioclase and amphibole. Measurements of the carbon and oxygen isotope compositions in the crusts indicate precipitation at, or near to, equilibrium with the basal meltwater under open system conditions during refreezing processes.

In addition, organic remains trapped within the subglacially precipitated carbonate crusts give an age of deposition around years cal BP suggesting that the Mid-Holocene climatic and pedological optima are archived in the Bossons glacier carbonate crusts. The first tephra [ The abundance of authigenic zeolites formed during the Lateglacial in restricted depocentre lacustrine waters allows us to detect initial CF1 tephra occurrence.

To cite this article: A. Fourmont et al. Geoscience Harlaux, Matthieu; Romer, Rolf L. The studied wolframite samples are characterized by variable U and Pb contents typically The "Escarot" gas seep, French Massif Central: CO2 discharge from a quiescent volcanic system - Characterization and quantification of gas emissions.

It is of interest better to assess the emission of such non-anthropogenic gases that may significantly contribute to the global carbon budget. We quantified the CO2 emissions to the atmosphere in a small area 0.

The specific character of this area, known as the Escarot mofette, was earlier studied for soil-gas concentrations only. In addition, 44 soil-gas concentration measurements were made at selected locations. The uncertainty on these evaluations comes from the high-frequency variability of CO2 efflux in the more emissive areas and from the occurrence of heavy precipitation events.

The area showed several degassing centres aligned along a NNW-SSE direction that correlates well with known geological structures, proving the ability of soil-gas methods to map hidden faults. This study of gas emissions in a non-urban area also provides complementary information that is. In the Southern French Massif Central, the Late Paleozoic sedimentary sequences of the Montagne Noire area provide clues to decipher the successive tectonic events that occurred during the evolution of the Variscan belt.

Previous sedimentological studies already demonstrated that the siliciclastic deposits were supplied from the northern part of the Massif Central. In this study, detrital zircon provenance analysis has been investigated in Early Devonian Lochkovian conglomerate and sandstone, and in Carboniferous Visean to Early Serpukhovian sandstone from the recumbent folds and the foreland basin of the Variscan Southern Massif Central in Montagne Noire.

The dominant age populations concentrate on the Neoproterozoic and Paleozoic. The dominant concordant detrital zircon age populations in the Lochkovian samples, the Ma with a statistical peak around Ma, are interpreted as reflecting the rifting event that separated several continental stripes, such as Armorica, Mid-German Crystalline Rise, and Avalonia from the northern part of Gondwana.

However, Ediacaran and Cambrian secondary peaks are also observed. The detrital zircons with ages at - Ma, with a statistical peak around Ma, came from the Early Carboniferous volcanic and plutonic rocks similar to those exposed in the NE part of the French Massif Central. Another possibility is that ancient grains would be inherited grains, scavenged from an underlying but not. Modern concepts model includes several mechanisms of podiform chromitite origin reflected in the chemistry of Cr-spinels Arai, Yurimoto, ; Ballhaus, ; Uysal et al.

We estimated the types of interaction of mafic melts with mantle peridotites, with the formation of chromite bodies. PGE distribution in ultramafic peridotites and chromitites reflects PGE fractionation during partial melting Barnes et al. Evidence of Variscan and Alpine tectonics in the structural and thermochronological record of the central Serbo-Macedonian Massif south- eastern Serbia. The central parts of this massif south- eastern Serbia consist of the medium- to high-grade Lower Complex and the low-grade Vlasina Unit.

Outcrop- and micro-scale ductile structures in this area document three major stages of ductile deformation. The earliest stage D1 is related to isoclinal folding, commonly preserved as up to decimetre-scale quartz-feldspar rootless fold hinges. D2 is associated with general south-eastward tectonic transport and refolding of earlier structures into recumbent metre- to kilometre-scale tight to isoclinal folds.

Stages D1 and D2 could not be temporally separated and probably took place in close sequence. The age of these two ductile deformation stages was constrained to the Variscan orogeny based on indirect geological evidence i. During this period, the SMM was involved in a transpressional amalgamation of the western and eastern parts of the Galatian super-terrane and subsequent collision with Laurussia.

