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Leading non-banking finance company Shriram City Union Finance Ltd has got fair trade regulator CCI's approval for tpg investment india proposed merger of its two group companies through a multi-stage transac Piramal Enterprises, a firm promoted by Ajay Piramal, had acquired 9. TPG, a leading global private investment firm, has picked up a For global institutional investors that have been wary about investing in India for the past few years, the tide has turned and India has again become a must-have market.

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Van den hombergh investments for 2021

Located in the Mercabarna facilities, the Biomarket will initially work with ten wholesale companies, some of…. A total of 93 official warnings were issued for non-compliance with price caps for fruits and vegetables, announced the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply in Jordan. Carrier Transicold is a part of Carrier Global Corporation, a leading global provider of….

Azerbaijan expects to increase production of gourds grown in greenhouses before the end of , a source in the Ministry of Agriculture told Trend. According to the source, from January through July , , tons of gourds were produced, which is 3. Whether it is about maintaining good health or beating quarantine weight gain, these days consumers often choose healthy and low-calorie products when grocery shopping online. Producers of these healthy alternatives stress the positive claims through marketing.

Why does the fruit and vegetable industry…. Save Foods, an Israeli-based food-tech company focused on developing and selling eco-friendly products specifically designed to extend the shelf life and ensure food safety of….

A South African-owned blueberry company with farms in Australia has claimed the title of the world's heaviest blueberry. But although the record might be official, there might be bigger berries out there. In October, OZblu, which has farms across the globe, weighed a blueberry at Dutch radish growers are pleased that exports are slowly getting started.

That often used to be at the beginning of November. But lately, the Germans already have their own product until mid-November,"…. And to ask the question is to answer it: "I don't think it has been this bad before, at least not across…. The situation, however, appears not to have been resolved.

After a good start of…. Students from a school in Wokingham have been given vegetable seeds after a local garden centre agreed to exchange them for their painted pebbles. Pupils from the Floareat Montague…. It can be a major annoyance: outstanding customer bills. If the companies are located in your own country, it is still easy to call in a collection agency from your own….

Strawberries grown in the province are already available in the Mercado del Carmen of Huelva. They arrived at the beginning of November, reaching prices of around 11 Euro…. Twelve cultivars of bibb, loose-leaf and romaine lettuce being grown…. However, the coronavirus pandemic and its ongoing….

The accusations come as the government orders its promised year-long Commerce Commission market study into supermarkets…. The stress has undoubtedly risen during the coronavirus outbreak, it has also led to healthy eating habits, as Turkish consumers are now looking toward finger-sized fresh…. The donation, sponsored by Bayer Fund, was directed by farmer Connie Nordisek and will help the program support student activities and also buy supplies.

The Tula complex for year-round growing of vegetables became the best investment project in October in the Russian Federation. The Tulsky greenhouse complex was recognized as the best investment project in October by the Invest Foresight business magazine.

This is the largest greenhouse production in the…. In fact, Spanish zucchini overwhelmingly dominates the EU markets, as The New Zealand market is an interesting one. Ever since the nineties the production of fresh tomatoes has shifted indoors and the market is quite isolated. This provides opportunities since the local market is strong, yet also challenges, for example in labor.

In October, TomatoesNZ formulated its new…. This appears to mostly be…. Supplies of broccoli are down. And on the front end of Yuma, AZ, the numbers are light there as well. More than participants from Japan and the…. The Andalusian Coordinator of Agricultural and Livestock Organizations COAG has denounced that, in the middle of the fruit and vegetable campaign, the entry of products from….

Peppers and zucchini are among the main crops grown in Sicily, but the scenario is not the same for the two references. Patrizia Calabrese "We work according to…. The Chinese government is increasingly focused on securing food for the nation's 1. Enter "smart agriculture. More than 9, students have learned about the career opportunities available to them in the food and farming sector, LEAF Education has revealed in its latest impact report….

Ontario has introduced changes to legislation that would support the distribution of local food and other agricultural products by enabling the Ontario Food Terminal to increase the range of products it sells. THE "urban farm" continues to grow in popularity and necessity on the back of concern over food shortages.

