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Leading non-banking finance company Shriram City Union Finance Ltd has got fair trade regulator CCI's approval for tpg investment india proposed merger of its two group companies through a multi-stage transac Piramal Enterprises, a firm promoted by Ajay Piramal, had acquired 9. TPG, a leading global private investment firm, has picked up a For global institutional investors that have been wary about investing in India for the past few years, the tide has turned and India has again become a must-have market.

Binvis investments for beginners sanum investments v laos girls

Binvis investments for beginners

ShangulaChairman Contact Details: Tel. Ndoroma , Chairman Mr. Leevi J. Tshoopara , Director Contact Details: Tel. Box Windhoek Contact Person: Mr. Popovich , Director Contact Details: Tel. Namcot Diamonds Pty Ltd P. Namgem Diamond Manufacturing P. Box 47 Windhoek Contact Person: Mr. Friedman , Director Contact Details: Tel. Peterfreund , Director Contact Details: Tel. Diesel prices drop during October Andreas Simon The Ministry of Mines and Energy yesterday announced the results of its monthly fuel price re.

Government portal. Contact Us. Contact Details Feedback Form Webmaster. All contents copyright. If you want help investing, robo-advisors are an easy, affordable option. A professional manager typically chooses how the fund is invested, but there will be some kind of general theme: For example, a U. A target-date mutual fund often holds a mix of stocks and bonds.

If you plan to retire in 30 years, you could choose a target-date fund with in the name. That fund will initially hold mostly stocks since your retirement date is far away, and stock returns tend to be higher over the long term. Over time, it will slowly shift some of your money toward bonds, following the general guideline that you want to take a bit less risk as you approach retirement. A market index is a selection of investments that represent a portion of the market. Because index funds take a passive approach to investing by tracking a market index rather than using professional portfolio management, they tend to carry lower expense ratios — a fee charged based on the amount you have invested — than mutual funds.

But like mutual funds, investors in index funds are buying a chunk of the market in one transaction. Index funds can have minimum investment requirements, but some brokerage firms , including Fidelity and Charles Schwab, offer a selection of index funds with no minimum. ETFs operate in many of the same ways as index funds: They typically track a market index and take a passive approach to investing. They also tend to have lower fees than mutual funds. The main difference between ETFs and index funds is that rather than carrying a minimum investment, ETFs are traded throughout the day and investors buy them for a share price, which like a stock price, can fluctuate.

Because ETFs are traded like a stock, brokers used to charge a commission to buy or sell them. Several investing apps target beginner investors. One is Acorns , which rounds up your purchases on linked debit or credit cards and invests the change in a diversified portfolio of ETFs.

On that end, it works like a robo-advisor, managing that portfolio for you. You can also make lump-sum deposits. Learn more about IRAs here. Another app option is Stash , which helps teach beginner investors how to build their own portfolios out of ETFs and individual stocks. On a similar note A k or other employer retirement plan. A robo-advisor. Target-date mutual funds. Index funds.


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Viper-7 much better than inactive testicles nohop Alright. Bedtime for me. Bird otherbox Haxxa, it depends on the load you're switching Bird otherbox what is that load? Haxxa Bird otherbox, SSR have a min voltage load of 3. Viper-7 12V in to both 4 and 6, 12V out from 5 jsoft Oh you want X?

Well prepare to fucking run around the datasheet like sherlock holmes. Viper-7 Haxxa: its probably a salvaged part Haxxa Viper-7, well, I can either use this part or a reed relay - the reed relay has a nice eagle library so saves bit of time Viper-7 eagle doesnt have a DIP6 package? Viper-7 meh, no idea for eagle :P Viper-7 you'd have to pay me to use that shitty rentware :P Haxxa Viper-7, kicad man?

Viper-7 according to s sci-fi, yes :P eadthem i thought soylent was the stuff they had out of the matrix for food on the ships. I'm still searching the internet for that special one lol!! Haxxa should I remove C1? Viper-7 yeah Viper-7 also how much does the relay need? Viper-7 current Haxxa Viper-7, 0. I call bs on this notion kcrow is it an endoscope? Viper-7 yah cheapie OK, that's who is selling the scopes anyway.

It's only a firmware difference. Viper-7 password4: yes, see my following lines.. Haxxa Anyone willing to take a look at my schematic and check it looks alright? Haxxa Casper, it serves no function at all Haxxa it will be unpopulated Haxxa probably should have removed it zigggggy Casper so did they document it? Haxxa Casper, Its an arduino nano its going to be powered from usb, I think it already has it Casper the dealer That is the issue jaggz lockout?

Haxxa Viper-7, look good? Haxxa gurki, do I need one? My PCBs are now being fabricated. Skree i could get away with a cheap old 10mhz analogue but i haven't space to fit one password4 rawtaz:? Metalsutton it acted funny and got hot and i quicky disconnected them. Metalsutton Is a conduct test the only way? Metalsutton hang on.

I still use seeed however as it is quick, but the silkscreen is poor quality. The latter is DHL Express, so it only takes a few days. Depends on whether you supply the parts or they order them. JPG password16 yeah , just tried 99mm n2 thats their 0. Haxxa cool wondiws does a 16MHz crystal produce a square wave itself, or a sine wave that is later transformed into a square wave?

Bga3 Rosin Flux disease heh jaggz immibis, don't we need to put changing pressure on them for that? Haxxa Couldn't find top soldermask layer. Haxxa Couldn't find bottom copper layer. Haxxa Couldn't find bottom soldermask layer. Haxxa ops sorry Haxxa I just went one click export from eagle Haxxa password16, All the files are there? Haxxa I really don't know what is wrong headrx Hola password16 filenames?

Haxxa password16, they look right Haxxa although even oshpark can't accept them password16 well something is wrong password16 what does OSHpark says in their requirements? It works on the breadboard just fine. Now that I've minimized it onto a PCB, it doesn't want to work Nitrus It is supposed to be receiving, though it doesn't seem to be.

Viper-7 paypal will still be an option, at least for the next 5 years Viper-7 the main one will be Adyen Viper-7 whatever the fk that is splud Curious, I would have thought they could snap up the other one and integrate it with Paypal.

Fuchikoma Why would you want a DIP version anyway? So just wire up your project to have ISP header. You just select the programmer and click burn bootloader. It's compact, and it isn't your Ardunino. They're cheap, no reason not to have a couple. Nitrus splud: Yeah I know, it keeps asking me to update the firmware - which I guess I can do with an Arduino, I just haven't bothered so far. Might look into that actually splud bad joke.

I think "josie and the pussycats" was the name of a band in the Archie comix days EvanR the super high stall current equates to the "initial" state of the motor, after the electrical time constant is over and the current has reached a value limited only by the internal resistance very low , and so we have very high EM forces, so torques. And then the windings burn up. CircadianRebel new name, new life! I have confirmed with the scope that the chip is actually working, so I don't think it's a capacitance issue Nitrus I've swapped out 3 different NRF modules, so I refuse to believe that they've all been faulty Nitrus Any advice on troubleshooting this?

You can probe points on each to see where the behavior is different EvanR back-emf almost balances supply voltage EvanR and torque doesnt really apply archivist nitram, remember, human error is the most likely fault kludge Nitrus: Build another one on the breadboard.

Look at each pin one at a time on the PC board and the breadboard with a scope and see which is different. EvanR i assume the back-em-force is the real limited and not the friction EvanR limiter Nitrus archivist: I agree, however I designed the board and have since traced each route at least 10 times and confirmed each pin to be correct kludge I know, nitrus, but something is wrong.

Look at signals and resistances and you will likely find it. Nitrus kludge: the AVR Atmega8A-AU, which I am also using on the breadboard via those adapters is behaving correctly, it's the NRF that doesn't seem to be receiving Nitrus I know the transmitter on the other side to be correct, because it works with the breadboard version xD archivist a scope will see how you are interfacing Nitrus archivist: What do you suggest checking via scope?

I can confirm continuity and good connection with all pins on the board and have done so Nitrus It's not meant for big volume production not yet at least, though with a problem like this xD , so I can afford the time to solder a few SMD components myself archivist Nitrus, you seem to have far too high confidence in your work, us older folk know the mistakes Nitrus archivist: It's a repeated pulsed signal which should get modulated by what the NRF24L01 should receive.

At this point I'm only getting the unmodulated albeit correct signal on output archivist in the workshop someone behind you says is it switched on? Nitrus It's not that I'm confident, I've just done a lot of checking xD CircadianRebel As a more direct answer: to troubleshoot, assume you did everything wrong, and that nothing works. Start narrowing down from there. DO NOT assume you are not an idiot.

