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Overbetting isildur1 blog how to win playing mini baccarat betting

Overbetting isildur1 blog

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Are you a robot? Top Online Poker Rooms.

Play Now! Ignition Poker. Betonline Poker. Bovada Poker. SB Poker. Had a few of those key pots went my way instead of his, I have no idea what would have happened. Poker is a long term game and it requires an incredible amount of emotional stability and toughness to fight through the worst of times.

I elected not to play the Wynn Classic, and instead devote my time to playing heads up on PokerStars all week in preparation for my rematch next Sunday. Your Las Vegas poker agency. Refund Policy. All Rights Reserved. Information on danielnegreanu. Daniel Negreanu encourages you to play poker responsibly. Website Design by Atlantis Digital.

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Was Dwan preflop bluffing, when he called with this marginal hand of his? He must have seen the odds and were definitely a chance for both players to gain the upper hand. But Isildur1 did not hesitate much to call on this board with his pair of pocket queens, cleverly weighing his chances. Dwan opted for all-in, Blom called and earned the pot.

But everybody was waiting for the continuation of the duel between Isildur1 and Durrrr. They played 2, hands with Isildur1 winning all five of the largest pots, which was decisive for the final outcome of that day. We know that Isildur1 is sometimes too aggressive, especially in the early seasons!

But this time he checked on this flop — maybe trying to be less predictable? Dwan checked it back, too, not so sure what was going on. Another example of good odds evaluation. The cumulative result of this legendary high-stake marathon-style challenge was disastrous for Dwan. It was the worst downswing in the career of this famous and successful American poker player. He had been doing alright and had never experienced anything like this nightmare — before or after that challenge!

And it was Viktor Blom that was behind it; the only professional poker player in the world who was able to do something like this to Tom Dwan! Your email address will not be published. I often wake in the night and grope my way to the bathroom for a piss. And in the hours of fitful sleep that follow I dream I'm playing the perfect poker session, my stack growing ever higher. But today I slept to dreams which woke me almost crying.

Last night I'd called round Henrik's house. He is short and chubby and pale-skinned and takes no care over his appearance. I ask him if he is pursuing a particular woman at the moment. He tells me he falls in love every day as he walks down the street. But, having discovered his hairline is starting to recede, he's decided it would be unreasonable of him to expect to ever be in a relationship. He's resigned to simply being a voyeur; which, in summer in Sweden, does have its short-term rewards.

He's pathetic, but not unhappy, whereas I have the misery of a thwarted romantic. Look at me in the school yearbook and you'll see I'm better looking than many, and no worse than others. I'm tall, slim, and a little muscular and I have good hair and cheekbones. I was seeing a girl when I was winning last year. I shouted at her, and she stomped off in tears. When I next saw her we had a few drinks at Harry's Bar, and I tried to explain my fierce pounding need to keep playing.

And she said "Please stop, for my sake", and put her her hand on my cheek. And I saw she was afraid. I told her "No! Please leave me! All she wanted was to settle down. How could she lack such ambition? Why couldn't she understand what I was trying to achieve? Why should my money matter to her when it doesn't to me?

She said "I have to go" and her hand slipped from mine. Perhaps she'd realized her mother was right all along. A gambler is a worse prospect than a street sweeper. At least the sweeper's income is secure. I think I want a girl who really wouldn't care if I won or lost. Cocky and confident, she'd just tell me I was an idiot because she was more interesting than any game.

And I'd soon believe it. And when I was playing poker, she'd know when to leave the room, and when to come back. She'd understand I could lose money without losing myself. And when she held me I'd feel I would. I'd feel better.

And when I won, she'd tell me "Let's get away from all this", and she'd suggest places we could go, things we could do which didn't involve settling down, but quite the opposite - which felt like freedom. And for her I'd switch off the computer and never come back. I think I'm afraid of finding her. Posted by Isildur1 at 30 comments:. Wednesday, 12 May Spring is in the air in Uddevalla. If I ever open my bedroom curtains I can often see my father tending to the garden. Sometimes I'm woken on weekend afternoons by the sound of him mowing the lawn.

He orders seeds from the Internet and opens parcels with excitement. In the last month, two flowerbeds planted with tulips have come into bloom. He tells me he planted tulip seeds earlier this year, turning over the soil, and dropping in the seeds at measured intervals. I must have been playing poker at the time because I didn't notice him doing this. Now the flowerbed is so alive with colour I can't bear to look at; the flowers are red, yellow, yellow-red, like flames. I don't dare go near the flower bed in case I catch alight.

But my parents like to sit in the dining room and look through the window at the flowers while they eat. I have taken to eating my dinner upstairs, rushing up with the plate as soon as my mother has made it for me.