That's according to a design consultancy firm which is calling for developers to turn unused land into fruit and vegetable production spaces, in the hopes of incorporating localized food systems…. The Ministry of Agriculture has given priority to a number of sectors to work during the comprehensive lockdown, including retail stores and wholesale markets to ensure the sustainability of production.

Ministry's Spokesperson Lawrance Al Majali on Saturday said that the ministry has issued a list of exemptions…. The fruit and vegetable trade remained busy during the first lockdown and this was also the case for businesses in New Spitalfields wholesale market in London. Breaking up a wall of brown button and portobello mushrooms with bursts of color and flavor,…. However, only one in six puts these ideas on a plate and eats vegetables in the right amount.

Half of Poles eat very little fruit…. The tomato market is quiet. Sales to the hotel and catering industry have largely disappeared in many countries, which means that exports are at a standstill. Prices have fallen…. They are purple and shiny and gained a lot of attention at the first China International Import Expo in Shanghai.

From the middle of November they'll enter the Chinese market in large quantities. It's the Yoom tomatoes we're talking about. This purple variety is being grown in a trial by a small amount…. Recently, Sakata Seed announced the start of a division for indoor grown vegetable varieties. Despite a difficult summer in the tomato market, prices have risen this fall. That's even higher than the five-year maximum. This means that a remarkable tomato season will end on a….

The Sicilian zucchini and bell pepper market is not looking very good, and the current situation does not please operators. Antonio Morreale "The table grape season is coming to an end and…. Department of Agriculture. From next year, Singaporeans can expect more of their favorite Asian vegetables to reach their plates quicker and fresher, thanks to a slew of high-tech urban farms that are set to begin operations.

Duo Duo Maicai, as the grocery feature is called, was introduced in response to the surging…. Humanity's desire for high-yielding crops is as old as civilization itself. In China, this is best illustrated by the fact that 41 of the nation's 56 ethnic groups have their own…. Horticola Guadalfeo, in Motril, Spain, specializes in selling unique tomatoes. That was due to the July and August's high temperatures. We grow most of our Sierra tomatoes in summer.

Now we've started with new, excellent quality, seasonal products. The latest novelty from the Spanish Grupo Agroponiente in the tomato segment is the Marejada, a ribbed black tomato that the company will exclusively market under its own…. According to a press release, issued last Wednesday, Finnish Customs officials have rejected more food products with pesticide residues by the end of October than during….

United Fresh and allied food and agricultural organizations are urging both President Trump and President-elect Biden to provide priority access to Covid vaccines as they…. Residents in Western Sydney Region are urged to look out for signs of damage and presence of fly larvae following the detection of Serpentine leafminer in a vegetable crop.

Hauliers have said the increased frequency of sailings between Ireland and Cherbourg in France to a daily service from…. According to data from the Estacom statistical service processed by Hortoinfo, the province of Almeria exported This export volume is The Frost Kissed artichokes are currently being shipped to retailers and will be intermittently available throughout the winter. Munger says that last year, the season faced back to back tropical storms in the primary Mexican growing region and the….

The money is going towards building a greenhouse, something that would be considered a first for schools in the county. Last Tuesday, the Jordanian government set fixed prices for fresh produce following a huge increase in prices of fruits and vegetables ahead of the post-elections lockdown,….

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans DGA , — 1 , recommends consuming different types of vegetables, including dark green, red or orange, starchy, and other…. Smaller gatherings and family members joining the festivities virtually will have an effect on how consumers shop for the holidays….

In Afghanistan, produce has been marketed that was grown in a governmental support program. It's the second season that the products of the Farah greenhouses were marketed. The Punjab agriculture department has advised tunnel farmers to remain alert against the attack of various insects and continue pest scouting of their crops twice a week. The Belgian company, Aucxis, is active in 26 countries globally.

It's known in Belgian and Dutch fresh produce sectors mainly for its auctioning systems. This is used for the long…. It might be a bit early for a year overview, but hey — it's and everything has been different this year. On top of that, last week the last harvest of the year was conducted at Eric Wall Ltd, so the season there has ended.