I've resorted to putting on a component, checking. Putting on another comoponent, checking With absolutely all components Nitrus There are about 15 so not that much work, but still CircadianRebel Nitrus, have you compared side by side with a working one to find the earliest point it stops working?

CircadianRebel is your PCB's ground fill blocking the antenna on the nrf module? CircadianRebel Do you have proper decoupling caps? Nitrus Circadian Rebel now that's an interesting suggestion. I've not done much RF work before so I've only followed textbook stuff when designing it Nitrus As you can see above CircadianRebel depends on the module and your board design CircadianRebel with modules that have pcb trace antennas, some designs will stick that bit of the module off the edge of the board.

CircadianRebel I think there is a wide range of possible problems. Having a ground plane or signals below your antenna can block or interfere, and it's one of the main differences between your breadboard test and your PCB CircadianRebel it's an idea to test Nitrus Thanks, I'll use that as a starting point. Also, on my breadboard I didn't need the crystal caps in the first place presumably because of stray capacitance , however on the printed PCB I have tried both with and without them kludge Nitrus: check every pin It's just comparison of waveforms, not analysis.

CircadianRebel maybe Nitrus Phones are generally smart enough for that. Though I'd use a large value than a smaller one to be on the safe side eixoo8zo Both are microusb, samsung not some cheap knockoff TheTrash It might nag about "slow charging" but mostly it's alright. DocScrutinizer05 ozzzy: for android phone ;- eixoo8zo On another note, if a laptop wants 19V 3A, and I plug in 19V 4A charger, why doesn't the extra amp make a difference? CircadianRebel because it doesn't force that amperage, that is just how much amperage the adapter is capable of providing DocScrutinizer05 same reason why alifting a 10kg weight it doesn'r make a difference if the lifter can do 15 or 20kg eixoo8zo Ok, but if I used a 20V 3A charger, it would affect it somehow?

So it's the voltage that matters eixoo8zo? DocScrutinizer05 5V USB chargers have a defined begavior more or less to allow the charger define the max amperes the phone will try to pull day sadly too expensive eixoo8zo DocScrutinizer05, so if the phone is supposed to use a 1.

DocScrutinizer05 laptops are usually not that smart ozzzy DocScrutinizer05, yeah It dies instantly. Cinema4D now has physically-based rendering. Gathis 'standard' gates have just 1 output, not two phinxy The ground was marked with a long grey line on the cable. When the cable was split in two the breaking up plastic left a very similar mark to the ground print.. CircadianRebel kludge, the same thing regardless of what they are programmed to act like ; kludge CircadianRebel: sometimes they are made up of nands!

Sometimes they are monster diode ORs but those don't scale up well. I have seen terminals whose character generators were done that way. DocScrutinizer05 btw OT : Berlin Wall circle-day DocScrutinizer05 so any "bias" that built up during Wall existence must have deceased now and is definitely obsolete from now on DocScrutinizer05 ugh circle-day is no popular term.

DocScrutinizer05 yes corecode 1uW into the speaker? DocScrutinizer05 or capless design corecode how? DocScrutinizer05 e. If they bend a sheet in to the shape, how do they get rid of the seam? Spirit it's custom as far as I can see kmc did you run it against a magic-number database such as the UNIX 'file' tool?

Spirit I have two instances Spirit different ones Spirit I'll PM anyone who is interested password8 meh Spirit it's meh, I know password8 cody's lab channel is disabled again Spirit happens password8 Spirit, well its bs password8 hes taken down like videos kmc scrolling up I thought that LUTs in a FPGA are just RAM Spirit sort of password8 well youtube is making a good case for patreon password8 why would i get youtube red if youtube will just one day remove that channel?

But it looks too random to be uncompressed or unscrambled, so not trivial to find anything. Spirit it does seem to be an archive Spirit it is a set of UI files for a camera that runs Windows CE Spirit I'm thinking it's an archive of sorts Spirit but not sure Faux There's a load of numeric fields with runs of nulls in the first kb, then not again.

From what i can tell the only thing that needs any kind of conversion is how it uses SPI, but im struggling to understand how to fix it Turning the screw doesn't affect the resistance or capacitance according to my meter. It's on a board for an old DMM. DocScrutinizer05 it's not about the capacitance mode, rather about precision in high frequnecy AC mode DocScrutinizer05 it's a few picofarad Faux Spirit Yeah, good luck with that.

Spirit I guess I'll wait to see if they have a firmware update n2 basically, by turning it, you increase the surface area of the conductor-dielectric-conductor n2 thereby increasing the capacitance. You're saying my DMM maybe can't resolve the difference? DocScrutinizer05 jfcaron: prolly your DMM can't probe such tiny capacitors, and for sure not in-circuit n2 maybe even femtofarads jfcaron Ah ok.

VanUnamed what voltage a plasma cutter uses to cut? Since these are riveted onto the PCU, I probably won't steam 'em. DocScrutinizer05 JFK sorry! Like a fan-out? DocScrutinizer05 LeoNerd: maybe but faaar away from buck converter, so you need a local high frequency low-ESR buffer capacitor retrosenator is it possible to "bootstrap" on an ldo, then use the uC to drive mosfets to run the charge pump? DocScrutinizer05 LeoNerd Tulitomaatti the fuse part is still obvious to me, but what about the switch?

Win7ine yepp retrosenator DocScrutinizer could it still provide power with isolation despite efficiency? I'm under the impression the answer it usually no? Do we have a right to object to deepfakes if we're videoed in a public setting? DocScrutinizer05 retrosenator: no DocScrutinizer05 electric field unlike magnetic field doesn't provide electric isolation DocScrutinizer05 what you look for is a charge pump without the switches.

Tulitomaatti Gathis: no specs. DocScrutinizer05 retrosenator: aside from obvious ones like not being immanently ferromagnetic Gathis make that the internal equipment side rather than feed, and done. The other possibility is that it is a SPST switch, with the 2nd pair of contacts feeding just the neon or an LED, but testing will show you that.

Tulitomaatti any thoughts on soldering vs. DocScrutinizer05 qunatitative differences are possible and up to particular implementation. Lack of copper in design doesn't seem a useful property. Gathis those tags can be soldered fine, i like to add heatshrink over live contacts like that. Gathis again, should be in specs zigggggy watered!!! Tulitomaatti thanks. Though if that happened in the south some would have frozen pipe issues zigggggy hey kludge!!!!!

Gathis Tulitomaatti the 4. Gathis else 6. Using mostly cots parts. Gathis and for any commercial design are more costly in materials merpnderp Arg, trying to find a low amp 24VAC relay capable of switching 3 circuits. Preferably a latching relay. There's someone on here who has one, in. Tulitomaatti like it does in most of japan.

Gathis Tulitomaatti OK, well if the back of that is accessible, then definitely ensure it's all insulated, which means proper insulation, never just insulation tape ; Tulitomaatti electrical tape may seem nice at first but it's horrible in the end. Gathis ugly Tulitomaatti : Tulitomaatti that was low voltage low current, but still very ugly.

Gathis 1M k and a high impedance meter.. Gathis depends on voltages involved, if really high you'd want several resistors in series and probably potted merpnderp How do HVAC thermostats switch the HVAC on and off? Just use tiny little 24VAC relays? Tulitomaatti the poof was spectacular though. Fuchikoma merpnderp: Depends on the setup HighInBC merpnderp: they have something called "definite purpose contactor" Tulitomaatti the guy also managed to later kill our nice amplifier somehow.

Gathis ah ok, not so high, but yes.. That's what I want to replace. HighInBC merpnderp: hysteresis Fuchikoma All thermostats have hysteresis or they'd be turning things on and off like crazy DocScrutinizer05 and guess what DocScrutinizer05 asymmetric hysteresis??? DocScrutinizer05 nevermind redrabbit id diy DocScrutinizer05 no consumer grade thermostat has adjustable hysteresis DocScrutinizer05 the rest is calibration, there's no such thing like asimmetric hysteresis HighInBC a good thermostat should know who is in the room and arrive at a compromise temperature based on the preferences and importance of the occupants merpnderp DocScrutinizer I'm seriously considering just using my crappy thermostat but building a box around it and using a heating element and fan to control it.