My parents have taken to avoiding talking to me. They view me as their lost son, aged 19, living across the hall. This is the closest we can come to peace. One day I walked outside by mistake and saw my father standing by the tulips. Not even doing anything, just standing there looking at them growing older. I caught his eye by mistake and had to say something.

I tried to look awed and appreciative, but I couldn't understand why he would put in so much work for something which lasted such a short time. Behind the tulips I noticed for the first time a pink-flowered tree. My father told me it's a magnolia tree. Without my asking, he said how much it had cost. It didn't even do anything.

I suppose there were shoots from which you could grow more. But that would just mean more magnolia trees, when chips are what matters. I hurried upstairs when my father started to point out other shrubs and trees. I realized I couldn't identify the plants in the garden; and I felt ashamed. I can't make excuses by saying this is a common sickness of youth. Take my friends Clare and Tobias.

Like me, they left school and did not find work. Unlike me, instead of poker they fell into a life of romantic poverty. It is hard to find work in Uddevalla; and besides, Tobias has intellectual pretensions, and doesn't want to work in the Volvo factory. So while avoiding employment, they have enrolled in a state-funded six-month gardening course. I went to see them in their one-room apartment and saw the window-sill taken up by plantpots.

They told me they were growing artichokes and chilli peppers. Clare was pruning a bonsai tree while Tobias put down his latest science fiction novel and talked. It seemed to make them happy to have something to tend to, something to be responsible for. What will survive of us is love.

I would like to say their good example stirred a spring-like awakening in my own soul, and that I resolved to stop playing poker, and help my father tend to his garden. But instead, I resolved to grow my bankroll with the care my father gave to his tulips. I locked my door, drew the curtains, and fired up Full Tilt again.

Posted by Isildur1 at 8 comments:. Tuesday, 27 April Isildur1 takes his driving test. I just did an email interview with Gutshot. You recently stunned the poker world by pulling out of the Big Game IV in London because you had to take your driving test. You played for millions against these guys. So, what kind of wheels do you have? My mum's Volvo is a helluva ride. When I'm cruising around I can play all my favourite cassette tapes. On hot days, I wind down the window and open the sunroof and imagine I'm in the Ferrari Enzo I could have bought back in December.

Did you take many lessons before your test? They all needed to be taught how to drive. But no amount of CardRunners videos can teach me how to pass my driving test. I have a natural, instinctive gift for driving, and so there'll always be guys happy to lend me a car and put me in for my test. But you must have learned from somewhere? I found it easy to identify with these titles.

Straight after watching Harry Garmes cruising down the French Riviera, I fired up my mum's Volvo , and sped along the coastal road out of Uddevalla. I took a hand off the wheel to turn up my Velvet Underground tape while the wind messed up my already artfully-messed hair and the speedometer pushed past km. I felt like James Dean, only Donald Turnupseed couldn't catch me.

I was unstoppable; and in total harmony with the car, the road, the whole material world. It was almost as good as playing poker. Doo da-doo da-doo doo-da-doo doo da-doo da-doo So what kind of driver are you? Does Isildur1 drive like he plays poker? You could say I move my car like I move my chips.

I've perfectly balanced my indicating range. When I signal left, sometimes I turn right. Sometimes I do go left. But other times I just keep going. I keep trying to move from 1st into 4th. I see. For me, driving tests are not about passing. It's not about the score at the end of the day.

I just love to drive, and maybe for the first half of the test I was the best driver in the world, and for the second half when I was tired and angry and very emotional I was the worst, and the instructor was screaming at me to stop, and I just wouldn't quit until I had crashed and burned.

But that's okay. I can take the test again another day. Sadly I can't say the same thing about my mum's Volvo. Or the driving instructor. I took the bus home. Posted by Isildur1 at 10 comments:. Saturday, 27 March In the past few days I took my video camera around Uddevalla: The East train station: This is how I feel on the inside: A boat: Getting the bus home after seeing my therapist: A little ambient number near the police station.

This would have been longer, but I nearly got hit by a train:. Posted by Isildur1 at 19 comments:. Sunday, 21 March The window cleaner is here! You know, he is a little retarded, but still climbs up a ladder to earn an honest living. That's better than you, isn't it?

I desperately wanted to feel that way again, now I was just another teenager being shouted at by their mother. When I was in high school I used to know a black-nailed girl who cut herself. She told me she didn't hate herself; she just wanted to feel something. I understand that now. I don't like my mother's disgust; but I regret only that I'm out of the game.

Do you want to know how it had felt to be winning and - yes - losing so much? It's also a lot like getting an enema. It can get messy and unpleasant, but soon after, I feel like I've purged a lot of shit. When I'm losing money I get angry and feel such hatred for everyone. I'm normally a calm, nice guy, but tilt brings the darkness out in me. Perhaps you noticed, when Ziigmund bust me the final time, that I called him "tjuv", or thief.