Outcrop-scale evidence of the final stage D3 is limited to spaced and crenulation cleavage, which are probably related to formation of large-scale open upright folds as reported previously. Multistage deformation of Au-quartz veins Laurieras, French Massif Central : evidence for late gold introduction from microstructural, isotopic and fluid inclusion studies. The relative chronology of fluid migration, quartz and Au-deposition in a silicified fault from the main Au-district Laurieras, St Yrieix district from northern French Massif Central has been determined from microstructural, fluid inclusion, isotopic and ore mineral evidences.

Three main stages of fluid circulation, microfracturing and quartz crystallization, and ore deposition were distinguished on the basis of textural relationships and the pressure, temperature and composition of the palaeo-fluids: 1 a series of early fluid events was responsible for the localized drainage of retrograde metamorphic fluids along the main fault and the subsequent sealing by milky and microcrystalline quartz preceeded the main Au-ore stages.

Subsequently, several types of microstructures were developed in the early quartz matrix. Clear quartz formed from aqueous-carbonic fluids of lower densities than those of the earlier fluids. Isotopic data, obtained on microfissured quartz, indicate these dilute aqueous fluids may be considered as meteoric waters that deeply infiltrated the crust. Late microfissuring of a mesothermal quartz vein, originally barren only with pyrite and arsenopyrite , appears to be. The modal, chemical, and isotopic compositions of mantle peridotite are largely modified by metasomatic processes, which may affect them repeatedly.

Xenoliths are commonly used to characterize those metasomatic processes along with the structure, and chemical and isotopic compositions of mantle domains. Nevertheless, the original mantle signatures born by mantle xenoliths are potentially obscured by the interactions occurring between the host magma and the xenolith itself. Here we attempt to identify to which degree the original Li content and isotopic composition, as well as other trace element contents of mantle xenoliths, can be modified by interaction with the host magma.

Lithium isotope systematics indicates that at least two different metasomatic events affected the peridotite. Magmatic processes responsible for the genesis of such magmas are differentiation through crystallization, and crustal contamination or assimilation as this process has the potential to enhance crystallization and add volatiles to the initial budget.

Assimilation-fractional-crystallization models highlight that the degree of contamination was probably restricted to 5. Our results, together with recent thermo-kinetic models and an experimental. Successive post-Variscan stress fields in the French Massif Central and its borders Western European plate : comparison with geodynamic data.

Structural analysis and particularly microtectonic methods have made it possible to define the different stages of brittle deformation of the Massif Central basement and the surrounding sedimentary cover from the end of the Hercynian orogeny to the end of the Tertiary. During the Stephanian a compressional tectonic regime prevailed: regional faults appeared or were react vated reactivation as a result of initial N-S compression, becoming NW then E-W.

These regional strike-slip faults caused local extension which led to the formation of small coal-bearing basins. This compressional regime, which marked the end of the formation of Pangea. The normal faults formed during these episodes strongly influenced the distribution of emerging continents and sedimentary basins.

From the Campanian 75 Ma to the Present, the convergence of Africa and Eurasia involved the distribut on of stresses in the West European plate. Several tectonic episodes are distinguished in the Massif Central. During the Eocene approximately N-S compression predominated. General E-W extension in the Late Eocene-Oligocene resulted in grabens with general northerly strike, mainly in the centre of the Massif Central and on its east and southeast borders.

These successive stages of brittle deformation are interpreted in the context of the evolution of the West European plate and its displacement in relation to the African plate. The correspondences between the major geodynamic periods and the distribution of stresses over the West European continent are noted as well as the problems which remair to be resolved. During the Last Glaciation glaciers shaped the headwaters and valley floors in the Eastern Pyrenees above m. Since the deglaciation of these high mountain environments, periglacial processes have generated rock glaciers, patterned ground and debris slopes.