What's an X problem. Would be nice to have an esp in each room so I can figure out how I need to fine toon the vent closures. You think you can solve it using Y, but don't know how to do that, either. You ask about Y, which is a strange thing to want to do. Just ask about X. Fuchikoma dunno how you're measuring votlage across a short merpnderp Fuchikoma: well I'm connecting the circuit with a piece of wire. HighInBC some of my best lessons have come from pursuing the wrong questions Fuchikoma Don't assume it's 24VAC to ground, 'cause you don't know WTF that circuit is doing merpnderp yeah, my reading wouldn't make sense then merpnderp Fuchikoma: it doesn't have a ground.

What kind of industry? As such, there is also a warning label present on some gas dusters. When inverted to spray liquid, the boiling fluorocarbon aerosol is easily ignitable, producing a very large blast of flame and extremely toxic gases such as hydrogen fluoride and carbonyl fluoride as combustion products.

That stuff loves calcium mrdata treat with, what? They don't want to come apart for anything. So that makes them really stable. But if they break apart, the stuff left is very reactive since it has floating flourines hanging off. But totally different thing. Just guzzling a few litres of vichy water a day won't do it. It is all flat files. Science experiment for my 5 year old!!! DocScrutinizer05 Thiomersal merpnderp n2: well that's important enough I guess to risk your life You can eat a lot of it and it mostly goes straight through.

DocScrutinizer05 ok, I had that simplified in my memory n2 Also, mercury salts are indeed toxic n2 but were used in weird old medicine n2 being very far removed from stuff like thiomersal. Fuchikoma Anything is toxic in sufficient quantity n2 They usually used calomel, kludge kludge Arsenic salts I know about. But when those stop working, it's time for elemental mercury! DocScrutinizer05 kmc: yep n2 Or applied to the cankre.

DocScrutinizer05 kmc: even in condoms kludge n2: Perhaps you're losing your memory. Powdered millipedes can help! Horrible poison. DocScrutinizer05 kmc: what they called "condom" back when. You knitted them n2 Or the many chlorine-containing drugs.

Again, two highly reactive things that once reacted like to stay there. Even kmc used it! DocScrutinizer05 kmc: several weird condoms been in use in past centuries. I visited an exhibition. Velvet, guts, whatnot else n2 because the negative charge of the F is concentrated in a small volume. They are still there. I wish we got straw mushrooms here. It makes you think disco is a good idea. Disco was important in music history. PDF karstensrage kmc so is the supply voltage a good alternative?

SmokinGrunts ask 'the oracle' to see current state-of-the-art, find a few common patterns, list a few pros and cons of each, and choose a best-fit bitd Then I think the best answer is: go fully analog in terms of pricing, just static timing etc. Use an FPGA if you want to make the module flexible. VanUnamed if I have a W inverter at V, it would be roughly 2 amps at V VanUnamed but how do I calculate how much amperage it draws from the 12V battery it is connected to?

VanUnamed a Ah is a small one I think VanUnamed I think about W would constantly connected, give or take HrdwrBoB deep cycle VanUnamed yeah, i know deep cycle VanUnamed but what amperage handpicked a generic engineering position involving optics materials and cobbling everything together for a biotech firm bitd lol. Viper-7 VanUnamed: for W? Viper-7 VanUnamed: because thats 2C or less VanUnamed because in theory, if I were to get say 15 Ah continuosly, a amp hour would last about 6 hours VanUnamed that assuming there is no sun outside Viper-7 15Ah continuously?

Viper-7 the h means something. Viper-7 VanUnamed: then its fine kmc as in how long before they need replacement kmc they'll never be "exactly" the same especially if you used one for 3 months already handpicked the first two liked me, but i bombed everything this guy asked VanUnamed also manufacturers claim 25 years of life VanUnamed but I doubt itgreatly Viper-7 kmc: capacity doesnt need to match, just state of charge VanUnamed I think 10 years is maybe feasible kmc that's true kmc but the curves will still be off?

VanUnamed are you sure also capacity won't matter Viper-7 kmc: thats fine, as long as each pack is capable of handling the entire the load current kmc you could probably solve this battery issue with diodes, but they'd have to be beefy power diodes as they're dropping 0. Viper-7 to put them in series you must match capacity. VanUnamed well, I have to build my own inverter, so I can do 24 or 48V one kmc really? Viper-7 yes, or cells may become over discharged or even reversed biased Viper-7 which is bad.

VanUnamed but I would prefer to have something that I can add batteries kmc ok VanUnamed without changing the whole "pack" VanUnamed also, for inductive loads, should I calculate really 3 times the wattage? DocScrutinizer05 no way, parallel is always better than serial for battery cells VanUnamed I dont know, my current gas gen outside is rated 2. Viper-7 my internet is the envy of most australians i meet dyl and the skies are not cloudy all day.

VanUnamed but they feel like 25 in the UK n2 Seldom reached. VanUnamed if you ask the locals though Viper-7 oh i can sleep at night, just means the aircon runs 24x7 n2 ah. VanUnamed meaning that even if outside it's round 16C at night, in summer, you get to suffucate with the day's heat dyl My neighbors like their apartment tropical.

VanUnamed i wish I could do that lolol VanUnamed but as I saw winter here dyl Unfortunately it looks like my building does some kind of gaussian cost spreading. VanUnamed that locals told me, VanUnamed i can guarantee you that on the wall where I dont have windows, it felt like Viper-7 dyl: sounds like my realestate VanUnamed but that's in the countryside dyl Thankfully I don't pay water.

HrdwrBoB in melbourne, australia it goes to 0C overnight and say 15C during the day dyl I figure I'd get enough to at least charge my devices. HrdwrBoB in the summer it can get to over 40C and overnight at worst VanUnamed yeah dyl i know.

VanUnamed Like england dyl lolol dyl It's just always this mist in 15 minute internals, so umbrellas are useless. Locals wear anoraks. VanUnamed im 5 foot 9 bitd VanUnamed, and you're male? VanUnamed LOLOL ZeroWalker okay actually got the RPI0W usb thing to work, though it's really slow sadly, not sure what the bottleneck is, might be samba, or perhaps the usb itself, though i don't think it's that part as it's a bit too slow for that to make sense bitd Not trying to be a dick.

Average heigh of women is about 5'8" HrdwrBoB it's slow for 10 different reasons VanUnamed you would be in trouble in my house kmc my wife is 5'5" or so kmc I can rest my head comfortable on hers VanUnamed my ceiling height is 6 foot 9. Viper-7 ZeroWalker: have it write to not-samba, ie a local mount point instead and see? A room or space within a building must have sufficient height suitable for the intended function of that room or space. According to BCA Vol 2 part 3. VanUnamed and every now and then I see her chickens in my land kmc roosters are illegal in cities here redrabbit lol damned roosters bitd rofl.

ZeroWalker ah neat will try it out kmc we had 2 hens in our backyard for a while ball VanUnamed yes! HighInBC proper eggs are so much better than supermarket eggs VanUnamed I will put hens too I didnt now because it's cold like hell kmc indeed VanUnamed and I haven't got the "equipment" now kmc our landlord evicted the hens : DocScrutinizer05 kmc: read man dd for creating sparse files bitd What do Americans think of vegetarians in general?

HighInBC when I learned that yokes were not meant to be pale yellow it was a new world of eggs for me kmc bitd: haha it varies a lot ball bitd: They look at us funny. VanUnamed so i can have eggggggs. VanUnamed lololol Viper-7 ZeroWalker: trying which?

VanUnamed what annoys me here is the lack of beef kmc even in the most right-wing states, the cities go for Democrats VanUnamed it's hard to find ZeroWalker same result, it goes up quite a bit, but then it goes to 0 and wait for a bit, then jumps back bitd Dunno just all feels weird, they are paying for everything. ZeroWalker will try samba though, might be the sd card in this case Mad7Scientist will the drill bit tear up the pages?

VanUnamed epends on the dril bit VanUnamed and the speed VanUnamed I drill thru many things lololl VanUnamed i would use a metal drill bit at low speed, and you should put a wood board jig on top Viper-7 redrabbit: my folks ran a fancy australian steak restaurant, they did an eye fillet steak wrapped in paperbark - every now and then they'd get the comment back "wow, the steak was excellent, but damn that bacon was tough" Mad7Scientist France keeps eggs out of the fridge too VanUnamed ttry on an old phone book first.

It's like it's buffering, then letting the buffer flush, then buffer again etc bitd So VanUnamed bbl redrabbit less crap in the well redrabbit bbl redrabbit eh, cu redrabbit :p LeoNerd On a schematic, what is a "W1" component? KiCad has picked W? Does a virtualbox bypass that? ZeroWalker okay well serial didn't even work. ZeroWalker hmm, for my usage is the rpi is host or otg mode?

