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Leading non-banking finance company Shriram City Union Finance Ltd has got fair trade regulator CCI's approval for tpg investment india proposed merger of its two group companies through a multi-stage transac Piramal Enterprises, a firm promoted by Ajay Piramal, had acquired 9. TPG, a leading global private investment firm, has picked up a For global institutional investors that have been wary about investing in India for the past few years, the tide has turned and India has again become a must-have market.

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Cilas sentinelinvestments

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Christian mcgrath gtcr investments Steve Ringlee and Cliff Lewis have been in contact regarding a cycle trip through the Loire—Steve had planned cilas sentinelinvestments for Maywhile Cliff had completed a similar trip a few years back. I feel very lucky and blessed. The taxable amount of your payment will be taxed in the current year unless you roll it over. My golf game needs considerable work. Laure and I!
Cilas sentinelinvestments And also on your participation in so many worthwhile activities. Cassandra Gilliam Greater Atlanta Area. Spring is a particularly vulnerable time for wildlife. Sonja Davidson Rockmart, Georgia. Section A. Related Moves.

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I also want to say thank-you to all the ATVers from our region and beyond who responded to this emergency and to all our state and local leaders and volunteers, who helped get the job done. Thank you! Paul Morse, Sr. This will save Vermont employers millions of dollars each year in health care costs.

In short, because of the Exchange, Vermont small business owners and their employees will receive millions of federal dollars in subsidies for their health care costs. While far from being a cure all to what ails our health care system, the Exchange should serve as a good foundation for the necessary reforms of Green Mountain Care by bringing down the cost of health care for small businesses, making the application process simpler, making it easier for consumers to make informed choices, not to mention eliminating many nasty aspects of the existing private insurance market such as annual lifetime limits, pre-existing exclusions and waiting periods for publicly subsidized care.

To the creditors of the estate of Ruth S. Roberts, late of Marshfield, Vermont. I have been appointed a personal representative of the above named estate. All creditors having claims against the estate must present their claims in writing within four months of the date of the first publication of this notice. The claim must be presented to me at the address listed below with a copy filed with the register of the Probate Court.

Dated: December 22, Brian A. Roberts Keiser Pond Road W. Shouldice writes, Under the single carrier exchange envisioned by the governor, private insurers would be forced out of the health care business. By law, the Exchange, set to begin in , can only include private insurance carriers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield and MVP offering various highly regulated, insurance products much as they do now. Nowhere in the federal or state law governing creation of the Exchange is there any reference to a single carrier.

Shouldice fails to mention that if the state were to decline to implement the Exchange, the federal government, by law, would have to step in and do it for us. In what way is this preferable to a system designed and implemented by Vermonters? What Ms. Shouldice also omits from her analysis is that under the Exchange for the first time ever, public dollars will be used to subsidize small businesses that offer insurance to their employees.

Shouldice is correct about our health care being the most expensive in the world with outcomes that fall far short of what we spend on it. I agree with her when she said, Unquestionably, the current system is inefficient. Yet, when Ms. Shouldice suggests that supporters of singlepayer argue that insurance companies spend millions on nonmedical costs that are passed on to consumers, it is because they are right.

Run down the list of single-payer countries and the story is similar. Why are our costs so high with so many Vermonters still uninsured about 47, and theirs are so low with every one of their citizens insured? Which system is more efficient? We have tried the markets. They are not the answer for health care. Walter Carpenter Montpelier. Here We Go Again ell, just a few days ago our beautiful made a resolution for me, in making an appointment for me to planet arrived, once more, at the start- see a specialist, to get a certain weight-borderline diabetic problem ing place of a new year.

She, planets, under control. How rude of him. I guess a resolution in which you as all beautiful things, must be shes reached really have no choice, if you want to stay above ground as long that precise point, in empty space, in her orbit of the sun, where we as possible, is a good thing, especially if someone else makes it humans have decided that a new year begins. Please note that what for you.

It reminds me of an email joke I received recently. The we decide may have very little to do with the true beginning point, joke was a drawing of a man who looked too much like me, in but God isnt telling, so we do the best his doctors office. The caption was a that we can. And, since our entire sosimple question from the doctor to the Personally, I dont make New Years lar system is actually speeding along patient: So, which fits into your busy in a big black infinite bunch of nothhour a resolutions.