The role of soil temperatures is decisive regarding the contemporary activity of several processes: cryoturbation, solifluction, frost weathering, etc. Nowadays, periglacial processes are driven by a seasonal frozen layer extending months. At m the seasonal frost reaches 20 cm depth, while at m reaches 50 cm depth. However, soil temperatures, and thus, periglacial processes are strongly controlled by the large interannual variability of the snow cover. The monitoring of soil temperatures extends from to Air temperatures used as reference come from two automatic stations of the Catalan Meteorological Survey Malniu, Das as well as from two loggers installed in La Feixa and Meranges.

Data shows the control of snow cover on the depth of the frozen layer and on the number of freeze-thaw cycles. Air temperatures at m show a mean of freeze-thaw cycles per year. In La Feixa, with very thin snow cover, only 67 cycles are recorded at 5 cm depth and 5 cycles at 50 cm depth.

In Malniu, located at a higher elevation showing a thicker and longer snow cover, only 17 freeze-thaw cycles per year are recorded at 5 cm depth, with no cycles recorded at 50 cm. This is neither an impact crater nor a volcano. It is a perfect circular intrusion, about 10 km in diameter with a topographic ridge up to m high. The river flowing out of it forms placer mineral deposits.

Last year 4 tons of platinum were mined there. A remarkable and very unusual mineralogical feature of the deposit is the presence of coarse crystals of Pt-Fe alloy, coated with gold. The image was acquired on June 10, , and is located at The U.

Early Triassic change in the erosional level in the eastern part of the Bohemian Massif revealed by detrital garnet assemblages from the Buntsandstein siliciclastics of southern Poland. Garnets, as constituents of various magmatic and metamorphic rocks, show different chemical compositions depending on the type of magma or primary rock, the temperature, and the pressure.

This diversity of chemical compositions makes detrital garnets a very useful tool for provenance analysis and deciphering changes in erosional levels of source areas. The aim of the research is to recognize the source areas and causes of these distinct variations using petrographic analysis, heavy mineral analysis, and electron probe microanalysis. The PCL was hidden under the Carpathians during the Alpine orogeny and knowledge of its composition is very limited.

Petrographic analysis shows that the older sandstones are red to rusty quartz arenites with a hematite-rich matrix and well-rounded grains aeolian deposits. The younger sandstones are bicolored quartz wackes dirty pink with grey patches with a calcite matrix and angular to rounded grains shallow marine deposits.

The arenites contain zircon, tourmaline, and rutile grains accompanied by garnet, staurolite, apatite, and topaz. The opaque heavy minerals include ilmenite, ilmenite-rutile aggregates, magnetite and rarely chromian spinel. In contrast, the HMA from the wackes consist mostly of garnets, while the minerals listed above occur in subordinate amounts. The garnets from. The restricted number of high precision radio-isotopic ages currently limits our knowledge of the pyroclastic chronology of this edifice which is the source of many tephra layers detected in middle Pleistocene sequences in southeast Europe.

To improve our knowledge of the building phases of this stratovolcano, we collected thirteen pyroclastic units covering the entire proximal record. Four pyroclastic cycles lasting on average ka were identified C. I corresponds to the earlier explosive phase between ka and ka and starts about ka earlier than previously thought.

The second pyroclastic cycle C. II is the main pyroclastic episode spanning from to ka. The link between this large eruption and formation of a caldera stays however, hypothetical. The third pyroclastic cycle C. Finally, the youngest pyroclastic cycle C.

IV starts at ka and probably ends around ka. I , southeast C. II and finally north to northeast C. III and IV. Palikur traditional roundwood construction in eastern French Guiana: ethnobotanical and cultural perspectives. Palikur Amerindians live in the eastern part of French Guiana which is undergoing deep-seated changes due to the geographical and economic opening of the region.

So far, Palikur's traditional ecological knowledge is poorly documented, apart from medicinal plants. The aim of this study was to document ethnobotanical practices related to traditional construction in the region. A combination of qualitative and quantitative methods was used. Twenty-four inventories of wood species used in traditional buildings were conducted in the villages, as well as ethnobotanical walks in the neighboring forests, to complete data about usable species and to determine Linnaean names.

After an ethnographic description of roundwood Palikur habitat, the in situ wood selection process of Palikur is precisely described. A total of roundwood pieces were inventoried in situ according to Palikur taxonomy, of which were beams and rafters, and posts in 20 permanent and 4 temporary buildings. Twenty-seven folk species were identified. Sixty-three folk species used in construction were recorded during ethnobotanical walks. They correspond to botanical species belonging to 25 families.