Viper-7 otg splud Ran into a problem with my usbasb programmer last week, but have now with some pointers from the avr channel reflashed the thing. The wire "sings", but I can dial it in to something much less than red hot but sufficient to melt the wire insulation without smoking awful. Can I use the board with my battery pack?

Viper-7 probably Viper-7 how many series cells in the battery pack? Kaedenn Viper Those are the two items specifically Viper-7 Kaedenn: yes, any 1 cell lithium charger would do Kaedenn Viper thank you Viper-7 Kaedenn: careful cutting the connector off the battery tho :P Viper-7 do the leads one at a time. Viper-7 whats on the second line?

Viper-7 Darkclaw: only if you dont mind rewiring things mrdata Darkclaw, who made this car? Darkclaw it's my wife's "new" car. Her "new" car is a mercedes ML and I'm not touching that shit with a 12' pole Viper-7 switched power is often preferred these days, for eg dashcams Viper-7 so they turn on and start recording whenever you have the key in Darkclaw I see Darkclaw I guess it's not realistic to leave a mobile device charging while the person is not in the car and without the key in it Darkclaw fair enough, I'll accept that even though my old car allows it Darkclaw with a fancy car like that, I thought there might be an option in the electronics to configure it to stay on Darkclaw I personally like a car with the basics.

AlexPortable: usually if you have a tesla it mean you have more money than average, and before you get a tesla you'll get a good house, which you will want a garage. The side terminals are in the top bottom as viewed of the housing, so not really so close to the switch terminals. Gathis: well i see some people adding material to the holes, and then later on putting the wire to it and making it hot again. I like to hit it on the iron anyway I have never plugged in a US plug so I don't know, but they seem a bit unsafe where you can get some thin fingers under to touch the contacts..

Heh it seems as one progresses with soldering, one finds smarter and smarter contraptions to hold the workpiece, but if you progress far enough, you drop all the crutches and just hold 8 things with your bare fingers. Hm I almost got one This is the stuff that ruins your day, soldering is really easy with filthy fluxed leaded solder, even the cheap stuff. Yeah I figured if you can use an oven TheTrash: more important imo is just that no matter the tips, the series tips have a quite low thermal mass, and theres very little material between the tip and the heater cartridge.

So since I can barely melt lead solder with this power supply - I should probably not try lead free again. Bird otherbox: mikeselectricstuff made one video saying you can use one of those high voltage power banks made to charge laptops on the go, and it makes for a quite decent iron for field work - since then a ton of noobs like recommending them for bench work.

Would be a nice one for the repair cafe or maker fair. Bird otherbox just make a decent direct tube box and if you can bring them to market with profit for under - you got sales galore guaranteed. These tube enthusiasts all must have broken ears, though, so doesn't really matter how it sounds. Bird I actually kind of agree with that, I think a lot of the tube love is kind of like love with guns, its a holdover from a bygone era, like classic cars or whatever else. TheTrash: the stuff you linked is a little more expensive because its only half as much - but yeah similar story here, it works good so i havent had reason to change - re shiny joints, thats more about technique than solder :P.

Ai Aiba Eileen Guest Farm Epako Game Lodge Erongo Wilderness Lodge Etendero Guest Farm Kashana River Guesthouse www. Brandberg Mountain Surrounds 2. Cape Cross Lodge 4. Eagle Holiday Flats 5. Huis Klipdrift 6. Mile 14 NWR. E-mail: ugab iway. These paintings were made hundreds of years ago by Bushman who inhabited the area.

This region hosts a wide variety of wildlife, including the famous Desert Elephant. The Lodge offers a variety of accommodation to choose from, ranging from normal camping sites, luxury tents, rooms and chalets. Game drives, scenic drives and sundowner drives can be arranged on arrival. Located on the D road to the Brandberg Mountain.

Box , Henties Bay, Namibia bookings capecross. The Lodge offers a cocktail bar, restaurant, lounge and a quirky wine cellar. The en-suite bathrooms are a statement of elegant simplicity, while the private balconies glow with the warmth of wooden deckchairs and tables, affording unrestricted seaviews and an aura of complete respite. Fishing trips can be arranged for guests. Two bedroom chalets, equipped for four persons. Fully equiped open plan kitchen.

Bathroom with bath and seperate shower. Everything within walking distance. Box 24, Henties Bay E-mail: val iway. Mile 14 is located in the National West Coast Recreation Area, and offers basic camping amenities, and is close to Swakopmund. Today the historic fort, established in , is managed by hosts Paul-Heinz and Ingrid Meyer, who offer guests an unforgettable holiday in the African Wilderness with modern accommodation and delicious cuisine.

Activities include bush interpretation, game viewing, walking trails and sundowners at the waterhole. Trophy hunting can be arranged. At Etusis Lodge, we welcome you to an oasis nestled amongst 20 ha of savannah and mountainous bush veld. We also offer mountaineering for experienced climbers. Choose between our comfortable bungalows, luxury tents or rough it out at our camp sites. Take a game drive through the bush or hike in the mountains where the bushmen once lived hundreds of years ago, or just spend the day relaxing next to the sparkling pool.

Kansimba is the perfect getaway and offers something for everyone. Let the bush rejuvenate and inspire you. Kansimba offers personalized, secluded accommodation and a family like atmosphere. All guest rooms are comfortably furnished and have en-suite bathrooms. Luxury suites offer a high degree of personal comfort. Suites have balconies overlooking the river with spectacular scenic views of the bush and mountains beyond. A modern, luxurious establishment, the Burning Shore ocean-side lodge is located just south of Swakopmund and offers one executive suite, four superior rooms, one luxury room, two luxury family rooms, and four standard rooms.

Various day excursions can be arranged on request. Protea Hotel Long Beach is situated amidst the ethereal beauty, on the edge of the largest sand dunes in the world and overlooking the mighty expanse of the Atlantic Ocean between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay airport. This hotel is a modern establishment located on Long Beach, just south of the unique quaint town of Swakopmund, offering GUESTS a chance to unwind in the bar, terrace or coffee shop, or enjoy in the swimming pool before turning in for the night in one of 17 spacious en-suite bedrooms.

Overlooking the magically beautiful range of the Erongo, is Aiaiba - The rock painting lodge. We offer an unique, luxurious African experience. The panorama view restaurant, bar and crystal clear pool, nestled among rocks, add to the natural tranquility. Prices on request. Eileen Guest Farm is situated on the edge of the Erongo Mountains. It is an ideal hiding place for all kinds of wild animals and some already endangered. Meals are served on a half open Lapa or in a small dinning room.

In a social atmosphere you can hear all about the way of life in Namibia. Enjoy our fresh saltwater pool in a calm atmosphere or go with us or alone to explore surrounding environment. There is a special wilderness area, encircled by the Erongo Mountains, where the desert, mountain, and bushveld ecosystems combine.

Here, in a secluded valley, you will find ten luxury tented chalets, in a dramatic setting of granite boulders and breathtaking views. Luxuriate in this richness of nature. Every now and then you can also catch a glimpse of free roaming cheetah or leopards.

Get an insight into the Namibian farm economy and cattle farming with all its problems and challenges. For the more adventurous there are hiking trails or off road farm excursions to waterholes, dry river beds, ancient rock drawings or to an old amethyst mine. Directions: Situated approximately km north of Windhoek and 22km north-east of Omaruru on the Kalkveld road, the lodge nestles against a hillside overlooking the Epako River.

Accommodation of Epako consists of 24 rooms with bathroom en suite, telephone, mini-bar, air-conditioning and a terrace. We offer game-drives to visit the bushman paintings and rock engravings in the morning and sundowner drives in the evening.

Epako is conveniently positioned midway between Windhoek, Swakopmund and Etosha Pan. Discover the unknown, take part in exciting hunts for trophies or simply absorb the wonders of nature and enjoy perfect peace. We offer 9 spacious, comfortable, individually decorated rooms, all with en-suite bathrooms.

Facilities include the swimming pool, spa, barbecue area, bar, daily laundry service as well as telephone, fax and internet facilities. Food specialities include genuine Namibian venison, lamb and beef, prepared the typical hearty african-german-afrikaans way. Enjoy the calm surroundings and the hearty atmosphere on our farm!