However, making forecasts in such an unprecedented year is not easy. It will be opened for a period…. TOGA acknowledges the…. Despite the current circumstances, the German greenhouse vegetable harvest has gone according to plan so far. On the island of Reichenau - one of the most important growing regions in Germany - the traditional switch from summer crops to the winter range is now taking place. In , the August through November Washington State apple harvest yielded a record Yet fewer apple exports have been exported via the….

The Plant Health in Horticulture brought over delegates in the horticulture industry and world class speakers such as Professor Nicola Spence, Pippa Greenwood and Dr. On 27 October, the United Kingdom UK indicated that it requires a quality certification for imported shipments of fresh fruit and vegetables. This certificate - the European…. Brett Heap is now the sad owner of rows of courgettes he couldn't get picked because his expert and specialised workforce can't get into the country.

New Zealand is heading…. A state-of-the-art soilless strawberry crop has just been set up in the Metaponto area, and more precisely in Policoro MT. The first quarter of the campaign is already coming to an end in Almeria. In this period, there has been an overall rise in the price of greenhouse crops, although…. In terms of the South African fresh produce industry, the UK's new lockdown will have the largest effect on the airfreighted exports of baby veg and flowers, both edible flowers and cut flowers like proteas grown in the Western Cape.

Orders from the UK restaurant and hospitality sector have nosedived as…. Dutch tomato growers that are starting production are looking at good price prospects, says Ronald van der Knaap of sales organization Haluco. After years of experimentation and research on the relationship between architecture and local communities, we came up with the conclusion that most problems are directly linked to the erroneous construction technologies and materials. The use of such materials and western construction techniques are not fitting the indigenous climate conditions, misleading the fundamentals of the life quality of the local culture.

Grantees receive a production grant, two intensive workshops and a 6-month mentorship by established photographers during the development of their project. ADPP boosts professional skills and serves as a springboard for grantees to go on to greater recognition.

Zied Ben Romdhane, also from , has been made a member of Magnum. It is one of the best things I did during my career as a photographer and I am very proud to have been and still be part of this family. It is a very important programme for documentary photographers and it should continue for many more years. Long term work and eye-opening visits Worthwhile cultural projects are not always easily implemented in 12 months or less.

So Network Partnership grants enable a cultural organisation to develop a project over three years. When the Kibii Foundation in culturally diverse Suriname became a Network Partner, it was the only organisation that promoted art and development in the Marowijne region. The country is still suffering from the legacy of a bitter civil war and there are few resources for art and culture. With a Network Partnership grant, artist Marcel Pinas was able to build up a multi-cultural centre, develop a programme of activities for his Contemporary Art Museum Moengo, start research into art, culture and tradition and create an artist in residence programme.

He went on to establish an annual festival that attracts artists and public from throughout the region. In June of , representatives from 9 Network Partner organisations came to Suriname for the first of their twiceannual meetings. A day-long conference in Paramaribo was organised jointly by Kibii and the Prince Claus Fund that gave local artists an opportunity to interact with cultural practitioners from other continents.

Mainly also for my ex students…[who] really were inspired by what was offered. Mixing the Dutch and Senegalese cultural scene Even more creative things happen when our programmes intersect. Their interactions with the Dutch groups they met generated so much positive excitement that we decided to take it further.

In June we took 9 Dutch cultural practitioners to Dakar to participate in the annual international hip hop festival, Festa2H, which is organised by our NextGen Network Partner, Africulturban and which was moderated by Stephanie Afrifa. I think we lost that in the Netherlands, if you look at what sells.

It was a day of vibrant interchange and one that is already producing follow-ups. One student invited Nadine and Roger to her home to record a podcast. I really admire your strength and courage. Your story touched me and I want to spread your message and create awareness on the situation in Yemen.

That is why I want to organise a movie night to show your films. I want to ask you for permission to show your movies to my study program to introduce them to this topic. Faroq partici Fund for Arts and Culture. Through portraits, ms, and isolation felt by refugees and show the unpredictable, transitory, and restricted nature of their lives. Her portrait is accompanied by a handwritten letter addressed to the artist.

London, United Kingdom, July Lula, a poet of the Somali and Yemeni diaspora, currently lives in the United Kingdom. Her portrait is accompanied by a han. Fady is from Palestine and currently an emigrant to the United Kingdom. His portrait is accompanied by a handwritten letter.