I regularly set myself up for schedule better, exercising an hours a ingness, we are never really where we day, or being dead twenty-four have ever been before, anyway. In any failure throughout the year, and have no day? Hey, I wonder if my doctor was case, as the calendar, the seasons, and the one who sent that to me. We have So, regarding the new year, and I probably have asked you this shared the blessings of being together, and have, I believe, witquestion several times at this point in our previous annual trips nessed more than one personal miracle.

We have also shared the around the sun, what are you going to do with it? Do you have any burdens of serious illness within our family, and even of recent real plans for it? Are there any positive changes in your life that death and personal tragedy. All of these things, the very good and you have been putting off making because, well, people make life the very bad, seem to be unexpected and inalterable elements of changes when the earth gets to the point in the circle that it did a our many yearly journeys around the sun.

So, get healthy, love God few days ago? If so, guess what? Its that time again. In fact, youre and your family, and hang on tight during the ride, because Here behind by several degrees by now. Personally, I dont make New Years resolutions. I regularly set To comment, read other columns or learn more about Georges myself up for failure throughout the year, and have no need to do novel, The Smoke and Mirrors Effect, visit Georges World at it again on New Years eve.

Publisher: Gary Hass and Deborah Phillips. Classified Manager: Ruth Madigan. Receptionist: Darlene Callahan. Copy Editor: Laura Rappold. Production Manager: Christine Richardson. Production: Kathy Gonet, Laura Rappold. Circulation Manager: Robert Spaulding. Circulation: Aeletha Kelly. Distribution: Jim Elliot, Gary Villa. The WORLD assumes no financial responsibility for typographical errors in advertising but will reprint in the following issue that part of any advertisement in which the typographical error occurred.

Notice by advertisers of any error must be given to this newspaper within five 5 business days of the Gold Standard publication you may run the Gold Standarddate of publication. Should youradvertising copy produced by its own staff.

No such The WORLD reserves all rights to publication Gold Standard scoring in future audits you may continue to advertisement may be used or reproduced without express permission. First Class. I was so pleased to be able to buy this particular clock because it never needed to be set. Can you imagine?

Well, it was just perfect. It is about 12in diameter which means that I can see it after I hung it on the wall of our family room. What a treat! Seeing had become a real issue for me and over the years it became an even more important issue.

And when I bought it I didnt realize that it is connected with some radio wave dont know where it comes from but it is somewhere on this planet, I think and what that means is this magical place sends out a mythical wave and the clock does just what it says, it sets the clock to the correct time. And supposedly, it never needs setting by me because it is always correct, time-wise. Because I am always a little off center, this clock is driving me nuts. And here is why.

We hung this clock right where you can see it from almost anywhere in the room. I can sit in my chair and only have to raise my eye to see what time it is. Now isnt that terrific? And what is even more wonderful is that when it is daylight savings time, it sets itself to the correct time or it is supposed to do this. But here is what our clock does. I assume that when we are supposed to either fall back or spring ahead, the clock does that at about 2am.

Im never up at that time but I assume that is when this wave secretly enters my house and changes the clock. However, I must tell you that when I get up, the clock appears to be having a seizure. Its little hands are racing around its face and it appears that neither one of them has any idea where they are supposed to be.

Well, finally they do stop but almost every single time they arent in the place that my wrist watch says they are supposed to be. And there is never any specific clue as to what time it actually is. But every single spring and fall, Malcolm assures me that it is only confused and that it will right itself, when we dont know, but it will happen. And every single time I think that if we only changed the battery things would probably get fixed quicker.

Of course, we dont change the battery and after 3 or 4 days the correct time magically appears. That is the way it has been and I assumed that this was the way it will always be. Au contraire! Today is many weeks after the fall solstice and the clock has been quiet and calm after finally setting itself to the correct time. But yesterday when I was diligently riding my stationary bike in front of the TV, I happened to glance up and the clock was moving.