Contact: Tel. Explore our arts and crafts centre and our attractions in Omaruru or tantalize your taste-buds at the Kashana Restaurant or simply relax in our swimming pool. To savour all we have to offer in Omaruru you will need more than one night.

Directions: Passing through Omaruru on the main road towards Otjiwarongo, 20km from Omaruru you turn right and 6km further is Ranch Kassandara. Kassandara Ranch offers fair chase, ethical hunting, in a malaria free area, ideal for non - hunting observers and families, with comfortable, elegant, safe and secure accommodation.

A warm welcoming awaits you! We offer 6 cosy double rooms with en-suite bathrooms 2 of them can be switched to family rooms. Our restaurant serves home cooking. Enjoy a cool drink at the pool or a sundowner in our boma. Enjoy the personal touch in a family friendly atmosphere! We are in the arty little town Omaruru. Direction: Comming from Omaruru direction Otjiwarongo 20 km behind Omaruru than 6km on the farm to the lodge.

Roidina Guest Farm is placed in the heart of more than 50km2 untouched African Nature. We love to share the experience of walking through the unique vegetation to meet the animals near the waterholes, along the rivers and in the mountains. Our garden with its lapa and swimming pool is an oasis for relaxation and bird watching.

Hotel a la Mer is situated in the heart of Swakopmund and offers you charming accommodation with en-suite bathrooms. We are only 20 seconds away from the beach and jetty! Warm friendly atmosphere with a sumptuous breakfast. Amanpuri Travellers Lodge offer single, double, triple and Dorm Rooms.

Breakfast is included in all our rates. Free wireless internet. There is secure off street parking and 24 hour security. Enjoy a drink at our bar or our large BBQ area. Explore and experience! Tours and activities can be booked by us ranging from Skydiving to Desert Trips to Quadbiking and Fishing. Tastefully furnished, en-suite rooms, equipped with tea tray, fridge, satellite TV. Self-catering rooms with small kitchenette also available. Rooms furnished with single and double beds to accommodate families.

A comfortable lounge and indoor braai present a relaxing atmosphere. Situated in Ocean View - Swakopmund, a quiet and secure neighbourhood. Our accommodation consists of 23 self catering chalets, fully equipped and serviced daily sleeps 1 to 6 and a buffet breakfast is included in our bed price. The gift shop stocks unique small gifts to take back tangible memories of Swakopmund and Namibia. From our action desk all activities on the coast and surrounds can be arranged.

The conference centre will cater for all your business requirements, weddings, birthday functions, group lunches and dinners, welcoming and farewell parties, presentations and many more! The well stocked, fully licensed bar will quench almost every thirst. Brigadoon has an enviable location, m from the main beach and restaurants.

Recently upgraded, Brigadoon provides A-list accommodation. Breakfast, to order, is served to wooden decked patio, in a peaceful garden setting. We arrange transport to meet you and make bookings for all your activities. A hospitable reception awaits you from our staff. This elegant building is situated in the heart of old Swakopmund within easy walking distance of all amenities, shops, restaurants, museums, craft markets, banks and beaches.

Indulge yourself with our sumptuous breakfast. We also offer secure parking. Your affordable accomodation with pool in garden setting, TV lounge, homebaked breads on healthy breakfast buffet, safe parking! All rooms are non-smoking. Wireless internet facility.

Rates: incl. It offers safe parking for guests with a telephone, satellite TV and en-suite bathrooms. The ideal stay in Namibia at the coastal town of Swakopmund. Five twins and two double beds. There are two family units. Come and enjoy an excellent breakfast and spontaneous hospitality! Tel Int. Being centrally situated, the hotel is a doorway to all tourists amenities which Swakopmund has to offer. This comfortable residence places emphasis not only on personalised service, elegant style, but is also affordable.

A small Guest House, tucked away in a peaceful area, 2 minutes walk from the beach, 20 minutes from the centre of town. You will sleep very well in our good quality extra long beds, with the sound of the sea, free of charge. Get a good start for the day with our delicious breakfast buffet and fresh grounded coffee.

Safe parking on the premises. Area security. Guesthouse Indongo is a stately home converted into a guesthouse, with 6 en-suite bathrooms, dining and bar facilities, lounge, sun deck and gardens. Enjoy full english or continental breakfasts, or dine at a superb selection of nearby restaurants. A small business centre and boardroom is available, with free wireless internet access in all rooms. Our hotel has been under family management since , established by the Rapmund-family.

We offer 25 standard and 2 luxury en-suite rooms with reasonable prices. Enjoy our well known hearty breakfast with a sea view, in a friendly atmosphere. Our ideal central location, with a 2 minute walk to the beach and town centre, will make your stay easy and relaxing. The historic Hotel Prinzessin Rupprecht is well positioned to offer its guests both comfort and convenience. With its friendly and tranquil atmosphere, Hotel Prinzessin Rupprecht looks forward to welcoming you.

With the building being established in , it was used as a hospital until the end of World War One. Today it operates as a well known bed and breakfast establishment, offering 17 rooms and 2 Family Units, all equipped with telephone, tea and coffee utensils, fridge and safe. The town center is situated 5 minutes walking distance away, making holiday shopping most pleasurable. Directions: On the northern banks of the Swakop River, approximately 6km on the main road to Windhoek outside Swakopmund.

Its location beyond the coastal mist belt permits guests to enjoy an abundance of good weather, together with all that nature has to offer in this little desert paradise. Both golfers and non-golfers may stroll freely around the course within touching distance of herds of free-roaming springbok and enjoy identifying the varieties of bird species. Day trips can be arranged to your liking for shopping or visiting the many tourist attractions in the desert, or unique bird watching in the wetlands of nearby Walvis Bay.

E-mail: roslodge mweb. Our tranquil gardens invite you to relax over sundowners, after exhilarating excursions, while our comfort rooms decorated in mostly natural materials ensure that you feel pampered even in your sleep. The Giardino is a haven to those who love all the good things in life … and Bernese Mountain Dogs. Sandcastle Apartments presents four apartments, individually designed and furnished. Sandcastle Apartments is within sight and hearing of the Atlantic Ocean.

The city centre, restaurants and shopping facilities are in walking-distance. We provide you with breakfast on request, garden facilities including a braai and wi-space-internet. Your car parks inside our locked premises. Hotel Schweizerhaus, in Swakopmund, on the edge of the Namib desert and on the coast of the Atlantic ocean, is situated only minutes walking distance from the beach and the center of town.

Each room has its own bathroom, TV and telephone. The business is in the hands of the Anton Family since Accommodation comprises of both double and single rooms, as well as a 3-bed room, all with en-suite bathroom. These rooms offer every comfort and a sense of home away from home. Accommodation includes an indulgent breakfast in the dining room with ocean view.

For those travelers wishing for a sense of privacy, the 4 self-catering units offer the ideal solution. These units are equipped with kitchenette and en-suite bathroom. Other facilities: Laundry service, secure parking. Satellite TV available in the lounge. Here genuine, exceptional hospitality is the order of the day. For absolute beach front, intimate service, superb cuisine and a unique spa experience, join us at the SeaSide Hotel.

Each luxury hotel room faces the sea, the sunset and has access to a stretch of endless beach. We have 36 rooms and 4 suites. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms with bath, shower, toilet and bidet, have sea-view and are air-conditioned. At our Restaurant dinner is served in the evening and a variety of tasty meals throughout the day.

Choose your own wine in the basement. Here you can relax after dinner and have a cognac before bed-time. We cater for weddings and other events and have conference and functions facilities. Box , Swakopmund, Namibia E-mail: info seasidehotelandspa. The Stiltz is on your right. With a real Lodge feeling and for the romantic adventurer, The Stiltz is the place to stay in Swakopmund. This unique bed and breakfast on stiltz 3.

The attention to detail, the hand made furniture and happy colours inside these wooden bungalows make for the most wonderful stay. We also have two luxury Villas that can sleep up to six people. Friendly staff and a great breakfast makes The Stiltz extra ordinary.

We are only a few minutes away from the town centre. Box , Swakopmund, Namibia. This Hotel was once the Swakopmund Station Building which was completed in The building was renovated and came to life again in as a hotel with a sense of history. This luxury hotel has 88 spacious rooms and 2 stylish Presidential Suites. The hotel also features the Mermaid Casino with state-of-the-art slot machines and poker, blackjack and roulette tables. The Spitzkoppe Conference Centre can accommodate up to people.