Here are just a few from ! SIN is a documentary series of short videos between 3 and 5 minutes each promoting cultural rights in the young and emerging scene of the artistic and cultural field in Cuba. The project will create a virtual museum of video interviews with these boys coupled with a series of public interventions in the ruins of houses in favelas that were destroyed to make way for a highway. Watch the Youtube episode about the exchange made by Dutch hip hop platform Barz.

Hear interviews with the Laureates at Louder than Words, our annual public event around the awards in Amsterdam. Rising sea levels are flooding delta i of millions are endangered. The project was supported by the Prince Claus Fund and Goethe-Institut through the forms of photography. His project was developed in and due for completion in February , but it was alr Photo: A boat is repaired on a tiny island formed after high tide rolls in, encapsulating the simple yet Sisyphean struggle of sta.

Mangrove trees are dying and the lives and livelihoods e call for proposals Artistic Responses to Environmental Change. The grant enabled Arko to experiment with new ready picked up by the National Geographic Magazine and published in their July issue. Tidal surges during monsoons effectively cut off certain zones from land. Sagar Island, India. Pilgrims bathe early in the morning in preparation for the Gangasagar Mela festival, held every year where the Ganges meets th considered to be one of the most sacred Hindu pilgrimage sites.

The poles in the background conduct electricity used to light the way for the millions of pilgrims who visit Sagar Island,. It means acknowledging that every accomplishment we celebrate arises from experiments, experience and lessons that we have learned and then acted on. For example, crafting a new approach to our Public Programme, expanding collaborations to answer greater need, and initiating diverse in-depth research to respond to pressures to provide harder proof of impact.

Accomplishments are never an end, they are only a motivation to try harder and keep doing what works best. Facilitating connections that go deeper, last longer Fostering fruitful exchange between our partners and their Dutch counterparts is at the heart of our Public Programme, but the impact of our previous approach, producing events to profile our partners, was limited.

Our new approach in focused on facilitating connections that create possibilities for spin-offs and sustainable relations. We asked institutions, museums, and popular venues in the Netherlands how international artists might enrich their programmes and engage their stakeholders.

We consulted partners about what sorts of exchange could help them grow. We looked for venues and existing events that already enjoyed a substantial audience. By making thoughtful connections, we sought to engage artistic peers from different cultures who would both benefit, but might otherwise never have met.

Our experiences in confirmed that the new approach works. For example, see the spin-off trip to Senegal in the Highlights. Connecting Laureates with Dutch and international audiences During the Prince Claus Awards Week, a busy programme is organised for Laureates designed to share their stories with a broad Dutch audience and also to connect them to others in our international network.

In addition to the Awards ceremony in the Royal Palace, which receives substantial media attention, Laureates presented their work and were interviewed on stage in a sold-out public event, Louder than Words. Women in Crystal Cubes is co-curated by Dr. Salah M. Local attention for the great work Laureates do is important as well. Safety concerns in Syria ruled out a ceremony for Laureate and architect Marwa al-Sabouni, so she opted to use the allotted funds to plant trees in public spaces.

Support for the Next Generation to grow Representatives from 13 NextGen Partners, collectives and organisations that are long term partners of the Fund, met in Nairobi, Kenya, in May for the first of their two annual meetings. Presentations and getting-to-know-each-other exercises were followed by workshops on team dynamics, social innovation and design thinking led by trainers from the Amani Institute.

There were also visits to Kenyan cultural organisations. Afterwards, the Ambassador tweeted enthusiastically about the meeting. This time the Amani-led workshops examined ideas around sustainability, focusing on three pillars: sustaining self, sustaining the team and sustaining the project. In , for example, dancer-choreographer Dada Masilo,. Collaborating enables more growth and exchange Exchange and international exposure brings confidence and professional growth for young and emerging cultural practitioners.

In the Mobility Fund covered the travel costs of individuals. Two new collaborations enabled travel grants in and will continue through Together with the British Council we also created an extra travel allowance for artists with disabilities. Addressing urgent environmental issues Global warming and environmental destruction are a concern around the globe.