The most frequently used species were kuukumwi priye Oxandra asbeckii , kuukumwi seyne Pseudoxandra cuspidata , and pukuu Xylopia nitida and X. Although the Palikur's relationship with their habitat is undergoing significant changes, knowledge about construction wood is still very much alive in the Oyapock basin. Many people continue to construct traditional buildings alongside modern houses, using a wide array of species.

The root of the stockwork hypothetic La Bosse granite has not been reached. The two sets result from hydraulic fracturing, and consistently display crack seal features. A family of aplites and aplo-pegmatites dikes follow the same set of fractures, being either later with partial dissolution of pre-existing quartz veins or earlier, than the quartz veins. There is no alteration, nor associated mineral other than ferberite, at the La Bosse quarry, whereas micaceous selvages are observed in the lower section.

Ferberite display a trend of ferberite enrichment with increasing depth 0. In the La Bosse quarry, three ferberite habitus are present: acicular, lanceolate and prismatic. Acicular crystals are typically nicely zoned, with alternating Nb-rich 4. Ta up to 0. Nb and Ta incorporation into the ferberite is in the form of columbite, as either true solid solution or nanoinclusions.

Lanceolate crystals have a similarly zoned acicular core and a Nb-poor rim 1. Prismatic crystals are unzoned and Nb-poor 0. In the lower part of the stockwork, the Nb contents are lower 2. Geochronology and geochemistry of late Carboniferous-middle Permian I- and A-type granites and gabbro-diorites in the eastern Jiamusi Massif , NE China: Implications for petrogenesis and tectonic setting.

Late Carboniferous-middle Permian magmatism in the Jiamusi Massif of northeast China, in the eastern segment of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt CAOB , provides critical evidence regarding the tectonic history and geodynamic processes in the region.

The gabbro-diorites of the Longtouqiao pluton and two groups of coeval granite in the study area comprise a bimodal magmatic suite. Group I granites have high SiO2 The aluminous A-type granite magmas were probably derived by high-temperature partial melting of a felsic crustal source, whereas the other granite magmas probably resulted from partial melting of a mafic lower crust.

These features reflect a limited degree of crustal contamination associated with the subduction-related magmatic processes. These data. Craddock Massif and Vinson Massif remeasured. Measurements of the elevation have fluctuated over the years, from its earliest surveyed elevation of m 16, ft , to its present height.

Vinson Massif and three of its near neighbors in the Sentinel Range of the Ellsworth Mountains are the highest peaks in Antarctica, making them a favorite objective of mountaineers. Well over 1, people have climbed Vinson since the first ascent by a team in the austral summer.

Very accurate elevations have been achieved annually by GPS mapping done by a climbing team sponsored by the Omega Foundation, active in Antarctica since The Craddock Massif now includes Mt. Craddock, the ninth highest peak in Antarctica, at m 14, ft. This study explores early francization models for a linguistic minority currently struggling to preserve its language. New Brunswick has two public school systems: the English language….

These domains occur within the Moldanubian nappe overlying the Brunia microcontinent at the eastern margin of the European Variscides. S3 bears a prolate NE lineation parallel to the S2-S3 intersection in the lower crustal domain. D4 non-coaxial shear deformation is mainly localized at the boundary between the Moldanubian nappe and Brunia and bears strong top to the NNE shear criteria. In order to constrain kinematics of the D3 deformation, strain modelling was performed to show that the Moldanubian hot nappe was frontally thrust over the Brunia indentor.

The renewed D4 tangential movement only heterogeneously reactivates the horizontal S3. This geochronological record is correlated with progressive erosion of the topographically elevated upper crustal part of the Moldanubian nappe during D3 frontal thrusting, followed by greenschist facies D4 transpressive reactivation and subsequent erosion of high-grade parts of the nappe.

The tectonics of anorthosite massifs. Anorthosite massifs developed approximately 1. Anorthosite massifs also developed at the same time along a belt which runs through the continents which comprise Gondwanaland South America , Africa, India, Australia, and Antarctica.