We will glady advise you on activities in the area and book for you excursions and restaurants. Each room is equipped with a 15 DSTV channels, min bar fridges, direct dial telephones, electronic safes and tea and coffee making facilities. Protea Hotel Pelican Bay offers 5 conference venues that cater for up to delegates. Situated in the town centre, with easy access to various activities and within walking distance to most shops and banks, Protea Hotel Walvis Bay offers 58 bedrooms, all en-suite, with air-conditioning, 10 channel DSTV, telephone, hair dryer, tea and coffee making facilities as well as free internet access.

Facilities include a breakfast restaurant, bar and free secure parking. Waterberg Plateau Park, southeast of Otjiwarongo, is a popular en-route stop. Rising unexpectedly above the Acacia savanna, the plateau with its sheer orange cliffs is inhabited by species of rhino, roan,. Activities include walks, guided gameviewing drives, four-day hiking trail and wilderness trails.

Close to Grootfontein, visitors can view the 60 ton Hoba Meterorite, the largest of its kind in the world and unique amongst meteorites because of its cubed shape. Just outside Tsumeb, is the well known Lake Otjikoto which became a watery grave. Centered around the vast expanse of the Etosha Pan, the park is a sanctuary to the largest population of the western sub-species of the black rhino, white rhino, large herds of elephant, the striking black-faced impala, lions and a profusion of other animals and birds.

Dolomite Camp NWR 3. Etosha Aoba Lodge 4. Etosha Mountain Lodge 5. Etosha Safari Camp Gondwana 7. Etosha Safari Lodge Gondwana 8. Halali Camp NWR 9. Kempinski Mokuti Lodge Mushara Collection Namutoni Camp - NWR Naua Naua Game Lodge Okaukuejo - NWR Onkoshi Camp NWR Rustig Toko Lodge Toshari Etosha Lodge Vision of Africa - Onguma Vision of Africa - Onguma Grootfontein Surrounds Wildacker Guestfarm.

Otavi Surrounds Kambaku Safari Lodge Khorab Lodge Aloegrove Safari Lodge Frans Indongo Lodge Hamakari Kudubos Campsite Okonjima Home of the Africat Foundation Otjibamba Lodge Waterberg Camp NWR Waterberg Guest Farm. Bambatsi Guestfarm Matunda Guestfarm Namatubis Game Lodge Ombinda Country Lodge Sasa Safari Camp Vingerklip Lodge. The Camp consist of a spacious reception, lounge, bar and restaurant area — offering crimson sunrise and sunset views over the surrounding savannah.

From this point, a walkway leads to thatched, en suite chalets of which two are deluxe chalets with own plunge pools — nestled amongst the rocky outcrops, providing privacy and dramatic and panoramic landscape views. With no fewer than 15 waterholes in the surrounding areas, Dolomite Camp presents an exhilarating wildlife viewing experience and with such abundance in animal diversity your only concern should be your photography skills.

Specially arranged Game drives operated by knowledgeable Tour guides take you to parts of the Park previously only known to Conservationists. Etosha Mountain Lodge is situated on a scenic private game ranch, measuring 50, hectares and bordering the Etosha National Park for a distance of 75 km. A small number of guests ensures exclusivity and privacy.

Guests are invited to enjoy a glass of wine in the underground wine cellar. There is also an outside boma and barbecue facility. We offer game drives, as well as full day trips into the Etosha National Park. Other facilities include internet and a meter airstrip. Our lodge is renowned for our outstanding cuisine and friendly and dedicated staff.

This tranquil retreat is located in a shady Tamboti-Terminalia forest. Relax and dine in the thatched main building with its open sides, allowing you to be close to nature and experience the ever present African sights, smells and sounds. Have a drink at the bar, or relax at the pool during the hot part of the day, always keeping binoculars close at hand to spot the varied activities in the shady trees.

This small and intimate lodge 24 guests max , is situated on a 36 hectare game reserve bordering Etosha National park, and is 13km from Von Lindequist Gate. Etosha National Park is one of the largest savannah conservation areas in Africa, with a size of 22 km is world-renowned for its spectacular wildlife: elephants, black and white rhinoceros, lions, leopard, cheetahs, large herds of springbok, zebra, wildebeest, giraffe and a multitude of other fascinating species.

Etosha owes its unique landscape to the Etosha pan, a cast shallow depression of approximately km. We offer exclusive guided night drives and guided morning and afternoon game drives in all four of our camps. Accommodation is available in the form of family chalets, 2 and 4 bed chalets and double rooms.

Our facilities includes restaurants, bars, shops, swimming pools, kiosks and camping. Each of them is equipped with mosquito gauze, air conditioning and its own bathroom and small veranda. Special attractions are the Okambashu Restaurant and the Oshebeena Bar, styled like a typical little township bar and brimming with African joie de vivre.

A camping site is also available for nature lovers. All of the 65 double room chalets have air conditioners and mosquito nets. Guests can choose between three swimming pools. Apart from the restaurant and bar there is a wooden platform for sundowners high above the Mopane bush. Strategically located halfway between Okaukuejo and Namutoni, Halali is situated at the base of a dolomite hill, amongst shady Mopane trees, and provides an ambiance of tranquility and space in Etosha National Park.

It is surrounded by some of the most popular waterholes in the park. The Fort dates back to a German police post built before the turn of the 20th century, which was later used as an army base. The Fort has now been developed into the hub of activity, offering two restaurants, private chill lounges, a bar, crafts boutique, curio shop, jewelery and bookstore. Accommodation is provided in comfortable en suite double rooms, interconnected through elevated wooden walkways, or spacious bush chalets, all equipped with private relaxation areas and outdoor showers.

Camping is also available. Situated at the gateway of the world-renowned Etosha National Park, it is well known for spectacular game-viewing excursions, superb conference facilities and true Namibian hospitality. With a variety of restaurants and a delectable menu selection, it remains the perfect destination for leisure getaways, incentives, meetings and honeymoons. It features rooms and suites, Tambuti and Boma restaurants, 2 bars and conference facilities.

Recreational facilities include private and scheduled game drives, swimming pools, a gym, tennis courts, walking trails and Ontouka Reptile Park. Located on a mountain slope, it affords spectacular vistas of grand unspoilt landscapes and their fascinating wildlife. Experience the private and family-friendly atmosphere of our thatched lodge surrounded by a luxurious ambience.

Apart from relaxation around the pool, exciting daily activity options include a unique cheetah feeding, guided Etosha safaris, an excursion to the Himba, and exploring the natural surroundings along a marked walking trail. The sparkling pool will refresh you after a long day on the road.

We offer game drives to the Etosha National Park. The Lodge offers 28 standard double rooms, 3 Family rooms and 4 Luxury rooms, all equipped with mosquito nets and air-conditioning. We also have 3 campsites each with its own ablution facility, hot and cold water, v power point and a braai place with wood we supply. Our Restaurant offers wholesome Namibian cuisine as a 4 course menu that varies daily. We are blessed with an abundance of bird life, stunning sunsets and starry nights. Accommodation is provided to suit every need, in premier double-storey waterhole chalets with balconies overlooking the waterhole; waterhole bush chalet double rooms, bush chalets, family chalets and double rooms.

All units are provided with tea stations and fridges, and the bush chalets are also equipped with a braai area. Family chalets are fully equipped for self catering. In order to conserve as much of the natural resources as possible, visitors to the camp are not allowed to drive, but are taken by NWR game viewers from Namutoni Camp.

We offer a pristine, tranquil and unique experience to our guests. Guided trips are offered to Western Etosha, the almost extinct Himba and overnight tours to the Epupa Waterfalls, or just relax at the pool in a lush garden, do some birding or go in search of the fossils. Camping site for 30 p full ablution facilities. Dinners can be booked. Onguma Plains - The Fort is unlike any other, the only one of its kind in Namibia.

It is built in exactly the right spot to give guests probably one of the best sunset views in the whole of Namibia - overlooking the beautiful scarceness of the Etosha Pans, decorated only with its wild animals and hundreds of Camel Thorn trees.

Situated on the eastern side of Etosha, here you will be afforded the opportunity to experience Africa in all her beauty and diversity. Onguma Tree Top Camp - a small and intimate camp, especially designed for those travellers who would like to truly experience the bush in all its raw splendour. The guest farm is situated in the north of Namibia on your way to the Bushmanland and the Caprivi region.

Individually styled spacious en-suite rooms with quality beds will do the rest. Welcome to Dornhuegel! More than just a camp Settle down in one of our rustic bungalows or peaceful camping sites. Furthermore enjoy an unforgettable experience with the San people in a community nearby.