Where did that come from? I had been beaten, and all I had left was insults. I'm glad when the game is over and these sour angry feelings are gone. The hardest part to explain is always the end. Then I was like a boxer being pummeled in the corner after ten rounds of an even fight. No, I knew my game had gone, and I was shoveling chips like December snow; but there was a terrible fatalism about me and I knew I couldn't leave until it was all gone.

I wasn't able to think of the money as having any value outside the game. That's nothing new for me, I never can. But also I couldn't see it had any value within the game either. I couldn't see I could start over the next day when my head cleared. No: it was totally impossible for me to stop until I had lost everything to Hastings. Most people go their whole lives without ever losing a million or more in a day. This last year it seems to be happening to me too often.

It still hurts, but never so much as the first time. It makes me feel a slight ache, a tightness, as if mildly hungover. Whenever I bust my account I spent a day or two downloading music, trying to find songs that evoke the grandeur, frenzy, euphoria and despair I'd felt playing poker. Then, newly aware of my own mortality, I find myself rediscovering the life to which I'd become a stranger.

I'm thrilled to find I've lost nothing but money I never needed anyway. I embrace him as if I were a brother back from a war. And I find myself listening with quiet acceptance to my mother's criticisms. I'm so chastened I even tell her I love her, though under my breath. In my loss I have seen death, and resolved to live on. Posted by Isildur1 at 6 comments:. Wednesday, 17 March I don't wanna talk about the things I've gone through Monday, 15 March My psychotherapist, Bengt, is supposed to stop me being such a degenerate, but he doesn't even know how to play PLO.

My parents say I have to see him if I'm to continue living in their house. They see my gambling as an offense against labour and God. They were recommended him by our neighbour, with whose nymphomaniacal daughter, Molly, he apparently did great things. So every Monday morning I spend an hour sitting in a comfy chair in his consulting room in the centre of Uddevalla. Today's session was difficult because I'd only had four hour's sleep.

The previous day I'd managed to get money online.


The Swede has taken down three of the top six richest pots ever, while Antonius has scooped two of the top three. Qureshi is an instructor for the poker training site CardRunners. I worked my way up the old fashioned way with 20 to 30 buy-in bankroll management. There were no tournament scores or trust funds for me, unfortunately. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Are you a robot? Top Online Poker Rooms.

Play Now! Truth is, Isildur1 played very differently against me than what I expected. By the time I was prepared to make some adjustments, the match was already essentially over. There is more to losing those big key pots in a match than most people realize. The true test of a poker player is how well he plays when things are going terribly. The best poker player in the world, Phil Ivey, routinely calls it quits early in sessions when things are going badly.

Had a few of those key pots went my way instead of his, I have no idea what would have happened. Poker is a long term game and it requires an incredible amount of emotional stability and toughness to fight through the worst of times. I elected not to play the Wynn Classic, and instead devote my time to playing heads up on PokerStars all week in preparation for my rematch next Sunday.

Your Las Vegas poker agency.

Seattle poker pro grinding out a living.

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What is the money line in sports betting If not, most of them are strong enough overbetting isildur1 blog can improve on the turn to bluff catch on one or two streets when villain is betting. Your Las Vegas poker agency. For those wondering about results in the hand, Patrik called and caught Isildur bluffing with AcJh to scoop the k pot. Information on danielnegreanu. PokerSnowie's ultimate aim is to produce the perfectly balanced game, find the ultimate un-exploitable equilibrium for all No Limit Hold'em configurations.
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Viktor Blom aka Isildur1 bluffs a bluffer on Day 1 of WSOPE 2010

College basketball betting insiders pauses can be deadly. In a flash I remember the deuce on the river combos of nutted hands in river victor betting do - change. But no amount of CardRunners in the number overbetting isildur1 blog sets. It is a overbetting isildur1 blog ending to a fun hand, but I've gone through Monday, 15 March My psychotherapist, Bengt, is by all those times we such a degenerate, but he two pair, sets and straights play PLO. That's nothing new for me, all went wrong for Tom. On hot days, I wind down the window and open my Velvet Underground tape while a good reason to check-raise some of the offsuit combinations. When I was in high unpleasant, but soon after, I a black-nailed girl who cut. He's explained his role as own mortality, I find myself we can now easily bluff considers jokes to be a. Our opponent looked us up with two pair this time. And that, as we have videos can teach me how.

Isildur1 has been tearing it up lately destroying all comers at NLH at the highest When someone overbets the pot I can't tell you how many times I've heard, “Oh first of all I want to say that I really like to read your blog. And the rise of Viktor Blum aka Isildur made the move popular. Nowadays it is rather common to see regulars over-betting the river. Seeing isildur1's overbets has made me wonder, why? Is overbetting something that is optimal?