I called Malcolm and asked him what was going on with the clock. And did he think it needed a new battery. Of course, he said forget the battery thing. It does not need a battery. But he agreed that the clock was going crazy. Now neither of us could take our eyes off the clock and we checked it every few minutes. And finally Malcolm said to me, Check the clock, the little hand is correct. The big hand isnt and it keeps rotating around the face, but if you forget about the big hand, it almost looks correct!

My idea of correct doesnt mean that the little hand is right and the big hand isnt, but then again, I am nothing if not a perfectionist. And that is almost the end of the story. Malcolm wont let me call the store where I bought the clock nor will he even consider calling the manufacturer. He keeps telling me that eventually it will straighten itself out. And of course, he was right. This morning, I turned on the TV and sat on my bike and as I began to pedal, I looked up and the stupid clock was right!!

Correct and with both hands. And the only movement appeared to be the tiny movement of the hands as they kept the correct time. Now, here is my question. Why did it have the crazy movement that it had yesterday? Who fussed with the waves that tell it what to do and how to do it? Are these the same waves that control our satellites, our space program, or even our TV reception? And who is the person who is controlling the wave.? Or is no one controlling anything and it is just sending out these nutty waves on its own?

Keep in mind, we are talking about a clock here, not a device of epic proportions. Now that I think about it, maybe it is the same Wave that sends me a new book for my Kindle. How this particular app works is way beyond me. I know that I can do one of two ways, either I go to Amazon. Or I can go to Kindle Store on my Kindle, once again pick out a book that I want, click on it, and there it is on my Kindle, in my lap and I didnt even see or hear it come. Could the clock be on the same Wave?

Or are there just hundreds of different waves racing through my house? Dont tell me that isnt a scary thought! Dont tell me your theory about the clock unless you really know the answer. I am confused enough without hearing any more ideas. But let me tell you this, if that stupid clock decides how it works and how it wants to make its hands work, I am going to carefully take it off the wall and place it neatly in the garbage All I really want is a clock that tells the correct time, is that too much to ask?

Wouldnt it be wonderful to come home to a clean house, without lifting a nger? Break free from the doldrums of housework with a professional cleaning service. Ill leave your home looking, smelling and feeling freshly cleaned for a very affordable price. Douglas was described as a steam engine in breeches and a fountain of tobacco juice and spread-eagled oratory.

Economic expansion, thought Douglas, would help the nation forget the issue of slavery. Douglas had not anticipated the vehemence of the opposition. He was assailed throughout the North by Anti-Nebraska groups, and Vermont was no exception. The Montpelier Watchman called his actions a Deed of Darkness.

The deed was fitly done in darkness - for it was an evil deed Every vote in the affirmative we regard as a stain upon the personal integrity of the man who casts it. Let no such man be trusted. The Democratic party was undermined further by the nomination of New Hampshires Franklin Pierce for president. Pierce supported the Nebraska Act and favored returning runaway slaves to their southern masters under the Fugitive Slave Law. The time was ripe for the rise of a new party that would gather under one stand the disaffected members of the various established parties.

The Republican party in Vermont was organized on July 13, , when about to people gathered at the statehouse in Montpelier. Vermont was the second state to organize the party, preceding the national organization by two years. A person who played an important role in the creation of the new party was the crusading editor of the Vermont Watchman, Ezekiel P. In June of , Walton, disappointed that the Whig Convention had not taken a stronger stand against slavery,. The Grand Old Party is Born editorially called for a mass state convention.

Invited were all persons who are in favor of resisting The meeting was set for July 4. The date was later changed to July 13 in order to mark the anniversary of the Ordinance of , which dedicated to Freedom all territory northwest of the Ohio River. Had the Convention met on July 4, Montpelier, Vermont would have been given recognition as the birthplace of the new Republican party. As it turned out, the honor went to Jackson, Michigan.

The convention agreed to call their new party Republican. Those attending resolved The Republican platform stated unequivocally: Our rallying cry shall henceforth be the repeal of the Fugitive Slave Law He teaches government history at Johnson State College. He can be reached at Murray Road, Montpelier, VT ; fax ; e-mail wodoyle comcast.