Other activities include bird and game viewing and walking trails. Directions: Halfway between Rundu and Grootfontein. Drive km north from Grootfontein on the B8, turn 22 east on gravel road D and continue for 22km and follow the signs for 5km.

Your halfway stop over between Windhoek and Caprivi or the eastern Etosha and the Caprivi! Wildacker is situated in the unique Caprivi woodland vegetation zone of the northern Kalahari. Occasional sightings of predators and the endangered wild dog.

Participate in guided game walks, nature drives through the Mangetti Dune landscape and thornbush savannah. The birding here will surprise you! Accommodation in thatched, en suite bungalows, each with a private setting and view into the African savannah, backing a lush green garden and pool to relax after adventurous days. Come and enjoy this part of Africa with us. Box , Namibia Email: wildacker iway.

Protea Hotel Ondangwa is an oasis in the cultural heartland of Namibia. The hotel offers 90 en-suite air-conditioned rooms with DSTV and other mod cons. The hotel also offers The Chatters Bar, restaurant and 3 conference venues that can accommodate up to delegates. Leisure facilities include a swimming pool and extensive gardens, while nearby attractions include a cuca shop and cultural tourism routes.

Protea Hotel Ondangwa is conveniently located just 92km from the spectacular Etosha National Park in the far north and just 30km from Oshakati, the business hub of the north. The hotel is also situated 6km from the airport and offers complimentary daily shuttles. Oshakati is the ideal base from where business people and tourists can explore the Northern region.

The lodge offers 48 fully equipped en suite bedrooms and the impressive thatched main building houses an a la carte restaurant, lounge, bar and conference room catering for delegates. Airport transfers can be arranged. Etuna Guesthouse and Tours embodies the proud spirit of Northern Namibia, combined with a passion for service and commitment that will leave you captivated. At Etuna Guesthouse and Tours we offer 21 comfortable, spacious en—suite rooms coupled with air conditioning, television, bar fridge and wireless internet.

We offer camping facilities, airport shuttle services, a swimming pool, credit card facilities, restaurant, conference facilities, a private bar, catering services and cultural tours. Box , Ongwediva, Namibia etunaent iway. The soft lines and natural materials of Kambaku Safari Lodge perfectly match the Namibian tree savannah.

Whether you are on a game drive, or on horseback, nature will always present you with new and exciting impressions to take home. Test your precision with archery or clay-pigeon shooting. The Khorab Lodge is a cool oasis on the way to the northern part of Namibia. Here you will experience a relaxed, personalized and familiarized atmosphere after a long journey. Our generous double rooms are modern with en-suite bathrooms and a private terrace overlooking the beautifully laid out garden.

The thatch roof provides pleasant temperatures, even during the Namibian summer. A popular meeting point in our garden is the big, crystal clear swimming pool. In the cool shade of trees it is the ideal place to relax and enjoy Africa. To keep yourself busy you can take a casual stroll through the garden and botanic walking trail, visit the farm museum or the open air Kavango museum where a Kavango family will demonstrate their traditional lifestyle.

You will receive true Namibian Hospitality and unparalleled service at Aloegrove. Guests are accommodated in 6 en-suite bungalows, each with its own balcony. Watch a spectacular Sunset or Sunrise and during the heat of the day - relax by the sparkling pool.

Our activities include. Owner managed, the hotel offers the traveller or businessman 21 fully equipped en suite thatched bedrooms, superb Namibian Cuisine, bar, swimming pool, conference facilities which can cater for people. Frans Indongo Lodge is characterized by features from the traditional Ovambo homesteads. Watch the comings and goings at the illuminated waterhole from our terrace as many different species appear for their nightly rendezvous.

We offer 14 stylishly appointed rooms. Activities includes game drives, interesting hiking trails and excursions to the Cheetah Conservation Fund. Unique camping spots each offers braai sites and running water. Bathroom facilities with hot water are also available. Cool off and relax in a swimming pool boasting an incredible view of mountains, plains and bushveld. Kudubos also offers ideal event facilities for larger groups.

Kudubos Campsite is the ideal stopover on the way to Etosha. Accommodation is varied and ranges from The Villa 8 to 12 pax and the Bush Suite 4 pax to the Bush Camp 8 chalets , as well as the Main Camp which has 10 en-suite double view rooms and 8 en-suite double garden rooms. The Omboroko Campsite completes the picture with exclusive facilities. Large Carnivore tracking on foot, Leopard viewing, birding and a guided Bushman-Trail are some of the activities to be enjoyed. With its origins embedded in the history of Namibia, Hamakari is a place of paradise at the Waterberg.

Not only because of its exquisitely run guest house but also because of its variety of species of African Wildlife coupled with sound ecological farming operations. We have 6 comfortable rooms, an extensive library and a large swimming pool. Our activities include game drives, sun downer drives, birdwatching and hiking. Hamakari offers you a unique holiday adventure and an atmosphere that revives the original feeling of Africa.

Accommodation is comfortable with 4 rooms and 4 bush bungalows, all with en suite facilities, while the kitchen offers traditional South African-Namibian cuisine. Situated close to the tarred road C22, 30 km after the turn-off from road B1. Otjibamba lodge is ideally situated as a overnight stop along the main road running from Windhoek to Etosha and near the town of Otjiwarongo.

The lodge lies within its own private game farm, hosting a variety of wildlife. Tastefully constructed and furnished, the lodge consists of a main building with a lounge, bar, a la carte restaurant, and 20 separate chalets. The rooms are spacious with en-suite bathrooms and each having an own veranda. Otjibamba Lodge is known for its superb cuisine. The Waterberg Camp offers accommodation in comfortable premier bush chalets, two and four bed bush chalets and double rooms, all nestled along the base of the Waterberg Plateau cliffs, amongst towering trees.

The restaurant, bar and kiosk are housed in the historic Rasthaus. A shop, swimming pool and camping sites are also available. Daily guided drives are offered to the plateau, which is managed as a breeding area for rare and endangered species, including black and white rhinoceros, disease-free buffalo, sable and roan antelope.

Enjoy spectacular sunsets on our sundowner drives or your own balcony. Meals are served in our lapa and our historic breakfast room. From conferences to weddings, everything is possible. Endless horizons, peace and tranquility. We have a wonderful climate throughout the year and will inspire you to take walks through the surrounding mountains or the mopane forest, where you can watch our indigenous game and birds. You can enjoy a relaxing sun downer on the patio of your bungalow, the pool or our bar, while being dazzled by our spectacular and typical Namibian sunsets.

Next to the C38 Northwest from Outjo. This owner managed Lodge offers an affordable alternative to accommodation and camping within the Etosha park. Etotongwe Lodge consist of numerous separated rooms scattered like little houses throughout the 2 ha property. All buildings resemble German colonial architecture within an indigenous garden fused with garden plants, stone and African art.

The abandons of local birds together with the orphaned wild animals in our 50ha game sanctuary, offers a unique close encounter. Your visit to The Farmhouse Guesthouse is considered as a gift to us, as you are coming as a guest but leaving as a friend.

The Farmhouse Guesthouse is in the heart of the small town Outjo, situated close to the famous Gemstones and conveniently opposite the Bakery. Our accommodation consists of either double, single or two big cosy family rooms. Breakfast is served in our restaurant downstairs daily. Enjoy a delicious lunch, dinner or any light meal with us in the restaurant. Bar and internet facilities available.

Our rates are very competitive and we look forward to welcoming you, our valuable guest. Box , Outjo, Namibia. Email: dinnerfarmhouse iway. We offer delicious home made food. Enjoy some relaxation at our pool. We are an environmentally friendly Guestfarm, making use of solar power and energy. The Namatubis Game Lodge provides everything one could possibly need - whether you are a weary traveller seeking a comfortable stop-over or an avid day visitor to the Etosha Park.

The lodge hosts many species of wildlife visiting the waterhole near the lodge daily. View these fascinating visitors from the safety and comfort of a lookout lapa nearby, and you could sip on a tall drink or two while doing so! Comfortable bungalows or guest rooms. Enjoy a scrumptious farm-cooked meal of real Namibian cuisine in our restaurant. All of the bungalows and rooms have en—suite facilities.

Enjoy our excellent cuisine such as buffets, or an a la carte menu in the thatched Lapa. Special Barbecues and Lunches can be organized for groups on request. We also offers also camping facilities on grass, equipped with electrical power points. These sites include ablution blocks. Sasa Safari Camp is a unique rock camp built on the slopes of the Ugab Terrace, within easy reach to all the famous attractions and historic landmarks. Accommodation includes 7 spacious chalets with en-suite facilities.