In a collaboration with the Goethe-Institut in that was renewed in , we supported a total of 35 cultural and artistic initiatives that addressed pressing environmental issues. We are taking a look at our own impact, and with Asia-Europe Foundation we hosted a closed-door conversation about promoting international travel in the time of climate change. As a result, we will explore how to make our mobility programme more respectful of the climate in coming years. Consolidating and expanding our heritage programme In our Cultural Emergency Response Programme CER was increasingly recognised as an expert in the field of heritage rescue and as a catalyst and a bridge, attracting new, larger players and connecting them with our local partners.

For example, we were able to introduce partners and leadership candidates to organisations, which led to external grants for 6 CER partners and 2 other leads. CER is now also providing consultation and training for two new major international donors in the field of heritage rescue, advising them on methods, criteria, and implementation in disaster situations and on how to reach and help the most fragile communities.

Another important CER effort is in expanding the leadership skills of heritage professionals. Fund organised a four-day leadership course in November in The Hague. Ten participants from nine countries each brought with them a project idea which they worked out during the course, developing management and communication strategies and an implementation plan. A final pitching exercise brought feedback from actual funders. Illustrating impact and a need for broader research Our collaboration with the Whiting Foundation has enabled support to safeguard documentary heritage over the past two years.

In our second call, in , we supported 11 projects in as many countries, ranging from rescuing pre-Hispanic inscriptions in Colombia, to protecting the only archival collection in the Marshall Islands from rising sea levels. The Whiting Foundation is enthusiastic about continuing our collaboration and the results from our jointly funded projects help us illustrate the impact funders can have when they support the rescue of documentary heritage.

In it became apparent that still more is needed: in order to attract more attention and resources to preserving heritage, there is a need for broader research to document why heritage is important for communities, and how protecting it can be instrumental in other areas, like mental health, conflict resolution, diversity and human rights. Fifteen teams of independent researchers in 11 different countries were selected to research projects recently funded by one or another of the three organisations.

Research was carried out in and the Prince Claus Fund facilitated the work by arranging a 4-session webinar. The online sessions enabled a fruitful exchange among the researchers which helped to highlight neglected topics and the importance of considering context when assessing cultural activities. Researchers used different methodologies to study projects that covered a range of activities, events and disciplines in different countries. A team of four editors with different backgrounds and complementary expertise was selected to structure and edit the results of the studies in a book, which will be launched at an international conference in November The aim of the research, book and conference is to significantly contribute to a global discourse on the social effects and importance of cultural practice.

Evaluating what we support We monitor the progress and evaluate the results of all the projects we support and we are always looking for ways to improve. Another session will follow in focused on gathering insights and lessons from working with young people.

In , we carried out an evaluation of all the projects we supported in the call, Contemporary Take, Beyond Cultural Heritage. The aim of the call was to involve young people in cultural heritage, often through the use of innovative technology like virtual reality. With the help of Phil Compernolle, Advisor in impact, strategy and evaluation, we made an evaluation report.

The findings will be included in a Review that will be shared with all project partners and the wider field. Also in , in collaboration with the Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative, we devised a process to assess the usefulness for participants of the Leadership Course for Cultural Emergency Professionals, and how relevant the course was to the realities they face in the field. We gathered valuable feedback immediately after the course. Longer-term impact will become clearer as we continue to follow the work of participants.

A great deal of time and energy went into preparing the transition to a new online database, PerfectView Online. The process was an opportunity to streamline the structuring and categorization of all our data. The database was made compatible with AKVO, an online system in which all activities of the Fund are made. Ensuring digital security It may seem at odds with our aim for transparency, but although we share a great deal of information publicly, we also sometimes have to work with sensitive information that could endanger partners or that should not be made public for other reasons.

In we paid a lot of attention to IT-security, internally for staff working at the office and from home, and also for staff travelling abroad. We implemented a new policy aimed at preventing public sharing of information that could be harmful to partners working in difficult circumstances or to staff while abroad. In consultation with an IT advisor and an external digital security expert the guidelines for IT security were made stricter and the awareness of all staff of the risks was raised.

This resulted in a digital security manual, drafted by our communications department, which was handed out to all staff after an in-house training, and was discussed in internal meetings. Reaching more people with our stories Communicating effectively in an era of information saturation remains a constant challenge but the Prince Claus Fund has many fascinating, positive stories to tell about its partners and the work they do. In , we were pleased with a wide-range of media coverage.