Her children, reunited by her passing, were by her bedside at Berlin Health and Rehabilitation Center. Ruth was born in her parents' bedroom in Highland, N. Ruth's life became one of caring for others. She became an R. She had an absolute unconditional love for her children. She also had a great sense of justice and compassion for people.

It was her kindness to the world around her that she and Richard shared so well. Ruth was predeceased by her beloved husband Richard Hathaway on Sept. She was also predeceased by her sister Laura Yingling. She is survived by her brothers Warren Hohwald, Gilbert Hohwald and his wife Wilma, by her sister Nancy Gibson, and her brother in-law Dean Yingling, and many nieces and nephews.

She is also survived by her sister-in-law Carol Delemos and her husband Edward and their children as well as her brother-in-law Walton Hathaway and his wife Peggy and their children. Ruth had an extended community around her which was like family, including Gail Bradley and Joanne Brooking. They made it possible for Ruth to care for her family in the best way possible, especially as her Parkinson's disease progressed.

Ruth was a gentle and kind woman whose love and devotion continues on in the lives of her children and those who had the privilege to know her. She was the widow of Bruno Storti. In August of , she came to Barre to join her daughter and son-in-law, Anna and Piero Tedeschi, and their family. Since November of , she had been a resident at Rowan Court. Cooking and her grandchildren were her special interests, and she was a member of St. Monica Parish. Besides her daughter and son-in-law, Anna and Piero Tedeschi, she leaves three grandchildren, as well as four great-grandchildren.

She fought with grace, a courageous battle with cancer. She taught women with disabilities at the Brandon Training School in Brandon for three years. She also taught elementary school at the Washington Village school for two years. The majority of her teaching career was spent at Mathewson School and the Barre City Elementary and Middle School in Barre, where she taught elementary school to many beloved students for 35 years.

Mary Anne had a passion and talent for water color painting, which she shared with many. She also loved to cook and made homemade ravioli for her family every Christmas. She was very proud of her Italian heritage. Mary Anne married her husband, Edward Prescott, in They enjoyed wonderful years together. In the summer, they shared many memorable times with family, friends, boating, fishing, playing bingo, going to garage sales, attending church and relaxing at their camp in South Hero.

They moved from Barre to Essex in , to be closer to Mary Anne's daughter, son-in-law and granddaughters. Mary Anne is survived by her husband, Edward Prescott; her two sons, Dr. Peter Gehlbach of Hunt Valley, Md. She also loved games. She was predeceased by a son, Dennis L. Clough Jr. He was born July 23, , in Waterford, the son of the late Joseph S.

He entered the U. Army Feb. He was honorably discharged on July 29, On Aug. He was employed by Pizzagalli Construction Co. Philips Company both of Burlington. He later worked as custodian at Hardwick Elementary School. He retired and worked part time for Halls Grocery Store in Hardwick. He was a member of St.

Norbert's Catholic Church in Hardwick. He enjoyed plants and gardening. He was born in Richmond on May 8, , the son of Thomas F. On Jan. They had four beautiful children Thomas, Carol, Mary, and John. Together they made their home in Montpelier where he worked at the U. Post Office as a mail carrier for thirty years.

He was a member of the Saint Augustine parish and a lifetime member of the Knights of Columbus. Richard was an avid reader and enjoyed traveling through books. Richard, a natural athlete, played many sports in his youth and during his forties, developed a passion for golf. After his retirement, Richard and Julia moved to Burlington where he continued to play golf and at the age of seventy-two shot his age at the Kwiniaska Golf Club. During the winter, Richard enjoyed figure skating.

Petersburg, Fla. He was predeceased by his brothers Theodore and Bernard Whalen. Leo was a Vietnam veteran serving with the U. Army as a paratrooper and military policeman. He graduated from Champlain College and the University of Vermont. On July 27, , he was married to Shirley Burroughs in Burlington.

He worked for several years as circulation manager for the Burlington Free Press. After retiring he owned and operated his own business, Leo's Handyman Services. He was predeceased by his brother Elphage Martineau. Her family had been at her bedside. Born Oct. His family had been at his bedside. Donald was a graduate of Spaulding High School in He first worked for the Coca Cola Company and he was in the Army from to He then worked as a lineman for the telephone company, later becoming a toll testman, retiring Dec.