This was a zone of continental separation which subsequently became a zone of continental collision about 1. The northern anorthosite belt also parallels an orogenic belt which was active between 1. Heat generated during this mountain building period helped in the formation of the anorthosites. Plume-related mantle source of super-large rare metal deposits from the Lovozero and Khibina massifs on the Kola Peninsula, Eastern part of Baltic Shield: Sr, Nd and Hf isotope systematics.

We measured for the first time in situ the trace element concentrations and the Sr, Nd and Hf isotope ratios by LA-ICP-MS laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer in loparite, eudialyte an in some other pegmatitic minerals. The results are in aggreement with the whole rock Sr and Nd isotope which suggests the formation of these superlarge rare metal deposits in a magmatic closed system. The initial Hf, Sr, Nd isotope ratios are similar to the isotopic signatures of OIB indicating depleted mantle as a source.

This leads to the suggestion that the origin of these gigantic alkaline intrusions is connected to a deep seated mantle source—possibly to a lower mantle plume. The author has identified the following significant results. This is an essential element of coastal geomorphology and of coastal zone management being particularly useful in siting shellfish farms.

Maps are being obtained at useable scales and simple, user oriented legends which can be used for coastal planning. Structural investigations in the Massif -Central, France. This survey covered the French Massif -Central where crystalline and volcanic rocks outcrop and its surrounding sedimentaries, Bassin de Paris, Bassin d'Aquitaine and Rhodanian valley. One objective was the mapping of fracturing and the surveying of its relationship with known ore deposits.

During this survey it was found that ERTS imagery outlines lithology in some sedimentary basins. On the other hand, in a basement area, under temperature climate conditions, lithology is rarely expressed. These observations can be related to the fact that band 5 gives excellent results above sedimentary basins in France and generally band 7 is the most useful in a basement area. Several examples show clearly the value of ERTS imagery for mapping linear features and circular structures.

All the main fractures are identified with the exception of new ones found both in sedimentaries and basement areas. Other interesting findings concern sun elevation which, stereoscopic effect not being possible, simulates relief in a better way under certain conditions.

Technoscientific French for Teachers. A two-semester sequence of courses in French and Spanish for science and technology at Eastern Michigan University responds to alumni demands for better linguistic and cultural preparation for increasingly global business and industry.

In addition, high schools teacher enrolled in the courses find they answer a need for professional upgrading of…. Coastal flooding events on the French coast of the eastern English Channel: the result of a combination of meteorological, marine, and morphological factors. On account of increasing inhabitation and development of coastal areas, the economical stakes are high for forecasting and prevention of coastal flooding risk.

Because of its exposure to prevailing Westerlies, morphological, and topographic features, low coastal areas on the French coast of the eastern English Channel are particularly sensitive to this natural risk. This sensitivity, that has always characterized this study area, is becoming worrying to politicians and inhabitants. The study aim is to identify, from to , the possible increase of frequency and intensity of these meteorological and marine events, and their characteristics for forecasting objectives.

The chosen approach is made up of three elements: 1 An analysis of strong west wind over the last decades has been implemented from Meteo-France data of Dieppe, reliable regional meteorological station. Beyond multi-annual random fluctuations, we have noticed a decrease in frequency and intensity of strong winds traditionally involved in flooding events.

Crustal thinning recorded by the shape of the Namurian-Westphalian leucogranite in the Variscan belt of the northwest Massif Central, France. Sylvestre, and St. Goussaud massifs. Whatever their shapes, the plutons have a northwest-trending stretching lineation that is also marked in the granite host rocks by retrograde metamorphic minerals.

Extension-related granitoids present typical structural patterns such as asymmetric shapes, extravasation from the collapsing area, and persistence of a stretching lineation parallel to the regional extension direction. These features may be used to diagnose crustal thinning. Subcontinental rift initiation and ocean-continent transitional setting of the Dinarides and Vardar zone: Evidence from the Krivaja-Konjuh Massif , Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Dinaride and Vardar zone ophiolite belts extend from the south- eastern margins of the Alps to the Albanian and Greek ophiolites. Detailed sampling of the Krivaja-Konjuh massif , one of the largest massifs in the Dinaride belt, reveals fertile compositions and an extensive record of deformation at spinel peridotite facies conditions.

