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3betting aq

And if your opponent is even looser, your hands perform even better. Rather than expanding your 3bet range against fish to include hands like 96o, look to depolarize your 3bet range — meaning instead of pure air you would use other hands from the upper-left hand corner of the starting hand matrix. Instead of always calling their preflop raise with AJ, think about 3betting it. The wider they give your 3bet action, the more valuable it becomes to 3bet hands you would have otherwise called with in the past.

While fish are typically inelastic meaning they give action at roughly the same frequency regardless of the bet size they are facing , consider just how inelastic this specific fish is. If they would give your 3bet action with tons of dominated hands if you used a 3x size but would only continue with some dominated hands if you used a 5x size — think about which size accomplishes your goal.

In the earlier example I might use 3x with AJ and 5x with AA — something I could not get away with against a thinking player but something a fish would not be aware of. In an ideal world I would have deep stacks, the fish would have deep stacks , and there would be tons of playability going postflop when I 3bet them.

But the real world is not always ideal — and thus we need to think ahead here. Shallow stack sizes mean we are closer and closer to commitment. Even if you have bb but your opponent only has 50bb, you are making decisions based upon the 50bb effective stack. As a rule of thumb, the smaller the effective stack the more focused on pure card-strength you want to be.

This is largely a function of the fact that committing decisions will either happen preflop or on the flop as the effective stack gets smaller. Effective stacks 35bb. Fish opens in MP to 3. A 3bet would be committing — even if you only went to 11bb you would be getting a decent price if the fish went all-in preflop. Rather than commit 35bb preflop, I would just call the original 3.

The factors involved in making this decision include the effective stack size, how I would react to a re-raise, if my opponent just called my 3bet what the SPR would be and how I expect to perform in it, and my edges in both 3bet and single-raised pots.

Unless the only two players with cards are yourself and the fish, you want to be aware of the situation as a whole. A fish opens from MP and you are on the button with KQs. You look behind you and remember that the BB loves to squeeze preflop. What should you do? Most players make the mistake of not even thinking ahead, which is a major no-no.

If you see a notorious squeezer behind you, consider just 3betting this spot yourself. Why call the open-raise, face a squeeze, and now have to make an odd decision in a bloated pot with KQ? Instead, you could 3bet the fish yourself, apply pressure to the squeezer who likely does not want to cold-4bet you, and get the fish to heads up to yourself. Some players just call here and try to play the pot out. I personally look to 3bet this and choose a size that reduces the chance that the TAG wants to give me action.

My goal is simple. Play TT vs the fish in a HU pot. So if 4x gets rid of the TAG and keeps the fish involved with whatever hands they deem not-foldable — 4x it is. Sure, not all postflop spots are going to be easy.

But are you going to make much better decisions than the fish in this spot? I think you will…. A fish opens from MP and you are on the button with a hand like January When facing an open consider the following: 1. If you flat, what's likely going to happen? If you were to 3bet, what's likely going to happen? Is your edge larger flatting or 3betting? What's your image and what image are you trying to cultivate at this table? Is your postflop edge greater in a single-raised or 3bet pot?

Yep, watched the video already, I noticed that lately more aggressive actions are recommended with these hands than few years ago.


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Sorry but I don't understand your first question. So what's the response to a re-shove against a LAG when we are oop with A5s? Nice stuff as usual Nathan, really looking forward to buying the new book in the next few days. Take care! Hey Nathan, Thanks for the article! Helpful as always. Would you also include AK? Hey Jason, This really depends on the situation. If I opened on the button though and he 3-Bets me from the blinds, then I will be much more likely to 4-Bet with AK because his range is a lot wider in a spot like this.

Hope that helps. Hopefully, I can reverse this losing trend. Worse hands are not calling, and there are only couple of better hands that fold like TT. If we just call, we keep the worse hands like KQ or AJ in the pot. Can you clarify this little more? It often depends on the history with the 3bet aggressor. If you hit the A on the flop if the 3 bet aggressor calls , your are the winner most of the time.

Great article, but I have a couple of questions. The bluffing range however only consists of A5s, A4s and A3s, which is a total of 12 combo's. Am I missing something or is this not the right ratio? My second question is about the 4bet-calling range. When you 4bet against an aggressive opponent and he 5-betjamms, what hands should you call in what position? Do you still call it off in this spot, or do you 4bet-fold? I would call him if he 3 bets with a merged range.

Posted by BlackRain Labels: defend 3-bet , poker 3bet strategy. TJ 23 September. BlackRain79 23 September. Sign In Register. January in General Concepts. In his videos, Splitsuit usually recommends flatting these hands but I noticed there is lot of discussion in youtube comments about it. Recently, I reviewed my database and discovered AJo is my worst hand! I won't ask is it correct to flat or 3bet, but what is your thought process in these situations? What are the reasons for flatting or 3betting if we have some information about villain, his opening and continuing range?

January When facing an open consider the following: 1.


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