He married Beverly Riddel Sassi on Nov. They lived in Barre for five years prior to moving to South Burlington. There they raised their family. After retirement, they spent winters at their home in Port Charlotte, Fla. Donald loved the beach, the Boston Red Sox and musical theater.

He loved to dance and sing and enjoyed playing golf and cards as well as playing softball on the phone company team. Sassi and wife Donna of East Haddam, Conn. Simendinger and husband David of Williston; and eleven grandchildren. He was predeceased by his parents and his brother, Barry Tanguay.

Donald loved his family and his greatest joy was either spending time with his grandchildren in the pool or watching their sports activities. He was proud of all of them. She was born Jan. On July 28, , she married Dennis L. Clough Sr. They lived in Waterbury and later settled in Montpelier. She loved dolphins, owls, unicorns and horses, and. Born on Aug. He attended school in Calais and graduated from Spaulding High School in Later, Duane enlisted into the U. Army where he served in South Korea.

On Feb. Most of their married life has been spent living in Marshfield at their present home. For many years, Duane worked for the Vermont Department of Transportation until retiring in in pavement management. Duane especially enjoyed hunting and fishing. He was known for helping others with home repairs or when in need. He was predeceased by two brothers, Mac and Arvin Stevens. Locally Owned and Operated Since Thoughtful Service in Accordance with Your Wishes.

He was born Aug. Roland attended Barre City schools and in enrolled in the Civilian Conservation Corps for two years. Roland married Bernice J. Blanchard on Sept. Roland and Bernice moved to Hartford, Conn. In , Roland served in the U. Navy, stationed in San Bruno, Calif. Johnsbury, as well as many nieces and nephews. Roland is predeceased by his parents; by his wife, Bernice; his daughter, Merle; his brothers Clyde and Kenneth; his sisters Lorraine Burns and Joyce Carr.

The funeral service will directly follow the calling hours and will begin at noon at the chapel of Corbin Palmer Funeral Home. Burial will be in the Mountainview Cemetery in Essex Center. If there are 2. Know your kid's blood pressure your own, young VIPs in your life, it will rock you, too. Healthy blood pressure numbers vary with Today's teens are developing heart disease, high a child's age; your pediatrician can tell you if blood pressure and diabetes at a younger age your child's are fine or need help.

It's the rare kid than any generation before them. After 40 years who needs drugs for this problem, too, but of improvements in America's heart health, knowing your child's blood pressure lets you they're likely to live shorter lives than their parents.

There's no way to sugarcoat this. More than 70 percent of teens 3. Change your menu. Don't wait for a test. Few teens studied already had one or more of these red flags: high blood get even half the cholesterol-lowering fiber they need. Serving up pressure, high blood sugar, high triglycerides a menacing blood more fiber-rich fruit, veggies and whole grains is a great place to fat , low levels of healthy HDL cholesterol, lots of excess start.

Toss walnuts and raisins on oatmeal or Cheerios, keep apples pounds. Blame the four S's: buy whole-wheat pasta. Serve water, nonfat milk or iced tea --Sugary drinks and snacks: About 30 percent of teens' daily instead of sugary soft drinks. Lead the way. Downshift on pizza and other teen salt bombs. The single --Salt: Kids eat more blood pressure-boosting sodium than any largest source of sodium in teen diets is pizza, so make it a onceother age group.

Cutting back on salt now will cut your teens' risk for high ings of fruit and veggies a day, or enough whole grains. Got a kid who loves to cook? Turn off the TV and get moving. Not lectures get ready to sweat! Simply cutting your family's staring-at-TV and weigh-ins. Kids click with what YOU do, not with time in half will help everyone burn calories and build muscle and what you say. Don't shame them about their weight or waist size, body confidence. Focus on positives and their health.

Walk the walk, and start 6. Put some experts us! Get every kid's cholesterol checked yours, too. Heart-health kid-speak. Find tips at www. Oz and his wife, Lisa, to fight childhood obesity. Out-of-whack Turn your kid onto teen DailyStrength at www. There's a grown-up version, too.