High Na2O clinopyroxene and spinel-orthopyroxene symplectites after garnet indicate a relatively high pressure, subcontinental origin of the southern and western part of Krivaja, similar to orogenic massifs such as Lherz, Ronda and the Eastern Central Alpine peridotites. Clinopyroxene and spinel compositions from Konjuh show similarities with fertile abyssal peridotite.

In the central parts of the massif the spinel lherzolites contain locally abundant patches of plagioclase, indicating impregnation by melt. The migrating melt was orthopyroxene undersaturated, locally converting the peridotites to massive olivine-rich troctolites. Massive gabbros and more evolved gabbro veins cross-cutting peridotites indicate continued melt production at depth.

Overall we infer that the massif represents the onset of rifting and early stages of formation of a new ocean basin. In the south of Krivaja very localized chromitite occurrences indicate that much more depleted melts with supra-subduction affinity traversed the massif that have no genetic relationship with the peridotites.

This indicates that volcanics with supra-subduction affinity at the margins of the Krivaja-Konjuh massif record separate processes during closure of the ocean basin. Comparison with published compositional data from other Balkan massifs shows that the range of compositions within the Krivaja-Konjuh massif is similar to the compositional range of the western massifs of the Dinarides. Zirconology of lherzolites in the Nurali Massif. Krasnobaev, A. Zircons are subdivided into groups by the crystallomorphological and geochemical features.

These specific features in zircon development are confirmed by the age dates. Precambrian dates no younger than Ma correspond to mantle sources of the lherzolite block. The Early Silurian and Ma wass the time of lherzolite magmatism of Ma in duration. The Middle Devonian Geochemistry of carbonatites of the Tomtor massif. An analysis of new high-precision data on concentrations of major, rare, and rare earth elements in carbonatites shows that these rocks were formed during crystallization differentiation of a carbonatite magma, which resulted in enrichment of the later melt fractions in rare elements and was followed by autometasomatic and allometasomatic hydrothermal processes.

Some independent data indicate that the main factor of ore accumulation in the weathered rock zone also known as the "lower ore horizon" comprising metasomatized volcanics with interbedded carbonatites was hydrothermal addition of Nb and REEs.

The giant size of the Tomtor carbonatite-nepheline syenite massif caused advanced magma differentiation, extensive postmagmatic metasomatism and recrystallization of host rocks, and strong enrichment of carbonatites in incompatible rare and rare earth elements except for Ta, Zr, Ti, K, and Rb compared to the rocks of many other carbonatite massifs.

We suggest that a wide range of iron contents in carbonatites-2 can be related to extensive magnetite fractionation at the magmatic stage in different parts of the huge massif. A new species of Pristimantis is described from the highland paramos on the eastern slopes of the Cajas Massif , southern Andes of Ecuador, at m.

This new species is characterized by having a distinctive reddish color, cutaneous macroglands in suprascapular region and surfaces of arm and legs, and by lacking dentigerous processes of vomers. The cutaneous macroglands are similar to those exhibited by several species of the Pristimantis orcesi group, and may suggest a close phylogenetic relationship. The new species could be a latitudinal substitution of Pristimantis orcesi in the southern Andes of Ecuador. PubMed Central. Abstract A new species of Pristimantis is described from the highland paramos on the eastern slopes of the Cajas Massif , southern Andes of Ecuador, at m.

Our goal is to investigate the implications of these surficial features, particularly whether their spatial variations might reflect subsurface lithology and geological processes. The Alvin dives studied occurred over the Central Dome and Eastern Block, which is interpreted as the hanging wall to the detachment that unroofed the dome.

We classified the character of the seafloor based on imagery, the acoustic reflectivity, and the basic composition of rock samples. To aid in our classification, we merged Argo II still images to produce photo-mosaics displaying tens of meters long transects.