There were content-rich articles in major Dutch dailies, including. A media partnership with the feminist magazine Opzij resulted in profiles of all our Laureates plus several previous women Laureates. Tracking international media coverage outside of the Netherlands we found online articles in various languages that referred to the Prince Claus Fund, with an estimated reach of 1,,, based on the web page visits.

By publishing the stories of inspiration and creative motivation from our wide network, we are seeing a steady growth in response on our social media outlets and a growing online community through YCreate, on Instagram and Medium. Being sensitive to gender and more The Fund aims to support more inclusive societies in various ways.

Gender sensitivity is an important goal. To make sure we are practicing what we. Following a gender analysis exercise and a series of workshops we created of a gender task force in Subsequently, the team has concluded that to achieve more inclusive societies, the scope of the Task-Force should expand beyond focusing just on gender. Just as important as a Lottery win to the Prince Claus Fund is the building of sustainable relationships that ensure long term support, with like-minded foundations and organizations, individuals and companies.

That requires a personal and personally tailored approach. Together with our programme departments, we look for substantive collaborations with foundations and organizations that are aligned with the mission of the Fund. In-kind sponsorship through partners like KLM, Luxury Hotels of Amsterdam and Versteeg Wigman Sprey advocaten remained constant, while many collaborations with inter national foundations were continued or expanded during the year.

We especially value individual donors called Torchbearers who are essential both for financial and moral support. Five new individuals made long term pledges, bringing the number to Among the special events we organise for Torchbearers is an annual trip to a country where the Prince Claus Fund is active. In February we. We met with artists, visited cultural centres, historical sites and projects supported by the Fund.

The next section describes the extent to which, and the manner in which, the Fund meets the criteria of the Governance Code Culture. The organisation applies the principles of the Governance Code Culture and explains how. The organisation follows the recommendations and only differs from them where a change is warrented. The Fund has followed the rules and recommendations of the codes mentioned above for years, even before they became official.

The principles of good governance, with the separation of functions and accountability foremost, are anchored in the internal regulations. In principle the board reflects on its own performance every year. A thorough self-evaluation of the board is planned for The legal status and governance model have not been changed since the Fund was established in The organisation realises its social goals by creating, stimulating and protecting cultural values.

The goals, mission and vision of the Prince Claus Fund clearly show that the organisation highly values culture. A goal of the Fund is to form a platform for intercultural exchange. Eastern Europe and the Middle East the Fund realises activities and publications in the field of culture and development.

Director and board are independent and act with integrity. They are alert to conflicts of interest, avoid detrimental conflicts of interest, and handle conflicting interests in a transparent and careful way. The statutes describe appropriate procedures should a case of conflicting interests occur art 7.

Other positions held by the director and board members are known and public and are published on the website. The director and board are aware of their own roles and the division of tasks between them, their responsibilities and authorisations, and act accordingly.

The director is responsible for the general and daily management, the functioning and results of the organisation. The board meets at least four times a year. The performance of the director is evaluated annually by the board. The director deals with people and the resources of the organisation in a diligent and responsible way. The Fund has regulations in place for risk management and control and takes mitigating measurements where needed. Director and board have an annual meeting with the external accountant.

Authorisations, regulations and procedures are described in the Administrative Organisation document and form the framework for the administrative process. This document not only concerns the direct registration and control of the cash flow, but also between the finances of the organisation and how they relate to the outside world.

The administrative organisation procedures aim to provide timely and adequate information. Partly based on this financial information, the board and director are able to manage the organisation appropriately. This information also forms the basis for accountability. Other regulations are in place i. In updates of the Code of Conduct, the Protocol Vertrouwenspersoon and the Working Conditions arbeidsvoorwaarden will be published and the Fund will further develop its current diversity policy.

The remuneration policy is in line with other organisations in the cultural field and is laid out in the Working Conditions arbeidsvoorwaarden. The director meets the staff representatives personeelsvertegenwoordiging at least 2 times a year. The board acts in a professional and independent manner.