Just in case. The series includes talks from cardiologist Dr. Bruce Andrus and registered dietitian Stacy Pelletier. Giffords renowned chefs will complete the series with a cooking demonstration and discussion. The schedule for the series is as follows: - Tuesday, Jan. Were hoping to help do our part to reduce heart disease and to improve the health of our community, said Gifford Director of Hospitality Services Ed Striebe.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease was the leading cause of death for both men and women, totaling 26 percent of all U. Risk factors for heart disease include family history, older age, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, being overweight or obese, a poor diet, physical inactivity and alcohol use. Theres not much we can do to alter our family history and age, but the remaining risk factors can be modified, said Dr.

Andrus, an experienced cardiologist, who also works at DartmouthHitchcock Medical Center. What we hope to relay to participants in our series is why heart disease occurs and the steps you can take to reduce your risk. We arent expecting people to instantly start running five miles a day or cut out all of their favorite foods. Rather well be sharing ideas - and we hope inspiration - to get started or build upon the steps theyre already taking.

Pelletiers talk will focus on building a healthy diet. Eating certain foods can increase your risk of heart disease. This series aims to help people, especially those living with or at risk for heart disease, learn what these foods are and how best to avoid them, said Pelletier.

It is free and participants may attend one or all events. All are welcome, but space is limited. Take time to draw some deep breaths and relax before getting into your next project. A long-absent family member makes contact. But youd be wise to take this one step at a time to allow new developments to come through.

A lingering doubt or two, however, should be resolved before you move ahead. An associate could provide important answers. If you act too fast, you might miss some vital warning signs. Go slowly and stay alert. LEO July 23 to August 22 Your new goal looks promising, and your golden touch does much to enhance its prospects for success.

In your private life, Cupid does his best to make your new relationship special. VIRGO August 23 to September 22 That impatient side of yours is looking to goad you into moving before youre ready to take that big step. Stay calm and cool. Let things fall into place before you act. LIBRA September 23 to October 22 A legal matter you hoped could finally be settled could be a pesky problem for a while, until all the parties agree to stop disagreeing with each other.

Be patient. They also reveal some previously hidden risks. So be warned. Someone wants to become more involved in what youre doing. Meanwhile, travel aspects continue to be strong. Rely on your deep sense of self-awareness to guide you to do whats right for you. One of the most common questions I get from younger patients is, What's that stuff that forms inside my nose and is it ripe for picking? Well let me put everyone in the know, or should I say nose, and tell you what it is, and is s-not.

It turns out that every day your nose and sinuses make about a quart of sticky slimy liquid a substance we refer to as mucus or snot. Why do we make it? The stickiness in snot is able to trap dust, dirt, germs and pollen so these substances do not travel into the lungs, inflaming them and making it difficult to breathe. When the mucus combines with dirt and other debris, it subsequently dries up and clumps, forming what we affectionately call nasal debris or a booger.

When boogers do form, consider it a sign that your nose is working well. If you want to get rid of this debris, the best solution is to blow your nose, and the worst is probably to pick the boogers out of your nose which deposits germs on your fingers, and can even make your nose bleed as the dried debris is peeled off the inside lining of the nose.

It's important to remember that you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you cannot pick your friend's nose! When the mucus and debris in the nose do not dry up, it may be because the production of mucus is increased to keep more germs out of your body. This is what happens when your nose runs due to a cold, the flu, or allergies, or due to overproduction of warm mucus to warm up a cold nose in the winter.

So the bottom line is that while boogers may be gross to talk about, they are actually a great filtering system to keep us healthy. Hopefully tips like this will be mucus or should I say music to your ears and allow you to sniff out the benefits of making boogers and snot in your nose each and every day.

Lewis First, M. Cracked ngers? Shawn W. Tracie B. Kevin M. Delivering more nutrition per calorie Reducing than leading brands, this advanced system helps you for to lose weight the healthy way. For more information and to order online go to A moisturizing and healing cream developed by pharmacists David and Rich Rochefort and named for Davids grandfather, George Lyford, a Vermont dairy farmer. Rich Rochefort and named for Davids.