We then classified the seafloor as unconsolidated sediment, lithified sediment a carbonate crust or cap , exposed bedrock, or rubble. To obtain a broader understanding of the Atlantis Massif , we analyzed the distribution of these classes of seafloor. Over the Central Dome and Western Shoulder, we found most seafloor classes present in notable amounts, with many individual areas dominated by a particular type.

Experimental and Modeling Studies of Massif Anorthosites. This termination report covers the latter part of a single research effort spanning several grant cycles. During this time there was a single title, "Experimental and Modeling Studies of Massif Anorthosites", but there were several contract numbers as the mode and location of NASA contract administration changed.

Initially, the project was funded as an increment to the PI's other grant, "Early Differentiation of the Moon: Experimental and Modeling Studies", but subsequently it became an independent grant. Table 1 contains a brief summary of the dates and contract numbers. Biodiversity impact of the aeolian periglacial geomorphologic evolution of the Fontainebleau Massif France. Landscape features The geomorphology of the Fontainebleau Massif is noteworthy for its spectacular narrow ridges, up to 10 km long and 0.

Nevertheless, there is little know about the erosive processes that have built-up these landscapes. Periglacial processes, and among them aeolian ones, appear significant in the development of the Fontainebleau Massif physiography. The aeolian dunes developed as well on the higher parts of the landscape, as well as in the lower parts of the landscape. The dunes are especially well developed in the whole eastern part of the massif , whereas the western part of the massif is almost devoid of dunes.

Nevertheless, detailed mapping shows that dunes can locally be found in the western district, they are of limited extension, restricted to the east facing backslope of outliers. Loamy-sand covers the limestone plateaus of the "monts". The loam cover is of variable thickness: schematically thicker in the central part of the plateaus, where it my reach 3 m; elsewhere it may thin down to 0,,30 m, especially at the plateau edges.

Blowout hollows are "negative" morphologies from where the sand has been withdrawed. Often these blowouts are decametric sized and well-delimited structures. Others, more complex structures, are made up of several elongated hectometric hollows relaying each other from and which outline deflation corridor more than 1 km long. A characteristic feature of these blowout hollows is the. How a collaborative integrated taxonomic effort has trained new spongiologists and improved knowledge of Martinique Island French Antilles, eastern Caribbean Sea marine biodiversity.

This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Front Matter Pages i-xvi. Introduction: French Society and its Identity. Pages The Monarchy: Ideology, Presentation and Ritual. The King, his Council and the Secretariat. The Crown, Administration and the Provinces. The Taxation System and its Burdens.

The French Nobility in the Renaissance.

Bob Corbett corbetre webster.

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Warrant officer or sergeant major. Marshal of the air force. Admiral of the fleet. Bonn, Army Officer's Guide, 50th and updates. Guyana open for investment. Field marshal or General of. Authority control GND : Categories : Military ranks Military ranks of Singapore. Lieutenant junior grade or sub-lieutenant. Help Learn to edit Community the army. Windies trio nominated for ICC.

Lt Colonel Anthony Evans m Assistant Defence Adviser. Wing Commander Leigh Mr Carlos Eduardo de Carvalho Pachá Counsellor (Trade & Investment). Mr Otávio Augusto Mr Julio Enrique Pujol Torres m Counsellor (Political Affairs). Mr Joel Mr Christophe Tommy Zeeb-Ichter Counsellor (Legal & Financial Affairs). Lieutenant Colonel Vugar Ahmadov m Defence Attaché. Mr Zeynal Jafarov m Mr Thiago Osti m 2nd Secretary (Trade & Investment). Ms Paula Rassi Mr Julio Enrique Pujol Torres m Counsellor (Political Affairs). Mrs Olena Mr Jean-​Christophe Donnellier Minister-Counsellor (Economic & Financial Affairs). Mr Philippe. of Lieutenant-Colonel Kouldoumngar Ngolombaye Allafi, a former chief of the Ethiopian refugees, mainly students, had been arrested in the capital. Djibouti-​vine, put Nzigou, Assala Souleymane and Christophe Mikolo Mombo were publicly government. Jean Lamy, a Jehovah's Witness, joined his regiment at Pujol a.