Activities include a large, sparkling swimming pool, volley ball court, nature walks, hiking trail, bird watching or just relaxing in the peaceful surroundings. Various wild animals, birds and reptiles can be spotted from time to time. Directions: take the C38 from Otjiwarongo towards Outjo, travel north for 60 km, 4 km from Outjo turn off, on the Kalkfeld road route There is also a landing strip available. The spacious and comfortable bungalows, each with en-suite bathroom and a private verandah, allow you to spread out and feel at home.

For family holidays, 5 of the 24 rooms have loft accommodation for two children. We offer two swimming pools, a jacuzzi, various decks and lapas all of course with a spectacular view of the surrounding area and Ugab Terraces. Activities offered are spectacular sun downer trips, nature walks, mountain biking as well as day trips to either Etosha or an authentic Himba Village. We are situated in the centre of town, with our own curioshop,walking distance to all the banks, shopping centres and Museum.

Come enjoy German Hospitality or a good cup of coffee in our tranquil Beergarden. Very competitive rates ensure good service and hospitality. The hotel has a warm and friendly atmosphere. An Ideal place for travelers on their way to Otjikoto, which is 20km away and the Etosha National Park, km away. Secure parking on premises with 24 hour security. Other facilities include a la carte restaurant and bar, gambling house, swimming pool and beer garden. Two separate conference rooms available with modern facilities.

All rooms are comfortably furnished with en-suite bathroom, air-conditioner, television, telephone and fridge. We strive to make your stay a pleasant one. Kaokoland has been the ancestral home of the pastoral Himba for several generations and they still largely pursue their nomadic way of life. Herds of desert elephants migrate along river valleys that are also inhabited by giraffe, while herds of gemsbok and springbok roam.

It is an isolated stretch of coast dominated by sand dunes, gravel plains, salt pans and hills. Its main attractions are solitude and excellent angling opportunities. Nearby are the Burnt Mountain and the Organ Pipes, a series of angular columns of dolerite exposed in a dry river bed. Also of interest are the 80 km-long Ugab Terraces and the Vingerklip, a 35m high pillar of conglomerate.

Kamanjab Surounds 4. Etendeka Mountain Camp 5. Grootberg Lodge 6. Kavita Lion Lodge 7. Oppi Koppi Restcamp 8. Khorixas Restcamp NWR. Visions of Africa - Camp Kipwe Visions of Africa - Mowani Mountain Camp Epupa Camp is a small luxury tented camp that offers the visitor a relaxing, yet exhilarating, few days of personalised service, excellent food and the seclusion of a lush riverine wilderness.

Epupa Camp consists of nine luxury safari-style tents, all with en-suite bathrooms. Daily tariffs include accommodation, three excellent meals and a guided visit to a Himba village. Epupa Camp also offers rafting trips on the Kunene River. Our exclusive and secluded camping area provides for private ablution and barbeque facilities with each campsite.

Box , Windhoek, Namibia. Situated on the Kunene River 50km west of Ruacana and km east of Epupa Falls, the lodge offers air-conditioned accommodation, rustic en-suite chalets, campsites, bar, restaurant and swimming pool. All this set under a canopy of mature indigenous trees - a real oasis. Enjoy white-water rafting for the energetic or the serenity of a sunset cruise. The Omarunga Lodge and Campsite is situated under huge makalani palm trees on the banks of the Kunene River, just metres above the spectacular Epupa Falls.

The lodge offers fourteen luxury en suite chalets, all separately situated on the banks of the river. Furthermore does Omarunga offer nine campsites, each with own grill facilities and a light, an under thatch ablution facility with hot showers as well as a scullery and laundry. Other services include a swimming pool, a poolbar and TV on the premises. Guided tours are offered to the nomadic living Ovahimba who still live in a traditional way in the area. Sundowner drives overlooking the falls are one of the many highlights.

The emphasis here is on Nature, and this eco-friendly camp bears testimony to her many riches. Accommodation is in ten en-suite meru tents, which are connected by pathways to the main dining tent. Your days here are spent exploring the area on foot and in open game drive vehicles with the exceptionally knowledgeable guides.

Twelve rock and thatch chalets gaze out over the gorge, where Black Eagles hunt just below your private deck. Activities on offer include tracking the elusive Desert elephant, visits to a nearby Himba village, following the endangered Black Rhino on foot, horse back rides for experienced riders only , as well as educational guided walks to discover the myriad of smaller mammals, birds, reptiles, insects and plants that exist here.

This Lodge provides the ideal midway stopover, whilst allowing guests to experience the true wilderness that is Damaraland! Our bar is ONE of the friendliest in the whole north-west Namibia. Enjoy a delicious menu in our restaurant, with European operation. All campsites have water, electricity, lighting and a braai area.

Clean toilets and shower with hot water available. Khorixas Lodge is situated just 3 km outside of Khorixas. Facilities include a restaurant, lounge, bar, swimming pool and camping. Being outside of town, the ambiance is tranquil, and the lodge itself boasts numerous mature trees.

Incorporating boulders, small red basalt rocks and mopane branches, it has a natural organic feel. The rooms are round in shape, with large outside decks to admire the view. The outside, open bathrooms adjoining the bedrooms have boulder, cement and rock walls, and roofs of rough mopane branches. The central area of the camp is raised and comprises four thatched domes; the reception area and curio shop, dining room, lounge and bar and guest toilets all with amazing views toward the Aba Huab riverbed.

A small swimming pool built into the rocks and a viewpoint with degrees of breathtaking beauty, are two attractive outdoor features. Mowani nestles amongst the majestic boulders on a high spot, commanding distant views over the ancient landscape. Great care has been taken with the design of the recreational areas, giving the impression of an African Village. The luxury-tents are elegantly decorated with furnishings especially designed for convenience and comfort.

Guests can relax around a rock pool that has been skillfully carved out of the local stone, blending in perfectly with the natural surroundings. Daytime activities include guided nature drives, in search of the elusive desert elephant, guided nature walks and excursions to the Twyfelfontein Rock Engravins. Built in the wattle and daub style under Mopane trees and connected by a labyrinth of paths, the main building and chalets of the lodge look like an African village.

The walls are adorned by copies of the rock engravings at Twyfelfontein. Each of the 60 doubleroom chalets with air conditioning sits in a vegetable and herb garden surrounded by a low wall. The gardens supply fresh ingredients for supper, which consists of a starter followed by a delicious buffet. There is a swimming pool for chilling out and a viewing point for relishing sunsets. The camp is situated, 70km North of Palmwag , 30km south of Sesfontein on the road between Palmwag to Sesfontein D Khowarib lodge offers 14 luxury en-suite tented chalets.

From Kamanjab — Opuwo Turn-off C35 km. Opuwo Turn-off — Opuwo C41 60 km. From Palmwag — Sesfontein C43 km. Palmwag — Sesfontein C43 km. Sesfontein — Opuwo C43 Sesfontein — Opuwo C43 km. The ideal base from where to explore the culture and tradition rich lifestyle of the nomadic Ovahimba tribes and within easy reach of points of interest such as Koako-Otavi, Epupa Falls and Swartboois Drift.

The impressive thatched main building houses the reception, curio shop, restaurant and bar. Terrace Bay is the most northerly camp on the coast and a popular angling spot. Torra Bay is a seasonal campsite, with communal ablution facilities, a small shop and fuel station. Torra Bay is only open in December and January. The lodge has 56 en-suite twin rooms, elevated dining room overlooking the Aba-Huab valley, bar, curio shop and swimming pool.

Formerly known as Eastern Bushmanland, the area is four-by-four country. The Kaudum Game Park, further north, is likewise only accessible by four-wheel drive vehicle. The park is home to herds of ele-. The Mudumu and Mamili national parks in eastern Caprivi, can likewise only be explored in a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Two destinations that are however accessible by sedan car are, Popa Falls, a series of rapids in the Kavango River, and the nearby Mahango Game Park. The park offers outstanding birding and is. Divundu Surrounds 1. Mahangu Safari Lodge 2. Ndhovu Safari Lodge 3.

Ngepi Camp 4. Nunda River Lodge 5. Popa Falls NWR. Caprivi Houseboat Safaris Lodge 7. Ichingo Chobe River Lodge 8. Ichobezi Safariboats 9.