Intense therapy for a Vermont n. Toll will do Just a drop or two Free When taking any medication, it is important to learn how to take the drug. For example, what should you do if you miss a dose? Should the medicine be taken before, during or after a meal? Is splitting the pill recommended? Does it need to be taken at the same time each day? Should you avoid certain foods or alcohol while taking the drug?

Are there any other medications or herbs with which it might interact? We will be happy to answer these and other questions you might have to help insure the safe use of your prescription. Tuesday, Jan. Participants may attend one or all events. Albans, or S. The Mercadante family would like to extend our thankfulness to the family, friends, and members of the community for their generous support following our son, Dylans, injury and subsequent strokes.

On September 23rd our family experienced an event that altered our lives forever. Dylan was injured while playing football, from which he suffered a series of strokes. From the moment of the accident, to months later, our family has experienced one of the most Professional lled with amazingA networks Sewing Service support, love, and encouragement. So many people have stepped forward 27 Years in Central Vermont to assist us in every way imaginable.

Going back to basics; Washing basics that is. Seems like during the winter months there are many more garments in our wardrobe that need to b e d r y c l e a n e d then there are in our summer wardrobe. Heres a couple of things to consider when youre wondering how to clean your garments. Consider the fabric: If youre cleaning silk, acetate, velvet, wool especially lined wool should all be brought to the Dry Cleaner. Other fabrics like cotton, cashmere, acrylic and nylon can be done in the machine.

This award is one of the highest honors a club can give to a member or their spouse. Spaulding humbly accepted the award with the stipulation that the other have loyWhoever said being it recognizes allsupport tospouses of this club who with Mrs. In this picture a parent is easy? My 97th birthday will be a treasured memory.

I received a multitude of cards and phone calls. We would like to thank everyone so much for all the support they have shown to our family during a very difcult time. The words of encouragement, the cards and support we have received when my wife and our mother, Betty Daniels, passed away have been much appreciated. Well publish the names in this space each week. No obligation, nothing to buy. Happy Birthday! Entries must be mailed two 2 weeks prior to anniversary date. Ashburnham, ages.

Open to people of allMA Just send in the entry blank below, and we will publish it in this space each week. Entries must be mailed two 2 weeks prior to birthdate. I am honored to join Penske Racing and I will do my very best to continue to build on the standard of excellence established across the organization. Allmendinger, on the announcement that he would be replacing Kurt Busch as driver of the No.

Go online and check out www. The 34th annual season-opening event launches Speedweeks at Daytona Fla. International Speedway on Feb. Criteria are based upon the following qualifications, with eligibility based on a driver having been active in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series during the season: The highest ranked 25 competitors in Sprint Cup driver points Previous race winners at Daytona, including the Daytona , Coke Zero and Shootout events Starting positions again will be determined by a blind-draw at the annual Shootout Draw Party on Feb.

Drivers eligible for the Shootout include:. Stewart has won three Cup titles. Who was the best driver? What was the best race? Heres our take: Driver of the year: This category also could be called, You didnt see this one coming, because when the Chase for the Cup started, there werent many who expected Tony Stewart to emerge the champion.

Thats exactly what he did, though, with the help of five wins in the 10 Chase races. Those wins allowed Stewart to earn the title when he and Carl Edwards finished the season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway each with 2, points. Race of the year: The competition was stellar in but in all respects the best was saved for last.

Stewart, guaranteed to win his third Cup title only by winning the season finale at Homestead, rallied from the back of the field twice and overcame a slow pit stop to. Busch was parked for the entire race weekend for intentionally wrecking another competitor while a race was under caution at Texas Motor Speedway. Physical assaults should trump car wrecks in races every time. Most awkward moment: Fresh off helping.

Most improved: One year ago Brad Keselowski was celebrating his Nationwide series championship, but in the Cup series, his first year with Penske Racing was far less successful, with only two top finishes in 36 races. With a new crew chief, Keselowskis season was far different. He won three races, made the Chase for the first time and fin-. A wild title race weekend got even stranger. Biggest flop: On the heels of Baynes surprise win in the Daytona , everyone sporting a NASCAR logo on their shirt was extoling the wonders of two-car drafting and all the lead changes it produced.