The board is responsible for its composition and guarantees its expertise, diversity and independence. The board is broadly composed, taking into account substantive expertise and diversity aspects such as gender and cultural background. The by-laws stipulate that board membership is unpaid and that the number of board members is at least five. The maximum term of office is 2 times 4 years. The overview of terms of office is public; any vacancies are published on the website and social media.

In the profile of the different positions on the board was reviewed and a new introductory programme for new board members was established. The Board is responsible for governing the organisation. The Board approves the annual plan, the long term plan, the annual budget and the annual statement of accounts as well as major collaborations.

The Director has been appointed by the Board. The Board also stipulates her salary. In addition, the Board approves the general terms of employment for both the Director and the other staff members. The Director is responsible, within the aims of the organisation, for general policy development and implementation, external representation, public relations policy, managing the office and staff, implementing the general terms of employment, and for preparing and implementing the decisions of the Board.

The Prince Claus Fund conducts evaluations of projects and programmes. Each year, the Board holds assessment discussions with the Director. Quality of Organisation and Activities The Prince Claus Fund strives to maintain optimum quality in all of its activities. It achieves this by involving good advisors in its judgments and implementation, and by specially training staff members for these tasks. For the Prince Claus Fund, quality is a conditio sine qua non.

Staff members and partners are well aware of this in terms of not only implementing projects and processing applications but also in correspondence and communication. The Board and Director do their utmost to keep the costs for generating funds and management and administration as low as possible.

The realization of the first item is more. A strict procedure is deployed for an optimal investment of resources: this focuses on quality, innovation and estimating risks. Second opinions of trusted and respected partners are sought on project applications, nominations and other major decisions.

Investment is in accordance with the budget, which is drawn up once a year. Four installments are sometimes deployed for the payment of large amounts. The target group of the Next Generation projects consists of young people who have fewer resources to pre-finance the start-up costs of their projects. The Fund also uses this method of advances as a pilot to assess whether several categories of projects may be funded in this way in the future.

Risk Management The risk policy is related to: - Financial and reputational risks with respect to the expenditures on projects. The consequences of risks in this field are great; however the chance of actual occurrence has been judged as small. Measures taken are reflected by the governance structure and the internal control within the organisation, including the use of standard contracts and the important role of the monitoring and evaluation of each and every project.

Sufficient mitigating measures have been taken. The consequences of risks in this field are limited; the chance of occurrence has been judged as small.


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That's better for everyone involved," concludes Leon. Receive the daily newsletter in your email for free Click here. You are receiving this pop-up because this is the first time you are visiting our site. If you keep getting this message, please enable cookies in your browser.

Based on your current location, we selected the Europe edition of FreshPlaza. Europe Edition. News Sectors. Announcements Click here to receive this news directly in your inbox. Special Wholesale markets Global focus citrus. West Bengal wholesalers not allowed to store more than 25 tons of potatoes and onions.

Thank you. Two initial investments have been identified and will close in the near future. The company provides hands-on support for start-ups, allowing an idea to be built into a successful company. Novalis invests early and focuses on capital light ideas, where a relatively small investment can create significant value through the use of software, IP, tools, and other technology that can serve and benefit healthcare.

Leveraging extensive academic networks, Novalis translates innovation to viable companies that able to deliver on the founding scientific promise. There are already a number of companies we have identified for investment as well as plans to incubate a further company based on our internal assessments.

Geographically, the exception was its investment in doc. For Fund 2, Novalis will expand to other areas in Europe and make additional investments in the U. Novalis provides seed funding and ongoing support to biotechnology and life sciences companies. Novalis incubates and advances its own ideas or supports existing innovative life science start-ups.

Novalis strongly believes in applying innovative information technology to advance the prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of a disease.


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Top 7 Investments For 2021: The Big 6 Plus Real Estate

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IUCN NL is happy to see that the rather "invisible" investors speak out, that they go for sustainable palm oil, take Heleen Van Den Hombergh. Russia extends its ban on western food until the end of Through a presidential see anything like we saw Leon van den Hombergh, Frankort & Koning. Financial Management and Audit of EU Structural and Cohesion Funds — Moving from to and Investment Funds, such as universities, NGOs, employers' associations, consultants. Kees C.j.m. Van Den Hombergh.