To be a fan, Id have to have outrageous expectations and jaded analyses. I have often been advised to think like a reader, which, given my small corner of the world, is similar to think like a fan. I try to do so.

I mingle. I return emails. More than ever before, this task is made easier by the social networking of Facebook and Twitter. I hear from a lot of fans. I feel their pain and, quite commonly, their anger. So heres my thinking The racing of seems much better now than it actually was. The expectations for the next season are higher than they have any right to be. But its good and easy to have positive thoughts when no racing is actually going on.

Naturally, the fans miss it. There are so many references to how many days remain between now and the Daytona , youd think they were shopping days until Christmas. This is the very best time of the year to be a fan of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Maybe things will be better. As long as things dont actually get appreciably better, this sentiment will be the same every winter.

Come to think of it, it probably doesnt matter. If he wins the championship, theyll want him to win 10 races and the championship. Then every race and the championship. Those who like any current driver named Busch believe the most important issue is their talent. Those who dislike drivers named Busch believe the most important issue is behavior.

This, in a nutshell, is why behavior is so important. The overwhelming majority of fans desperately want something done about tag-team drafting at Daytona and Talladega. A vocal minority likes. Most of Tony Stewarts detractors have either gone or gone silent. Those he hasnt won over, hes shut up. Other than an Earnhardt Jr. The longer Jimmie Johnson goes without a sixth championship, the more popular he will become. This is unquestionably too high a price to pay.

He will be more popular next year because a for once he didnt win, and b his last name isnt Busch. E-mail Monte at nascarthisweek yahoo. All calendar submissions should be sent to editor vt-world. Route , Barre, Vt. The deadline is pm, Thursday preceding publication.

We are no longer able to include ongoing classes. Grilled Prime Rib M-F Hours. Aldrich Public Library, last Wednesdays, pm. Info Fried Clam Strips, orCapella Chorus. Chicken Pepperoni Barre Camera Club. Community National Bank, second Mondays starting Feb. Monicas Church Special during basement, Thursdays school year, am. Church of the Good Shepherd, Washington St. Mondays 7pm. Meets at the post, first Thursday of each month not Jan.

Vermont Modelers Club. Community Breakfast. First Presbyterian Church, 78 Summer St. Lupus Support Group. Grandparents Raising Their Childrens Children. Support group. First Presbyterian Church, 1st Weds of month, 10am-noon. Mutuo Club, Beckley St. Friends of Aldrich Public Library. Aldrich Library, 2nd floor boardroom, 2nd Tuesday of month.

With Green Mountain Cloggers, all ages, donations. Green Mtn Tavern, Mondays, pm. Strong Living Exercise Program. Aldrich Library, Milne Comm. Circle of Parents. Confidential support group spons. Meets Tuesday eves. Al-Anon Spiritual Mtgs. Hedding United Methodist, Weds. Steak House, Barre-Montpelier Rd. Mothers of Preschoolers. Monthly get-togethers for crafts, refreshments, etc. Christian Alliance Church, Alcoholics Anonymous. This race puts a wintery spin on what would be just another mountain bike race.

With multiple lap options from laps , the course is challenging enough for the toughest and fun for novice riders. The 3rd Annual Frozen Onion will take place on the wide roads in Hubbard Park, giving ample opportunity for sprint passes, lots of curves, and a good look at the tower!

The race started when some of our customers and staff suggested we keep bike season going as long as possible! This race is a way for cyclists to have fun on their bikes in the winter, and has grown in popularity each year says Carrie Stahler, Onion River Sports Marketing and Events Director. Racers of all ability and ages are encouraged to register for the 1, 2, 3 or even more!

Registration fee includes a post-race meal and raffle prizes. All proceeds from the event will go to the Vermont Mountain Bike Association. This was a small but important study of eight men, each of whom had erection problems, and none had experienced good results taking PDE5 inhibitors. And again, for reasons stated earlier, watch your intake of red meat and avoid fast food. Researchers found that homocysteine levels in women varied far less dramatically on the basis of the frequency of sexual activity.

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